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Thursday, June 24, 2010

VH1access Interview: Jessica Cimato (You're Cut Off)

I recently did an interview with Jessica Cimato from You're Cut Off. In this interview we discussed her experience on the show, what she thinks about some of the girls on the show such as Erica.

She also explains why she was pissed when Jackie won V.I.P she also tells us her favorite guest on the show.

Vh1access: Hello Jessica, thank you for doing this interview.

Jessica: Hey, I'm good thank you lol ;)

Vh1access: How was your experience doing this show?

Jessica: It was a good experience.   While I was there I was just a pissed off princess. But over all, good  experience.

Vh1access: On the first episode, you did not believed Pam's occupation as an  Investment Banker, you suspected that she was prostitute. Do you still  believe that?

Jessica: no, I know pam isn't turning tricks, but I still believe  that she is not an investment banker!

Vh1access: You seemed to be very pissed off when Jackie won V.I.P

Jessica: I was super mad,  cause I felt like she was really disrespectful throwing the pop corn  around like a 5 year old, then the night before she was in a fight.. Why  were those grounds for VIP? Still ticks me off!

Vh1access: Now what are your thoughts on Erica? She said that you were trash on  the previous episode that aired last night.

Jessica: haha Erica- its pretty clear  on my thoughts about erica! She's clueless about most and her defense  is personal attacks. She referred to me as trash when I FELL.. But she  didn't look like trash running around the house naked our first night?  Or look like trash deep throating a wine glass? Or look like trash  giving free vag shots on the runway in front of perez?? Enough said!  What do I know anyway? I am trash.. Haha

Vh1access: Now a lot of people are saying that Gia is a "bad parent" for not taking  care of her kid. What are your thoughts about that?

Jessica: Its obviously not  normal for a mother to not change her daughter diaper.  Or to wake up to  feed her. I'd never do that but people are different. I don't have  anything to say in her defense.. Other then I hope she gets it together!

VH1access: So far Omarosa and Perez Hilton guest starred on the show and we will  see Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child as well. Who was your  favorite guest?

Jessica: my favorite was deff. Perez Hilton.. Common he is the  "queen of mean" and said my team looked money and didn't rip us head to  toe. I love him for that!

VH1access: What are your thoughts on Laura Baron?

Jessica: she is a wonderful person! Wants  to see us be all that we can.. Reach our full potential! I have a great  deal of respect for her!

Vh1access: A few days ago you tweeted that You're Cut Off should have a reunion  show, which I agree. Do you think there is a chance that there will be a  reunion show?

Jessica: I hope sooo!! I don't know at this point. I guess we  will see how america takes to the remaining episodes.. If people are  addicted, and can't get enough! Then maybe!!! I sure hope!

VH1access: Do people recognize you now since doing You're Cut Off?

Jessica: Haha some times.  I was out getting lunch yesterday with my bff, and they girl taking our  order was like "your Jess from TV right? I was like "wellll helllooo,  yes! That is I" haha. I get it sometimes. Not often!

Vh1access: What have you been doing now since the show?

Jessica: iv'e been good I guess.  Definitely look at people and things differently. I have a whole new  outlook for people and things around me!

VH1access: Now you are from the Jersey Shore. Have you met the cast of MTV's Jersey  Shore?

Jessica: Haha -nope!

Vh1access: Jessica, thank you for doing this interview. Do you want to give a shout  out to anyone?

Jessica: thank you! My pleasure! And I wanna give a shout to my  family, friends and what few fans I have! Thanks for all your support!!!

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Anonymous said...

jess is so funny. she is the star of this whole show. She keeps it real and she actually has talent!! I keep tuning in to see her! She is absolutely beautiful to. She is the hottest on that show and many shows out there today. Love herr

Anonymous said...

stop commenting yourself idiot

Stacey said...

jess can be a bitch f*cking bitch but she keeps it real! and i dont know who said she is commenting herself but i doubt she would.. she probably has a lot of shit going on and to comment herself doesnt seem her style. This isnt jess for a fact and im commenting! Jess your awesome!!

dashaun said...

haha i dont think Jess is the type to comment herself without talking some major shit about the other girls.. She is a Bi8tch.. but she keeps it real. she is cool

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