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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Former Love and Hip Hop Cast Mashonda Forms a Reality Check Campaign Against Physical Violence

Mashonda has created a campaign against violence seen in reality shows like Basketball Wives. Jennifer and Mashonda are really close friends and she used the slapping situation as an inspiration.

"Early this year when I found out Jennifer (Williams) got slapped by a cast mate I was shocked. Jennifer always speaks out against violence and fighting so I knew that it was something she couldn’t even understand herself. I witnessed her go into a serious state of depression. I became very worried for her," says Mashonda. "She wouldn’t talk for days and no one was able to locate her. It made me think of all the young girls that deal with violence and name calling at school, these are the same children that commit suicide after being bullied."

"Reality Check is near and dear to my heart. I think it is a great organization to promote positivity amongst our youth in the community," Williams told Mashonda in an interview. "I am a strong believer that your foundation is everything and I feel a sense of responsibility to my community to display a positive image."

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twitter@MRSKBAILEY2009 said...

Martin Luther King Jr. would be heartbroken to know we as a people are fighting and bullying each other.He fought for equality and justice for all.It seems many have forgotten that struggle and sacrifice that many Civil Rights Activists and Their Families have gone through. I stay optimistic that We Shall Overcome this childness. Much Love and Support to
Jennifer Williams and All who have fallen Victim to this disgrace.

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