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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mely Cyrus and Bret Michaels Perform Together

With her new album "Can't Be Tamed" hitting stores soon. Miley Cyrus sang a duet with VH1 star Bret Michaels on her remake to Every Rose Has Its Thorn.

They both performed at the Good Morning America summer concert. She also performed some of her old songs as well.

I Want To Work For Diddy Star Poprah has a new makeup line

Poprah who is the  star of I Want To Work For Diddy season 2 has launched her new makeup line called " Image Cosmetics"


Poprah says she's going right after Mac Cosmetics' customer base and servicing their customers in ways they are not. So far her Diddy-isque strategy must be working, because she's making quite a bit of noise on the Hollywood scene. She's says she finds it amusing that some people doubt that she can lure Mac's customer base to her line, but her response is, "Kmart slept on Walmart, and who's on top now? The key to dominating an industry, is servicing customers in areas your competitor has overlooked, and that's exactly what we'll offer, same quality, better prices, and unique personalized service, in niche markets. I was a business woman way before I was ever on TV. TV was only leverage for me, and that's what smart business people do, leverage, so watch us grow!"

Tool Academy winner Ashley Douglas is pregnant

VH1's TRUE couple Ashley and Joshua Douglas the winner of Tool Academy season 1 is pregant. She announce her pregnancy on her facebook page she has no clue at first that she was pregnant.

The couple had been working on a show called Work It Out, which got picked by a network. Can't say that much about it. I will have details about it soon.


VH1 Interview: Shaunie O Neal (Basketball Wives)

Basketball Wives Star Shaunie O Neal recently did an interview with about the reunion show which will air this Sunday. She also talks about the show in general and the other girls. She wants to cast married couples for season 2.

 I feel like I’m talking to God because of the way that everyone reveres you on the show: “Shaunie said do this,” “Shaunie said do that…”
That’s very weird.

Is it? It’s kind of fun too, right?
I don’t know, because they’re my friends. It’s really weird and sometimes uncomfortable, because outside looking in, I know it does come off like that. But I don’t feel like that and that’s not how it really is. I think it’s because I’m the oldest and I’ve been in that world for a little longer than the rest of the ladies, they look to me for advice. It’s not that I’m sitting high and mighty like, “You do this, my child, and you do that.” I’m not really a cast member. These girls are put into situations, but what happens at that thing is what happens. These are their real personalities. On a day-to-day basis, I didn’t know what they were doing.  I’d see the call sheets, but I’m in California. I got five kids. It’s not that I put them out there or I told them to do this or do that. There are a lot of producers on this show and several executive producers. I’m not the voice of everything. That’s why it’s important for me to join Season 2 and be more of a cast member. So that, you’ll see.

That said, you are the unifying thread here. What everyone on this show has in common is that they respect you openly.
That is true and I hope I still have the girls’ respect. They know me off the camera, and on camera I’m the same person. Keep in mind, too, that a lot of what the girls do is discussed amongst them, like them coming to L.A. We talked about it — it was never like, “Hey girls, get on a plane tomorrow, because you’re coming here and you’re going to take a cooking class, and you’re going to do this and that.”

You mentioned that you’re not in the cast. The rumor that spread once Shaq started threatening legal action over the show was that your role was diminished in response. But you’re saying that your presence on the show was always supposed to be minimal?
Absolutely. We wrapped before he did his paperwork. All the episodes were in the can. It kind of was one of those things where he was pissed about the promo and I get it, I totally get it. I had nothing to do with that and he knows that. I’m not the only executive producer, so sometimes it’s just my little hand that says, “Hey can we not run that?” I get overruled on some things and I understand that from the business side. He was a little upset, but he’s fine now.

You talked a little about him on the last episode, but you said nice things like, “We’re so cool.”
Absolutely, we’re cool. He knows me and he knows I would never, ever bash him or anything like that. I mean, what other people say is what other people say. I can’t control that, but we have five kids. I just wouldn’t do that. Plus he and I both know that our goal here is to maintain the best relationship. Of course, we’re human. We have ups and downs and stop talking for a couple of days and go back, but ultimately it’s fine.

As this mostly detached figure, when you do enter the fold and Evelyn and Jennifer inform you what happened, we often see you laughing. You’re relatable from a viewer’s perspective as someone who’s amused by this whole Basketball Wives world.
It is funny sometimes, because it’s just like gossiping girls. We all do it and guys gossip too. So it’s like when your girlfriends come around and tell you about things that happened and you’re like, “Shut up! When? Who? How is her face? What did she look like?” It is amusing. It’s pure entertainment. We have those conversations on or off the camera. It’s real.

Are you enjoying this show in general?
I totally am enjoying it. I had to get kind of used it, and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to people talking about my friends and saying they’re groupies and they’re gold diggers and they’re this and that. I have to look at it like those same people are helping to make this show a success. But mostly, hats off to the girls on the show. Not only did they bust their ass, they just gave it to you. That’s a scary thing, because here they are getting all the people’s comments and people’s opinions. Who wants to hear that? But they’ve made this No. 1. They’ve done that.

Your storyline mostly concerned Gloria. You took her aside in the first episode and you said, “We’re cool.” But by the finale, it seemed that everything wasn’t cool.  What had happened between the premiere and the finale?
It was her talking, her running her mouth. The Gloria that’s on this show, I don’t know who that is. That’s a new person to me. The person that I knew was this really sweet girl. She was kind of the quiet one. We took pole-dancing classes together in Phoenix. She’d ask me about the babies, just mom questions or whatever. The Basketball Wives Gloria was very defensive and kind of harsh and cold. I didn’t know that person. Although I have to say when I was around, it was softened a little bit. The girls were just like, “Why do you have us hanging around her? She is nothing like [us]. Why were you her friend, ever? I don’t get it.” And I’m like, “Really?” Maybe she came on defensive because she was ready for us to attack her about her sister, and I get that. But even after she saw that I wasn’t doing that initially, it never was comfortable between us. Anytime I was in town, even if I was off camera and just sitting back as an E.P., it still was real uncomfortable, like the elephant in the room. I think I went into the finale still kind of like, “OK, let’s not even do it, let’s be cool, let’s get through dinner.” But then: her attitude. It was enough already. Like listen, I don’t know what that is, but let’s check it at the door. It’s sometimes better to be quiet and maybe that’s what she needed to do. I walked away from it, brushed off my hands, flicked her off like a fly. She’s pointless. I’m not angry [with] her. She’s one of those people that come and go. You know how they say you’re seasons for some people? She was a short one.

I didn’t realize that you guys were cool before this show. I thought that having her on was building in drama because of allegations regarding her sister.
No, I approached her when we were in Phoenix. Both my husband at the time and her fiancĂ© were playing for the Suns. We were very cool. I gave her her baby shower for her kids with the Suns’ organization. I organized it. I put it together, everything. We talked on the regular. I was close with her whole family, her sister. I helped her put her kid’s birthday party together. I mean, our kids went trick-or-treating together. Everything. We were really cool. So to see that thing that she was giving off, it’s like, c’mon sweetie. I’ve sat up with your family and played Jenga. We made plans for summer vacations and stuff together, so what is this?

Royce had very similar problems with Gloria. She felt she was bonding on that level with her and then she felt like she was thrown under the bus.
I didn’t put the two together, but you’re absolutely right. I don’t know maybe that’s the coldness of her, like she don’t really care about too much about anything.  The whole sister bond thing kills me, because after I met Gloria, I met her sister, and her sister and I became closer than Gloria and I. Her sister would tell me some awful things about her and I never shared them with each other. Gloria never talked about her sister, but her sister definitely talked about Gloria and I never shared that with Gloria because that’s none of my business.

Do you agree with Evelyn’s point made during the “last supper”: that blood only goes so far? That there are certain things that can’t be excused just because of a familial bond?
The crazy part is neither Gloria nor her sister have ever said, “No, that did not happen.” You know? Never. Not once. OK, fine. Maybe you don’t know. You weren’t there, neither was I, but at the same time, don’t say, “Well I got her back no matter what.” So you have her back if it’s true, too?  Just as another woman, that’s OK? So, that was my problem. It wasn’t like I needed her to say yes or no, but to tell me she’s got her sister’s back regardless? I’ve had friends that have messed with guys that they shouldn’t be messing with and I’m like, “If his wife comes after you and whoops your ass, don’t be surprised. I love you to death, but you know you’re dead-ass wrong.” Wrong is wrong all day, blood or not.

Gloria told me that when you pitched the idea of the show to her you told her that it could go either in a very positive way where everyone is supportive of each other or in a very negative, drama-laden way. In your view, which path did Basketball Wives take?
I think it came in the middle. I wouldn’t say that anybody was negatively put out there, but I do think they were things that maybe the girls [regret]. Evelyn being drunk at the party, she probably would’ve rather that not been seen on TV. Royce doing the booty pop, she wants to take that back.

These are such highlights, though. Before this interview, you mentioned to me that you wish you could be in the editor’s chair, but maybe that would hurt the show. Maybe you’d end up being too kind to your friends.
That’s exactly the problem. That’s why they won’t let me in the editing room. I’d so be like, “No! No, her boob’s showing. Let’s leave that whole section out!” Or some of the things Eric said to Jen, I would’ve totally never let air. I would’ve been like, “Nope, that’s just mean and I don’t like that. I don’t want her looking like the weakling.” I totally know that it would be some Little House on the Prairie show if Shaunie was in the editing room and unfortunately, nobody likes Little House on the Prairie reality TV.  It sucks, but I’m the same way. I don’t want to watch a reality show that doesn’t have some drama in it. I get the emails all the time like, “You’re not portraying women or women in a positive light and this and this and that.” And I’m like, who the hell is going to watch that? Let’s put it on, and let’s see how long it lasts. Unfortunately, no one likes wonderful, pretty stuff. Unless it’s charitable, which maybe we can do one day, no one cares. No one wants to see the little housewife that just sits at home and has dinner ready and the cookies baked when the kids walk through the door. That’s great. That’s the perfect life.

In the press release announcing Season 2, it says that you’re looking for new wives. What’s your criteria?
I want some married couples on the show just because I think they need to be represented, too. Going into Season 1, Evelyn was picking out a wedding dress and the location for her wedding, honestly, when we were casting.  I was married and everything was OK. Jen’s married. Gloria’s engaged, so we were the majority. Of course, crap happens so that didn’t quite work out. I do want the married couples to be represented in Basketball Wives. I would like the “W” to be crossed out and an “L” there so that the show could be called Basketball Lives, because I get so tired of people being like, “You’re not wives! Blah blah blah.” But at the same time, I do want them to be represented and I do want to show that hey, there are some ladies that are in marriages and are fine with this life. You know, I was fine with it for almost 10 years.

I wouldn’t say that the show suggests anything generalizations about women, per se, but it does show that the basketball lifestyle seems to breed dysfunctional relationships.
And [that’s] not the case. There is a lot of dysfunction, but there are happily married couples in basketball and [they are] totally cool, everything’s fine. I mean, every couple has its ups and downs, even the average trash man and his wife. [The show] does give off, “Oh this is the worst life in the whole world and you don’t want it. Stay away from it.” I’m trying to gather some that say, “Hey, I’m good this is great for me. I’m happy. I love it. I just got in it and we’re awesome or I just got in it and we’re going through some stuff.”

Because there’s so much stress on the show, I always ask all the girls that I interview, “Are you happy?” Are you?
I am, I am. I hope they’re happy too. Yeah, I’m very happy and I’m super excited to just keep going.

First Look Pics for Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch has posted first pics of Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch which premeires July 11th. The pics show the 85 woman which will be cut down to 16 woman. Only girl will be his Ultimate Catch.

Other pics shows him with the photos of the women.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Poll Results: Should VH1 Make Up For I Love Money?


You guys have voted and you guys agree that VH1 should make up for the cancel seasons of I Love Money. 85% of you said yes.

KLASFM.COM Interviews New York recently interviewed VH1 star New York about what she has been up to. She revealed that she is working on two movies this summer.

Quotes from the Basketball Wives Reunion has posted quotes from the Baskeball Wives Reunion which will be airing this Sunday at 10:PM. Some of these quotes are funny lol it sounds like its going to be a great reunion.

  1. Get ya life straight, first off!”
  2. “A groupie to me are the girls who go to the games and sit right across from the bench with their legs open.”
  3. “First of all Matt Barnes, who? Let’s be real.”
  4. “I do have that hood in me, but I’m going to be that classy woman I’m supposed to be.”
  5. “You’re so thirsty to be on TV. You’re so f***in’ thirsty!”
  6. “I know it probably doesn’t seem like it, but I’m really a homebody.”
  7. “You look up and you’re like, What do I do? What purpose do I serve besides a wife and a mother?”
  8. “It’s so hard to always have to fight and never have anyone listen to you and now it’s like I feel I have a voice.”

Bridal Bootcamp - Episode 2 Recap

Bridal Bootcamp- Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2 of Bridal Bootcamp aired last night on VH1. Here is a recap of what happened.

The two teams had to do a early workout. The blue team felt tired and did not want to do the workout but they did it anyway.

This weeks challenge was the Bridal Shower Challenge. The two teams had to go to the water to get out presents which I thought were fake presents but it turned out to be real presents. The blur team had an opportunity to throw in an extra present for the other team by answering a question but they did not get it right.

The blue team ended up winning, which means that the green team was up for an elimination. Melissa over heard Tara saying that she wanted to go home and Melissa told her team mates about it and the other team was pissed off about it and told her to mind her own businiess or to talk to Tara about it.

At the elimination it was between Kelly and Kacey. Kelly ended up going home. She lost the least amount of wait.

You're Cut Off - Episode 2 Recap - Omarosa VS Gia

You're Cut Off - Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2 of You're Cut Off aired last on VH1 and this show is getting better and better! Here is what happend. This week Laura Baron told them that they will having chores, which the girls freaked out especially Gia who complained about everything throughout the whole show. 

Laura bought in a woman name Silvia to help them out with the chores. However the girls took complete advantage of Silva, who did all the chores. But there was a twist it turns out Silva was a busniness woman who manages a successful business company. Laura took the girls to the home of Omarosa which the girls did not know at first and they found out they will be working for Silva cleaning up the place. Gia (of course) complained the most about it and did not want to participate, which she did not.

Gia and Erica who were partners decided to jump into the Jacuzzi which rubbed Omarosa the wrong way. Gia wasn't scared of her when she was all up in her face. I personally applaud Omarosa for getting at Gia's face, she needs a bitch slap.

Amber, Jackie, Pam,Courtnee, Jessica and Luann did the best and their reward was to go to a massage but not at an expensive place. Mean while at home Erica and Chrissy got into it. Once the other girls arrive home they had to go food shopping with a budget of $200.

They were embarrassed that they had to go food shopping with a budget with 200 bucks lol but they did. At home Gia and Erica were getting into. Those two always cause the most conflict in the house.

Jessica was pissed at Luann and Jackie because they were making a big mess in the house and Luann and Jessica got into it as well. At the end of the episode every passed this week except for Chrissy, Gia and Erica. Jackie ended up getting V.I.P. and had  a big bedroom for herself with a walk in closet.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

6 Gauge and DJ Sliver

Here is an upcoming event with Daisy of love contestant 6 Gauge and DJ Silver.They will be at 115 E Sheridan, Oklahoma City OK 73104 on June 18th,2010

Erica from You're Cut Off was on The Bachelor

Here is another blog post about Erica Rose from You're Cut Off. She was a contestant on The Bachelor: Rome. This video shows her appearing on the Ellen Dengenres Show.

Her youtube channel

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