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Sunday, July 2, 2017

'Jersey Shore' Star J Woww Is Returning To Reality TV

J Woww Returning To Reality TV

Former 'Jersey Shore' Star J Woww is returning to reality tv. She is launching wher own reality show which will be  about her family life. She is now married to  her husband Roger Mathews and two children together. 

She tells Fox News

“You’re going to get criticized for what you do, even if you’re Susie Homemaker or Betty Crocker,” she explained. “You have to be super secure in how you parent and how you are as a person. Then you can do it. Since the beginning, eight years ago on ‘Jersey Shore,’ good, bad, or indifferent I have always been myself. Even during those moments that made me cringe? Yep, that was me… And at that point, you’re going to laugh at it.”


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