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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Peter Thomas Allegedly Pulled A Knife On Matt Jordan During Radio Show Fight Interview

 Peter and Matt's Radio Show Brawl

So the RHOA reunion was filmed recently and one of major drama that happened was the beef between Peter Thomas and Matt Jordan, who is Kenya Moore's boyfriend. The drama started when Matt accused Peter and Todd of coaching him to get money out of Kenya Moore.


Matt went off on instagram after Peter Thomas denied those claims on Instagram.

Matt and Peter then got into a violent brawl during a radio show. AllAboutthetea
has spilled more tea on what actually happened. Both Matt and Peter were invited to Radio One. Matt was there to mainly discuss about his relationship with Kenya Moore and then talked about how Peter and Matt allegedly coached him to get money out of Kenya. Matt then apologized to Peter but Peter was not receiving of the apology. That's when Peter pulled out a knife.


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Porsha Williams Shuts Down Reports That She Slept With Apollo

 'RHOA' Season 9 Reunion Tea

The cast of 'RHOA' just filmed their season 9 reunion show the other day and lots of drama went down! According to Therealhousewivesofatlanta inatagram page Kandi and Phedrea were at 'each other's throats 


But the big accusation was surrounding Porsha Williams sleeping with Apollo before he went to prison, Porsha quickly denied the accusation

Andy Cohwn Took Instagram to and he was pretty shook on went down
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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Kenya Moore Pulls A Gun On Trespassers Entering Her Home

 Kenya Moore Rants About Trespassers

Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Kenya Moore is not playing with strangers entering her home. On Dec 30th, 2016, she went ona  rant on Instagram about three trespassers two male and one female who jumped over her fence and knocked her door. She also posted photo on her survellience which shows her pulling a gun. She is now offering $1,000 to anyone who can identify them

Check out the video here

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Kordell Stewart Blames His Ex Porsha Williams Over Tape Being 'Leaked'

 Porsha Responds To Kordell's Tape

Porsha Williams is firing back at her ex husband Kordell Stewart after a nude allegedly gay video leaked out early this week by Funky Dineva .  Kordell Stewart is now speaking accusing Porsha Williams for leaking out the tape.

He says video was not sent to another man but another woman he has been seeing and that her phone was stolen.

Porsha Williams responded back saying he did as a 'publicity stunt'

“This is obviously a publicity stunt that Kordell and maybe one of his partners in crime came up with,” says Porsha. “The truth is I have not spoken with Kordell Stewart since the day I signed our divorce decree. I have nothing to do with Kordell ‘TOOTING’ his derriรจre to the camera for the world to see.” 

Here is a video of Kordell Stewart talking about the video

Monday, September 26, 2016

Marlo Hampton Will Return On 'RHOA' Season 9

'RHOA' Season 9 Spoilers

More season 9 spoilers of 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' are coming out. Early this month, it was reported that Kandi and Porsha almost got into in on set. 


Thanks to Jayrealitytv he reports more spoilers on what to expect for the upcoming 9th season. Marlo Hampton will be returning and she will NOT be getting along with Kenya Moore. Also, Sheree's house is not done yet. It's also been confirmed that the beef between kandi and Porsha stems from Porsha's anger issues 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Porsha and Kandi ALEGEDLY Get Into A Fight During Season 9 Taping Of 'RHOA'

 Kandi vs Porsha

The 9th season of 'RHOA' premieres om Nov 6th and they are already reports that Kandi and Porsha got into an altercation. According to a blogger name Tamara Tattles Porsha Williams allegedly had a 'nervous' breakdown at a local restuarant with the cast.


“Porsha fled the restaurant as production captured her running out into traffic and running back and forth across the street! Porsha had a full on meltdown while the rest of the cast watched through the window,” Tattles writes.

“This will most certainly appear on camera. In answer to Kandi’s question, it doesn’t seem like anger management is working for Porsha and she continues to be a major liability for Bravo. My sources referred to the incident as a bizarre nervous breakdown.”

Kenya Moore confirmed they almost got into altercation.

There also been reports and rumos that the reason behind is because Porsha slept with Kandi's ex who is Riley's dad

Monday, August 22, 2016

Kandi Burruss Posts Instagram Video Cast Filming Season 9

'RHOA' Cast Filming Season 9

'RHOA' star Kandi Burruss an instagram video of her of the cast. Kandi, along with all the other women, were at an event for Pheadra. The video shows cameras were rolling. So it looks like everyone is back for season 9, minus Nene

Here is the video

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Nene Leakes Slams Comedian Luenell For Criticizing Her Comedy Tour

 Nene Leakes Slams Luenell

Comedian Luenell is not feeling Nene Leakes having a comedy tour. Nene Leakes, who is recently on her comedy tour, was blasted recently by comic Luenell for not being a real comedian. Luenell recently posted on Instagram admitting to be being 'salty' that Nene Leakes as well as other reality stars don't have to work as hard like real talented people.

Nene Leakes blasted her back calling her an 'old hater'

Luenell also did a recent interview responding to what Nene said about her 

"It’s mean and fu*ked up. It’s cruel and I’m not the grandmother around here, she is. We may be just a few years a part. My daughter is in college. She doesn’t have any children. I didn’t call her any names, she did, which evoked her fans to follow suit and call me names as well. I never called her any names. I wished her well. But she’s made a career out of being mean to people. She’s a very mean-spirited woman. I don’t think that bullying is fashionable. But we live in a bullying society right now. Social media has made bullying cool because they can do it under the guise of anonymity. The same people who grin in your face can go home and write the most veil stuff about you. I come from Oakland, California. I was born in Arkansas. When we have confrontations about things, we deal with it face to face. I’m not trying to brawl with anybody in the streets, but I certainly won’t back down from a verbal confrontation. I don’t clap back. I didn’t write anything about Nene. I stated exactly how I felt. She stated her truth and we were done with it. I didn’t go out and court these interviews. People have reached out to me. So, what she said to me I thought was uncalled for."

'RHOA' Star Kandi Burruss Responds To Backlash For Potty Training Her Newborn Son

 Kandi Responds To 'Potty Train' Backlash

'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' star Kandi Burruss is responding to backlash for posting a Facebook video which shows her potty training her 4 month old son Ace.  She took to Instagram to explain that she did the same thing with her daughter Riley and says it gets them used to the concept early

"Ok I know a lot of people are gonna talk trash because we have #Ace on the potty already but I did the same thing with @rileyburruss. I bought the baby toilet seat that fits on top of the toilet & for the past week we’ve been putting Ace on the toilet in the mornings. As soon as we sit him up there he pees. One time he pooped & peed. It helps to get them used to the concept early. I don’t expect him to be fully potty trained early but it does help. I’ve done it before so I’m speaking from experience. I’m not saying it will work for anyone else but this works for us. Today I didn’t get the diaper off quick enough & he started"

 She also went off at the 'The View' who had Jimmy Kimmel there who said that ' You should not take advice from a housewife' 


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

VIDEO: Cynthia Bailey Confirms Her Break Up With Peter Thomas

Cynthia Responds To Her Break-Up

RHOA star Cynthia Bailey responding to in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight about her break up with her husband Peter Thomas. There revealed in the interview that she planning was planning to split from Peter for a while.  Peter Thomas has also confirmed that he wull NOT return for the 9th season of RHOA

Here is Cynthia's interview

TMZ caught up with her recently and she says that their marriage break-up isn't just about the show

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Stacey Dash RUMORED To Replace Kim Fields On RHOA Next Season

Stacey Dash Joining 'RHOA'?!

Is Stacey Dash joining Real Housewives Of Atlanta for its 9th season? Reports have been coming this week that actress turned FOX contributor is rumored to be joining the cast replacing Kim Fields. ALL About The Tea
is reporting that she is in talks with Bravo to join the show and she allegedly asking for a 2 million dollar paycheck.  

So far stacey Dash has not responded to the rumor

It's already been  confirmed that kim Fields will NOT be returning to the show next season as she called the Rickey Smiley Show 


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Weekly Recap: Real Housewives Of Atlanta (Season 6)- Episodes 16 and 17

Photo/ Bravo

Season 8
Real Housewives Of Atlanta
Episodes 16 and 17 RECAP 

Ashley Miller recaps on the episodes 16 and 17 of Real Housewives Of Atlanta


Friday, March 11, 2016

TRAILER 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 8 Reunion .. Kenya vs Kim

Season 8 Reunion Trailer

Bravo has released the season 8 reunion trailer for 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' and this reunion looks intense. Sheree returns for the reunion as well as Nene. In the trailer we see Kenya and Kim's beef continuing. Nene also shaded Kim by saying she is not fit to be on this show.  The reunion will also talk about the   cheating rumors surrounding Peter.


Sunday, March 6, 2016

Weekly Recap: Real Housewives Of Atlanta (Season 8)- Episode 15

Photo/ Bravo

 Season 8
Real Housewives Of Atlanta
Episode 15 RECAP

Ashley Miller recaps on the 15th episode of Real Housewives Of Atlanta


Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekly Recap: Real Housewives Of Atlanta (Season 8)- Episode 12 and 13

Photo/ Bravo

 Season 6
Real Housewives Of Atlanta
Episodes 12 and 13 RECAP 

Ashley Miller recaps on the episodes 12 and 13 of Real Housewives Of Atlanta. On episode 12, Kim invites the girls to a 'beatless' brunch where the girls are supposed to wear no makeup. Kenya Moore some type f the way about leads to a beef between them on the next episode. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

New York Fights Claudia Jordan In 'The Next 15' Trailer

 'The Next 15' Trailer

The official trailer of new reality show "The Next 15" is here! TV One's new reality show which premieres on February 10th features six reality stars including Tiffany Pollard, Jennifer Williams, Claudia Jordon ect and it follows their lives and what they are doing and it looks like Claudia Jordan will be getting into with Tiffany ' New York' Pollard and have a confrontation with Jennifer Williams about dating her ex. We also Cynthia Bailey, Kirk Frost and Chance making appearances.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Porsha Williams and Snooki Join The New 'Celebrity Apprentice' Cast

 'Celebrity Apprentice' Cast Revealed

The cast of the new 'Celebrity Apprentice' has been revealed
today for the 2016 season in-up. Actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will be replacing Donald Trump for the new season.  

Three reality stars have been confirmed to join the cast. RHOA star Porsha Williams becomes the third cast member to join the show. Nene Leakes and Kenya Moore have previously appeared on the. 'Jersey Shore' star Snooki is also joining the show as well as Kyle Richards from RHOBH. 

Snooki wrote on Insragram that she excited to the show.

 Full Cast

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Weekly Recap: Real Housewives Of Atlanta (Season 8)- Episode 11

Photo/ Bravo

 Season 8
 Real Housewives Of Atlanta
Episode 11 RECAP

Ashley Miller recaps on episode 11 of Real Housewives Of Atlanta. The women go to the million man march and Nene Leakes returns!


Monday, January 11, 2016

Weekly Recap: Real Housewives Of Atlanta (Season 8)- Episode 09 and 10

Photo/ Bravo

Season 8
 Real Housewives Of Atlanta
Episode 09 and 10

Ashley Miller recaps on episodes 9 and 10 of Real Housewives Of Atlanta


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Transgender Star Amiyah Scott Blasts 'RHOA' Producers Claiming They Treated Her Like a 'Joke'

Amiyah Scott Blasts 'RHOA' Producers

Transgender model, Amiyah Scott, who was supposed to be this season of  'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' is now blasting producers of the show for treating her like a joke because she is transgender. TMZ reports that the producers were her 'in lingerie' wanted her to at like a bitch and and a vixen. Apparently, Amiyah was not having it and quit the show after a month of filming.

She says she wanted to the to be a role for other transgender females  

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