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Saturday, July 1, 2017

#LHNY Star DJ Self Gets Accused Of Trying To Set Up Safaree To Get Jumped

 DJ Self Responds To Rumors

Love and Hip Hop: NY star DJ Self took to instagram recently to deny rumors that he set up. Folks have been accusing him of setting up Safaree to get jumped by Meek Mills' crew because after Safaree greeted DJ self in front of DJ Khalad's party, he was jumped.

On instagam he writes 'don't believe in silly rumors'


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Papoose & Remy Ma RUMORED To Be Getting A New Reality Show On BET

 Remy Ma and Papoose Getting New Reality Show?

Are Remy Ma and Papoose getting a new a reality tv show on BET? There have been rumors that they will not return to Love and Hip Hop: NY because of a possible new reality show on BET. These reports have came out after Remy Ma won Best Female Rap Artist at 2017 BET awards.

 Hollwoodlife reports that her BET award win might be connected to a new reality show about their marriage and trying to conceive a baby

 “BET was negotiating with Remy Ma and Papoose to get them to sign on to a new reality show –- about their marriage and trying to conceive a child,” a source shared with the outlet. However, the source also suggested that Remy Ma’s big win for Best Female Hip-Hop artist might be connected to the alleged new show. “The negotiations were going well, but shortly before the deal got closed –- we were told that Remy would be winning the BET Award for Best Female Hip Hop artist.” The news of Remy and Papoose’s new show remains unconfirmed, but has reached out to both rappers and the BET  network for comment.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

'LHNY' Newbie Lady Luck Tweets Remy Ma Refuses To Film The Show With Her

 Lady Luck Blasts Remy Ma

Female Lady Luck who will be one of the new cast members for the 8th season of Love and Hip Hop: NY. @VH1LHHTEA posted a tweet from her saying that  Remy ma told producers that she was 'too scared' to film with her. .. oop!

Lady Luck and Remy ma are known for having a long history with their beef. She us dating Somaya Reece who will also return to the show.

Here is a video of the confirmed cast so far

Monday, May 15, 2017

'LHNY' Star Cardi B Gets Nominated For Two BET Awards

 Cardi B Gets Nominated

Congrats to 'Love and Hip Hop: NY star Cardi B. Today, the 2017 BET awards was announced and Cardi B has been nominated for two awards. She has been nominated for Best Female Hip Hop Artist and Best New Artist.  Her LHNY co-star Remy has also been nominated for two awards.

Cardi B reacted to the news onTwitter

The 2017 BET awards airs on June 25th

Sunday, May 14, 2017

'Bad Girls Club' Star Tabatha Joins 'LHNY' Cast + Rocky Joins New VH1 Show

Dreamdoll Joins 'LHNY' Cast

The 8th season of Love and Hip Hop: NY is currently filming and more new cast members are joining the show. Tabatha a.k.a Dreamdoll from Bad Girsl Club is joining the show as DJ Self's new artist BGC tea


The instagram page also confirms Ridiclously Ryan and rocky from 'Bad Girl Club: Atlanta' will joining new shows on VH1.

A post shared by BGCTea (bad girls club tea) (@bgcteainc) on

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Twitter Thinks Peter Gunz Is Having Another Child With 'Teen Mom 2' Star Kailyn Lowery

Peter Gunz Is NOT The Father

'Love and Hip Hop: NY star Peter Gunz got caught up in a crazy rumor today when his name was trending on twitter. It all started when 'Teen Mom 2' star Kailyn Lowry posted an instagram statud about her baby bump. She is pregnant with her child

Peter Gunz posted a comment saying 'Calling U' many people on twitter speculated that Peter Gunz was the father of her unborn child

the truth is he is NOt the father and Kailyn made that clear on twitter. They both are rumored to be on the next season of 'Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars on WeTv, that's how they know eachother.


Monday, April 24, 2017

Somaya Reece Returning To 'LHNY' Along With Rapper Lady Luck?

 Somaya Reece and Lady Luck Joiing 'LHNY'?

Is Somaya Reece returning to 'Love and Hip Hop: NY'? According to loveandhiphoptea4u Instagram page  Somaya, along with rapper Lady Luck  will be joining the 8th season of 'LHNY'. If you all don't know, Lady Luck and Remy Ma havebeen beefing for years. Lady Luck recently called Remy Ma's dis track to Nicki Minaj 'wack' and told that Remy Ma has been 'hating' on Nicki Minaj for years.

 "First of all, she’s been sick that Nicki been hot since she was in jail. I’m not going to lie, I was salty too back in the day until I found Jesus and God said be happy for yourself. But, we all was. Shut up female rappers. All of us were mad at Nicki and especially cause she wasn’t fuckin with nobody either. We was all banding together. We was all mad at you Nicki. Remy been throwing shots since she was in jail. Then you come out, waiting and throwing shots at her on different songs."

A post shared by Love & Hip Hop Tea & Videos πŸ’‹ (@loveandhiphoptea4u) on


Monday, March 20, 2017

Judge Refuses To Let Mendeeces Get Out Of Jail Early

Mendeeces Is Staying In Jail

It looks like Yandy's husband ,Mendeeces Harris, will not be getting out of jail early   reports  the judge refused tor educe his sentence from 8 years to 5 years as he requested. 

Mendeeces lawyer argued to the judge that he had a minor role in the drug trafficking case and handed over $170,00o in restitution and also showed youth organizations  

"Today, a U.S. District judge refused Mendeecees’ request to have his federal drug trafficking sentence reduced from 8 years to 5 years. His lawyer, Dawn Florio, noted that a change in federal sentencing guidelines meant there might be an opportunity to reduce the original sentence given back in December 2015. Florio argued that the Harlem native’s role in the drug ring was only minor, and on top of that, Mendeecees has turned in over $170,000 in restitution and even met with youth organizations four times a week to pay back his debt to society."

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Remy Ma Gets Backlash For 'Another One' and Shades Nicki Minaj On 'Wendy Williams

 Remy Ma Releases 'Another One'

LHNY star Remy Ma is a at it again but this time it backfired! Yesterday, Remy Ma released a second diss track to Nicki Minaj titled Another One 
The diss track premiered Thursday night on HOT 97.  

Bit this time, instead of receiving praises like whe did with SeETHER, she got dragged this time for being desperate. 

She also went to WEdny Williams with Fat Joe and shaded Nicki Minaj wearing a funeral outfit. She talked about the SeETHER and Remy Ma revealed it's more behind the scenes that we dont' know about

Here is the clip

Do you think Remy Ma should Released Another Diss Track? 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

'LHHH' Star Safaree Says 'ShETHER' Is 'Disrespectful' To Nicki Minaj

Safaree's Thoughts On 'ShETHER'

On Saturday, social media blew up when Love and Hip Hop:NY' star Remy Ma released a dis track to Nicki Minaj titled "ShETHER' Nicki Minaj has yet to respond but her ex Safaree has. TMZ caught up with him and he thinks the song is the most 'disrepectful' song he has ever heard.

Here is the video:

Monday, February 6, 2017

Remy Ma Opens Up About Her Miscarriage On Instagram " Its' NOT Over"

 Remy Ma Speaks On Her Miscarriage

During a recent episode of  'Love and Hip Hop: NY' it  was revealed that Remy Ma was pregnant with Papoose's child but later she has a miscarriage after having an ectopic pregnancy.

Remy Ma took to instagram to explain her ordeal and thanking her fans for the condolences

First, thank you to everyone that sent their congrats as well as condolencesπŸ™πŸ½ This was a hard time for me & my husband & we thought long and hard before deciding to share this part of our lives with you all.  I was totally against it but in a fit of crying @papoosepapoose said " you are not the only one going thru this , we will get thru it" ...made me realize how many women like myself experience the same thing and don't have a strong partner by their side to say it will be alright. So I'm here to tell anyone going thru a similar situation that it is not over and God has the last say so  Thank you to the staff at the hospital I was in; you all were super nice & respectful and did everything to ensure I was comfortable. And to Dr. Razmzan , who came to perform my surgery at 5am, who tried his best to leave me scarless and succeeded, who eased any fears I had- THANK YOU, & don't retire yet cuz once we find the right in vitro dr you have to deliver my babies 😘#BlackLove #RemyMa #MeetTheMackies
A video posted by Remy Ma (@remyma) on

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

'Love and Hip Hop: NY' Cast Films Season 7 Reunion Show

 'LHNY' Season 7 Reunion Show

Last week, the cast of 'Love and Hip Hip: NY' was at NYC to film the reunion show for season 7. 


According to some tea, I've heard an audience member got into an altercation with a cast member. In courtesy of @VH1LHTEA Drewski proposed to Skye, Tara/Amina showed up at the reunion, Yandy, Erica and Samantha got into once again

Here are some tweets

Monday, January 9, 2017

Cardi B Recently Announced She Is Leaving 'LHNY'

 Cardi B Leaving 'LHNY'

'LHNY' star Cardi B has recently announced on Instagram live that she moving from the popular VH1 show because she will be too busy in 2017. She just recently landed a role in BET show "Being Mary Jane'

She also talked about her mixtape

 "I don’t want people to think I became a rapper because I was on Love and Hip Hop,” she said. “There are a couple of songs that are on the mixtape that I been did before Love and Hip Hop, it just wasn’t completely perfect. It wasn’t completely perfect and everything takes time. It took me like a year to complete the mixtape. Everything I do, it takes a lot of time for me to do it because only the best sells, you know?"



Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Snoop From 'The Wire', Sofie Green, Kimbella Joins 'LHNY' Season 7 Cast

 'LHNY' Season 7

The new castmembers of the 7th season of 'Love and Hip hop: NY' has been announced thanks to Famelous  The site reports that the show's 7th season will adding two new cast members + one cast member returning to the show. 

Felicia Pearson, better known as Snoop from the HBO (picture above)  'The Wire' is joining the cast


MTV host Sofie Green is also joining the cast

Kimbella , who appeared as a full cast member back in season 2, is coming back for season 7

 According to @LHHTEA.. BBOD and Rashida Ali will NOT be coming back


Monday, September 26, 2016

VH1 Launches 'Love and Hip Hop: The Game' Mobile App

'Love and Hip Hop' The Game

Now you can be part of the 'Love and Hip Hop cast. VH1 has officially launched the show's first mobile app game where you can create you customize characters. The game is very much like 'The Sims' where you have to create a character and go to different levels. The game will also have castmembers such as remy Ma, Papoose and Yandy.

Mona Scott Young commented about the game

 "Our viewers love following the exciting exploits of the cast and now, they too can be immersed in the world and live it for themselves. This is an opportunity for fans and aspiring artists alike to virtually get in the hip hop game!"

Sunday, May 1, 2016

'Love and Hip Hop: NY' Season 7 Starts Filming... Remy Ma, Cardi B and Mariah Lynn Returning


'Love and Hip Hop' Season 7 Info

It looks like production has started for the 7th season of 'Love and Hip Hop: NY' and most of the newbies from last season will be returning! According to LHHTEA's Twitter page he confirms that almost everyone from season 6 will be returning including Bianca and Mariah Lynn.  



Monday, March 28, 2016

Weekly Recap: Love and Hip Hop: NY (Season 6) The Reunion PART 1

Photo/ VH1

Season 6
Love and Hip Hop: NY
The Reunion PART 1 

Ashley Miller recaps on the 1st part of the Love and Hip Hip: NY season 6 reunion. Amina reveals she is pregnant again.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Weekly Recap: Love and Hip Hop: NY (Season 6)- The Finale

Photo/ VH1

Season 6
Love and Hip Hop: NY
Episode 12 

Ashely Miller recaps the season 6 finale of Love and Hip Hop: Ny. Papoose and Remy Ma finally have their wedding ceromony and Peter reveals to Amina that he is having a vasectomy. 


Monday, March 7, 2016

Mona Scott Young Dismisses Rumors About 'Love and Hip Hop: Orleans'

Mona Responds To 'Love and Hip hop: New Orleans' Rumor

'Love and Hip Hop' creator and producer , Mona Scott Young, is finally responding to rumors  about the Love and Hip Hop' franchise expanding to fourth city.  New Orleans have been one of rumored cities but Mona quickly dismissed those rumors. She recently appeared in the Essence Live festival she does in fact is setting her eyes on New Orleans for a show but it's not Love and Hip Hop

"Shoutout to New Orleans because I love New Orleans passionately and I have been looking at New Orleans for a show. It’s not Love and Hip Hop at least not at this stage, but I do want to do something there.”


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