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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Karen King EXPOSES Tommie On IG Live After Tommie Calls Her 'Fake'

 KK Exposes Tommie On IG Live

Today, Tommie and Karen King of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' went at it on Instagram. It all started when Tommie post an instagram calling KK 'fake' about her drinking. Apparently, Tommie did not like that KK was budding in at her family business on last night's episode on 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta'

 Tommie not called out her but also her sons


A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

Tommie fired and spilled on the tea on her on IG live which is an hour long. 

Cliff notes,

She says Tommie used to work for her doing credit card scams Tommie stole from her while scamming 10 racks -her nephew told her and she stopped talking to Tommie for 5 years

Karen put Tommie on to love and hip hop.Tommie tried out for love and hip hop years before but they thought she was a clown.

Tommie was a drunk when she use to work for her falling asleep on the job... Tommie currently (according to Karen) falls asleep in her backyard (drunk) and her kids step over her

Tommie tried to fuck kk lawyer so she could use him as a sugar daddy but Tommie was not good enough for him

Tommie wears Steve Madden

Producers put the spotlight on Tommie while filming and cater to her and also treat kk like shit.. but when Tommie is fighting and being aggressive in other scenes they call kk to calm Tommie down

Tommie told ms deb that kk thinks her house is dirty .. deb called kk and said she believes tommie cus kk been to her house .. kk don't care but she didn't have a problem with deb and she never said it, but she won't kiss anyone's ass and Tammy (waka wife) has been acting funny with her so she knows it's something Tommie told her

Tommie wanted joseline to sleep with her so she could get more scenes she figured joseline was the way to get exposure .. even though kk warned her

Kk thinks joseline is smart and using the platform to rub shoulders with white people:mainstream and the other girls on the show aren't

Kk calls herself d list as well as the other cast members

kk says she's too old to fight but she will fight Tommie for charity I.e Chris and soulja

Erika won't let kk see her child due to her relationship with tommie ...she thinks Tommie is volatile..kk stuck with Tommie cus she said no one can tell her what to do..she now regrets that decision

kk is more hurt than angry..she should have never went on tv after the allegation of her killing her husband was too fresh and the scrutiny was heavy

kk may get fired after saying some of this but she don't care

tommie texted her and said kk put her kids in jail and talked shit about her youngest son

tommie got work done by some doctor for free but I don't know if she was supposed to do promo for the office or something but she never has maybe they tryna find her ETA she was supposed to pay them lol never did. don't know how the hell she got away with that

kk has had million dollar homes and employed people legally and illegally..Tommie knows and has seen her build one of her million dollar homes from scratch..and Tommie was fuckin the Lebanese guy across the street - the one who owned the restaurant

Here is the video

Thursday, May 11, 2017

VIDEO: 'LHATL' Star Tommie Lee Gets Kicked Off The Plane Over Alcohol

 Tommie Lee Kicked Off The Plane

Tommie Lee from 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' is at it again. TMZ released a video today showing her getting kicked off at a Delta Airline over alcohol we all  know that Tommie has a drinking problem after seeing her on the show.

TMZ reports she was asked by a stewardess to step off the plane. Her rep tells TMZ that she was NOT intoxicated

Here is the video

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Peter Thomas Lands Spin-Off Show and Linked Up With Sina From 'LHATL'?

 Peter Thomas and Sina Dating?

I got some tea on 'RHOA' star Peter Thomas. There has been rumors that he is now dating Yung Joc's baby mama Sina from Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. Sina posted this pic on instagram. Folks speculated that she dating him .

She is now speaking out on the rumor saying they are just friends and known him for years


 “I’ve known Peter and his brother for years,” adding that the Thomas family were her neighbors in Miami years ago. 

What about the awfully cozy photo of Sina and Peter? She explained that she had been hosting a party three hours away from Thomas’ Charlotte bar, Sports One, and called him to meet up.

Bina also revealed that her old friend had no clue that she had starred on reality previously too. Bina was a guest on "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" due to being Yung Joc's baby mama. The former couple have twins together.

Peter Thomas also shot a pilot for a potential spin-show about his restaurant on North Carolina Wetpaint reports

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Mimi Faust Allegedly Files Restraining Order To Joseline Against Her Daughter Eva

 Mimi Files a Restraining Order?

The 6th season of 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' does not end until June but Lipstick Alley spilled exclusive tea about Mimi and Joseline. Apparently, this past Tuesday, Mimi allegedly filed a temporary retraining order to Joseline against her daughter Eva. 

If you all been watching the show, Mimi warned Stevie J that she would file a restraining order to Joseline so she don't get close to Eva. Last year, Joseline accused Steve of being a child molester.

Here is is more
 In the protective order, she noted that Joseline has accused Stevie J on social media of molesting their child, which she said is unfounded craziness and led to child protective services coming to her home. Joseline has attacked Mimi physically twice and threatened more violence multiple times, she said. She claimed that Joseline used illegal drugs openly at her residence. She noted Joseline’s past “erratic and irresponsible behavior, including allowing guests to enter and exit premises after midnight and allowing guests to openly use illegal drugs on the premises.”
“I don’t want my daughter around anyone of that nature,” she said.

In the past, she said she had asked Stevie J to keep Joseline away from her daughter and he has not paid heed. So she wants legal protection.

“If he’s not going to protect my daughter, I will,” Mimi said. “If the shoe were in his foot, he’d do exactly what I’m doing. I don’t understand why he thinks this is okay. This is not okay with me in any respect.”


Thursday, April 27, 2017

VIDEO: Loni Love Addresses The Twitter Feud With K. Michelle On 'The Real'


 Loni Love Addresses K. Michelle's Tweets

Loni Love is responding to her twitter feud with K. Michelle that happened last week when Angela Yee was co-hosting. The drama started when Angela Yee talked about that infamous interview she has with K. Michelle at The Breakfast Club last year where K. Michelle went off at her. 

K. Michelle went on rant on twitter this past weekend calling Loni Love 'roast beef' and other names.


Loni Love explains that she wanted to get Angela Yee's side of the story and said she had the time of her love with K. Michelle's tweets

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Tommie Lee Shuts Down Rumors That She Got Fired From 'LHATL' On Instagram

 Tommie NOT Fired From 'LHATL'

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Tommie Lee took to Instagram recently to shut down rumors that she was supposedly fired from the show. On insagram, she write " Know we don't fuck with them rumors #tommieshit"

Sunday, April 16, 2017

'LHATL' Jessica Dime Gets Engaged To NBA Player Shawne Williams

Jessica Dime Gets Engaged

Congrats to  'Love and Hip Hip: Atlanta' star Jessica Dime. She has announced on social media recently that she is engaged to NBA player Shawne Williams. She showed off her engegement ring with the caption "God Is So Good' The future Mrs Williams"

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

Thursday, March 23, 2017

FOOTAGE: Tommie Lee Tries To Fight Karlie Redd While Still Filming 'LHATL'

 Tommie Tries To Figtht Karlie Redd

SPOILER ALERT! It looks like Tommie is still not done with Karlie Redd. After that fake hug she gave her on the last episode. 

 @lhhtea a spilled some tea that Tommie and newbie Lovely Mimi ( which will be introduced next week) tried to fight Karlie Redd while still filming the show. The were filming at the Blue Ivory Club when Tommie confronted Karlie flow calling Lovely Mimi a clown

The footage shows security slamming Tommie on the ground because she could not get to Karlie


VIDEO: 'LHATL ' Star Erica Dixon Gets Arrested For 'Disorderly Conduct'

Photo/ TMZ

 Erica Dixon Arrested

Former 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' Erica Dixon was arrested b the cops for 'disorderly conduct' after she was pulled over the a speeding ticket.  

TMZ is reporting that she 'accepted the ticket, jumped in a her car and started to drive'  but the cops still beleive she was still be detained

Here is the TMZ video

So has now been released.


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' Season 6 Trailer Released!

 Season 6 Trailer

Yesterday, the official trailer for the 6th season of 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' was released and there will be a lot of drama! The new season, which premieres on March 6th features Joseline's pregnancy storyline, as well as Kirk frost cheating on Rasheeda. Tommie deals with her drinking proble, and she gets involved with Yung Joc.

Here is the trailer

Here are the new female castmembers who will be joining the new season 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Instagram Star 'Lovely Mimi' Joins 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' Cast

 New Castmember Joins 'LHATL

'The Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' cast is getting their very first Asian cast member. Her name 'Lovley Mimi' and she well known on Instagram
with 1.2. million followers. 

She has already been seen filming the show with Tommie and Jessica Dime. Courtesy of  @LHHTEA


Here is her latest video on Instagram 

A video posted by Lovely Mimi (@itslovelymimi) on

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Whatever Happened To The Cast Of Vh1's 'Scream Queens?"

'Scream Queens' Cast Then & Now

Before there FOX's 'Scream Queens' there was a reality tv version of the same title on VH1 which aired in 2008. It was a compeition shoe about these aspiring actresses for a role in the Saw movie franchise. The show ran for two seasons

Some of the castmembers have found some success after the ended

Tenendra Howard who won the first season appeared intwo of Saw movies and also appeared Shane Dawson TV

Rosanna Pansino who appeared on season 2, became a popular Youtuber known for her baking.

Karlie who appeared on season 2 has now been a cast member on another VH1 show 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta for 5 seasons.

Riana Ortiz who also appeared in season 2, now appears on FOX's show 'Rosewood'

Find out what other castmembers look like today

Monday, February 6, 2017

Kirk Frost Told His Baby Mama He Was Going To Leave Rasheeda For her

 Kirk Frost's Baby Mama Speaks Out

So the rumors are true. LHHATL star Kirk Frost allegely got another woman pregnant. Joseline spilled the tea two weeks ago on 'The Real' a the baby mama whose name Jasmine Washington is speaking exclusively to Jasmine Brand
that Kirk frost kept telling her that he was going to leave Rasheeda for her and she beleived him.

The site also says, Rasheeda and her will be meeting up fir the first while being filmed for the 6th season of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta which premieres in March

Jasmine Washington 

 Image result for jasmine washington kirk frost

A person from Atlanta spilled some more tea on Insatgram

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Stevie J STILL Has Not Paid His Child Support And He Might Go To Jail

Stevie J Still Owes Child Support

Stevie J has STILL not paid his child support and now prosecutors want him in jail! TMZ reported last week  that he now earns 1.3. million in back child support. The judge now wants to put in jail for 6 months.

TMZ reports:

 U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara says Stevie's track record of ignoring his child support responsibilities has been flagrant and disrespectful to the law. In docs, Bharara points out Stevie's gotten plenty of second chances, but repeatedly screws up by, among other things, failing drug tests.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

VIDEO: Joseline Harnendez Co-Hosts 'The Real' And Spills Tea On Kirk Frost

 Joseline Spills Tea On Kirk Frost

This week 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta fan favorite Joseline Hernandez is co-hosting 'The Real' and she has spills some tea on Kirk Frost who is Rasheeda's husband.

If you have not heard the rumor Kirk Frost allegedly impregnated the waitress and nanny who appeared on the show two seasons ago

Joseline confirmed on 'The Real that Kirk frost did had a baby who not Rasheeda's


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Stevie J And Joseline Welcome Their First Child Together

Joseline Gives Birth

Stevie J and Joseline has welcomed their child together Bonnie Bella. It was reported early this month that Stevie J was the father of her child. 
Joseline made a hilarious about having contractions and posted an Instagram live video.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

DNA Tests Proves Stevie J Is The Father Of Joseline's Unborn Baby

Stevie J Is The Father

It has been reported recently that Stevie J is the father of Joseline's unborn baby. TMz revealed the the paternity tests revealed that Stevie j is father. iT was rumored before that rapper Yung row as allegedly the father.

Now Stevie J is demanding Joseline to get tested for drugs he believes she has been abusing drugs during her pregnancy.  Joseline  fired back
filning new documnets that proves she did not use frigs during her prenancy.

Joseline is currently filming her 'Delivery Special' on VH1 


Monday, October 10, 2016

Amber Rose Responds To Benzino's Slutwalk Diss On Loveline

Amber Rose VS Benzino

Amber Rose is responding to the recent diss Benizno made about her Slutwalk event that too place last week. The two have been going back an forth recently on instagram but Amber Rose was on Loveline radio last week and she took shots at Benzino for dissing her slutwalk


Here are their Instgram comments


Monday, October 3, 2016

VIDEO: 'LHATL' Star Yung Joc Takes His Manager To Court And Sues Him For 6k

 Yung Joc Sues His Manager

'LHATL' star Yung Joc recently too his manager to on the Judge Faith Jenkins Show and sued for 6k . The Shade Room reports he sued for a booking deposit and defamation of character . Yung Joc says that his manager, whose name is ,Polo Hammond never paid him for an event he did.

Here is a clip


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Momma Dee Take Shots At Masika For Getting Pregnant By A Rapper

Momma Dee Takes Aim At Masika

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Momma Dee recently took shoes at Masika on twitter about her getting pregnant by Fetty Wap

Here are some of her tweets

Watch this video to see the rest of the tweets 

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