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Sunday, July 2, 2017

VH1 Announces New Show Called 'Baller Wives'... Cast Revealed

 'Baller Wives' Cast

VH1 has recently announced a new show airing this August titled 'Baller Wives' It's basically a revamped of 'Football Wives' which aired back in 2010 which follows the lives of the wived from the NFL and their drama. A similar formula like 'Basketball Wives' but I have a feeling this show will be more ratchet.


VH1 has announced the cast

Kijafa Vick

She is the wife of Michael Vick and also the Shaunie O Neal of the show. She is he producer 

Aja Crowder

Aja is married to NFL player Channing Crowder and she will have drama with another cast member name Miko

Jeniva Samuels

She is marrie to Asante Samuals who now wants to become a boxer 

Kelly Jones 

Kelly is married to Julies Jones and they two sons together 

Miko Grimes

Miko is married to Tampa Bay cornerback Brent grimes. She is restarting her career after being let go from sports radio show

Stacey Chambers

Stacey is married to Chris Cambers and will have drama with Kijifa



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