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Friday, August 1, 2014

What They Look Like Now: Farrah ( Rock Of Love)

What They Look Like Now: Farrah

Farrah was known as one of The Bloundage girls on the 3rd season of Rock Of Love. This is a recent pic of her. Still looking good.  She then appeared on the 3rd season of Charm School and also made a cameo appearance in Hangover 3

Evelyn Lozada Responds To Antione Walker's Goldigger Comments

"He Got Left Because He Was Cheating"

Evelyn Lozada has this known reputation of dating only athletes. She went from Antoine Walker to Chad Ochocino and now having a new baby with Carl Crawford. Many folks think she is only with them for the money, making a golddigger. Well, Antoine Walker says just that. He did a recent interview where you can watch on Necole Bitchie's site. 

In this inteview he basically says Evelyn was not a ride or die chick like she was supposed to. They had a 10 year relationship until the recession and he lost all of his money, that's when she left.

But Evelyn took to Twitter to defend herself and she says she left him because he cheated

“I don’t talk about you, why talk about me?! Move on. It’s been 5 years! He was still playing in the league when I chalked up the deuces and before he filed bankruptcy, so please quit with the lies.” . “He got left because he was cheating.” 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

GOSSIP: Rapper Remy Ma Might Join 'Love and Hip Hop: NY'

"They're Making Me Do It"

Female rapper Remy Ma might be joining the 5th season of 'Love and Hip Hop: NY after she hinted in an interview with Angie Martinez while she still was in jail that she is doing a realty show and quoting "they're making me do it" Folks are speculating that show she is doing is Love and Hip Hop: NY.

Listen Here

If you don't who she is, she is the rapper from Terror Squad who served six years out of an 8 year prison sentence for shooting a woman in the stomach at a NY nightclub in 2007. According to new reports, she is now about to get released.

What They Look Like Now: Brittanya (Rock Of Love)

What They Look Like Now: Brittanya

Brittanya was the ditzy mexican girl on the 3rd season of Rock Love. She then appeared on Charm school 3 and I Love Money 4

CELEB: Aaliyah's Family Is Doing Their Own Biopic About Her

Another Aaliyah Biopic?

I find it funny that after ALL these years wanting an Aaliyah biopic and the rumors surrounding a biopic, Aaliyah is now getting not one but TWO biopics. We all know about Lifetime biopic which is set to premiere this fall. Wendy Williams will be producing it and actress Alexandra Shipp will be playing her. 

Well it seems like Aaliyah's family is doing their own separate biopic about her and this one will be in theaters sometime next year. B Simone ( picture) has been casted to play her.

S2S Magazine reports

“We’re in a position where we can do the feature film and we can do the music,” said a source close to production.
Singer B.Simone (pictured) has signed on to portray the “One in a Million” artist. Terrence Howard and Wood Harris were named as possible co-stars for the big-screen film, whose script will be written by author Zane. Most importantly, Aaliyah’s uncle and former manager, Barry Hankerson, is working on the project.

'Love and Hip Hop' Star Amina Buddafly Gives Birth To Baby Girl

Amina Welcomes Baby Girl

Amina Buddafly from Love and Hip Hop:NY has finally given birth on July 29th to a baby girl. 

She wrote a message on Facebook

If you remember she announced during the Love and Hip Hop: NY reunion show when she pulled out pregnancy test and threw it out Peter Gunz

She was actually already pregnant before she made the announcement at the reunion but congrats to her.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

VIDEO: Bad Girls Club's Jada Talks Season 12 Reunion and Season 13 All Star Season

Jada Talks Reunion and Season 13

Jada from Bad girls Club: Chicago did a new interview with ACONNECTIONTV. She shares her thoughts on her cast members including the new girl coming up. She also spilled some tea on the season 12 reunion and the season 13 all star season.

On the season 12 reunion show

-She describes the reunion show as "very ugly and foul". 

-She also says that two foul instances happened to her during the reunion show

On the season 13 all star season

-She says season 13 will be different. If you fight, you automatically go home and if you stay until the end, you get a prize, specifically money.

-Her and Natalie's friendship did not last

-It's basically Judi, Sarah and Natalie vs everyone else

-Judi spits on somebody's pizza

-Jada lied and said she piss on Judi's bodywah bottle to get back at her

-Jada also says Sarah was sneaky towards at the house

Jada also previewed some new songs at the end of the video

Tami Roman Hints 'Basketball Wives: Miami' Has Quietly Been CANCELLED


VH1 has not made an official announcement about the future of Basketball Wives: Miami. Season 5 ended almost a year ago without a reunion.

But it seems like the show has quietly been cancelled. Tami kinda let the cat out the bag with this tweet. She tweets "I've heard the dead rises.. you never know" basically hinting that the show was cancelled but maybe resurrected in the future.

Now because of this, fans have starting petitions

Evelyn mentions it on twitter today

Tami also tweeted that she would return for another season if it was an all-star season with Royce and Jennifer returning

Do you want the show to come back or do you think it's time to move on?

What They Look Like Now: Heather (Rock of Love)

What They Look Like Now: Heather

Heather was another memorable contestant on Rock Of Love. She made runner-up on the show's 1st season, then appeared I Love Money and Charm School.  I think she still looks the same.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

GOSSIP: Mona Scott Young To Produce Dating Show For The Game?

The Game Looking For Love?

Will The Game become the next VH1 bachelor? There is a RUMOR going around that Mona Scott Young will be producing a VH1 dating show for the rapper.

Remember that meeting they had a few months ago? reports that meeting was NOT for him joining Love and Hip Hop: LA but for a potential dating show that might be in the works.

'Apparently Mona and the team want to create projects outside of the franchise. She took her first steps outside the box with the Chrissy and Jim Jones spin off and now a K Michelle series slated to premiere in September. But there is even more. Mona is working on a real love series. A very close source to the VH1 camp claims that The Game and Mona are working on a series similar to the Bachelor for VH1. The Game will be looking for love.'

This might have some truth to this because a year ago Benizino announced he was going to a spin off dating show, which never happened. So maybe now Mona is offering The Game the show.

'Couples Therapy' All Star Reunion Show Announced

'Couples Therapy' Reunion Show

Dr. Jenn Berman has announced on Instagram today there will a special Couples Therapy All star reunion that will air on September 9th. Some of the confirmed cast members are both Teen Mom stars Farrah Abraham and Catelynn Lowell who both been beefing online lately. Also, Courtney Stodden , Doug Hutchison, Nik Ritche and others!

The taping of the special reunion show will start filming August 8th

The 5th season of the show will also air this fall. 

Pheadra Parks Says She's NOT Leaving 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta'

Pheadra NOT Taking A Break

We can now dismiss the rumor about Pheadra Parks taking a leave absence from the show following her husband's prison 8 year sentence.

TMZ confirms she and Apollo have been the show's 7th season for a month.  They are trying to film as much as possible before Apollo gets locked up and their storyline is going to be his conviction... of course

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