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Friday, March 29, 2013

'Where Are They Now?" Interview With Ashley Douglas (Tool Academy)

"Where Are They Now?" With Ashley Douglas (Tool Academy)

Here is another "Where Are They Now?" interview. Remember Tool Academy? Well I did a new interview with Ashley Douglas , who won the 1st season with her then boyfriend Josh (Tiny Tool). They are STILL married till this day and she talks to me about how she keeps her marriage going, she also talks about her best moment from the show now 2 year old daughter and what she is up to now.

Hey Ashley, how are you?

I'm doing good thanks ;) 

You were best known for being on the first season of "Tool Academy" with Josh. What was your fondest memory being on the show? and how is Josh doing? 

I'd have to say the fondest moment was winning that last challenge it really showed me everything we both worked on and how we both shined as a couple
Josh is doing very well!!

Did you ever expected to win the show?

No I remember I didn't even pack alot of cloths cuz I didn't think we were gunna make it past the first two weeks.

Do you still keep in touch with any of the cast members? What about Trina? 

Jenna is always sweet she always let me know when she's in NYC and I have been talking to krista,Trina I use to not anymore.

You and Josh are one of the few reality couples who are still together and married till this day. Most reality couples get a bad rep for not staying together ; hence, Kim Kardashain's wedding and all these dating shows. What is your secret to a succesful marriage?

 For us we are just always honest every day and communicating with each other and we are always working on something new to keep our marriage going !

You and Josh also have a daughter now. How is she?

She's great She just turned 2 in jan she's so perfect she looks just like me an her personality is all Josh to the T down to what she eats to.

So, what have you been doing now  since your VH1 days? Well I have found a good

Job in a chiropractors office and were just focusing on doing things with Maddy 

You are also in the process of a weight loss journey. I've seen pictures on facebook and you look great. What made you decide to do this? 

Thank you to b honest - in the beginning it was cuz I was being bullied but now I'm doing it for myself and my daughter to show her its not about being skinny but having a healthy mindset.

Photo: Yay almost down a full 60 pounds! 
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Last question, would you ever consider doing reality TV again? 

Nope never !!!

Thank you for this special interview. Would like to add anything else?

Just like to thank you ! You do a great Job and u always been so

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