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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Photo: Bow Wow and Tahiry Spotted Together

New couple or just friends?! Bow wow caught with Tahiry Jose! They look comfy together right?

Love and Hip Hop newcomer ,Tahiry, and rapper Bow Wow were spotted together at her fundraiser called "Orange Heart", a charity event for impoverished children. Rumors is already going around that two might be dating. What do you think?

Mandeecee Turns Himself In For Old Drug Charge

Photo: VH1

Drug Charges

Yandy's baby daddy, Mandeecee, has another case on his hands. According to 
Tattletailz he has turned himself in for an old drug charge dated back to 2001. The site says he was arrested in 2001 in Maryland for cocaine and was sentenced to four years in prison, three years probation, bit isnt sure if he served any jail time for it. The site also released some of his documents. 

Music News: Beyonce Sings "National Anthem" Live

In music news, Beyonce proves to her critics that she does sing live. She threw shade at the haters by singing an acapella of the National Anthem live at the Superbowl press conference held in New Orleans today and says she will be singing live at the Superbowl. She did admit though to lipsyncing at Obama's Inauguration.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Olivia Says Her Album Will Be Out This Year + New Song With French Montana

New Album Out This Year

Olvia, along with some of the cast of Love and Hip Hop: NY, appeared on Big Morning Buzz recently and Olivia confirms that her long awaited album will be released later this year. Her first single is called "I Do" featuring French Montana.  

Take a listen. The song is actually catchy and radio friendly.

Big Ang To Make Her Broadway Debut

Big Ang Heading To Broadway

Mob Wives is set to make her broadway debut. She appeared on Wendy William's when she was asked if she will doing broadway.. Big Ang confirmed that she will in "My Big, Italian Wedding" playing the caterer. She even got another surgery procedure in her arms. 


Trailer: Motor City Wives

The trailer for Motor City Wives has been released. I've been blogging about this upcoming show since last. It was rumored that the show was going to be on VH1 and Deelishis (winner of Flavor of Love 2) was going to be part the cast.

According to these tweets, Sara Stokes confirms the filming of the show and BET has picked it up.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bobby Valentino Releases New Music Video With K. Michelle

Here is Bobby Valentino's new music video titled "Put It On" which features K. Michelle. The song is featured on his new album. 

Love it? or hate it?

Joseline Covers Black Men Magazine

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez covers the latest issue of Black Men Magazine showing off her booty. 

Erica Mena Discusses Music, Drug Rumors and Beef With L'Oreal

Erica Mena sits down with morning show and she discusses about a few things. First she talks about her music career saying that her first single is going to be 'serious' and not a club banger. She even shades Olivia by saying she is not going no where with her career.  She is also is aware that she isn't THAT talented as well. . She says that L'Oreal knew she is going to be on the show and decided to befriend her, so she can get on the show herself.  She also denies the drug rumors. 

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Music News: TLC's T-Boz Drops New Track "Champion"

T-Boz Drops New Solo Track

In music news, TLC member, T-Boz has dropped a new solo track titled "Champion." The song will be featured on her upcoming solo project.

Take a listen:

The finale of her reality show , Totally T-Boz,  will air this Tuesday. 

Rich Dollaz Arrest Caught On Tape

Rich Dollaz's arrest for child support charges has been caught on tape while he doing for the blog Mouth to Ears. Early this month, he was arrested for not paying child support. His baby mama claims, Chaundra Nicolle, says he never payed child support for their 12 year daughter. However, HE claims the girl is not his. But now we now have actual footage of the arrest. 

'Mob Wives' Moves To A New Time

New Time

Starting this Sunday, January 27th, Mob Wives will be airing at 10:PM . The current season started off premiering at 8:PM  So Mob Wives viewers, be sure to check out Mob Wives at its newest time. 

Photos: Tasha Marbury Begins Filming 'Basketball Wives 5'

EMP7. Tasha Marbury & Friends

Here are the first pics of  Tasha Marbury filming her birthday party for the 5th season of Basketball Wives. Tasha Marbury has been confirmed to be one of the newest wives to join the show. 

Rumor Mill: Daphne Wayans Fired From Hollywood Exes?

Daphne Wayans Fired?

Today in the rumor mill wolrd, reports are coming Daphne Wayans has been fired from the upcoming 2nd season of Hollywood Exes which is set to air soon. According to Wives Confidential, she was l,let go for behaving like a diva.  The site also claims that she started to make demanads that were not in line her cast members. Again, this is just speculation. Nothing has been confirmed. Daphne is supposed to be the newest cast member for season 2.

Here is a sneak peek pic of Hollyood Exes season 2 being filmed.

Credit for pic: NuttinButterLA

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Music News: New Unreleased Aaliyah Track "Quit Hatin"

In music news, a new unreleased Aaliyah track titled "Quit Hatin" has leaked in the net recently. There is no word yet if the song will be featured in the posthumous Aaliyah album. The song is about a woman who tells her friends to quit being jealous of her new lover. I personally like the song. 

Take a listen.

The Haughton family also lost Michael Haughton sometime last year. He was Aaliyah's father.  Rumor has it he pssed away from kidney failure.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Mona Scott Denies Yandy and Mandeecee Being Dropped From The Show

Mona Scott denies that Yandy and her baby daddy , Mandeecee,  had been dropped from the show due the molestation scandal involving Mandeecee.  A site called Tattle Tailz reported that both of them were dropped from the show since they did not appeared on last week's episode. Mona Scott tweeted that it wasn't true.

Do you think they should be on the show?

Gloria Govan Gets Another YouTube Gig

The Web Series Queen

Is Gloria becoming a webs series queen?  Eurweb reports that Gloria Govan has landed another Youtube gig which will also be on the comedy Shaq Network on Youtube. The series is called Backstage Confidential  and each episode will have  interviews and crazy stories from some of the industries most hilarious people. 

She previously appeared on Clean Ops on the channel. VH1 has yet the confirmed if Basketball Wives LA will have another season, but it is safe to say that Gloria Govan won't be returning. 

Movie News: David Otunga's First Movie Role

In movie news, I Love New York reality star and WWE wrestler, David Ontuga, will be adding acting to his list. He will appearing on the upcoming movie titled The Call which also stars actress Halle Berry. David will be playing a cop and you can see him in the trailer . 

The Call hits theaters in March. 

Tami Roman Hints On New Conflict With Shaunie O Neal

Tami Roman did a new interview with  TaniaOnTheScene and she gave a slight spoiler of the 5th season of Basketball Wives which is set to air in this spring. She hints  a new conflict with Shaunie O Neal. by saying she has some stuff to say about her this upcoming season. She also speaks more about the show being more "family oriented' by saying the show will have more balance. 

She also speaks on her new TV ONE show Belles which will  premiere February 1st. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekly Recap: Black Ink Crew (Season 1)- Episode 2

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Other Reality News: 'All My Babies' Mamas' Canceled

'All My Babies' Mamas' Canceled

In other reality news, Shawty Lo's controversial reality show All My Babies' Mamas' has been canceled before it even aired due to a protest saying that one hour special would reinforce negative stereotypes about black people. 

"As part of our development process, we have reviewed casting and decided not to move forward with the special," an Oxygen spokesperson told TheWrap in a statement on Tuesday. "We will continue to develop compelling content that resonates with our young female viewers and drives the cultural conversation."

Mob Wife Alicia DiMichele-Garofalo Turns Down Philadelphia Version Of Mob Wives

A mob wife name Alicia DiMichele-Garofalo from South Jersey has turned down the Philadelphia version of Mob Wives. According a local Philadelphia news outlet, she reveals that the producer reached out to her more than once and she says she is a mother of three and does not want to be portrayed as something she's not.

Last year, it was reported by Jennifer Graziano herself the she is working on two other Mob Wives spin off's one for Philadelphia and the other for Miami. The Chicago Mob Wives was canceled. 

Memphitz Drops Lawsuit Against K. Michelle

Lawsuit Dropped

It looks like Memphitz is dropping his lawsuit against K. Michelle. according to 
Hip Hop Morning. If you remember, he filed a lawsuit going after his reputation on Love and Hip Hop: Allanta when K. Michelle talked about her manager and lover (who was Memphitz) abusing her. 

Him and Toya are also getting their own reality show which is now being shopped by various networks.  This will the third reality show for Toya. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Music News: Justin Timberlake's "Suit and Tie"

In music news, Justin Timberlake will be releasing his first album in almost seven years. His first single "Suit & Tie" was released this morning. It features Jay-Z and it has Ronin Thicke feel to it.

Love it? or Hate it?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Music News: Destiny's Child's New Song "Nuclear"

In music news, it has been announced that Kelly and Michelle will be reuniting with Beyonce for this year's superbowl and they released a new song called "Nuclear" which will on a new special Destiny's Cild album called Love Songs which is a collection of their love songs from previous albums.

Love it? Hate it?

Stevie J: Season 2 Will Have More "Rachetness"

Stevie J did an interview with Kingsmen and he briefly talks abut season 2 of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. He says season 2 will have "more ratchetness" and more "flyness." He also speaks on his future projects. He working on Beyonce, Timbaland and Jamie Foxx's new albums. 

Urban Community Faces Discrimination At Mob Wives Premiere Party

Hip hop artists and rappers faced discrimination were they not allowed at the Mob Wives 3 premiere party in NYC. According to the site, Reality Tea a bowling alley name Frames wanted a low key event and invited mobsters, but not the hip hop community. 

Marketing manager, Frayda Resnick, demanded that no rappers or hip hop artists were allowed at the event.  What's even more absurd is that a VIBE magazine reporter, who was Ramona's guest, was told not to report the event to VIBE or advertise for it.

Karen, who was outraged, told Radar Online

“I’m completely outraged at Frames Bowling Lounge and especially at the management. I can’t believe that in 2013 the ignorance of racism still exists. If I would have known prior to our contracts being signed I would have canceled.” 

“I’m trying to be the better person and not flip out on anyone but I was about to smash the b*tch in the face with her f**king bowling ball! I will never patronize that place nor would I recommend it to anyone that I know. The management and staff was rude, racists and disrespectful.”

Tahiry Jose Appears On The Breakfast Club

Love and Hip Hop NY:  newcomer, Tahiry Jose appeared on the Breakfast Club to discuss about her ex Joe Budden and Raqi Thunda which is this season's love triangle. She says she doesn't believe Joe and Raqi were not intimate with each other. She also says that her and Raqi were 'cool' but she doesn't call it a friendship. 

She also says that dated rapper Faboulous on and off when she was 17 years old. 

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Music News: Britney Spears Quits X Factor

In music news, it has been confirmed today that Britney Spears will be quitting the U.S version of X Factor after just one season. 

TMZ reports she is quitting to focus on her music and a nother tour.  She currently working on her 8th studio album.  She is second judge who won't returning for the next season. LA Reid announced not too long ago that he won't returning. 

Mimi Responds To The Stevie J Child Custody

Let The Drama Begin

The 2nd season of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta is currently being filmed and the drama has already begun. Apparently, reports have came up about Stevie winning full custody of his daughter , Eva, with Mimi. Mimi did an interview with Baller Alert  responding to the custody rumors. she says her daughter lives with her and Stevie J is 'childish and spiteful.'

In the interview, she also says she does not trust Joseline being near her daughter

'I don't like her around my daughter. I don't want her around my daughter but if he's with her how can I prevent that? I'm not longer there so I can't control what goes on in that house. That was part of the reason I WAS there. I knew his sister was watching Eva and I knew that if I was there that Joseline would not be there, but when I moved out and got my own I can't control who goes over there. I can't stop her from coming over there. That's my issue that I'm dealing with now.'

You can read the rest of the interview on the site. 

Brooke Bailey Responds To Plastic Surgery Rumors

Brooke Bailey of Basketball Wives LA is setting the record straight about her getting a boob and a booty job. Apprarntly Brooke does not like when people constantly ask her if her boobs and booty is real or fake. She speaks to Bossip in a video and says that her booty is real, her boobs are 'cashed out" and her hair is real. 

T.I and Tiny Cover Ebony Magazine

T.I. And Tiny Ebony Magazine

T.I and Tiny is on the cover of a special edition of Ebony magazine. The magazine is celebrating black love which also includes actress Meagan Good and her husband DeVon Franklin and Bishop T.D Jakes and his wife Serita.

In the February issue, T.I talks about his reaationship with Tiny saying:  “Once I made my mind up that I was going to be committed to this relationship, I started being married then and there,”  “Since I’ve been married, it’s the same relationship, we’re the same people. We treat each other the same way, and we’re just as happy now as we were before.”

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jennifer Williams Talks About Her New Man

Jennifer Willaims talks about her new man who is Cisco Rasado. She tells sister 2 sister  publisher Jamie Foster Brown

“I did a video for him for one of his artists…we just met then, but nothing happened. Then, we met a few months ago to discuss some business, and then it’s been like…”

I say good for her! 

Somaya Reece To Launch Fitness Brand

 Somaya Reece is leaving Love and Hip Hop behind and will doing bigger things in 2013. She announced in her website that she will launching a fitness brand 

Here is part of what she wrote

The first news of the year is!!!!!!!!!!!! I am launching my fitness  I plan on involving my music & fitness into my fitness brand. I am very excited to help you guys achieve your weight loss goals.  There aren’t many details I am allowed to  discuss at this moment except that I am excited to launch something that caters to the REAL GIRLS & real people of the world. The ones that don’t necessarirly  have all the time in the world to work, people on a budget, mommies that want to get their bodies back, women and men fighting the battle of up and down weight loss/gain. I am one of those people. I am just like you trying to figure it out. After figuring out a system that works for me, I am now close to 8 dress sizes smaller and I no longer feel internally unhealthy. I feel great, I am glowing, I have energy but most of all, I have taken control of my health!

'Basketball Wives Miami' Returns March 2013

Mark your calendars! The 5th season of the original Basketball Wives will premiere in March of 2013.

According to Evelyn she tweeted to a fan that the new season will return in March.

Read more here

Rich Dollaz Says He Is NOT Engaged To Erica Mena

Rumors have been blasting the net recently that Love and Hip Hop: NY stars Rich Dollaz and Erica Mena announced that they were engaged durig the show's viewing party in NYC.

Global Grind reached out to him and he says he is not engaged to her and that it was taken the wrong way.

"No, I'm not! I'm not engaged. Rich Dollaz is not engaged.
What happened was, I ain't gonna say shorty was lying or nothin', but Erica had taken some pictures on Instagram of some wedding magazine. A girl [at the party] asked her about it and asked if she was getting married and I SARCASTICALLY said 'Yeah, we're getting married. Uh huh, next week we're getting married.' She took that, and I don't know if the music was loud and the liquor was flowing, and she could be serious. But I was not. I was not."

New York Tweets She Will Do More Reality Shows In 2013

Photo: VH1

New York Tweets More Reality Shows In 2013?

Ever since 2010, New York fans have been wanting the queen of VH1 to return to reality TV. These past years, she has been getting acting gigs most recently DTLA on the LOGO channel. She also appeared on he game show Baggage last year. 

Will this year the be the return of reality TV? She recently tweeted:

'I'm Going to do more REALITY this year you guys! I F-N PROMISE! 4 HARD CORE HBIC FANS & HATERS ONLY! LOL ....'

Sunday, January 6, 2013

VH1access Year End Polls 2012: Best VH1 Show of 2012- The Nominees

Best VH1 Show of 2012

Here is the final category. Which VH1 show was the best of 2012?

Basketball Wives 4
Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta
Mob Wives 2
T.I and Tiny: A Family Hustle

Friday, January 4, 2013

VH1access year End Polls 2012: Best VH1 Fight of 2012- Karen vs Drita

The epic fight between  Drita and Karen in the season 2 premiere of  Mob Wives wins!

Drita vs Karen- 44%
Stevie vs Lil Scrappy- 22%
Kimbella vs Erica- 22%
Jackie vs Brooke- 11%

One more category to go. 

Weekly Recap: Real Housewives Of Atlanta (Season 5)- Episode 9 By Ashley Miller

Season 5

Real House Wives of Atlanta- Episode 9

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Love and Hip Hop's Erica Mena Says Music Will Be Her Focus For The New Season

Erica Mena of Love and Hip Hop: NY has revealed music will be her main focus for the new season. Last year she got caught up with drama involving Kimbella. 

Love and Hip Hop 3 premieres next Monday. 

Actress Essence Atkins Spoofs Love and Hip Hop's Joseline

The is probably one of the best Love and Hip Hop parodies. It features actress Essence Atkins as Joseline, comedian Miguel and actor Verne Troyer as Bezino, yes you heard it. 

Big Ang Says 'Mob Wives 3' Will Have "Less Fighting"

Big Ang appeared on The Couch to talk about the season of Mob Wives. She says the the new season will have 'less fighting." She also reveals that her salon was wiped out by Hurricane Sandy.

Mob Wives 3 premieres this Sunday.

Tami Roman's Weight Loss Commercial

Months ago, it was announced that Tami Roman was going to endorse the weight loss product NV Clinical, which was responsible for her weight loss. Here the first commercial released which features Tami Roman. 

Royce Reed Speaks On Her Former Cast Members

Royce Reed took to her tumblr page to speak on her true feelings about her former Basketball Wives cast members, specifically Evelyn and Shaunie. She originally post it on the VH1 blog but VH1 took it down. 

In her post she says that Tom Huffman came up with the Basketball Wives idea, not Shaunie. Shaunie orifinally wanted to a reality show with Shaq titled Love Shaq. Royce also discusses the devolopment of the show, she says was the only cast member to pitch the show to 10 different networks.  She also speaks about Evleyn saying she is a "lost cause". She is cool with everyone else.

"I’m honestly tired of people stating that Shaunie was over my paycheck or even my role on the show. This came out in interviews before the show aired so I’m not really sure why its being hidden now. The BBW Show idea was that of Tom Huffman, not Shaunie Oneal. Shaunie originally turned down the idea of BBW because she wanted to do her own show with her then husband Shaquille Oneal. That show was called “Love Shaq”. It never aired. Yes, Shaunie asked me if I would be interested but it was brought to me as “This guy Tom has an idea and wanted to know if you would be interested.” My relationship with Shaunie prior to this conversation was 1 in which I asked her advice on how to deal with a situation I was in. It had NOTHING to do with the show. I’m not sure when or why it became what it is today but all the rumors out there about me and her boyfriend, Allstar Wknd and ever her ex husband are 100% false and she knows it. I used to look up to her in the past but that ship has sailed. In even more blatant terms, however, Shaunie wasn’t there to sell the show…I was. I was the only cast member flown into LA to pitch the show to over 10 different stations with Tom because no one else wanted to be connected to a possible failure. Shaunie was NOT there. We got 6 offers back after those pitches and they (Shed Media) chose to go with VH1. So in more BASIC terms…I played a MAJOR role in the pitching of this show & Shaunie in no way, shape, or formed controlled my contract, paycheck, or anything of the sort. So thank you to Tom and Shed media for hiring me for this project. Also, the way the show was pitched is completely different than what it has become. We pitched the show as being positive and with goal oriented & career driven woman that also like to have fun while dealing with the stresses of their exes or spouses and life. Our common bond was Basketball and we all had a child/children. We knew we would have arguments as women but in the end we would all come together when needed. To compare the ORIGINAL idea to a show that’s out now, I’d have to say Hollywood Exes. Yes, the BBW brand has millions of viewers and has pulled in ratings but I have to admit I wish it would’ve taken a more positive route. I take part of the blame for that myself as I was a part of the show for 4 seasons. With some of the ladies going into a 5th season and swearing by positivity, I can’t help but look at the members that are gone when that statement is made. I also can’t help but to realize the demographic that watches this franchise most likely isn’t the same demographic that watches Hollywood Exes. However, I wish them the best.

I’ve been asked to do several interviews. Some I take part in, others I do not. When a question pertaining to the show is asked I merely say, I wish them the best but I’m extremely happy I’ve moved on. When asked about my former cast members, I state whom I still speak to but in no way do I speak negatively about anyone….until now. Evelyn, have several seats and watch Netflix. I reached out to you when you got head butted and I also hugged you at the reunion (Of course that wasn’t aired…too positive). For you to have been a part of a show that was supposed to “Fix Your Life” and you’re still broken is a problem. At this point I just realize you’re a lost cause. In the past I’d probably tell you to get a pair of gasoline drawls and go past Hell, but I digress. All your anger towards me is material. You speak on my clothes, but I own a house and 2 cars. You speak on my hair, but I can jump in the pool without worries or my mascara running. I’m naturally beautiful. :cue Phenomenal Woman poem: You stopped filming with me because I NEVER backed down to you. I never let you treat or speak to me the way you did to Suzie or Jennifer & you didn’t like it. I was raised to stand my ground & I never let you take it from under me. Period. If you would concentrate more on what’s important in life and the legacy you will leave behind you will be a much happier person. I do feel sorry for you at times. I wonder what and where you will be when this show is over and the checks stop coming. I do see that you’ve followed in my footsteps on a few things though such as Twitter, Blogging, Book Series, fitness, etc. I know its hard for you to say thank you so I’ll just say you’re welcome. We are all human, no one is perfect, but DAMN, at least TRY to be a decent human being."

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tough Love's Abiola Interviews Tamar Braxton

Abiola from Tough Love season 1 did an exclusive interview with Tamar Braxton.  She talks about "Love and War" -- her hit single which is the number one song on iTunes. She also talks about her WE-TV shows and her love for her husband Vince. Tamar even spills the tea on Honey Boo Boo and the Kardashians.

Check out Abiola's website

Fantasia Gets Backlash For Not Supporting Gay Marriage

Official Statement Released

Fantasia as in the news again on New Years Eve which she supposedly posted a rant on Instigram.

"I Rise ABOVE IT ALL!!! THE WORLD IS GONE MAD. KIDS, THE GOVERNMENT THE church House... Everybody Trying!!!!!!! Its a lot that going on that the Bible speaks about we should Not be doing. Weed legal in some places, Gay Marriage Legal BUT YET IM JUDGED!!! I'm not doing Nothing for you... My Life!!!!"

An official statement was released on Facebook regarding her remarks.

"Comments made by Ms. Barrino through her Intragram account were recently taken far out of context, and the purpose of this release is to set the record straight. Ms. Barrino is not now, nor has she ever been an opponent of the LGBT community. She has supported and performed at numerous events that are sponsored by the LGBT community. Whether it’s through a live performance or placement on social media, Ms. Barrino uses every opportunity to reach out and connect with her fans, all of her fans."

Evelyn Says Her and Chad Are Still Separated

Evelyn Chad Spotted Together

Still Separated

Evelyn took to her website to dismiss rumors that her and Chad are back together after they spotted holding hands at dinner.

" I wanted to wish you a happy and safe New Year and take time to address a few rumors and unanswered questions about last night. It seems as though things have gotten a wee bit out of control.
I attended a dinner with Chad’s daughter, not only because I love baby girl like my own, but to support Chad and his fan appreciation dinner. While at the dinner, several photos popped up on the Internet of Chad and I holding hands, while in the process of blessing the food. The blogs made last night seem as though, we walked hand and hand into the restaurant announcing a reunion, which wasn’t the case.
I care for Chad, we are friends and we love one another, however, we are still separated, not living under the same roof and working on ourselves because we have a long way to go. This is a normal and realistic process for anyone and I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I know God holds it and I’m taking things one day at a time. I appreciate the love from so many of you and right now I’m still working on becoming a better person. Chad and I are attending therapy separately, meeting with a Life Coach and trying to figure out how to work on our individual selves and navigate through this entire ordeal".

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