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Friday, April 30, 2010

Sober House With Dr. Drew: Finale Recap

Last night was the season finale of Sober House With Dr. Drew. This season was much better than season 1. Although I wish that Kari Ann never left because she is the reason why I have been watching these Dr. Drew shows. I am going to give you guys a short summary on what happened at the finale.

Dennis departed early to make nightclub appearances in Edmonton. Jennifer wanted to start a new career in production. She had an interview with Warner Bros and it went successful so congrats to her. Mike resists insistence that he attend aftercare, then he reconsiders. He also experience an anxiety attack when he was at a concert . Tenacious D guitarist Kyle Gass and Sober House alum Steven Adler appeared in the finale as well. As for Tom and Heidi, they parted ways as friends.

As of right now VH1 is seeking big stars for the next season of Celebrity Rehab. Lindsay Lohan? who knows lol

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bret Michaels to resume tour

According to his website Bret is planning to resume his tour despite his recent brain hemmorhage.

article below
"While Bret is recovering we obviously have some shows that are being rescheduled. We are working to reschedule dates from now until May 21st," read the statement.
It continued: "At this time we are planning to resume the tour May 26th in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, provided there are no further complications or setbacks. We will then continue with all scheduled dates throughout the summer and fall."

VH1 Interview: Tyra Sanchez ( Winner of RuPaul Drag Race 2)

In this 
interview, Tyra Sanchez who won the 2nd season of RuPaul Drag Race talks about winning the show, shw reveals that she is bisexual, she also states that her name is not a reference to Tyra Banks, she also talks about her behavior on the show.

Congratulations on winning, Tyra! You seemed…outrageously shocked.
I think I was more relieved than shocked. What happened to me before coming here you would think was impossible. If I told the world my story, no one would believe it. I went through a lot of hard stuff. For the moment, I was happy, but when the cameras were off and we went back to our rooms, I cried the whole night.

You pray so much for a better life and for better things to happen, and they never do. Then when you least expect it, they do happen. I didn’t have a place to stay, I didn’t have a job, I was basically living on someone else’s floor. I would cry and pray everyday. One day, I just stopped praying and I just talked. I talked to God. The next day, World of Wonder called. It was amazing. Everyone looked at me as a bitch, but it wasn’t me being a bitch. It was just like…I have to win. I can’t go back home to that. It was a relief.

Your reaction to winning was 100 percent genuine?
It was. If I’m performing, I hold my breath. My mom’s always saying, “Girl, let your breath go!” At that moment, it was just like, are you serious? Are you f***ing kidding me? Is this really true? It was just like, “Oh my god, I’m gonna pass out.” It’s happened before. I won a pageant and I was being crowned and while I was being crowned, I fell out. I ended up getting crowned in a chair. It was funny.

You mentioned your reputation as a bitch. At one point, it seemed that everyone had targeted you, but that changed, right? You were sort of able to turn your persona around. How?
I think after the bridal episode, when I made it clear that if you have a problem, you should say it to a person, instead of saying it behind someone’s back. That’s just gonna create more problems. But if you address it right there, the problem will be solved right there. You might argue, you might fuss and fight, but it’s gonna end right there and then you’ll get along better. Being aware that I was aggravating some people made me stop. Of course, it was a competition, so if my singing was distracting you, I should still be able to sing. But they said, “Play it fair,” and I did. I did everything the right way. I listened not just to my critiques, but to the critiques of the other girls.

So, looking back, when you were singing “Halo,” that was strategy?
No. I hadn’t heard BeyoncĂ© in forever, so when I finally did, it was like, “Oh, OK.” And when I’m working, I’m always humming or singing. The funny part is when you see me twirling with the veil, only Morgan and I were in the room.

Oh wow, I really thought you were distracting them on purpose.
But if I’m distracting you on purpose, distract me on purpose. It’s a game. It’s a competition. Say the Chicago Bulls play the L.A. Lakers. If defense is dancing around while offense has the ball, and the guy with the ball watches and messes up, that’s his fault. That’s not the other team’s fault. When I found out that I was distracting, it made me want to sing more. If you’re letting my singing bother you, that’s on you, not me.

Jujubee said that calling you out in front of the judges did you a favor. Do you agree?
I think all the girls did me a favor. They tried to make me look worse than I am in front of the judges. When they did that, I thought, “Two can play at this game.” I set out to prove that I wasn’t who they said I am. I think I did that. Yeah, I can be bitchy at times. Who can’t be bitchy? Everyone has their bitchy moments. I actually think that made them look bad. It made it look like they were ganging up on me, and it made it look like I was working on myself, maturing and becoming a better person.

Beating up the girls during that last scene was fun, though, right?
Yes. It relieved some much-needed stress that for weeks I had held in. I didn’t do anything intentionally to harm them, it was all accidents, but it was fun. If they want a fight scene, you have to give it to ‘em for real.

Has the beef cleared up with you and Raven? What did you think about her mirror message?
There’s no beef. At that time, I didn’t know that was something Raven says all the time.

It’s obvious that you like your fashion convertible. Can you explain what draws you to that?
I like to be comfortable. Like what I have on now [for the reunion], I can take these [wings] off and have on a simple, black dress. You never know where you’re gonna go. You may want to go out as a glam god, but then by the end of the night, you might want to be plain and simple. So, you can always switch it up.

One thing I never got a sense of on the show is exactly how your son came to be. Were you in a relationship with a woman?
Yes, for two years in high school, my 11th grade year and my 12th grade year. He was born the first week of my senior year.

Are you bisexual?
I don’t know how to answer that. I am, but I’m not. I can’t be in a relationship with a woman, but I’ll have sex with a woman. I can’t deal with women as far as being with them everyday. I can’t do that. Being with a guy is easier. I’d rather just have sex with a woman, if I see a woman that’s really, really cute. Some women will have sex with me, but a lot of them won’t.

Do you prefer to have sex with women or men?
Men. But some women turn me on.

No. She’s like a sister or a mother.

You said on the finale that you might watch this show with your son. Did you?
No. I don’t think he’s ready to handle that yet. Eventually, he’s going to find out because I got custody of him this month. I just want to take my time. Plus, I don’t think he’d sit and watch it. His girlfriend is Dora the Explorer, not Tyra Sanchez. If it isn’t animated, he won’t watch it.

Drag Race is pretty colorful, though.
It is, it is, but there’s too much talking. It just wouldn’t be funny to children.

When Ru calls you “the other Tyra,” that’s a reference to Tyra Banks, right?
I think so.
Is your name a reference to Tyra Banks?
No. It was my niece’s name. Her name was Tyra Nicole. She was born early, so everyday, her milk would come back up. It would get stuck in her throat and she would turn purple. She would, like, die everyday. The ambulance would come and then she’d be OK. That happened for about a year, until she was able to drink milk on her own.

So she’s OK?
Yeah, now she is.
t’s kind of crazy you went through the entire competition without having to lip synch for you life.
Yes. That kind of scared me. During the first season, Nina Flowers went through the entire competition without having to lip synch for her life, but she didn’t win. And I wondered, “What if that’s me?” Sometimes I wish I would have been able to lip synch for my life. That way, during the finale, I wouldn’t have been so nervous. I would have been down that road before, knowing what was going to happen. But for it to be my first time, I was almost petrified.

You talked about having a drag mother. Does that mean you’re part of a house?
It’s more like a family, but I am in a ballroom house, too: the Mizrahis. Jasmine Couture is my mother. My drag family is like my family, because I don’t really have my biological family – not all of it, really. I have my two sisters and my mom and that’s it. But my drag family is the House of Sanchez. It’s been around for a long time and we’re everywhere: Georgia, Texas, New York, California. My grandmother was in Janet Jackson’s video for “Rock With You.” We’re really tight. You would think that my drag mother gave birth to me.

I didn’t realize that was still going on – it all seems so Paris Is Burning.
Well, my ballroom house is serious, but my drag family is more serious. The house is just a house. You meet up at the balls. Some people hang out after, some people don’t. But my drag family is: every time I wake up, I see you. Every time I need something, I call you. You’re always there.

Have you seen the quality of your life improved since the show?
I’m still in the same position I was before, but now it’s because I want to be, not because I have to be. I don’t want to rush and move and be on my own. I’m taking my time, and my drag mother is there to help me, so I’m gonna let her help me. I’m not staying there for ever. It’ll be one or two more months, and then I’m going to move out on my own.

VH1 Interview: Raven (RuPaul Drag Race 2)

Here is the VH1 interview 
of Raven who came in the 2nd place on RuPaul' Drag Race 2. In this interview , Raven discusses coming in 2nd place on the show, she also talks about her experience being on the show, her rival with Tatianna ect

Was this a good experience for you?
Yeah. I enjoyed it. I don’t enjoy the aftermath of not being able to go to Disneyland or go and have a drink at the club. Now it’s just people on you. You’ll be standing there posing with someone in a picture, and while you’re doing that, someone’s sticking you in the back or pulling your arm, and you’re like, “Hold on. They came to me first.” People are so rude.

It seemed like you were really pissed to have lost to Tyra.
I was.

What was up with you writing on the mirror, “Keep your eyes on the stars, you’ll never be one”?
Everyone who goes to my shows knows that’s how I end every one of my shows. I say it before I tell the crowd goodnight. Yeah, it could have been a little bit of stab, but I also know that my friends who go to my shows know that’s how I leave the show. I was leaving the show, that’s why I wrote that on the mirror. Why not? Plus it made for good TV.

Are you still pissed?
No. I was really upset, though. It’s one of those things where you come so far and you hear no and you’re like, “F***.” That’s what really irritated me, but I’m over it now. If we would have filmed this reunion right after, I’m sure there would have been a lot more resentment.

What helped you get over it? Time?
That, and the fact that I can tell myself I’m a winner. We all made it here out of thousands of submissions. We all won in our own right. I think just finally realizing I didn’t win, let her have it. I mean, who won the last American Idol? Everyone remembers Adam Lambert, but they do not remember the winner.

Kris Allen, but point taken.
Thank you for totally s***ting on what I was saying. I felt like I made my mark, I did my job and I went from lip synching twice early on. I think that’s very amazing that I went from the bottom to the top.

I know this is weird to ask, but being that you seem to really get the TV aspect of it all, did the good TV in Tyra’s hyperventilating reaction to winning ease the blow of losing at all?
I took that in two ways: I took it that she could finally stop playing the part and go back to being her and I also took it as she knew she was going to win, so she had to overreact.

You think it was an act?
I do. I did then and I do now.

Any bad blood?
Not at all. We haven’t really talked. I keep in touch with Morgan, Juju, Jessica, Sonique and Pandora. Those are the only ones I’ve really kept in contact with. Shangela, I see every once in a while. There could possibly be bad blood with Tyra, actually, but it’s not a big deal.

Obviously, your rivalry with Tatianna was a huge part of your storyline. What do you make of it all, looking back?
The thing was that I was just upset, because I saw so many people putting so much into their transformation. With Tatianna, I was seeing the judges living for something that wasn’t…polished. I think she’s beautiful. I think she’s gorgeous. I just wanted to see more, and that was something that really started to chew away at me.
ou felt like it came too easy for her?
Yeah. And everywhere you looked were other people doing so much work. In my interviews, I was always being questioned about Tatianna. So it was like, OK, I’m gonna help create this story to make it better. It’s a f***ing TV show. And that’s what kills me when I see on Facebook, “Get rid of Tyra. Get rid of Raven. They’re bitches.” You want to watch a show that’s a bunch of people running around nice and kissing?

You weren’t there to make a crotch-full of friends.
Exactly. I can’t believe I said that.
love it, but I don’t know what it means.
I don’t either.

Tell me about the Britney Spears-fan hate. I thought that might be an association from your past: did you once know a Britney fan who did you wrong or something?
No. It stems from people who are avid Britney Spears fans, and who think she can do no wrong. What I told Tatianna was that you couldn’t go watch Britney Spears sit on the edge of a stage with a guitar or piano, sing a song, no pyrotehnics and enjoy it. She has to have all this s*** going on around her. When I go to a concert, I like to see Imogen Heap or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I like to see someone who can sit there, do a set and make it amazing. I’m not saying that I haven’t been to a Britney Spears concert, because I have. The point that I was trying to make is that Tatianna likes things that are just pretty. She doesn’t look for anything deeper. It really pissed me off.

Do you think you were unnecessarily hard on Tatianna?
I’m hard on myself. I own up to it when I suck. My chicken sucked and I admitted it. When I do something bad, I can admit it. I’m not the type of person to sit there and say, “I’m the bomb! I’m perfect.” When I should get validated for something, I want to be validated. When I do something that’s bad, smack me on the hand and I’ll fix it.

There’s a sort of crickets-chirping part of Untucked where you mention having humility, but taking to you, I can see it.
A lot of people say that. In the rock and roll episode, when I got to meet Terri Nun, when I came back in the room they asked, “Did you love her?” and I said, “No, she loved me.” Who wouldn’t say that? Think of meeting someone you love who proceeds to talk you up. You’d do the same thing. I did see some comments that were like, “There goes Raven being humble again.” I’m actually a very humble person.

And yet, your reputation as a bitch persists.
It’s a TV show. And that’s why when I see people who are like blogging about how I’m such a bitch and how they hate me, it’s like, OK, you’re the only one allowed to be a bitch? You bought that franchise? Just because I’m speaking my mind and giving my opinion when it’s asked for, I’m being a bitch. OK. Change the definition and stick my picture next to it. It’s so funny how other people are allowed to be bitchy, but we aren’t.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More I Love Money 3 pics leaked

This was the mansion for the 3rd season of the show.
This pic was one one of the challenges they did.

I think this was one of the power outings. I think I see Lacey sitting lol

Another challenge they probably did.

 Here is the I Love Money 3 logo!

VH1 BETTER make it up for it:

Join these campaigns

RuPaul Drag Race 2- Finale + reunion recap

RuPaul Drag Race 2- Finale/Reunion Recap

The finale and reunion of RuPaul Drag Race 2 aired last night on on VH1 (originally airs on Logo on Mondays) Here is what went down at the finale. The three remaining contestants were Jujubee, Raven and Tyra Sanchez. Their final challenge was a music video challenge. They had to shoot a music video for RuPaul's new single titled "Jealous Of My Boogie" and acted a scene with RuPaul inspired by the 80's drama show Dynasty which was hilarious to watch lol.  Guest stars included reality star Robert Verdi and choreographer Ryan Heffington.  Jujubee was the one eliminated and her farewell message was "You are your own worst critic... let go, forgive and live" So it was down to Tyra and Raven and they had to lip synch for their life and the song they had to lip synch was RuPaul's song Jealous Of My Boogie. 

Tyra Sanchez was the one that ended up winning the show. I personally wanted Raven to win. When she found out that won she kinda had a panic attack? I guess she was in shock. After the finale was the reunion special. They showed all 12 drag queens back to together again. I will just tell you the highlights of what happened. Sonique revealed that she was not happy with herself and that she wanted to transition and be a trangender female. I think that some people get confused between drag queens and transgender females. A transgender female is when you want to be the opposite sex  permanently and a drag queen is more like a job/career you put all that drag on but at the end of the day, you take it off and you live your life as a man. Well Sonique was not happy with being a man and wanted to be  a woman. Another moment was with Raven and Tatianna. Tatianna was pissed at Raven because she was talking shit  about Tatianna behind her back and she did not like that. I always thought that Tatianna was too uptight on the show. She always complained about every little thing , but at the reunion they made up. Then they talked about the winner Tyra and how she behaved on the show. I didn't like how she acted on the show but at the reunion she was different and wasn't too stuck up like she was portrayed on the show.  Last but not least Pandora finally won something and that was the Miss Congeniality award which I agree. She deserved it.

RuPaul also revealed that there will be a season 3 of the show will air fall of 2010.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Taya Parker on Larry King

Ok so last night, winner of Rock Of Love Bus Taya Parker was on Larry King discussing about Bret Michaels suffering from brain hemmorhage not only that but a lot of people are pissed off because she was supposed to be there talking Bret Michaels instead she was promoting herself.

Me personally, I would have wanted either Heather or Daisy on Larry King not Taya Parker. As of right now Bret Michaels is suffering from slurred speech.

Steve talks about episode 3 of Tough Love Couples

 Steve talks about what went down on episode 3 of Tough Love Couples. This was the most intense episode yet.

Over the course of your match making, are you generally this hands-on when it comes to peoples sex lives?
I don’t have a problem talking about sex. I’m very comfortable with it and I find a way to talk about it in a very tasteful way that makes people also very comfortable talking about it. I don’t alienate them or make them feel self-conscious or insecure about whatever their views are or experience with the subject. A lot of experts believe that people’s lives are kind of manifested from behaviors that are rooted sexually. The more you understand someone in that area, the more you can understand how they think in terms of other areas. That’s why it’s so crucial.

Comfortable as you may be, it must have been at least slightly weird to be speaking so openly about sex with your mom in the room.
Yes! Truthfully, it was a little uncomfortable but I’m a grown man. I’m fine, I can handle it. It wasn’t about our sex lives, so I really didn’t have a problem talking about it.

It did seem that she was helpful, particularly with Courtney. I’m sure you would have asked her about this anyway, but your mom was the one that asked Courtney if she had ever had an orgasm. It turns out she never has.
Are you kidding me? I didn’t even need to ask that question. I knew. You could tell.

There’s a breakaway to Dustin during an interview where he says that’s Courtney’s “own damn fault.” What did you think of that?
I think it’s not going to help the situation at all. I think that in order for a woman to experience an orgasm, the most important thing is that they can be relaxed, comfortable and de-stressed. To be so hurtful and to say what he said, it’s only because he’s lashing out, because it’s really hurt him for a long time. Even though it really has nothing to do with him.

What did you make of Pawel and Danielle’s problem? They have sex once a month.
I think that is the root of his immaturity or lack of respect. Calling her Dumbo, being loud and obnoxious, not being supportive of her in public, not doing things for her right away, not putting her first — that’s all rooted in his sexual frustration. If he had a more satisfying sex life, he would be more determined and focused on being a good communicative, affectionate, sensitive partner.

But then it’s a vicious circle because if he were a good communicative, affectionate, sensitive partner, he’d probably have a more satisfying sex life.
I’ve got to stop you there. It’s not a vicious circle — it’s the circle of love. It’s not a bad thing. You’ve got to look at it the other way. You’ve got to look at it glass half full for me. If he gives her what she likes, the respect and the attention and the thoughtfulness and the consideration, she will open up and give him more of what he likes, which would make him open up and give her more of what she likes. That’s what I’m trying to do here. These people came to this boot camp because they had a negative force claiming their relationship. It’s all perception. It’s all just their perception of the situation. If I can get any of them to reverse this flow, this negative force that’s screwing up all their relationships and look at things in a more positive way. I call it the You Give, You Get principle. If you give, you get. That’s what you do with anything: any type of relationship, any type of business, any type of cause, anything that needs to be produced. It’s produced by putting in more and expecting less. The people that expect to get rich quick whether it’s emotionally, sexually or even in business or in life, those are the ones that fail.

In the fantasy makeovers, it was almost comical how different Dustin’s fantasy was than what Courtney actually looks like.
But even so, the point is that if you have this fantasy in mind, even if it’s something that you don’t think they’d like, or that you even agree with them liking, or you’re even comfortable with them liking, you can at least try to go with it, and say, “What the hell.” Give it a chance, try it once, and if you don’t like it, then just don’t do it anymore. If it’s really nothing that bad, hurtful or risky in any real way, any imminent threat, then keep an open mind.

Mario and Christina are named the best this week, despite his mouth…or, I guess, because of his mouth, because he’s improving in the way he talks to her sexually.
Honestly, that was a lesson that went on for a while. We were trying to give him an idea of how to compliment and ultimately seduce your partner.

It’s no surprise that Courtney and Dustin land in the hot seat, but what maybe was surprising was how pissed off you ended up getting.
I was furious. To me, Dustin was exhibiting the ultimate pinnacle of hypocrisy. This guy that Courtney got that message from, whether or not he wants to sleep with her is irrelevant. He sends a text message photo of himself, and that’s what Dustin saw. That’s what he went off. Now, do I send photos to women? No. Would a guy who is really just friends with a woman send a picture of himself holding a camera, smiling into it if he wasn’t interested in her? I don’t think so. So sure, Dustin has cause to be a little annoyed. But he handled it completely inappropriately and the reason why he did is because he felt ultimately that she’s probably doing what he does. It was an innocent mistake that he ended up getting her phone in the first place. They’ve got identical phones.

I thought it was weird that they could use their phones at all on a reality show.
It was a genuine mistake.

And then you split them up.
I feel like Courtney came on this show because she knew she should dump him, but didn’t have the nerve to do it. I couldn’t really point the finger at anybody until I had this kid red-handed. The only reason why it came out is because I busted him. Do you know why Mario and Christina work? Because Mario is like, “I came here to do the right thing, and I’m going to do it.” Once you’re caught, than what’s going to give the other person any sort of confidence that you’ll come clean or you’ll be honest in the future? So I broke them up. I did her a favor.

Monday, April 26, 2010

VH1 Star That Would Do Great on I Love Money- Doll


 I will be making blog posts on who I think would do great on I Love Money since I started my I Love Money Campaigns. One VH1 star that I think would do great I Love Money is Doll winner of Real Chance Of Love 2. Doll is very fit and athletic and I can see her winning a lot of challenges.

So if you dream to see Doll on I Love Money then please support these campaigns.

We Want I Love Money 5 +6

VH1 Do NOT Cancel I Love Money

your dream might come true.

The OCD Project- Supertrailer

Watch the supertrailer here The OCD Project is VH1's newest show that will air Thursday May 27th. This show focuses on six people thata are diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. We will see how they live their lives with this disorder and how it effects them and their family. Dr Daid Tolen will treat these people each week to reach their goal and transform.

This show looks very interesting an intense.

What Chilli Wants: Episode 3 Recap

I'm going to give the highlights of what happened of the 3rd episode of What Chilli Wants. This episode was kinda like a dedication to Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes which ironically was the 8th anniversary of her death yesterday. One of the guys Tionna hooked her up with had lunch at Chilli's house where Missy Elliot grilled the hell out of him lol once he left Chilli reveals that he would not meet up to her high standards.She also revealed that she has some feeligs for Floyd Mayweather. Chilli was gearing to perform again with T-Boz after 7 years at Justin Timberlake charity with other musicians such as Taylor Swift & Alicia Keys. Lisa's family was there as well. Towards the end of the episode, Tionna and Chilli were at a restaurant and  Floyd was supposed to show up but he turns out he didn't make it which left Chili heartbroken. You could tell that she has feelings for him.

Next week looks like is going to be the best episode yet. Tionna & Chilli has some drama. Stay tune!

Brandy & Ray-J: A Family Business (Episode 3 recap)

Episode 3 of Brandy & Ray-J: A Family Business and this episode was about their music careers. I will just talk the highlights of this episode. Brandy, Ray-J, Sonja and their dad , had a meeting about their music projects and Ray-J announced Rodney Jerkins was going to produce his next album. Brandy did not really like the fact that he was going to work with Rodney Jerkins because he produced her last album which Human and that did not do well and Brandy took personally. She didn't want the same for her brother. she also said Timbaland might possibly produce her next album. Then Brandy's friend wanted to work for her mom and join the business. She got the job but she has to start from the bottom. One part that really cracked me up is one her friendthought that one of the fishes died at the office lol  Another highlight of this epsiode is when Brandy tried to work things with Rodney Jerkins. It seems like they are cool now.

Next week seems like is going to be a good one.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bret Michaels STILL in critical condition

According to his Facebook page 

Everyone at Michaels Entertainment would like to thank all fans and friends for their continued thoughts and prayers through this difficult time.

At this point Bret remains in ICU in critical condition. He is under 24 hour doctors care and supervision. We are hopeful that further tests will locate the source of the bleeding, which has still not been located. As we all know Bret is a fighter and we are hopeful that once all is complete the slurred speech, blurred vision and dizziness, etc. will be eliminated and all functions will return to normal.

Everyone keep Bret Michaels in your prayers and hope for a speedy recovery.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bret Michael's health turns for the worse

Bret Michaels's health has taken a turn for the worse, PEOPLE has learned: After an excruciating headache late Thursday night, the star was rushed to an undisclosed hospital where doctors discovered he suffered a massive subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding at the base of his brain stem), according to a source close to the situation. 

Michaels, 47, is currently in critical condition. "After several CAT scans, MRIs and an angiogram, [doctors] decided to keep Michaels in the ICU and are running several tests to determine the cause. [It] will be touch and go for the next few days while he is under intense observation," the source says.

The rocker's latest hospital visit follows hisemergency appendectomy in San Antonio, Texas, on April 12. There is no word yet whether this new development is related to the rocker's recent appendectomy or to his diabetes.

After his appendectomy, Michaels remained in the hospital under his doctors' care – then transferred to a rehab facilityspecializing in diabetic patients.

As he was recovering, Michaels – who was still in the running to win this season of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice – seemed to be in good spirits and updated fans on his progress.

"They told me that if I had gone on stage like I wanted to, [my appendix] likely would have ruptured and I could have died," he wrote in a note to his fans. "There is just no way around the fact that getting your appendix out HURTS. I have a pretty good threshold for pain, but this one hurts." 

Brandy and Ray-J on the Wendy Williams Show

B&RJ ww int
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Last night the Norwood family appeared on the the Wendy Wiiliams show which I saw to talk about their new show Brandy and Ray-J: A Family Business. Wendy also addressed the sex tape to Sonya, she said she was wasn't happy about it. She also gave Wendy a t-shirt saying "mom says No No No" LMAO

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Deelishis releases new single " Secret Love Affiar"


What has Flavor of Love 2 winner London Deelishis Charles been up to since avoiding being poisoned? Oh lots of things (many of them regarding her ample derriere, no doubt), but the most notable might be recording a new track, “Secret Love Affair,” which finds her “legs placed slightly apart” as she rhapsodizes the joy of two girls on one dude:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Commercial to Reality Mania

 Here is the commercial to the event that will be held in Las Vegas. It will be hosted by Flavor Flav and it will feature some of your favorite VH1 girls fighting in a match. The event will be on paperview. I will post up some pics after the event on the 29th.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Real filming a new show

For those who care, Real just announced on his twitter page he is filming a new show called "A Real Hair Show".  Auditions will be held on Monday the 26th at the the salon in Long beach

Scream Queens 2 and The Tournament air dates revealed

Last year VH1 announced that there will be a season 2 to the VH1 show Scream Queens. Well mark your calenders because Scream Queens 2 will premiere on Monday August 9th. With ten new aspiring actresses competing for the role for Saw 7.

Couple of months ago VH1 announced Chad Ochocino will be looking for love on his dating show produced by 51 minds. His show will premeires on July 11th.

These are the only two shows that I am looking forward too, how sad is that?

Vh1 also announced Fantasia For Real 2, and the The T.O Show 2 which premieres on July 11th. They have also announced a new Dr Drew show called Estranged With Dr Drew and other lame new shows that I don't really care about.

VH1 why aren't you listening?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Brandy and Ray-J: A Family Business Episode 2 Recap

Ok so episode two aired last night and this episode was about the For The Love Of Ray-J reunion, which made me want to watch it. This episode was the behind the scenes of what happened at the reunion once the cameras went off. Ray-J and Brandy were on this radio show and Ray-J did not want the disc jockeys to ask him about the dating show. Um Ray-J, you were the one that chose to do a VH1dating show people are going to ask you about the show. He also says he does not want to persue a relationship with Mz Berry either ..  not shocked lol  Anyway Brandy has issues herself weather or not if she  should go to the Grammys with Flo Rida. Anyway lets get to the reunion part. Ray-J and his mom were backstage at the reunion. Ray-J finds out that Mz Berry wants to take the relationship further while he wanted to end it and the made it even difficult for him because he did not want to break her heart. Then all of a sudden Cocktial came out and Ray-J flipped out. Then Ray-J's mom told him that he should put Cocktial "in her place" First of all he is a grown ass man let him deal with issues, she needs to back off. Ray-J and Cocktial made up after. Ray-J broke up with Mz Berry but not int he right way, Mz Berry told him "call me when you are not a playa anymore" At the end of the show Ray-J called Mz Berry to apologize.

All I got to say is he never really loved her, she is too good for him anyway. He only did For The Love Of Ray-J for $$$ that is my personal opinion.

P.S Kelly Rowland made an appearance, she was at a restaurant with Brandy. 

Bret Michaels says Surgery Saved His Life

If you didn't know already last week Bret Michaels was rushed to the hospital to have an emergency appendectomy. He explains in his blog how the surgery saved his life

"When you're not planning on having a body part ripped out of you, it can be a shock to the system."

The Rock Of Love and Celebrity Apprentice star was planning to go on stage to do a concert shortly after that happened. He has now been released.

Friday, April 16, 2010

VH1access Interview: Ashley Douglas (Tool Academy/Work It Out)

I recently did an interview with Tool Academy season 1 winner Ashley Douglas. We discussed about her experience being on the show, what she thought about the other two seasons and we also discussed her new upcoming show with Josh called. Work It Out

here is the interview.

VH1access: Hello Ashley, thanks for doing this interview with me. How is Josh doing?

Ashley: Josh is doing really good, he’s been doing a lot of work for the upcoming show, “Work it Out,” and working another job full time so he’s pretty busy.

VH1access: Ok so let's talk about Tool Academy first, I know it's been a year since you have been on the show. How was your experience being on that show?

Ashley: Well, To be Honest, that show was the best experience I've ever had in my life, and will not have the same feelings going into another show, because it was new. It was very crazy being on this show with all different cameras in my face, we never knew what to expect. They never told us a thing, so we were in the dark a lot. For example when we sat in therapy, that’s when we learned what the lesson was. Despite all of this, doing this show was amazing. Josh and I really learned a lot about one another. I think a lot of people think " TOOL ACADEMY" saved us, and while it helped us a lot ,and taught us to grow, Tool academy single handely didn’t save us. We were in the right time at the right place and grew up, and we are thankful.

VH1access: Who did you like and dislike on the show?

Ashley: Well, I was really upset at how two faced and fake half of the people were on the show. There were people talking bad about one another than acting like friends the next and  a lot of behind the back talks. I really felt like many people were there for the wrong reasons and definitely didn’t take a thing from the show, especially Ryan and Shawn. ALL they really did was inflate there over the top ego's.

VH1access: What are thoughts on Jamiee dating Tiger Woods? Do you think she is trying to gain fame from it?

Ashley: Ok, so I’m not going hold back here. Jamie came off real trashy. She probably did this to be famous, Why go to the media? why handle it through the public? He has kids and a wife who didn’t ask for that. Don’t get me wrong what tiger woods did was terrible, but his wife and kids should have not have to go through that. Karma is a bitch, maybe that’s why she got arrested.

VH1access: Did you received your money after you won?

Ashley: Yes we got money for winning the show. A lot of people thought we got One Hundred Million dollars, I wish. Sadly we only got One Hundred Thousand Dollars and paid nearly half of that in taxes.

VH1access: Have you seen season 2 and 3 of Tool Academy? if so what are your thoughts on those seasons?

Ashley: Um ,The second season of Tool academy was terrible, and clearly the ratings showed that ,because they removed all sense of reality from the show. The first season was new and original idea based on many real couples. I feel like it the third season bombed miserably.( they didn’t even have a reunion) On the Third season, I liked Rachel and Kevin, and his girl should have won, hands down.

VH1access: What are your thoughts of the season 2 Tool Academy guys being featured on that porn site a while back?


VH1access: Ok so now let's talk about your new show called "Work it Out" I have heard a lot about this show. What is this show about?

Ashley: What really makes this show stand out in my opinion, is the multiple personalities (and celebrities) involved in the show as counselors, that move into the subjects home, who receive constant feedback and direction from both Josh and myself. With Work It Out, we wanted to take what we learned on Tool Academy and help people that had the same issues. It doesn't matter if you’re a couple in trouble or a family in turmoil. If you need help we are going to fix it.

VH1access: Is this show close to being picked up by a network?

Ashley: We are currently shooting the pilot episodes, featuring a surprise guest from the Wu Tang Clan. This is our main focus right now. I would love to have this show picked up by a network once we have released the pilot episodes.

VH1access: Do you have any idea when us fans will see this show?

Ashley: Shortly. When the pilot episodes are released you will be able to watch them on

VH1access: Will there be any guest appearances from other Tool Academy cast members?

Ashley: We have a few offers on the table.

VH1access: Well Ashley good luck with the show and thank you again for doing this interview with me, do you want to give a shout out to anyone?

Ashley: No, Thank you! It’s people like you who we appreciate. All the fans are friends to josh and I. We have met such nice people through this. Their support is amazing and it’s been great. So, THANK YOU VH1 ACCESS!
And a shout out to the hubby <333, all our amazing friends who support us through facebook, myspace and twitter. <3 xo And our mangers (Tony Money and Sebastian Wynters). I think we got really lucky. They are so smart and this wouldn’t have been possible without them. They play a huge part.

Follow the crew from Work It Out on Twitter:

My thoughts on the new VH1 Shows

Brandy & Ray-J : A Family Business

 Here are my thoughts on this show. This show is a spinoff of For The Love Of Ray-J produced by 51 minds. It premiered this past Sunday. I was a bit unsure if I was going to like this show or not this show centers around the family. This show did trend on twitter Sunday night but I think the reason why is because of Brandy I mean lets face it, people do want to watch this because of Brandy if this was just another Ray-J show I don't think people would have watch it. Brandy is the star of this show sorry Ray-J. Episode 2 which airs this Sunday will be interesting because it will deal with For the love Of Ray-J 2 reunion the behind the scenes of it, That should be interesting.The preview showed Cocktail coming out and Ray-J freaks out backstage lol  but overall if it wasn't for Brandy, this show would have sucked.


 Basketball Wives 

Basketball Wives premiered Sunday night as well. It premiered right after Brandy & Ray-J. I wasn't really feel it it. This show reminded me of Real Housewives of Atlanta. This show centers around the wives of basketball players. We have Shaunie, Erikka, Moxam, Royce, Jennifer, Evelyn , Susie and Gloria.

VH1 just announced Football Wives ... sigh   I guess that will be season 2? What's next Baseball Wives? Soccer Wives? maybe Golf Wives who knows. This show was my least favorite new VH1 show.


What Chilli Wants

What Chilli Wants was one of my favorite new shows of that night. The show deals with Chilli from the group TLC trying to find a man. The thing that trips me out is that she has this checklist. She wants a dude who has a six pack, who doesn't eat pork, who has big ..... and the list goes on. Now if you going to have a checklist that tells me you are not going to find nobody. Nobody is perfect.  We will see how this season unfolds. I really enjoy the season premeire.

Tough Love Couples

Another new favorite show of mine on VH1 was Tough Love Couples. It premiered on Monday night. It is the 3rd season of the show Tough Love but this time Steve and his mom Jo Ann deals troubles couples , it kinda has a similair concept to the show Tool academy except no one gets eliminated. Now even Tough Love has more seasons than I Love money SMH.  There are six couples and each of them have different problems they need to work on. I enjoyed the season premiere. We will also see more of his mom.


But STILL VH1 needs to stick with their old programming. I am just hoping they will work on I Love Money somehow, it is not not fair that one man can screw everything up for us.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Reality Mania- April 29th ,2010

Who would love to see VH1 girls fighting eachother? I do! Resort & Casino in las Vegas is hosting an event on April 29th,2010 where some of your favorite VH1 girls go in the ring to fight eachother!

Who will be in this event

Junk (Real Chance Of Love 2)
Doll (Real Chance OF Love 2)
Adorable (For The Love Of Ray-J)
Hot Wings (Real Chance OF Love 2)
Lady (Real Chance Of Love 2)
Melissa (Frank The Entertainer.. A Basement Affiar)
Jaguar (For The Love OF Ray-J 2)
Cashmere (For The Of Ray-J )
Melody (Frank The Entertainer.. A Basement Affiar

with love comemntary by Mz Berry winner of For The Love Of Ray-J 2

this should be a TV show lol

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

VH1access Interview: Felicia (Basement Affair)

In this interview, i got to speak a bit with Second Runner up on "Basement Affair" Felicia. She speaks on how she feels about Frank, her disputes with Renee, and her decision to give up her spot in the final 3. Also, anybody else loving her new hair/look? I think she looks reallly good!

Okay, Hi Felicia . Thanks for doing this interview, its much appreciated :)

Felicia : No problem.

1.) How did you find out about the show, and how did you go about the casting call?

I found out about the show from watching Vh1. I looked online and saw the casting and thought to myself "why not".

I sent casting an email and I got a call back. I live in Tampa, FL now, but I went back to Jersey, where Im originally from, for the casting video. I was just myself and they liked that… enough to ask me to come on the show!

2.) When you first got to the house, did it really appear like this "little average" house like they made it look?

Yes it did. I mean I was so nervous when I first arrived so nothing was really average for me. The more time I spent there, the more homey it got.

3.) Who did you befriend first while at the house?

My first friend in the house was Kerry.

4.) When you first met Susan and Gary for the family picture on day one, was their a good vibe there already?

Yes. When I first met Susan and Gary, I felt very welcomed. They were very nice and I knew that we were going to get along. I would say because I am very driven and independent that I am every parents dreams, especially if you have a child (man) who still lives at home as a dependent.

5.) Who did you get along most with, throughout your entire time staying on the show?

I would say that I got along the most with Kerry. I was friendly with everyone but her the most.

6.) Who did you NOT get along with most, and didnt really like?

The only person I did not get along with was Renee. She was a very strange person. I don't think anyone got along with her.

7.) The whole Knife with Tape thing trying to get Renee's note...was quite funny . explain that a little bit haha.

OMG I get this all the time! Actually I was the last person to try! I did not want to get involved with anything that had to do with Renee but after all of the other girls tried to get the note and failed. I thought why not. I was the only one smart enough to put tape on something and bam, frank walked out. I was set up.

8.) How do you feel about some of the girls saying "All Frank sees in Felicia is her boobs" ?

I don't really care that anyone said that. All of the girls were just jealous. I am, I never had a reason to go home and was a frontrunner the whole time, and of course girls are going to say things like that.

9.) You seemed to be a consistent front-runner throughout the show...did you ever feel like you were going home?

I never felt like I was going to be sent home. I never had a reason to be sent home.

10.) Did you and Cathy have problems before the finale? It seemed like there was tension there.

Cathy and I never had problems before the finale. There was tension on the last day because we both knew it was her or me. We knew, even from the beginning, that Frank was going to pick Kerry and that she cared for him, so when the time came, the tension was definitely there.

11.) What inspired you to leave Final 3?

That Frank was a loser. Coming on the show, I knew that Frank was a 31-year old man who lived in the basement but I didn’t think this was true. I thought it was more of idea for the show and he was just a normal guy. The more dates I won and the more I got to know him, the more I realized that he was just a 31-year old living in the basement and I did not want to be with him. He was not interested in anyone, obviosuly, he broke things off with Kerry to pursue his ex-gf, and you could tell. He is just what I thought was a joke, a 31 year old man who lives in his parents basements.

12.) Do you think if you Would not have left, you would have ultimately won?

No I do not. I knew from the beginiing that Kerry was going to win. She just had that connection with him.

13.) Renee has stated many times that you are a "Really mean, hateful person. and they didnt air any of it " . What do
you think of these accusations?

I think she says that because I was the only who vocalized my feelings for her. Everyone didn't have enough balls to call her out and I did. She was a very weird person.

14.) Do you still speak to any of the girls?

Yes, I still speak to some of the girls. I talk with Kerry, Cathy, Christi, and Jenny. We even met up after the show for Halloween. I still keep in touch with the other girls too, just not as close.

15.) Which of the girls do you still dislike?

I do not dislike any of them. The show is over. There is no need to have resentment toward anyone. Plus, you really don’t know how people really are. Everything's for TV so you can't take everything literally.

16.) Have you spoken to FRANK since the end of the show?

Once, He called me right after the show ended and was like "I can't believe you weren't here for me"! I was like, really, wasn't this all for TV.. why would you put me in that situation if you thought I was here for you? I have not spoken to him since.

17.) Do you think we will see Felicia on VH1 in the future?

You never know! If the right thing came along, you might just see me!

18.) As a whole, how was this experience for you?

As a whole, it was a good experience. I learned how Reality shows work, I met great people and I had a good time. You can't ask for more!

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