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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Joseline Comes For Mona Scott Young And Explains Why She Is leaving '#LHATL

 Joseline Goes Off At Mona

Joseline is coming for Mona Scott Young once again. If you guys say the reunion trailer last night after the finale it showed the producers 'exposing' Joseline for what she is. Joseline took instagram and put on Mona Scott Young on blast. Joseline accuses her of 'owning her money' and says she showed old clips of her fighting.


REALLY THE MANY FACES OF @joseline  NO THE MANY FACES OF #monnascottyoung #VH1 #nfgtv. Y'all knew Stevie just too whoop my ass........ you turn your cast against each other..... your producers tell lies and tell us to fight each other. #mona you are the cause of companies not giving young talented Hispanics and blacks and opportunities because you make us look crazy with your  psychiatrists and Master Destructive Minds Of Producers working there! #vh1 #mona I will let it be known that you've covered disturbing life events.  You throw the ball and them hide. Stop trying to use something I've done 3-4 years ago to make it seem like I'm uncontrollable. You #vh1 and#monnascottyoung would have never let me executive produce a Show for the series of #Lahhatl if I was everything you said I was. Now I will see you in court. Happy fourth✌️✌️✌️CLICK THE LINK ON MY BIO TO #bethebestyou #badbooshnation #baddestputa #BADDESTPUTADAILY #monnascottyoung #Lahhatl #nfgtv #mona #shaderoom #famelousent #balleralert #jasminebrand
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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Joseline "Quits" 'LHATL' And She Blasts Mona Scott Young

Joseline Goes Off At Mona

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Joseline Hernandez had A LOT to say on instagram live about Mona Scott Young. In an stagram video, she blast producer Mona Scott Young for treating the cast members like trash and she wants to sit down with Oprah to expose her.

There has also been rumors that she is also quitting the show the 6th season. Oninsagr tam she wrote, "I quit" "fuck Mona"


Here is the video of her going off at Mona Scoot Young

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