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Saturday, October 31, 2009

VH1 Star Pics: Cashmere, Marcia,Cocktial,Mindy,Baker,Milf,Brandi C,Brandi M,Ashley,It,Junk

I'm a star: Who is more Delusional The Results!

Freckles 67%
Heather 32 %

You guys think Freckles is far more delusional!

Stay tune for this tomorrow's Rival battle of the week: Who is the BIGGER snitch: Blonde Baller or Cocktail

Pic of Danger's baby

Here is a pic of Danger's baby!

Tailer Made and The Entertainer in Buffalo

Tailor Made took a trip to Buffalo with Frank The Entertainer to see how they do Halloween.

Cashmere was on the green team!

Cashmere tweeted a pic of her ILM3 uniform, she was on the green team.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Daisy's Birthday Bash

Here is a video of Daisy's birthday bash

Danger is now blonde!

Danger will be on the new season of For the Love of ray-J.

A look back at Tailer Made and It

Here is a video of Tailer Made and It and their history on Vh1. Tailer Made and It are nominated for Best duo of 2009 on Vh1access Reality Awards which will start Nov.1st.

New York Returning to Vh1

TMZ caught up with New York and asked her about returning to VH1 (Video at 11:54)
This is what New York had to say:

Hell yeah I don’t have a man yet. So I have to come back… Very soon, very soon; I’m very horny.
I need to start taking applications on the street. That makes me desperate though, I can’t do that

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Celebreality Birthday: Brandi M

Happy birthday to Brandi M! from rock of love and Rock of love: charm school

Celebreality Birthday: Bay Bay Bay

Happy birthday to Bay Bay Bay

K-Fed keeping it cool on Celebrity Fitclub

Kevin Federline is reportedly staying calm as he attempts to lose weight in the upcoming season of Celebrity Fit Club.

The ex-husband of Britney Spears was recently named as one of the celebrities taking part in the seventh season of the VH1 show.

Speaking to E! Online's Marc Malkin, fellow contestant KayCee Stroh said: "Kevin's as cool as a cucumber. He keeps it all together.

"All the rest of us are sobbing like babies, but Kevin is pretty calm and collected."

Stroh added: "[He] is really a trouper. He's actually quite shy and quiet and soft-spoken. But when he pipes in, he's very funny and really witty."

Celebrity Fit Club will air on VH1 next year.

Britney Spears - 3 (Sneak Peek)

Here is a sneak peek of her new video for 3, the video will premiere tomorrow

VH1 Star Veiwers Choice Award - Voting Ballot


Vote for your favorite 5, the 5 VH1 stars that has the most votes will be nominated for VH1 Star Viewers Choice at the end.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

VH1access Reality Awards 2009 - Nominations Revealed!

So VH1 stars ended up being robbed at the 2009 Fox Reality Awards. I decided to do my own award show just for Vh1 Stars

Here are the nominations:

Male VH1 Reality Star of 2009
Female VH1 Reality Star of 2009
Dummy of the Year
Best Winner of 2009
Best Runner-up of 2009
Best song from a VH1 Reality show
Breakthrough VH1 Star of 2009
Loser of the Year
Fight of the year
Best Duo of 2009
Best Upcoming/New Show
The Loco Award
Shocker of the year
Comical VH1 Star of 2009
Best Vh1 Reality Show of 2009
Viewers Choice Award

Each week I will post up a nomination and you guys will vote through a survey on who should win and by the end of each week i will reveal the winner. As for the viewers Choice Award YOU guys will decide on that one which 5 VH1 stars should be nominated on that on

Vh1access Reality Awards 2009 starts Nov. 1st

Classy models for Drake's I'm So Fly

Here is a video of Classy modeling for Drake's "I'm so Fly"

I Want To Work For Diddy 2 Premeire Sneak Peek

Let's Talk About Pep to premeire in Jan.

This post is your first look at the upcoming series Let’s Talk About Pep, featuring VH1 mainstay Pepa on a search for love in the big city. Aiding her along the way will be her three friends (pictured here): Jacque, Kittie and Joumana. Check out more on-set pictures below and click here to read a little bit more about Let’s Talk About Pep, which is tentatively scheduled to premiere on VH1 in January.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New video from Classy

Classy uploaded a new video check it out!

For The Love Of Ray-J 2 Premeire Sneak Peek!

Real Chance of love 2 has ended, For The Love of Ray-j has begun, watch the sneak peek!

VH1 Interview: Mamacita (Real Chance of love 2)

“I thought I was going to be the boring one. I wasn’t trying to start fights, so I thought, ‘Damn. I’m gonna be pretty lame,’” says Mamacita about her time on Real Chance of Love 2. She turned out to be anything but boring. Below, Chance’s first-runner-up talks public rejection, flip-flopping, hate make-outs and peeing in pools.

How was the show for you?

It was really fun. I actually cried when it was over and I had to come back home to reality. It was really emotional. My mother told me I should be happy to be home but I said, “I’m never gonna do this again!” It’s true. Yeah, I could do other VH1 shows, but I’m never gonna have that experience again with the same group of people. It was sad. I loved it so much.

Were you sad about Chance not picking you?

Yes, dude! I’ve been rejected before, but that was like, “Oh, f*** him. He just can’t handle this. I’m crazy and I need someone who’s crazy with me. I don’t care! Next!” But with Chance, it was different because you’re getting rejected in front of everyone. The whole world gets to see it.

You took it well. You wished both Chance and Hot Wings luck.

A big part of why I did that was that Claudia, Chance’s mom, told us to be ladies if we didn’t get picked, to walk out with grace and respect. She asked us not to hurt her son, not to tell him off. Plus, I can’t force someone to love me. I can’t force someone to be with me. Why act like a bitch?

Did you love Chance?

I thought he was into me, so yeah, I got into him. I never said I loved him. I refused to do that. But did I have feelings for him? Yeah. It’s f***ing weird, but yeah.

What do you think about the fact that he hasn’t talked to Hot Wings since the show ended?

It’s confusing.

What about the Real situation, when you “flip-flopped?” What was going through your head at that point?

At first, I thought I wanted someone more serious, but once we got to the house I realized I liked Chance more. Then when I saw what a d*** he was to girls, I was pissed I didn’t go for Real. That’s when I told him that I was really there for him, but when I did that, I started thinking, “F***, I miss Chance.” I only kissed Real one time. I pecked him on the lips and there were no sparks. I was like, “Ew. I don’t like this.”

Any thoughts on your tattoo?

I love it. People will see me on the street and tell me I look like “that girl from Real Chance of Love.” I’ll be like, “Girl, it’s me.” And they’ll be like, “No way. Show me your tattoo.” So it helps, you know? I think I got the best tattoo out of all the girls.

Any thoughts on making out with Flirty?

Here’s what was truly going on in my head: I have this bitch, who just went out on a date with Chance. And I’m thinking, she’s Latin, she’s kind of cute, she’s feisty, so I’m like, damn, they probably had a good date. When they got back, I asked her, “Were you making out with him?” And she said, “Yes,” so I got mad. Then she told me they went to Chelsea Lately, and my head exploded. I love her! I’ve been watching that show since the beginning. I was jealous, I was mad and I wanted to beat her up. I wanted to choke her, so I grabbed her and f***ing kissed her. Like, “I forgive you, bitch.” I did it more out of anger than anything.

Why did you pee in the pool?

I have this thing about that. You know how everyone goes to those Vegas pool parties? You’ll always hear people say, “Oh, let me go soak up a little.” They’re lying. They’re peeing in the pool. But also, I was also trying to break the ice, since Baker was fighting with Blonde Baller. I don’t even remember if I ended up peeing in the pool. I might have peed on the grass. I can’t remember. We were all drunk.

What about Blonde Baller? What do you think of her?

I can’t stand that bitch. She’s just really, really stupid. She was always on the defense. She was always starting s***.

What about when Real asked you if you were there for TV or love and you said, “Both?” You said you were kidding, but was the TV part fun?

No. The minute I got there, I was like, “What the f*** did I sign up for?” Cameras were everywhere, and you can’t look at the cameramen. I’m sociable, I like making eye contact and smiling, so that was really hard for me. I was regretting it. Real is stupid for asking that. We were finding love on TV, so that’s why I said, “All of the above.”

What do you think about Real now?

I think he’s f***ing lame. He laid around the house like a cat. He has a cat personality. I’m pretty sure he’s loyal like a dog to a girlfriend, but he’s like a f***ing cat. He’d just want to snuggle and lay around the house with a girl and hell no, that’s not me.

What do you think of your portrayal?

I think they made me look like a straight bimbo.

But you’re not?

I don’t think I’m very book smart, but I do have street smarts. My friends will even tell me, “They made you look like a dumb ass.” But whatever, I think it’s funny.

Any regrets?

Yeah, I think I regret not telling Chance about all the bulls*** he gave me on elimination day, throwing it back in his face. I regret not being a bitch. He told me he didn’t think I was ready to settle or have a relationship and that I was too much of a partier and he didn’t know if I could ever turn that off. I thought that was really fake of him. All the reasons he gave to me hurt my feelings. I told him from the beginning that I wanted someone who could party with me and still be with me. I know plenty of people who have found their soul mates, but who still go out and have fun.

Monday, October 26, 2009

VH1 Interview: Doll (Real Chance of love 2)

On the Real Chance of Love 2 finale, Real told Doll that he “definitely” saw her in his future. Now that a few months have passed since the show wrapped, are they a part of each other’s present? Find out below, and read what Doll has to say about her controversial audition tape and why she’s not that innocent.

How has your contact with Real been since the show wrapped?

Surprisingly, I haven’t really had much contact with Real at all, actually. I have no hard feelings towards him, but for now I’m just moving on. I’m doing my own thing.

So it’s officially not going to happen with Real?

Yeah, it’s officially not there. We don’t have a relationship established of that sort. I’m a beautiful, well-rounded girl. I’m looking for love and I’m sure any guy would love to be with me, so I’m not worried about the situation.

When did it become clear to you that things weren’t working out?

It became clear about a month after the show was over. I mean, are you kidding me? For a guy not to contact me for a whole month after we supposedly became close? You picked me out of the 10 or 15 other girls that were on the show for you. And I wasn’t pursued a month after that?

Was it disappointing?

It was really disappointing because Real is a really nice guy. I have nothing bad to say about him. I feel like he’s genuinely nice, but feel like…you know, I think that he probably has other things going on, and he’s really just not ready for a relationship, which is fine. I wouldn’t really say I was ready for a relationship, either. I would say I was more prepared for a friendship than anything extremely serious.

At one point, you both talked about remaining friends regardless of who Real picked.

Oh yeah, that was a lie, because if I didn’t get picked, I didn’t want to be friends! I would have been pissed. I don’t know how nice I would have been, because I just don’t see why you’d pick Sassy over me.

Do you think Real staying out of touch has anything to do with his contract for the show?

That’s what I’ve been thinking. I’ve been trying to give him the benefit of the doubt and I know that there are rules. But then again, I don’t have resentment towards him. I said I’m not upset with him, and I’d have no problem being friends with him. At this point I’m just over it and I’ve moved on and have been doing so many other things with myself.

That’s great. You were really likable on the show.

Tell VH1 I need my own show! Or I need another show! Listen, I’m really not that innocent. I don’t know why the hell everybody thinks I’m so innocent. I was coming out of four years of four years of college, so I wasn’t ready to be exposed to an environment that crazy, even though I thought I was. But you know what I can say? This show definitely brought me out of my shell so much more. I’m so much more outspoken and socially involved. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

What should we make of the audition footage Real showed in the finale of you talking about how Chance is more your type?

In real life, I tend to date guys that more resemble Chance’s characteristics. Like the clothes and the way he dresses, the chains or maybe the do-rags. I kind of like more of that “bad boy” type. But I can’t be with Chance. I cannot hold a conversation with Chance. I cannot hold his attention long enough to have a conversation with him. Real and I definitely are more alike. We’re more laid-back and quieter. I definitely think I made the right decision. I mean, hey, I won. I made a great decision!

You’re proud of winning, even though it didn’t amount to a relationship?

Hell yeah. It’s like a trophy! I won! I won a VH1 reality show! Get the hell out of here! I won after graduating from a four-year college program. So I had two A’s in a row: graduation, and winning a VH1 reality show. It’s even better because Real was a real nice guy, so I feel really great about winning somebody over like that.

What did you study in school?

I did criminal justice, and my concentration was pre-law. I was actually going to go to law school, but then I got on the show. I am really doing so much right now. I have my radio show now, and I’m doing covers and magazines, I’m doing photo shoots and everything. I really just love this life so much, so I’m really going to put the law school thing to the side for a bit and see what I can do with this lifestyle. And then I always have that to fall back on.

Were you ever worried that you’re too drama-free for reality TV?

No, because I’m really not that drama-free! It’s just that nobody really approached me in that manner. I guess because I was always the cool, laid-back chick, nobody really came at me like that. But I would never consider myself “drama-free”, and my life is nowhere close to “drama-free.” I definitely have an attitude. It’s really funny because whenever I’d do the interviews, I would be blunt about things, saying, “I can’t stand this bitch for that reason and this reason.” And they haven’t shown one negative thing that I’ve said about anybody else. And I’m like, “Well, thanks,” because now everybody loves me.

Who couldn’t you stand?

The only person I really couldn’t stand was Sassy. She was just a really evil person. She wasn’t nice. She basically has something negative to say about everybody on the show. I mean, I know it’s a competition, but if nobody bothers you, then step back and let the man pick who he wants, you know?

Your hair is your trademark, I would say.

Yeah, my hair is definitely my trademark. And now everywhere I go, I get noticed. So when I don’t want people to notice me, one of the things that I do is that I straighten it.

What do you think about Real’s campaign for moral purity, having spent time with him in a romantic context?

I can definitely see Real getting behind something in that sense, because he is very spiritually involved. I’m not sure if people notice, but he’s not really on the Internet. He’s not on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook. Or if he is, he doesn’t put himself out there like the other reality stars. He’s definitely a more centered person, and I can definitely see him doing something in a more positive manner.

I guess the main reason I ask is because on the finale, it shows that you spent the night with him.

Are you asking me if we knocked boots?!?

Kind of I guess?

Listen, after spending the night with Real in the finale, him supporting that book makes absolute sense, at least from my view point. I don’t know what the other girls would say. Nothing major went down that would make me be like, “What’s he talking about? Abstinence, my ass!”

You also opened up about your mom and dad dying. Was it difficult for you to talk about that in front of cameras?

Growing up, I never, ever talked about losing my parents. The one thing I hate is for anybody to feel bad for me. At the end of the day, yes: I lost both my parents when I was younger, but I turned out better than a lot of people who have both of their parents. So it was extremely hard for me to talk about it on the show. And of course I got very teary-eyed, because I don’t talk about it, so it’s a really hard subject to touch upon. But doing that, I think it really let everyone know that, “Wow, this is a really strong girl. This is a girl that holds her own, she’s a powerhouse.” And I think that really needed to be put out there so people can understand me more. That’s why I’m maybe more quiet and reserved and to myself, because I’m about myself. You know what I mean? I was raised like that. I didn’t have my parents there to back me up, and that explains a lot about my personality.

VH1 Interview: Hot Wings (Real Chance of love 2)

After a whole lot of arguing and a few spilled tears, Chance picked Hot Wings to be his girl on the Real Chance of Love 2 finale. But where are they now? Below, Hot Wings talks about the state of their relationship, accusations of immaturity and why she’ll always be a Hooters girl.


Thank you.

How has communication with Chance been since the show?

We wrapped the show in June, and it took me three months just to hear from Chance one time. That was the only time I heard from him since the show, and that was on Twitter.

So, that’s that, then?

Hell yeah! I think if you did a show for love, and you find someone, and then you never speak to them again…then what was the point?

Are you pissed?

I’m a little pissed. I’m over it now, but it was really hard for me for the first month and a half, two months. I was just sitting around thinking, “What the hell’s going on right now?”

Could the lack of communication have anything to do with something in your contract, which states that you aren’t supposed to have contact in the time between wrapping and the airing of the finale?

No, because I saw that he’s been hitting up other girls from the show. So I’m like, “You can talk to the other girls from the show, but you won’t even talk to me in person?” I don’t even care about the damn contract. I would have broken the contract to talk to him. I mean, it’s just us talking. It’s not like everybody has to know that we’re talking. I can get a phone call. But I didn’t get a thing after the show.

You said you loved him on the show. Looking back, did you really?

Yeah. I don’t think I’d ever have anything bad to say about him even after this whole thing, but it was just definitely hard to deal with. I kind of feel like I got played really bad.

You were unmistakably passionate. You attempted to quit the show a few times.

Yeah, I tried to pack up and leave, but people need to understand that I wasn’t getting any attention from Chance when that was going on. I didn’t get a date, I didn’t really see him in the house, we’d never had a conversation. So I just thought, “What the hell is the point of me sitting around wasting my time? I might as well go home.” But after we had our one-on-one time and really sat down and talked, I really was attracted to him. And I didn’t want to leave after that.

Things not working out aside, do you have any pride in being named the winner of this competition?

I thought about that, and I talked to Doll about this, too: really, we didn’t win. It’s almost like we got eliminated too, because we never hear from them. Yeah, he picked me, but where is he now? I have no clue, I don’t speak to him. I gave him my number twice and he’s never called me. He told me something like, “Oh, I left your number in my pants, and the ink ran,” or some kind of dumb excuse. So I was like, “OK, so here’s my number again…” and still haven’t gotten a phone call. I could be mad at him. I could hold a grudge, but I’m not going to do that. It is what it is. If he was trying to make a TV show, he got his TV show. He made one, and I was a part of it. But if you’re really looking for love, you found it, and you kind of let it go. That’s your loss.

Speaking of your passion, some people labeled it immaturity. What do you think of that? Are you immature?

I think I’m immature, and I think that Chance is even more immature than I am. I think a lot of people can be immature at times. I think it was exaggerated on the show, in the way it was edited. But yeah, I can be immature. I’m a spoiled little brat when I want my way.

I guess the upside is that you don’t take crap. You weren’t scared to argue with Chance.

Yeah. After our blow up, Chance never really tested me or pushed me. A lot of the argument they didn’t show. We were going back and forth for a good couple of minutes. And I was saying a lot worse stuff that I don’t think they wanted to show on TV because it would be embarrassing to him and you probably wouldn’t understand why he would have kept me after that. At the same time, they didn’t show him yelling in my face. That really offended me because Chance can be really disrespectful towards women. I was already agitated that day because Chance was ordering us around, and he told me, “Oh, go heat up me food. This is cold, go put it back in the microwave.”

How do you feel about being called Hot Wings?

It’s hilarious. I’m so used to it now. Random strangers will yell “Hot Wings!” and I’ll just turn around. It’s so natural now.

Have you been working at Hooters since the show?

Yeah. After the show, I definitely went back to work, because I love my job. But I haven’t been taking tables. I bar tend now. I really can’t go back to work and take tables, because it seems like every single table wants me to sit down and talk to them about the show. But I’ll always be a Hooters girl, I think, because I love it!

You model, too, right? How has being on the show affected that?

I haven’t really done anything with modeling since the show started airing. In four months I’ve done one photo shoot. It’s kind of funny that since I did the show, my modeling has really slowed down a lot. But I’m going to pick it back up and go with it. I just didn’t know what direction I wanted to go with it yet.

Was the exposure that you get from this show attractive to you?

It’s funny, people always say, “You’re there for exposure, you’re there for exposure.” But that’s how I was found. The casting directors knew I was a model, found me and contacted me about the show. So it’s like, “What did you expect?” I guess the exposure is good and bad. All of your skeletons come out of the closet when you do the show, and all the pictures you shot years ago and everything come out.

You said you’ve moved on from Chance. Does that mean you aren’t single?

There’s a rumor, but we’re not even going to talk about that.

What? Is it that you’re dating somebody famous?

Well, there’s a rumor that I’m dating a guy from Tool Academy.

Which one?

Dre P.

Are you?

We’re friends, buddies. He’s cute. You never know…we talk. We’ll see.

What about that stuff that Blonde Baller said about you? That you have a bunch of guys at home taking care of you?

Blonde Baller is just…Blonde Baller. What else can you say about her? She says so much stuff about everybody, and nobody aired out her period panties everywhere. The thing about her is that she’ll take what you say and then exaggerate it to make it negative. It’s just like, “What kind of person are you?” She won’t ever shut up. Even after the show, she’s still talking about it and ruining it for viewers. She just doesn’t have respect for people, so no one should respect her either. So really, f*** that bitch, I don’t really care.

With the way that everything played out, are you disappointed? Do you look back on this situation and regret doing it?

With the way everything played out, I wish I would have just gotten eliminated. If you’re not really there for love, you should just eliminate the person who is really there for you and keep someone around who really won’t give a f*** after when you don’t talk to them. You know what I mean? That’s how I kind of feel. But I don’t really regret anything. I learned a lot, I met a lot of great people, and I had fun. And it’s going to take me somewhere different, a lot of new opportunities came with it. And I didn’t find love with Chance, but that doesn’t mean I’m never going to find love.

Win a date with Hot Wings

Thank you all for tuning in and supporting me during this season of Real Chance of Love 2. It was an amazing experience and Im grateful for the opportunity. This isn't the last you'll see of Hot Wings guys =)

Dont forget to enter my contest to win a date with me which includes attending the 2010 NBA ALL-STAR game!!!

I'll be keeping you guys posted via my twitter page (@VH1sHotWings) regarding appearances, calendars & all future endeavors.

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Hot Wings

Hot Wings and Doll wins Real Chance of love, but no longer together

Real Chance of love 2 finale just ended. Doll and Hot Wings both won the show, but Hot Wings, just tweeted that she is not with Chance nor is Doll with Real. She explains she only heard from Chance once through Twitter. Doll hasn't heard from Real since the finale.

So I guess there will be a season 3?

GASP!! Antonio and Brooke NOT together?

And so, in the end, Antonio picked Brooke and they kissed their way into the sunset…or did they? Below, Brooke speaks candidly about the state of her relationship with Antonio, her feelings about the competition and reality TV romance and what additionally she’d like to get out of this experience.


Well, thank you. That’s really, really nice to hear. No one’s been able to tell me that yet.

Where is your relationship with Antonio at this moment?

I’m just going to be honest with you: I am not in touch with Antonio. We haven’t spoken in probably two, three months.

The show was shot when?

In January. We couldn’t really court, because we weren’t allowed to be seen in public, so it’s very difficult to try to have a relationship behind closed doors. We had just met and we tried to pull it off. We saw each other for probably a couple of months after the show was filmed, and then we just decided it was best to see other people, and I haven’t heard from him since.

You did give it a try though?

Oh yeah. We put effort into it. I met his children. We would go hiking on the weekends in his back yard in the woods. We saw each other on the weekends, being very careful not to let anyone else see us. If he had any sort of job interview in L.A., he would stop by and visit me in my home. He’s adorable. We had a great time — as good of a time as you could have indoors with no outside contact. It was really nice getting to know him and his children.

Yeah. The reality of Antonio’s life is that it is very, very mellow and structured. He is a great dad. He cooks his kids breakfast, he takes them to school, they come home, he cooks them dinner and in between he gets a workout in. I think that’s great for him. He’s a family guy and he takes care of his kids. So, that was different.

No jumping out of planes, then?

Well, when you put two people together and they can’t do that kind of stuff, there has to be a lot of conversation and a deep, spiritual connection as far as establishing a foundation for a relationship. He thought that should come with time, but to me, I just felt like we didn’t have much to talk about. Don’t get me wrong: I had fun with him and his children. That was great. But do I wish we could have done some more exciting things? Of course. We could have said, “Hey, let’s put our relationship on hold and resume when we don’t have to be behind closed doors.”

Is that still possible? If Antonio called you tomorrow and said, “Let’s hang out,” what would you say?

I think we could be really good friends. I’m not mad at him. You can’t say a bad thing about Antonio Sabàto, Jr. He is beautiful and he has a very kind heart. And yeah, if he called me and wanted to go to dinner, sure. As far as picking back up in some sort of serious, committed relationship, that would take some time.

Looking at the situation in a different way, regardless of the final outcome, is it satisfying to have won this competition for the sake of competing?

Oh yeah. I’m competitive by nature. To win anything is satisfying. It was really great because once I won, I got to spend the weekend in Hawaii with Antonio, and it was a great time. I didn’t go into this thinking I was going to walk out winning. I went into this for the experience and for fun and thinking that it would be great to meet some other women. It wasn’t until he let Tully go that I thought, “Oh my God, I have a chance of winning this.” To me, he and Miranda were not a match from the beginning, because she’s so fearful and she doesn’t have an athletic bone in her body. But winning was still a great shock and immensely satisfying. Do I wish $1 million would have come with it? Yes! That would have been icing on the cake.

Did you have a strategy? I wondered if you speaking with Yvonne on the boat while everyone else was hanging all over Antonio was your way of strategizing.

I think it’s important to have a relationship with a man’s family, because the family was there first and you’re going to be brought into that bond. It’s always great to be on good terms with the in-laws, especially the mom. So that wasn’t strategy. The only strategy came from these relationship classes, which now it looks like are biting me in my butt. Basically, I just wanted to be the lady and let him be the man. I just tried to use Dr. Pat Allen’s strategy, so I’d let him speak first. I’d let him ask the questions. I wasn’t as aggressive as the other 13 women. Sitting back and letting him come to me was, in a way, my strategy. Also, at night, when you’d watch these women drink, they almost became train wrecks. I think a lot of them self-sabotaged in a way. They could have done more by not saying a word or not picking up a drink.

What are your overall thoughts on Yvonne?

Love Yvonne. I think that she is a lovely woman. Whether or not she played it up for the show, she’s got a hard side to her. I think she was a little hard on Tully, and that she came across as ruthless. But I understand where she’s coming from: she wanted an apology from Tully, and clearly she’s never going to get it. Yvonne is who she is, and you have to accept people for who they are. She happened to like me, thank God.

What do you think about Tully?

The only thing that Tully ever said that got to me while we were filming was that none of us were good enough for Antonio. I had a talk with her about that. I mean, I felt like it was positive in the sense that it showed that he’s such a good guy and that she was legitimately back for him because she missed out. The negative was that she had no idea who I was. I have high self value. She associated me with Christi and Jen and the party girls. That’s not me, but I did have more in common with them than other girls. She told me I was guilty by association. Whatever. But now that I watch the show, I feel for her. The second to last episode? How emotional. I wanted to cry. I was like, “No! Don’t let her go!” There was so much love there. I couldn’t believe it that he let her go before Miranda.

Your relationship with Miranda was interesting. You were very civil toward each other, even down to the end, although she had less-than-civil stuff to say about you in interviews. What do you think about her, and the “cheerleader” comment?

I think Miranda is quite interesting, and I think she will do very well. You could probably make a show about Miranda and her quirky self. She lives in a bubble and she’s a little OCD. I felt like she wasn’t always who you see Miranda to be. I felt like she had a different side when the cameras weren’t there. She was not a happy person, and I am a happy person. It could just be the fact that she’s from New York, and I’m from Mississippi. I sing and I dance and I’m kind of silly, but she takes till 2 in the afternoon to wake up and she doesn’t want any noise till then. We’re just two totally different personality types. Would we hang out had we not been put in that situation? No. But we did make it work. She made the cheerleading comment because I was happy, and I don’t think it was just because of the Survivor-type challenge. Just walking to different locations, I would sing, and it just annoyed her. She’s just not that way. So I guess she still doesn’t like cheerleaders, so whatever. That’s OK.

It’s interesting that you talk about your approach to let Antonio talk first, because you were also assertive with him. You openly questioned his career status.

Let me start here: I did not know who Antonio Sabàto, Jr., was before I did this show. I knew he created a name for himself, but the reality is that if you’re an actor and you’re doing a reality show, your acting career isn’t on top. I’m not an idiot. I just wanted to know what his goals were. What if he got in a car wreck tomorrow and no longer looked like he does? I didn’t know what he’d done as far as preparing a future. I knew that he had two kids. It was a legitimate concern of mine to know how he’d be able to provide, especially if he chose me and we had more children. But I thought his answer was awesome. He said that he’s been providing for himself since he was 16-years-old and he has the drive of 1,000 horses. He couldn’t have answered that in a better way. I don’t care if you have money, but as long as you have ambition and the wits about you to make the money, I’m good.

Was your request for a relationship contract also a product of your concern about the way things work on reality TV?

No. I like that it came across to you that way, but that’s not it at all. It’s again Dr. Pat Allen’s theory. I actually shouldn’t have said it in the context that I did – I should have waited till he was trying to sleep with me or whatever. I just wanted Antonio to know that I’m not an easy girl to be with, that if he wanted a casual, sexual relationship, that’s just not me. Basically, before taking that plunge, I wanted to know: how often are you going to see me, is it just going to be me and what are your long-term goals for me? I want to be courted, and regardless of an engagement ring or whatever, those things are important to know before I let someone in.
Looking back on everything – competing, winning, breaking up with Antonio – are you disappointed with the way this all turned out?

No. I would love for this to parlay into some great hosting career or some other great experiences derived from the show, but overall I have no regrets. I’ll never not nurse. I love what I do, but at the same time, it’d be nice to have some options.

Did you go on this show looking for exposure?

Yeah. I mean…I prayed a lot about appearing on it. The doors just opened, my employers told me that I could take a leave even for a month, and if I would have said no, I would have been the only block to the opportunity. I just did it. I just jumped in. I’m glad I did. Had the relationship worked out, I wouldn’t have cared about parlaying it into exposure and opportunities. But since it didn’t, I’m hoping the exposure will enable me to have other work.

VH1 Interview: Miranda (My Antonio)

Antonio called Miranda “a true original,” and he wasn’t kidding. The angel-card-reading, cuticle-oil-loving cosmopolitan “recluse” talks below about coming in second place to Brooke, whether she was really in love with Antonio, surviving a spider bite (and Yvonne!) and the life-enriching power of reality TV.

How was your time on the show?

It was really one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Just the amount of freedom I felt: freedom from myself, and daily restrictions that you tend to put on yourself. It was something new: this wild adventure.

You didn’t seem too heartbroken when Antonio chose Brooke over you.

After the first attempt at a final lei ceremony, I was so physically exhausted by my anxiety attack in the helicopter. I was so fatigued, so tired, I could hardly stand up. That night, I had a dream, and I knew he was going to pick Brooke. After I had my one-on-one with Antonio, I just knew that for whatever reason — I don’t know his reason, and we may never really know what the reason behind his choice – he was going to pick Brooke. And then when we got up to Buddha Point, and I look behind us, I see our names written in the rocks. And there’s Brooke and Antonio in the center, and then there’s Miranda off to the side. Well, I mean, it wasn’t that hard to figure out. I wasn’t going to fall to pieces.

Was there any sort of heartbreak involved?

I was sad, and I was a little disappointed. I wouldn’t really say “heartbroken.” I don’t know if “confused” is the right word. I didn’t really don’t know what I was feeling.

Did you get over it quickly?

Yeah, I did. It was weird, within 10 minutes of Antonio saying goodbye to me at Buddha Point, they gave me back my cell phone, and I called my best friend, Joey. He started crying on the phone. His dog has died when I was filming the show. So, I went from Antonio saying goodbye, to Joey really needing me. It was kind of like, “Next. OK, it’s time to move on with your life.” The circle of life, it just continues. It was kind of almost symbolic of the experience coming full circle.

You did at one point say that you thought you were falling in love with Antonio. Looking back, were you really?

Antonio is not hard to fall in love with. He’s a great guy. And when you’re with one man for 30 days, and that’s your focus and where your attention is and where your heart is, in essence…I wasn’t lying.

I didn’t know if you were just caught up in the moment.

Not really. Honestly, I’m not in love with Antonio now, but I still really respect him as a person. I don’t regret one second of our time together in Hawaii, and it’s something I’ll always treasure in my heart.

What do you think about the fact that Brooke and Antonio are no longer together?

Frankly, I’m not surprised at all. Brooke’s a good girl, and I like her. But I just felt like, with me, it’s “what you see is what you get.” I don’t really pretend to be something I’m not. The producers really do their focus and do their skew. The world thinks I’m so high maintenance, and that’s just…whatever. Not to change the subject, but in reality, I’m easy-going, down to earth, grounded, nonjudgmental, open-minded. That’s what’s important, not lipstick and cuticle oil.

There’s superficial high maintenance, and then there’s emotional high maintenance.

Exactly. I mean, of course body hygiene, grooming, beauty treatments are all important. Those are things I enjoy. Those are things that I want in a mate, in a friend, in anyone in my life. But regarding the question about Antonio and Brooke not being together, the whole show Antonio’s big line was “Brooke always has a smile on her face. Brooke is always happy.” Nobody is always happy all of the time. It’s just not natural. As human beings, we experience a gazillion emotions a day. So my perception of it was maybe that she was trying to be something that it’s impossible to be all of the time. So in that regard, he wasn’t really seeing the true Brooke. He got the true Miranda, and he really liked the true Miranda. He may still like the true Miranda.

Have you talked to him?

Just on Facebook. He friended me on Facebook. And when my dog almost died, he sent me some really nice messages and was concerned for Ollie. He knows how much Ollie means to me. It meant a lot to me that he reached out to me then. But as far as any other contact: no, we haven’t seen each other, and he hasn’t called me.

You and Brooke were particularly a particularly civil Final 2, but you had some pointed interviews about her. So what is your overall feeling on Brooke? Is she the cheerleader that you hate, that you were just getting along with because you had to?

I don’t hate anybody, so I definitely didn’t hate Brooke. She may have annoyed me, and there were times when I could see right through her. I felt that she could be judgmental of me or critical. She would be smiling, but not really smiling. I’m a very good judge of character. I’m an intuitive feeler as a person. It’s just that she’s from the South, and Southern women are raised like that: to have a smile on their face at all times. But for the most part, we understood each other.

On the show, you said how you overcame a hundred fears. It really helped you change as a person?

I had never even flown on an airplane by myself, so to step on not one but two airplanes to go to Hawaii alone was huge for me as a person. And then there were all of the things along the way with Antonio: the zip line and the helicopter and the heights. That’s on top of being in a house with fifteen different women. I’m really not used to all that estrogen.

It’s interesting, because my initial impression of you was that you were cosmopolitan and Sex and the City-like.

That’s kind of the enigma about me, because I am cosmopolitan. I live in New York City. I have two degrees in fashion. I’ve been a working actress and makeup artist for the last ten years. I love beauty and glamor. But I’m just a homebody at heart. I love building my apartment. I love entertaining in my home with my friends. I’m really rooted.

You used the word “recluse” at one point in reference to yourself.

I tease that I’m a little Greta Garbo-ish. I like to be alone, I enjoy my own company. And sometimes I do have to push myself to go out. There are times that I’d rather be home in my robe and slippers and glasses with my dog, Ollie, not having to go out. There are plenty of red carpets that I turn down for many premieres, because I’d just rather be at home.

Because you’re an actress, how much did the promise of exposure factor into your reason for doing this show?

Next to zero. That wasn’t my reason. In fact, because I’ve been acting for several years – on The Guiding Light and All My Children in various recurring parts, and I’ve worked on 30 Rock and an independent movie, Cupidity – I have my SAG and AFTRA cards. It’s not like I just woke up and said, “I want to be an actress, I’ll be on a reality show.” And some people warned me about going from acting to reality, but I just wondered, why can’t I do both? My limit myself? I actually found out about this show by going to my AFTRA meeting. They gave me a copy of Backstage and in the back was a listing for the Antonio Sabato Jr., Project.

And you had a crush on him, right?

I wasn’t a lovesick fan or anything, but yeah, my poster is still hanging up on the door of my old bedroom in my parents’ house. He’s right next to Brad Pitt, so he’s in good company.

You got along with Tully better than most of the girls, right?

Definitely. I think she’s a good girl. We’re friends. The girls were so adamant and just crazed about her presence, but what could we do? She was there. I learned a lot from Tully. She’s a very smart woman. I like to be around smart people.

Similarly, Yvonne wasn’t particularly hard on you.

I liked Yvonne, and I wanted her to like me. We had a lot more in common than maybe she knew. We both have Yorkies. Yvonne friended me on Facebook a couple of months ago. I accepted her friendship. She was a bit harsh about my spider bite, though.

Yeah, that was ridiculous.

It was ridiculous and it was actually rude. I think she just wanted to say something to dig at me and she didn’t really know what to say. You know, to say I didn’t want to sculpt that day was bulls***. I went to art school, and we got our nails done every week anyway. That was in my contract.


Yeah. Antonio likes good hands and feet, and I’m used to getting a manicure and pedicure every week. I couldn’t just go on an island and let myself fall to pieces. So I told them, “We’re gonna need a little maintenance.” But yeah, the spider bite was about the size of a quarter, and when the producers finally found out, they got me to a hospital. My priority is myself, and I wasn’t going to risk my health for any man. I never got an apology from Yvonne, and I heard that she’s still talking about it in some interview she recently did.

In all, do you have any regrets?

No. “Non, je ne regrette rien,” like Edith Piaf. My Reiki Master told me before the show that the universe wouldn’t send me anywhere that would bring me harm, and that Hawaii was a very sacred and special place, and that I’d be protected there. Ultimately I was. I left with a feeling of peace on my heart and a sense of pride at what I’d accomplished.

Tailer Made was really robbed at the 2009 Reality Awards

Tailer Made uploaded a new video on youtube. When he was at the 2009 Fox Reality awards

Sunday, October 25, 2009

You guys predicted Doll and Mamacita to win!

Mamacita 60 %
Hot Wings 31%
None 8%

Doll 49%
Pocahontas 35 %
Sassy 15%

the polls are closed and you guys predict that Doll will win for Real and Mamacita will win for Chance!

The finale starts tomorrow!

Tool Academy 2: Episode 8 Recap

This episode starts out with Stew and Charm get into it! He puts stew in a head lock, Stew is angry, mainly because Charm called him ugly. Security had to break up the altercation.

In therapy, there is a bed, so obviously, this week's lesson is romance. They have to get in the bed (on couple at a time) and use a face on a stick if to talk if something is too difficult to say to the other.

Stew and Amanda: Amanda wants sex all the time. Stew says night is for sex, but Amanda wants it all the time. Mom and dad are in the house, so Stew is trying to be respectful. Also, he thinks that Amanda takes too long to get off! ….and surprise, they don’t use condoms…who would of thought.

T-Shaw and Nicole: She likes role play. Getting a physical at the doctor, was one of the examples. Candle light dinners are romantic to T-Shaw. She thinks there is no romance in their relationship.
Tyler and Shay: She said that sex with him is basically hitting it and quitting it. Tyler just leaves after sex. There is rarely foreplay. No talking/cuddling afterwards

Charm and Andrea: she says that romance is being intimate and giving all attention
He was not romantic in the beginning, and Andrea feels like its a rush. Charm is running 3 different jobs and doesn’t have time. Trina said that he had enough time to hook up with other girls.

Afterward, they ALL decided to get Tool Academy tattoos!

The next day, they all have to pack their bags for a romantic get away… the wilderness!
Their challenge is that they have to create a romantic night under the stars.
First the they had to set up a tent, then gather some supplies and then start a fire. The first couple to do all the tasks get a 4 stars, luxurious camping stay. The last couple gets a 1 star, crappy experience.

Tent: 1st to last
Stew and Amanda first done
Tyler and Shay
T-Shaw and Nicole

Charm and Andre didn't finish the first part

After getting the supplies, they had to start a fire, and the winners are the following
1st Tyler and Shay
2nd Stew and Amanda
3rd T-Shaw and Nicole
Charm and Andrea couldn’t get pass the 1st step, so have the 1 star date.
Tyler and Shay have steak and campaign

Stew and Amanda's was similar to Tyler and Shay's.
T-Shaw and Nicole get beer and hot dogs!
Charm and Andrea get freeze-dried space food!

Tyler gets the first badge
Down to Charm and Stew!
Charm ends up getting the boot, and throws his throws his jacket on the floor and walks out....
then he comes back in, calls Stew a bitch, then leaves.
Charm the goes out to his girlfriend, and she agrees to go home with him.
All the Tools get on the balcony and talk crap to Charm while he's talking to his girl.
They both then leave together.

Criag Jackson shows off Cali's voided check

Criag Jackson the host of I Love Money recently tweeted a pic of Cali's voided check. Um he keeps the voided checks?

Ashley on Fearless Radio

Ashley was on was on Fearless radio on CHRISTOPHER GUTIERREZ talking about her time on her past Vh1 shows.

listen here

Celebrities that look like VH1 stars: Sarah Jessica Parker and Milf

A new segment that I'm doing which is actual celebrities and Vh1 stars that kinda look alike or resemble eachother in some way. The first one is Sarah Jessica Parker and Milf

what do you think?

JT's Movie Review: Saw 6

So I went to see Saw 6 today. I loved it! Tenedra Howard from Scream Queens did an amazing job. the movie starts off with her. I cracked up when she tried so hard chop off her arm to survive lol She chopped it off like it was food lol. I was also glad to see Shawnee back. These deaths were even crazier. I honestly laughed on how crazy these deaths were. Alot of unanswered questions were answered as well. Now I need to Paranormal Activity have not seen that yet.

my rating: 8.6/10

Thursday, October 22, 2009

NY and Daisy shoutouts were not them

The New York and Daisy shoutouts on the chatbox were not actually them. I check the IP address.

You can see that have the IP addresses under the date. Which means its the same person.

As for Antonio, I think that was really him. His IP address was different.

and this is mine IP address, just to point out I wasn't the one who did that.

If you guys going to come in here and pose as a VH1 star your going to get banned. Just want to say that. Just be yourself.

Tough Love 2 Cast revealed!

The Tough Love 2 cast has been revealed! One particular chick you might have seen on a previous VH1 show "I Know My Kids A Star"

See the cast!

Real Chance Of Love 2 Finale Sneak Peek

Here is the sneak peek of the finale

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