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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hoopz talks about her new website

Visit her site

Want to wear Farrah's clothes?

Farrah from Rock of love Bus & Charm School has put up 5 of her outfits on ebay that she wore on the show. One of them is a pink cleavage dress, a leather jacket, an angels pink T-shirt that she wore on Rock of bus a pink and black lace dress, and a jumpsuit

Place your bid:

Poll Results: The Better Italians Dating Show

Better Italian Dating Show

The results are in and you guys agree that Frank The Entertainer... A Basement Affiar is way better than That's Amore which I agree. Frank The Entertainer won by a landslide.

Poll Results: Best VH1 Musican

You guys have voted and you guys agree that Lacey is the best VH1 musician with 14% of your votes. Deelishis was right behind her with 13%

congrats Lacey!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

VH1access Interview: Jennavecia (Tool Academy)

Finally! I got an interview gor you all! This is my first interview with a Tool Academy cast member and it's Jennavecia! Who made this season of Tool Academy 3 very entertaining. We also discussed about Bad Girls Club.

VH1access: Hey Jennavecia it's John a.k.a VH1access thanks for doing this interview.

Jennavecia: your welcome

VH1access: How was your experience being on Tool Academy 3?

Jennavecia: it was a lot of mixed emotions but for the most of it i enjoyed being in their. im a free spirit like i said before nothing can pretty much bring me down!

VH1access: Was it a lot different than doing Bad Girls Club?

Jennavecia: way different because here its a competition and on the bad girls club more so like being with girls who sort of can relate to you.

VH1access: How did react when you found out you were on Tool Academy?

Jennavecia: well at first i thought i was going to enjoy my vacation in mexico!!!! next thing you know boom the tool academy logo popped up i was  like fuckkkkkkkkkkk!!!

VH1access: Now you were the reason why I wanted to watch this season of Tool Academy, were you surprised that you've stayed that long on the show?

Jennavecia: yes i was suprised because of my actions that i gone through but in my mind i think they let me stay long because i was making good T.V

VH1access: Who did you get along with the most on the show?

Jennavecia: i would have to say kevin because too me i felt like he was the most realest person on their besides myself!

VH1access: You had some drama with Jacob at the beginning of the show and with Dayna (Angelo's girlfriend) what are your thoughts about them?

Jennavecia: the whole thing with jacob we put that past us long time ago on the show but they didnt show it right now were like cordial its a business thing for the most of it! and with Dayna LAMEAAAA i could careless like i said ill roll harder than that!

VH1access: Are you and Kyle still together?

Jennavecia: yes, were still working some things out right now

VH1access: Now let's talk about Bad Girls Club you were on the 2nd season of the show, is it ironic that you and Tanisha both have VH1 shows airing at the time?

Jennavecia: honestly i think they casted her for some drama on that show but hey if it works it works!

VH1access: How did you feel about the 4th season of the Bad Girls Club that just aired? What are your thoughts on the girls?

Jennavecia: it was a good show! but people still cant keep their mouths shut on my season!

and as for the girls i would say



lexie=was just their to be the 8th bitch

natalie=amusing makes good t.v!

portia=seems real!

flo=i would say i think we would get along good!

Vh1access: What have you been doing now since your departure from Tool Academy 3?

Jennavecia: i been hosting club from cities to cities its good!

VH1access: Well thank you for doing this interview with me Jennavecia. Do you want to give a shout out to anyone?

Jennavecia: no problem i wanna give a shout out to all my JENNAVECIA FANS YOUR THE FUVKIN BEST AND EVEN TOO ALL YOU HATERS OUT THERE
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Wiggly to audition for another show?

On her Facebook Page Wiggy from Real Chance of love 2 posted something interesting on her wall.

"Holy shit! I just got a phone call to audition for another show!"

Could it be the early stages of Charm School 4? or perhaps the I Love Money 3 re-tape which is rumored to be filmed this summer. The way she reacted to it makes me think it's another VH1 show.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What Chili Wants Supertrailer

"Above is an extended look at What Chilli Wants, the upcoming VH1 series that will chronicle Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas‘ search for love/male perfection. It turns out that what Chilli wants is a laundry list of traits in a man, including charm, pork-abstinence and washboard abs. As her friend Missy Elliott puts it, “No one’s gonna meet those standards. Date Jesus!” Sounds like someone’s working on a show pitch!

Anyway, along the way Chilli will be aided by “relationship expert” Tionna Smalls and possibly distracted by boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Read more about What Chilli Wants in our upcoming shows announcement, and tune in when it premieres on-air Sunday, April 11 at 10:30/9:30c."

Watch the Supertrailer

I have a feeling that this show will be similair to Let's Talk About Pep

Monday, March 22, 2010

NEW POLL: Who Will Win Frank The Entertainer?

This show is almost over and now it is down to the final 3 ladies.

Cathy: She never won a challenge but she has made it to the final 3. She also had sex with Frank, will she win Frank's heart.

Kerry: From the start I knew that Kerry was going to be a front runner on this show, will she win Frank's heart?

Felicia: She has won the most dates out of all the girls. Will she win Frank's heart?

Make your vote

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tough Love Couples Revealed

Tough Love is back! but this this season will deak with couples. Six couples, six troubled reltaionsips. Steve and his mother JoAnn will help these couples establish their realtionships with lessons each week and at the at the end they will determine if they want to continue with their relastionships or move on.

Tough Love Couples airs Monday April 12th.

Click here to see the cast

Monday, March 15, 2010

Stacey Dash has a new VH1 show coming soon.

Heys guys I know it's been a minute, I do not have internet connection as of right now that is why I have not updated my site in a while. But I am borrowing my friends laptop so here is an update for you all. Clueless star Stacey Dash will be having a VH1 show coming soon with the producers of Jersey Shorw. This show will focus on everyday life.

Stacey Dash was on Wendy Williams show, and she announced that she will be having her own day in the life show on vh1, with the same producer of Jersey Shore. She is single again for the first time in her LIFE since she was 17 years old, and she is out, and ready to live for herself. She has been married 3 times, Each of her marriages started with sex on the first date and they all asked her to marry them afterwards, thats how fast she got married back to back. She has 2 children out of 2 of her husbands. She has only had interracial reationships, because her only 3 loves, and husbands were Caucasian. She also said that as of now she is dating Jaime Foxx!

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