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Thursday, May 18, 2017

VIDEO: Jackie Christie Says Her Daughter Takeri Suffers From Depression, Takeri Fires Back

Jackie vs Takari... Again

Jackie Christie appeared on 'The Quincy Adams Show' and talked about her daughter Takari.  Jackie reveals that she loves her daughter 'from a distance' because she suffers from depression. 

Takari took to instagram and fired back at her accusing jackie of throwing her under the bus

  First off, I find it wrong for you to go on TV and diagnose me with ANYTHING!! You have not been to a Dr. Appt or mental health facility with me to know anything about my health. Not even my hearing.

I totally understand being under pressure and needing a quick way to deflect an uncomfortable subject, but how do you do that by throwing me under the bus? Like I can’t respond back.

Out of respect I will always keep it classy and respectful, but taking my kindness and humble attitude for a weakness isn’t wise.

Every phony medical condition, childhood “stories”and so forth will be addressed. So if the plan is to lie me away, good luck with that.

I’m shocked at the continuation of lies and false allegations against me and my family in an attempt to discredit me. I learned long ago to be skeptical of you and anything you do, so if your mother’s day text and Thank you text for my post was for your show I would not be surprised. Hard to imagine two days later, you would blatantly state an unfounded lie, that I’m depressed and need to be loved from a distance.

If you don’t want to own up to it, don’t talk about it. “No comment” is enough.

The continued concern on who does or doesn’t do for my kids, whose lives you are not apart of, is getting out of hand, too. Then, again we can talk about the past if you want.

P.S Dad says hello!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

'BBWLA' Newbie Saniyyah Samaa Addresses Her Grand Theft Past On Instagram

Saniyyah Addresses Theft Rumors

Saniyyah Samma, who is stylist and one of the new cast members on this season's Basketball Wives' Took to her instagram page yesterday to address rumors that she was arrested for theft. Bossip reported back in 2012 that she was arrested in atlanta for grand theft and was allegedly known for credit card schemes and drug trafficking. 

Saniyyah took to instagram and said in 2011 she was at a hotel under someone's else' name but her ID was used to check herself in

To address all these "theft" rumors in my comments... In 2011 I stayed at a hotel in ATL on a "hookup"... the room was in someone else's name (on their hookup) but my ID was used to check myself in. Me and (a close friend at the time) stayed there for approximately 4 or 5 days and ran up a room service bill. We left the hotel with unpaid charges. Being as tho my ID was on file, they put the charges on me. I later found out I had a warrant for this. Time went by and I was no longer friends with this person..... In 2012 I was staying in ATL at another hotel and posted a pic with my location. A person that I once considered a FRIEND contacted Atlanta PD and told where I was staying. I was arrested early that next morning for THEFT OF SERVICE!!! This same FRIEND waited for my mug shot to be posted online and blasted it all over social media along with a made up story that I robbed Meek Mill, stole from him and a bunch of other bullshit. In an attempt to slander my name or embarrass me. 🀷🏽‍♀️ I still, til this day, do not know what I did to deserve this!! However, for the past 5yrs I've had to live with these LIES and wear the label of a THIEF on my back. I've also waited 5yrs for Meek (another person I considered a friend) to speak up for me. Being as tho the rumors were NOT TRUE!! That day never came. I brushed it off and went on living my life. My career as "celebrity stylist" was hindered.. but that never stopped me!!! I was given the opportunity to be apart of a hit tv show "BASKETBALL WIVES LA"... not as "The ex of..." "The baby mother of..." "The wife of..." but SANIY'YAH "CELEBRITY STYLIST" to the stars!! LOOK AT GOD!!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ½ I have the opportunity to tell MY STORY to the WORLD and finally clear my good name!!! "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies... you anoint my head with oil... my cup overflows"  Psalm 23:5 πŸ™πŸ½ God never said weapons wouldn't form. He just promised they wouldn't prosper... 🀷🏽‍♀️πŸ™ŒπŸ½ LOOK AT ME NOW!!! 😝 #GodsChild #iAmSaniyyahSamaa #BBWLA6 #BasketballWives #SLAYniyyah πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ€£
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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Karen King EXPOSES Tommie On IG Live After Tommie Calls Her 'Fake'

 KK Exposes Tommie On IG Live

Today, Tommie and Karen King of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' went at it on Instagram. It all started when Tommie post an instagram calling KK 'fake' about her drinking. Apparently, Tommie did not like that KK was budding in at her family business on last night's episode on 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta'

 Tommie not called out her but also her sons


A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

Tommie fired and spilled on the tea on her on IG live which is an hour long. 

Cliff notes,

She says Tommie used to work for her doing credit card scams Tommie stole from her while scamming 10 racks -her nephew told her and she stopped talking to Tommie for 5 years

Karen put Tommie on to love and hip hop.Tommie tried out for love and hip hop years before but they thought she was a clown.

Tommie was a drunk when she use to work for her falling asleep on the job... Tommie currently (according to Karen) falls asleep in her backyard (drunk) and her kids step over her

Tommie tried to fuck kk lawyer so she could use him as a sugar daddy but Tommie was not good enough for him

Tommie wears Steve Madden

Producers put the spotlight on Tommie while filming and cater to her and also treat kk like shit.. but when Tommie is fighting and being aggressive in other scenes they call kk to calm Tommie down

Tommie told ms deb that kk thinks her house is dirty .. deb called kk and said she believes tommie cus kk been to her house .. kk don't care but she didn't have a problem with deb and she never said it, but she won't kiss anyone's ass and Tammy (waka wife) has been acting funny with her so she knows it's something Tommie told her

Tommie wanted joseline to sleep with her so she could get more scenes she figured joseline was the way to get exposure .. even though kk warned her

Kk thinks joseline is smart and using the platform to rub shoulders with white people:mainstream and the other girls on the show aren't

Kk calls herself d list as well as the other cast members

kk says she's too old to fight but she will fight Tommie for charity I.e Chris and soulja

Erika won't let kk see her child due to her relationship with tommie ...she thinks Tommie is volatile..kk stuck with Tommie cus she said no one can tell her what to do..she now regrets that decision

kk is more hurt than angry..she should have never went on tv after the allegation of her killing her husband was too fresh and the scrutiny was heavy

kk may get fired after saying some of this but she don't care

tommie texted her and said kk put her kids in jail and talked shit about her youngest son

tommie got work done by some doctor for free but I don't know if she was supposed to do promo for the office or something but she never has maybe they tryna find her ETA she was supposed to pay them lol never did. don't know how the hell she got away with that

kk has had million dollar homes and employed people legally and illegally..Tommie knows and has seen her build one of her million dollar homes from scratch..and Tommie was fuckin the Lebanese guy across the street - the one who owned the restaurant

Here is the video

Woman Graduates College With 'Flavor Of Love' Star Goldie!

 Goldie Graduates College

Remember Goldie from 1st season of 'Flavor of Love'? she funny comedian on the show and also appeared on Charm School. A picture of her recently became viral. A twitter that goes by  @kat_lynD posted a picture of her graduating Fayetteville State University in North Carolina with her friend and her friend just so happens to be Goldie from Flavor Of Love. Goldie's graduation also referenced her time on the show. It said "Flav didn't choose, so i chose myself"


Monday, May 15, 2017

'Basketball Wives' Cast.. Where Are They Now?

Where Are They Now?

Whatever happened to some of past cast members from both 'basketball Wives' and 'Basketball Wives: LA'? I made a video showing some of the past cast members and see what they have been up to,

Brooke Bailey, who was on Basketball Wives LA is now married and sales her own sports gear 

Kenya Bell, is now married again

Imani Showalter, who only appears on the first season of 'Basketball Wives: LA' now lives a quite life

Kesha nicholes and Royce Reed both own they own dance companies

Meeka Claxton, who got socked by Tami now runs two magazines

Tanya Williams, who only appeared on the first episode of Basketball Wives: LA season 1 is now a contributor to Huffingtonpost

Watch the video here

'Real Housewives Of New Jersey' Star Dina Manzo and Her Boyfriend Beaten In Home Invasion

RHONJ Couple In Home Robbery

Former 'Real Housewives Of New Jersey' star Dina Manzo and her boyfriend David Cantin were victims in an home robbery invasion. PEOPLE
is reporting the couple returned home Saturday night to find two assailants inside who hit her boyfriend with a baseball bat and the other punching Dina. 
 The couple was hospitalized from their injuries.

The couple, who started dating in 2015, had attended a First Communion party for fellow former RHONJ star Teresa Giudice’s daughter, Audriana, 7, earlier that night.

 “No one should ever have to go through what they did,” Brettler says. “They are grateful to law enforcement and the other emergency responders and appreciate everyone’s concern and well-wishes.”

'LHNY' Star Cardi B Gets Nominated For Two BET Awards

 Cardi B Gets Nominated

Congrats to 'Love and Hip Hop: NY star Cardi B. Today, the 2017 BET awards was announced and Cardi B has been nominated for two awards. She has been nominated for Best Female Hip Hop Artist and Best New Artist.  Her LHNY co-star Remy has also been nominated for two awards.

Cardi B reacted to the news onTwitter

The 2017 BET awards airs on June 25th

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Pheadra Parks Blames Producers For Setting Her Up To Be Fired

Pheadra Blames Producers

Pheadra Parks is finally responding to her getting fired from 'RHOA' after speaking rumors about Kandi being a rapist and trying to drug Porsha Williams.TMZ reports that Pheadra is pissed because she thinks thr producers gave her the story about Kandi in retaliation for throwing the producers under the bus. Now Pheadra is getting death threats form people on social media

From TMZ 

The producer didn't necessarily tell her to repeat it with cameras rolling, but we're told Phaedra explained the producer's role during the reunion show. She's also angry because that was edited out of the reunion to make it look like she acted alone.

We're told the way Phaedra sees it, she was fired in retaliation for throwing producers under the bus.
Phaedra's been getting online threats, and as we reported ... at least one fan wants her to face even more punishment. We're told her office is also getting bombarded with hate mail, and her kids are getting harassed.

'Bad Girls Club' Star Tabatha Joins 'LHNY' Cast + Rocky Joins New VH1 Show

Dreamdoll Joins 'LHNY' Cast

The 8th season of Love and Hip Hop: NY is currently filming and more new cast members are joining the show. Tabatha a.k.a Dreamdoll from Bad Girsl Club is joining the show as DJ Self's new artist BGC tea


The instagram page also confirms Ridiclously Ryan and rocky from 'Bad Girl Club: Atlanta' will joining new shows on VH1.

A post shared by BGCTea (bad girls club tea) (@bgcteainc) on

Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson Shades 'American Idol' Reboot By Joining 'The Voice'

Jennifer and Kelly Join 'The Voice

Ever since news of 'American Idol' reboot, Kelly Clarkson was considered to be the judge for the show's return for ABC. But it looks she is not, the season 1 winner is now joining the 14th season of 'The Voice' which airs fall of 2018. But that's not all, Jennifer Hudson is also joining 'The Voice' for the 13th season.


Jennifer is an extraordinary vocal talent and one of the premier voices of our time. She embodies the experience, expertise, positivity and sheer talent that ‘The Voice’ stands for,” Paul Telegdy, NBC’s president of NBC’s alternative and reality group, said in a statement obtained by Variety. “Her exceptional skills as a singer and actress have extended to film, television and Broadway, which makes her an incredible addition and a natural fit for our show.”

“I’m so excited to join ‘The Voice’ at NBC,” Clarkson said in a statement. “We’ve been going back and forth with them for years on joining their team and the timing hasn’t been right until now. Ever since NBC and I worked together on my Christmas special years ago we have established an amazing relationship and I have always loved coming on to either mentor, or perform on ‘The Voice’ over the years. I can’t wait to turn my chair and see the faces of up and coming artists that I may be able to help get that push and support they’ve been needing to break into this industry. Watch out Shelton… I’m comin’ to win!”

Saturday, May 13, 2017

VIDEO: Peter Thomas And Matt Jordan Fight Video Gets Leaked!

 Matt and Peter's Fight Video Leaks

The fight video of Peter Thomas and Matt Jordan has now been leaked! Last night, Peter and Matt started trending on twitter when their radio fight leaked out. Last month, Matt Jordan and Peter Thomas fought during a radio interview in Atlanta. The video Matt Jordan coming for Peter.

Peter shared the video on his instagram

Friday, May 12, 2017

'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' Season 3 Supertrailer Is Out!

 Season 3 Trailer Is Here!

The season 3 trailer is out for 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago! The show will be back this summer and this season is going to be good. Ryan is now back with Rachel, Don and Ashley are still in their fuckery, Cobra is back and new cast member gets introduced. Charmaine also has a new man in her life

Watch the video

'Black Ink Crew' Star Skye Appears On 'Brunch With Tiffany' And It's Hilarious

 Skye Appears Om 'Brunch With Tiffany'

New York and Skye in a same room together? 'Black Ink Crew' star Skye appeared Tiffany Pollard's Vh1 web show 'Brunch With Tiffany' Last month, Skye announced that she was going to appear on her show. From watching the video, I noticed how these two are so similar. They talked about their love for plastic surgery and how both of them suffer from bi-polar.

Watch the video here

Thursday, May 11, 2017

VIDEO: 'LHATL' Star Tommie Lee Gets Kicked Off The Plane Over Alcohol

 Tommie Lee Kicked Off The Plane

Tommie Lee from 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' is at it again. TMZ released a video today showing her getting kicked off at a Delta Airline over alcohol we all  know that Tommie has a drinking problem after seeing her on the show.

TMZ reports she was asked by a stewardess to step off the plane. Her rep tells TMZ that she was NOT intoxicated

Here is the video

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

TV NEWS: 'Scandal' To End After Season 7.. 2012-2018

 'Scandal' Is Ending

It has been reported by multiple sources today that ABC's popular show 'Scandal' will be ending next year with its 7th season.  According to huffingtonpost TVline got the confirmation from sources that the show will ending in 2018. ABC will be confirming the next Tuesday when they announce its upfronts. 

'Scandal' debuted back in 2012 making Kerry Washington a female African-American lead and with big ratings. This show's current season premiered after trumps inauguration with 76. million viewers.

Will You Miss 'Scandal'?

Peter Thomas Lands Spin-Off Show and Linked Up With Sina From 'LHATL'?

 Peter Thomas and Sina Dating?

I got some tea on 'RHOA' star Peter Thomas. There has been rumors that he is now dating Yung Joc's baby mama Sina from Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. Sina posted this pic on instagram. Folks speculated that she dating him .

She is now speaking out on the rumor saying they are just friends and known him for years


 “I’ve known Peter and his brother for years,” adding that the Thomas family were her neighbors in Miami years ago. 

What about the awfully cozy photo of Sina and Peter? She explained that she had been hosting a party three hours away from Thomas’ Charlotte bar, Sports One, and called him to meet up.

Bina also revealed that her old friend had no clue that she had starred on reality previously too. Bina was a guest on "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" due to being Yung Joc's baby mama. The former couple have twins together.

Peter Thomas also shot a pilot for a potential spin-show about his restaurant on North Carolina Wetpaint reports

MTV Star Rob Dyrdek Speaks About Big Black's Death; He Had A Heart Attack

 Rob Dyrdek Speaks On Big Black's Death

MTV star Rob Dyrdek took to twitter to speak on the death is his co-star 'Big Black' who died yesterday. They both had an MTV show called "Rob & Big". On twitter he he tweets "My heart is broke, I don't want to write this post. I don;t want to believe that this is reality. I am so thankful for you"

His ex-wife is also speaking and she she says that he has been in the hospital for days due to heart issues.

from TMZ

Chris' ex-wife, Shannon Turley, tells us Chris was hospitalized in Plano, TX for several days while doctors monitored his heart. He'd been struggling with heart issues, and already had a defibrillator implanted in his chest.
She says doctors tried to resuscitate Chris for 30 minutes when his heart gave out on Tuesday. He died at 4 PM. Shannon says Chris was not on the transplant list yet, but doctors said he was heading in that direction.

'Dance Moms' Star Abby Lee Miller Gets Sentenced To Prison For Fraud

 Abby Lee Miller Speaks out

Another reality TV star is going to prison. 'Dance Mom's star Abby Lee Miller has been sentenced to prison for bankruptcy fraud and bringing in currency from Australia and not report it. She has been sentenced to 366 in jail and has to pay a fine of 40,000 and 120,000 judgement. 

She has now speaking out to Good Morning America and says 'it sounds like a movie title'  She the popular show 'Dance Moms' and was replaced by Dancing With The Stars alum Cheryl Burke

"I hope to be a smarter businesswoman and also to worry about myself,” Miller continued. “I have spent so much time and so much energy making other people’s children stars. I didn’t have any children of my own. These were my kids and I raised them like they were my kids.”

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

TV NEWS: 'American Idol' Gets Revived By ABC

 'American Idol' Is Returning

It has been officially confirmed today that 'American Idol' will returning next year. After reports his past week of the show returning to ABC. The network has confirmed it will be resurrecting the show next year March of 2018

Here is video of the network confirming the news.

No word yet if Ryan Seacrest will returning as host. HE is not the co-host for 'Live With kelly Ripa' as for the judges, Kelly Clarkson has been rumored to be joining the show as judge.

Do you think American Idol Should Come Back?

Is Jackie Christie Getting Her Own Spin-Off Show?

 Is Jackie Getting A Spin-Off?

Is Jackie Christie getting her own spin-off show? Early this week, the 'Basketball Wives' star tweeted to her fans that she will be filming her new show next month.

What could it be?

Would you watch a spin-off show featuring Jackie Christie?

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Gets The SNL Treatment, Trinity Taylor Responds To Getting Mentioned

'RuPaul Drag Race' Gets Spoofed

Since its move to VH1, 'RuPaul's Drag Race' is getting even popular than before. The show won Best Reality Competition show at the MTV's Movie & TV Awards and the show also got got spoofed on SNL this past weekend. 'Saturday Night Live' did ask it which featured actor Chris Pine who was hosting the show , Kenean Thompson, Bobby Moyihan ect as mechanics doing the famous 'lip sync for your life.

Watch the video

Season 9 contestant Trinity Taylor was also mentioned on the skit and did an interview with billboard

Her response

 I was on Instagram Live and my cast member Alexis Michelle was in the chat and she was like, ‘Oh my god! They mentioned you on SNL! Turn it on right now.’ I couldn’t because I didn’t know what channel it was, but I was so surprised.

I thought that they had maybe just said my name with the rest of the girls, but then I watched the skit and saw that they said my name several times and it made my whole week.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Pheadra Parks Gets FIRED from 'RHOA' For Spreading Rape Rumors About Kandi

 Pheadra Parks FIRED From 'RHOA'

It has been reported today by TMZ hat Pheadra parks has been fired from 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' after last night's reunion bombshell. If you saw the part 4 of the reunion last night, we found out that Pheadra was the one who spread the rumors about Kandi and Todd that they wanted to drug and rape Porsha. 

Video of people's reaction

Sources close to the production tell us Phaedra was let go due to a rumor she told Porsha Williams about Kandi Burruss during the course of this latest season, which came to dramatic end Sunday night.
We're told that during filming for the show, Phaedra had told Porsha that Kandi and her hubby, Todd Tucker, were planning to drug Porsha and take her back to their home to take advantage of her sexually. Kandi threatened Bravo if they aired that clip ... so they didn't.

Kandi told Bravo that they needed to fire Pheadra for the rumor. 


New 'LHHH' Cast Member Alexis Sky Says She Put Her Hands On Moniece.. See Tweets

Alexis Sky Comes For Moniece

Well upcoming 4th season of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood is going to full of drama. It seems like new 'LHHH' cast member Alexis Sky and Moniece Slaughter. In an instagram video Alexis claims she put her hands on Moneice and according to her posts, she beat Moneice's ass. 

Moniece denies it. The is same girl who also has beef with Masika because she was also messing with Feet Wap.

Here are their posts thanks to The Shade Room


New cast members revealed

Here Alexis video coming for Masika, Moniece and Nia

A post shared by Love & Hip Hop Tea & Videos πŸ’‹ (@loveandhiphoptea4u) on

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Ceaser Opens A 'Black Ink Crew' Shop In Orlando

'Black Ink Crew' In Orlando

'Black Ink Crew' star Ceaser continues to make moves. Not only will there be a 'Black Ink Crew in Atlanta' but he also just opened another 'Black Ink Crew' shop in Orlando, Florida. 


He posted a video on Instagram

A post shared by Ceaser Emanuel (@ceaserblackink) on

Will there be a Black Ink Crew: Orlando?

Mimi Faust Allegedly Files Restraining Order To Joseline Against Her Daughter Eva

 Mimi Files a Restraining Order?

The 6th season of 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' does not end until June but Lipstick Alley spilled exclusive tea about Mimi and Joseline. Apparently, this past Tuesday, Mimi allegedly filed a temporary retraining order to Joseline against her daughter Eva. 

If you all been watching the show, Mimi warned Stevie J that she would file a restraining order to Joseline so she don't get close to Eva. Last year, Joseline accused Steve of being a child molester.

Here is is more
 In the protective order, she noted that Joseline has accused Stevie J on social media of molesting their child, which she said is unfounded craziness and led to child protective services coming to her home. Joseline has attacked Mimi physically twice and threatened more violence multiple times, she said. She claimed that Joseline used illegal drugs openly at her residence. She noted Joseline’s past “erratic and irresponsible behavior, including allowing guests to enter and exit premises after midnight and allowing guests to openly use illegal drugs on the premises.”
“I don’t want my daughter around anyone of that nature,” she said.

In the past, she said she had asked Stevie J to keep Joseline away from her daughter and he has not paid heed. So she wants legal protection.

“If he’s not going to protect my daughter, I will,” Mimi said. “If the shoe were in his foot, he’d do exactly what I’m doing. I don’t understand why he thinks this is okay. This is not okay with me in any respect.”


'Shot At Love With Tequila' Contestant Has Been Found Dead

 Ashley McNeely Found Dead

Sad news to report. It was reported this week that Ashley Mcneely who appeared on 'A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila' has been found dead. As if right now the cause of death is unclear.

from TMZ

Ashley McNeely -- who appeared with Tila Tequila on her reality show, 'Shot at Love' -- was found dead Thursday ... TMZ has learned.
Law enforcement sources tell us cops responded to an incident and found him dead in his hometown, Beckley, WV. The circumstances surrounding his death are unclear.
McNeely had his moment ... in 2004 he rang in the New Year with Ryan Seacrest for the Times Square crystal ball drop on ABC.
Ashley also appeared on 6 episodes of the series, "That's Amore!"

Friday, May 5, 2017

CELEBRITY TEA : Chris Brown Gets Served With Retraining Order From Karrueche

Chris Brown Hit With Restraining Order

In today's celebrity tea news, Chris Brown has been served with a restraining order from his  ex Karrueche. TMZ reported today that Karrueche finally served him with a restraining order after he allegedly planned  to shoot her and kept harassing her.

Chris Brown was just on the receiving end of the old adage, "If at first you don't succeed, try try again," because Karrueche FINALLY was able to serve him with legal docs triggered by alleged death threats
And speaking of adages, it's the classic insult to injury, because Chris was served at his birthday bash. We've confirmed he was leaving Grooves nightclub in Houston when a process server slapped him with papers ... and Chris was pissed.
TMZ broke the story ... Karrueche wants a judge to order Chris to stay clear of her, claiming he threatened to shoot her and has resorted to physical violence, punching her in the stomach and throwing her down the stairs.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

NFL Player Bryant McKinnie Joins 'Love and Hip Hop: Miami' Cast'

NFL Player Joins 'LHHMIA'

We have out confirmed cast member for 'Love and Hip Hop: Miami. Former NFL player Brant Mckinnie has joined the cast of 'Love and Hip Hop" Miami which will be the new Love and Hip Hop spin -off. TMZ sports  has confirmed that he has been filming the show for months. 

 "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" just made a HUGE, GIGANTIC free agent pickup ... 'cause ex-NFL Pro Bowler Bryant McKinnie is joining the cast ... the 1st athlete in the history of the franchise.
Sources close to the production tell TMZ Sports Mckinnie has actually been shooting with 'L&HHM' for a couple of months now, and will be a fixture on the new show next season."

Besides being a former NFL player, he is also a Grammy award winning music producer.


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