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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Karen and Btrittany Respond To Being Banned From Big Ang's Memorial

Karen and Brittany Respond To Being Banned

Karen Gravano and Brittany Forgarty is fnally responding to reports from being banned from Big Ang's memorial over the weekend. Both were not invited due to both their father's history. Karen responded by saying ths situation was never about her father and was about respecting her friend.  

 "My situation isn’t about my father, it isn’t about anyone else. It’s about paying respects to my friend. I wanted to say my goodbyes to Ang and pay respect to her and her family and an army couldn’t stop me. I was just happy to be there. Let people believe what they want to believe. I was there and I walked out holding her casket.”

Brittany, who received a phone call  Renee's sister, says she was crying hysterically when she found out she was banned 

 "I think that it’s unfortunate that I couldn’t be at any of Ang’s services this weekend, and that I couldn’t say bye to her in that way. The last thing that I would want is to go there and cause a scene. This is about celebrating Ang’s life and the fact that her family has to say bye to such a beautiful person, and I want to respect that. I was called on Saturday, by a mutual friend, and told not to attend the services because of something my father did. I was in my car heading over and pulled over and started hysterically crying. I was already upset because I was headed to her services, but pulled over and cried hysterically when I found out I couldn’t go. I was really taken aback when I received the call; I was not expecting it at all. Ang never judged me for the actions of my father."

Monday, February 22, 2016

PICS: 'Mob Wives' Star Big Ang Was Finally Laid To Rest Today

 Big Ang Laid To Rest

Today, Big Ang was finally laid to rest in Statan Island in a private funeral held in Basilica Of Regina Pacis as her co-stars and family members pay their last respects.  Big Ang's sister Janine Detore  spoke at her funeral revealing that that Big ang was 'ready to die" She also said that she was already a star long before TV.

 "A few days before her death, my sister said she was at peace with dying and she was ready,” Detore told the crowd. “I said, 'I'm not!' She said, 'Get over it!’” 

 “She was a star long before TV,” Detore continued. "Mob Wives didn't make her a star, she made the show a hit."

Here are some pics



Sunday, February 21, 2016

Drita ALLEGEDLY Accused Of Stealing The Spotlight At Big Ang's Memorial And Karen Get Banned

 Drama At Big Ang's Memorial

This weekend Big Ang's wake took place in Brooklyn where bunch of fans and her Mob Wives' co-stars showed to her public memorial.This past Thursday, Big Ang passed away from stage four lung and brain cancer. Apparently from what I'be heard there were some alleged cattiness going on between the cast members.

According to  All About The Tea Karen Gravano  an Brittany Forgaty was banned for attending her memorial due to both of their fathers' being 'rats'. The site reports that brittanyand  her mother was about to attend the memorial when they received a phone call from Drita telling them the were not welcome. 

Speaking of Drita, there is also alleged drama surrounding her. Hollwoodlife
exclusively reports that Big Ang's family wasn't happy with her behavior when she showed up with bodyguards

Carla and Renee ( who were both there)  also took jabs at her without saying her name on Instagram

Drita did not repsond back but Natalie Guerico, who was also, there took to to twitter to defend her.


It looks like Big Ang's family had no issues with Drita as Drita just tweeted this 

Weekly Recap: Mob Wives (Season 6)- Episode 07

Photo/ VH1

Season 6
Mob Wives
Episode 07 RECAP 

Ashley Miller recaps on episode 07 of Mob Wives

Weekly Recap: Real Housewives Of Atlanta (Season 6)- Episode 14

Photo/ Bravo

Season 6
Real Housewives Of Atlanta
Episode 14 RECAP 

Ashley Miller recaps on episode 14 of Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Friday, February 19, 2016

TV NEWS: Star Jones' Novel 'Satan's Sisters' To Be Made Into A VH1 Show

VH1 Greenlights 'Statan's Sisters'

It has been confirmed that VH1 will be making a TV show version of star Jones' 2011 novel "Statan Sisters' which is based on her time on "The View" The show will be about five females hosting a show together called "The Lunch Hour' and drama unfolds behind the scenes.

 Satan’s Sisters” will focus on the five female co-hosts of a popular daily TV talk show and the fireworks that ensue each weekday when they discuss life, love, family, politics and gossip. These women, who all have very different points of view, are best friends and sisters — while they’re on TV. But behind the scenes, they are “Satan’s Sisters” — a backstage world filled with power struggles, personal demons, diva fits, love affairs, man troubles, cat fights and cocktails.

Star Jones was also "The View" confirming the news


Entire Season Of 'Flavor Of Love: Charm School' Is On YouTube

 Watch FOL Charm School On YouTube

If you guys enjoyed the special marathon of Flavor Of Love' last Friday then you will enjoy this! The entire season of Flavor Of love: Charm school' All 11 episodes including the reunion show has been uploaded on YouTube
recently by Cain Amador. The show premiered back in 2007 which starred comedian and Oscar winner MoNique.

Episode 01


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Big Ang Dies From Cancer At Age 55. #RIPBigAng

Big Ang Dies At 55

It's officially and sadly been reported today that Mob Wives star Big Ang has lost her battle with stage four brain and lung cancer this morning at 3:01AM according to her twitter page

Tribute Video:

Death reports initially started last night when Mob Wives aired but at the time she was in her deathbed, still hanging on.  Big Ang's funeral is set for this weekend and will buried on Monday.

Tribute video:

Here are some tweets from her Mob Wives co-stars

Big Ang Is Still Fighting For Her Life following Death Rumors

Big Ang Surrounded By Family

Reports came out from Entertainment tonight  this evening that Mob Wives star Big ang passed away from her battle with stage 4 lung and brain cancer. Big Ang's twitter was update to long ago saying she is sTILL fighting for her life as she is in the hospital in NYC

Big Ang also recently appeared on Dr. Oz show this week

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bravo Announces 'Real Housewives Of Dallas' Cast

Photo/ Bravo

'Real Housewives Of Dallas' Cast Announced

Bravo has  officially announced the cast for 'Real Housewives Of Dallas'  
which will be premiering on April 11th. back in December it was announced that Bravo will be producing two new Real Housewives series one was Potomic which premiered last month and Dallas. 


The cast features five women

 Brandi Redmond, former Dallas cowboy cheerleader

Cary Deuber, wife of a plastic surgeon
LeAnne Locken, former Miss USA cotestant

Stephanie Hollman, girl next door
Tiffany Hendra, actress, host and model

Another 'The Bachelor' Contestant Commits Suicide

 'The Bachelor' Contestant Dies

Another contestant from the 14th season of 'The Bachelor' has committed suicide. Lex McAllistor who appeared on Jake Pevelka's season on show overdosed on prescription pills on Saturday but at the hospital this past Tuesday.  She is second contestant to pass away from suicide in the same season. Back in August of 2013, Gia Allamond who was the runner-up on the show also commited suicide.

Jake Palvelka responded to her death 


Tara Wallace Gives Birth To Her Third Child With Peter Gunz

 Tara Wallace Gives Birth

It has been reported recently  that Love and Hip Hop: NY star Tara Wallace has given birth to her 3rd son with Peter Gunz this past Saturday. She named the baby Gunner Pankey.  During the time reunion show was filmed she was read to pop. Amina , who is also pregnant again, announced she was pregnant during the taping of the reunion show which is set to air soon

"Tara tells Lifestyle Magazine that her and Peter are happy to have a new addition to the family."


Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekly Recap: Mob Wives: Season 6- Episode 06


 Season 6
Mob Wives
Episode 06 

Ashley Miller recaps on the 6th episode of Mob Wives. Big Ang fights she has lung cancer.


Weekly Recap: Love and Hip Hop: NY (Season 6)- Episode 09

Photo/ VH1

Season 6
Love and Hip Hop: NY
Episode 09 

Ashley Miller recaps on the 9th episode of Love and Hip Hop: NY


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Amber Gets FIRED From 'LHHH' and Blames It On Milan Christopher

Amber Gets Fired From 'LHHH'

Amber, who appeared last season of 'Love and Hip hop: Hollywood' has been FIRED from the show.  It has been revealed by TMZ that she blames her firing on Milan Christopher for dragging her name in social media. TMZ says she found she got the ax 'when a call sheet did not come her way'

The two have been 'exposing' eachother on twitter. She accuses Milan of faking his relationship with Miles just to get on the show and he been accusing her of knowing Miles was gay all along 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Erica Dixon Reveals Why She Is Leaving 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta'

Erica Dixon Quits 'LHATL'

It looks Erica Dixon is done with Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. She revealed the news exclusively this week to Wetpaint that she will NOT be returning for the show's 5th season which will be premiering soon. She says that it's 'mentally draining' and that it's not all glitz and glamour.

 "You won’t see me on ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’,” she said while promoting her Klass 6 hair and clothing line. “It’s been peaceful. People don’t understand—they just think it’s all this glitz and glamour because you’re on TV, but there’s so much that comes with it.

It’s mentally draining and physically draining and people just don’t get that you know? And with me being a mom, I still have to put on a face when it comes to her no matter what I’m going through. I can honestly say I’m at peace and I’m happy.”

Erica is now moving forward working on a children's book 

'Mob Wives' Star Drita Davanzo Gets Arrested For Allegedly Assualting Woman.. Tweets and Video Here

Mob Wives star Drita Davanzo has been arrested
yesterday fora allegedly assaulting a women by the name of Mary Bratti in Statan island.  TMZ says cops arrested Drita with a misdemeanor charge.The woman uploaded the video last night which shows Drita's husband Lee confronting her and Drita was in the car.  

Another video on Facebook shoes Drita showing up at her porch  and they began fighting.

Drita from Mob Wives fighting someone... Lee called Drita up to fight this woman.. Here's where it all started -
Posted by Joey Realitytvblog on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Love also went on Twitter


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Weekly Recap: Mob Wives (Season 6) Episodes 04 and 05

Photo/ VH1

 Season 6
Mob Wives
Episode 04 and 05

Ashley Miller recaps on episodes 04 and 05. The women all meet to confront Drita; Brittany and Marissa get into it. 


Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekly Recap: Love and Hip Hop: Ny (Season 6)- Episodes 07 and 08

Photo/ VH1

Season 6
Love and Hip Hop: NY
Episodes 7 and 8 RECAP

Ashley Miller recaps on episodes 07 and 08. Peter tells Amina that Tara is pregnant. Mariah Lynn is caught up in a love triangle with her, Rich and Cisco

Weekly Recap: Real Housewives Of Atlanta (Season 8)- Episode 12 and 13

Photo/ Bravo

 Season 6
Real Housewives Of Atlanta
Episodes 12 and 13 RECAP 

Ashley Miller recaps on the episodes 12 and 13 of Real Housewives Of Atlanta. On episode 12, Kim invites the girls to a 'beatless' brunch where the girls are supposed to wear no makeup. Kenya Moore some type f the way about leads to a beef between them on the next episode. 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

'Mob Wives' Cast Films Season 6 Reunion Show; Renee Confirms Big Ang Was There

 'Mob Wives' Cast Films Final Reunion Show

The cast of  'Mob Wives' just their final reunion show this past Friday. According  to their tweets, Drita is happy that the is over. Renee also confirmed that Big Ang as at the reunion show after rumors came out that she did not show due to her recent battle with cancer.


Here are some pics and tweets

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