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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fat Joe Calls Daddy Yankee A Sell Out

“I opened the newspaper and got sick to my stomach,” Joe continued. “I felt like I wanted to vomit when I seen that. The reason why I called him a sellout is because I feel he did that for a [publicity] look, rather than the issues that are affecting his people that look up to him. How could you want John McCain in office when George Bush and the Republicans already have half a million people losing their homes in foreclosure? We’re fighting an unjust war. It’s the Latinos and black kids up in the frontlines, fighting that war. … We over here trying to take the troops out of Iraq and bring peace. This guy immediately wants war. If not with Iraq or Afghanistan, he’ll start a new one with Iran. I feel real disgusted that Daddy Yankee would do that. Either he did that for a look, or he’s just not educated on politics.”

Amy Winehouse Might Face Lawsuit Over No Show

According to, the organizers of Rock en Seine festival are threatening legal action against Amy for her cancellation claiming there was “no explanation of the exact reasons for her absence”. Organisers said they were given just two hours notice that Amy, who was headlining the concert, would not be appearing. A statement on the Rock En Seine website said Winehouse’s appearance had to be scrapped at the “last minute”. The statement added: “We are very sorry about this situation and share the disappointment of the festival-goers.”

New York To Star Opposite Will Smith?

Could Tiffany “New York” Pollard be finally realizing her dream of becoming a “legitimate” actress. spoke with a person who works in production of the upcoming film The Trial of the Chicago 7 and according to her, New York will be getting a role in the film

And get this … this ain’t just any movie. The movie, The Trial of the Chicago 7, is reported to be starring Will Smith and will be directed by Steven Spielberg. Yes, you heard us right Will Smith and Steven Spielberg.

“Casting isn’t done yet, but [Tiffany] is definitely high on the list. I don’t think she’ll get a lead role, but I’d bet that when it’s all said and done, she has a solid speaking part “

Did you just hear that noise … it was us falling the F@#$ OUT!!! Congrats New York!!!!

I Love Money: Episode 9 Sneak Peek

New York Goes To Hollywood- Episode 5 Sneak Peek

Rihanna Goes To Popeyes

One Tree Hil season 6 Sneak Peak

Sneak Peak #1

Sneak Peak #2

Sneak Peak #3

Sneak Peak #4

Sneak Peak #5

Jennifer Aniston to return to NBC

NEW YORK (AP) -- Jennifer Aniston will return home to NBC, the TV network where she became a breakout star on the hit sitcom "Friends."

She's currently filming a guest appearance on the network's "30 Rock," Aniston publicist Stephen Huvane confirmed Friday.

There were no immediate details on the role Aniston will play — as herself or a fictitious character — or the episode's planned air date.

The New York-based series, which begins its third season in October, stars Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin in a behind-the-scenes, sometimes self-directed spoof of a television network and the huge corporation that owns it. The show has won a modest but devoted following, and critical raves. Awards include Golden Globes, a Peabody and last year's Emmy for outstanding comedy series.

With its show-biz slant, it has become a haven for guest appearances by big names from entertainment — even politics, including Al Gore.

Another of the six-member "Friends" troupe, David Schwimmer, had a "30 Rock" guest shot last season.

Since "Friends" concluded its highly successful 10-year run in 2004, Aniston has concentrated on films, including "Friends with Money," "The Break-Up."

Desperate Housewives: Season 5 Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of season 5 of Desperate Houswives enjoy!

Keri Hilson F/Timbaland- Return The Favor (NEW SONG)


Here is a brand new song from Keri Hilson titled "Return The Favor" featuring Timbaland. enjoy!

your thoughst?

Video Premeire: The Plain White T's- Natural Disaster

Here is the video of The Plain White T's new single called "Natural Disaster" off of thier new upcomign album titled "Big Bad World" which is due out in September.

Your thoughts? I love it!

Live Performance: Katy Perry- Hot N Cold (Today Show)

Here is Katy Perry performing Hot N Cold which is her next single at The Today Show.

Video Premeire: Maria Mena- All This Time

Here is the official video Mariah Mena's single called " All This Time" off her upcoming album "Cause & Effect"

Friday, August 29, 2008

Christina Milian- One Kiss Leaked


Here is a new song by Christina Amilian called "One Kiss" enjoy!

JT's Blog Review: goldpiecexl

Ok my 1st blog review is by goldpiecexl. Her blog is very simple, unique, fun & entertaining. The videos are very intersting to watch. My favorite video is the Magic Shadow Puppets, amazing video! Other videos are Bike stunts, amazing card tricks ect It's definelty worth your time to take a visit.

My Rating: 10/10 (Click Here)

The New Singers...

I am a new contributor in Entertainment Zone. My name is Arrica Lee,15 from Malaysia. You can know more about me by going through my profile =]

Nowadays, there are many new singers dominating the booming industry. What with all those reality shows and competitions that run along with it that I am sure one day, it will be just too crowded and competitive.

Anyhow, I enlist here, a few new singers who may be the next big thing. I will not be surprise if they dominate the 'oldies' in the next 5 years. So, prepare to say goodbye to Britney Spears, Madonna, Westlife,etc.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, welcome....

a) Miley Cyrus
-Known for her role as Hannah Montana, she is simply cute and sweet-looking.
-She composes song!
-The soundtrack Hannah Montana, featuring her debut at #1 best-selling album.
-See You Again has been one of the top songs with teens.

b) Rihanna
-Say to be the next Beyonce. No surprise here...
-Her songs blow me away, from Take A Bow, Disturbia to Don't Stop The Music
-When will she start to act? Can't wait to see...

c) Leona Lewis
-Her breaking song, Bleeding Love, make her become one of the most popular newbies.
-The chance of appearing in Beijing Olympic closing proves that she is in the wanted list.
-Latest song, Better In Time is voted as one of the best song in Mocha Quest

d) Jonas Brother
-They are loved by girls[and perhaps some envy boys]
-Very soothing and romantic song with SOS, When you Look Me in The Eyes and Burnin' Up
-Cuties rules....

Well, I am still looking forward to hearing more of these newbies' songs. Let's just keep our hands crossed...meanwhile check out my site, =]

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Follow my blog

I added a new gadget on my blog called Follow My Blog, to keep track on what kind of users visit my blog & that are fans of my blog. I thik it's interesting to see what type of usres visit my blog so please on the right side click Follow Blog if your a fan of my blog.

Thanks, JT

Christina Aguilera's Inspire commercial


Here is the commercial of Christina Aguilera's new fragrance called Inspire

Olympic winner Micheal Phelps to host SNL

Eight-time Olympic gold medal winner Michael Phelps will host the season premiere of Saturday Night Live next month.

The first episode of the comedy show's 34th series airs on September 13. It will feature music from Lil Wayne.

Phelps has been the focus of media attention since he broke swimmer Mark Spitz's record for the most gold medals in a single Games.

The Beijing champion follows in the footsteps of skater Nancy Kerrigan and skier Jonny Moseley, who also competed at Olympics and hosted the show.

Dido's new album "Safe Trip Home" due out on Nov 4th

The new album from Dido, Safe Trip Home will be released by the RCA Label Group on November 4, 2008.

Recorded in Los Angeles and London, Safe Trip Home is co-produced by: Jon Brion (Fiona Apple, Kanye West, Rufus Wainwright, Eels) Ark, the new production company of Rollo Armstrong (Faithless) and Dido. The record also features a song co-written with Brian Eno.

To coincide with this announcement a track from the album will be available for free download.

From Friday, August 22, "Look No Further" will be available from A single, "Don't Believe in Love," will also be released in both physical and digital formats ahead of the album.

Safe Trip Home is Dido's third studio record, following her globally chart topping albums No Angel and Life for Rent."

Hilary' Duff's father arrested

HOUSTON - A judge in Texas has ordered the father of actress and singer Hilary Duff to spend 10 days in jail for contempt of court.

Bob Duff was led away in handcuffs Wednesday during a court hearing after Judge Thomas Stansbury in Houston determined he violated an injunction against selling assets without court approval.

The Houston Chronicle reported in its online edition that Bob Duff must pay into a court repository $367,537 he earned from selling stocks last month.

Bob Duff's attorney Robert Piro said his client would post bond and file an appeal.

Bob and Susan Duff are in the midst of a bitter divorce.

Stansbury determined Bob Duff should pay Susan $12,500 for Hilary's birthday party, which was the subject of the hearing. Her mother wanted $25,000 to pay for a present and party.

Neither Hilary, whose 21st birthday is Sept. 28, nor her sister Haylie were in court.

Jessica Simpson- Do You Know has leaked


01 Come On Over
02 Remember That
03 Pray Out Loud
04 You're My Sunday
05 Sipping On History
06 Still Beautiful
07 Still Don't Stop Me
08 When I Loved You Like That
09 Might As Well Be Making Love
10 Man Enough
11 Do You Know (With Dolly Parton)

Kardinal Offishall F/The Pussycat Dolls- Tide Is High


Here is a song by Kardinal Offishall featuring The Pussycat Dolls, it's titled "Tide Is Hight" enjoy!

Youtube Video of The Week: Little man dancing

This video has been getting alot of attention lately on Youtube,it's a little man & he's dancing.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My blog now on Blogcatlog

My blog is also on Blogcatalog nowm check it out

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JT's Future Hit: September- Cry For You


Here is another song that I think will become a future hit. Cry For You by September. The song was released in Sweden about 2 years ago & now it's the song is getting alot of airplay in the U.S, the song also debuted in the Hot 100 charts, another crossover dance hit int he making.

TI F/ Rihanna- Livin The Life has leaked

Here a new song by T.I featuring Rihanna titled "Livin The Life" enjoy!


Dr. Dre's son found dead

LOS ANGELES - Dr. Dre’s 20-year-old son has died, the rapper’s publicist said Tuesday.

“Dr. Dre is mourning the loss of his son Andre Young Jr.,” publicist Lori Earl said in a statement.

Young Jr., who was named after his father, was found dead Saturday by his mother at their home in suburban Woodland Hills, county coroner’s Lt. John Kades said.

An autopsy was performed Monday, but the cause of death wasn’t likely to be determined for eight weeks while toxicology tests are done, Kades said.

Mike Myers to star in Tarantino's film "Bastard"

According to MSN, Mike Myers will be starring in a Qunetin Tarantino film called "Bastard" heres the scoop:

Quentin Tarantino turned John Travolta's entire career around with a memorable role in "Pulp Fiction," and now he's lending a similar hand to Mike Myers. According to Variety, the comedian who packed them in with the "Austin Powers" series and is the voice of the world famous green ogre "Shrek," is set to join the cast of the director's WWII thriller, "Inglorious Bastards."

No, this isn't some bizarre revamp of Myers character Fat Bastard from the "Powers" films. Instead, Tarantino's long-awaited drama will find Myers playing British General Ed Fenech, a military genius who helps devise a plan to take out a number of Nazi leaders. He'll join an already intriguing cast that includes Brad Pitt, Eli Roth (the "Hostel" director), B.J. Novak (the latest breakout star of "The Office") and another Tarantino comeback candidate, Nastassja Kinski ("Cat People").

While it's unclear how dramatic "Bastards" will be in tone, this isn't the first time Myers has stepped out of his over-the-top comedy comfort zone. In fact, he was one of the few actors to receive strong reviews in the 1998 drama "54." And that's a big compliment considering what a mess that misfire was.

Still, this role couldn't come at a better time. After the disappointing returns for this summer's "The Love Guru," the industry was questioning whether Myers could succeed at anything but the International Man of Mystery. And rumor had it that the failure of "Guru" had Myers working on putting "Austin Powers 4" on the fast track. It's still anyone's guess if and when that will occur, but, happily, "Bastards" will keep him busy once production begins Oct. 15 in Germany.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

2 new Brandy songs leaked!

Hear are 2 new songs from Brandy from her upcoming album "Human" which will eb released later this year.

First & Luv (Download)

Throw It All Away (Download)

Season 7: Dancing With Stars Cast announced!

Acording the U.S magazine, the Season 7 of Dancing With Stars was officially announced the morning. See who is going to be dancing this season:

- Kim Kardashian: Paris Hilton's former BFF, this 27-year-old is now more well-known for her E! reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians — and her famous booty.

- Lance Bass: The former *NSYNC member, 29, came out of the closet in 2006. His autobiography, Out of Sync, was a New York Times bestseller.

- Cloris Leachman: The 82-year-old starred on the Facts of Life, which aired from 1979 to 1988, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Phyllis.

- Ted McGinley: The 50-year-old actor played neighbor Marcy D'Arcy's husband on Married…With Children, and also starred on Hope & Faith from 2003 to 2006.

- Brooke Burke: Now a mother of four, Burke hosted E! party show Wild On from 1999 to 2002.

- Toni Braxton: The "Un-Break My Heart" singer, 41, has won six Grammy Awards, and sold over 40 million records.

- Misty May-Treanor: The 33-year-old won gold in beach volleyball (with partner Kerri Walsh) at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

- Maurice Green: Green, 34, is a two-time Olympic gold medalist sprinter. He once held the world record for the 100m, with a time of 9.79 seconds.

- Jeffrey Ross: Dubbed the "Meanest Man in Comedy" by New York magazine, this stand-up comedian, 39, has hosted roasts for Donald Trump, Drew Carey and Hugh Hefner.

- Rocco DiSpirito: The former Manhattan chef, 41, became a household name thanks to his temper tantrums on 2003 show, The Restaurant.

- Warren Sapp: This defensive tackle, 35, played professional football for 13 years, both on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders.

- Cody Linley: The 18-year-old played Miley Cyrus' beau on Hannah Montana, and acted in kid's movie Hoot. He's the youngest contestant ever to appear on the show.

- Susan Lucci: The actress, 61, has played diva Erica Kane on soap opera All My Children for 38 years.

The seventh season premieres September 22.

Iron Chef becoming a video game

Yep you heard it the popular show on the food network, is turning intoa video game for Wii, according here is the scoop:

Chopping up ingredients with the Wii remote.
Creating ice cream out of the secret ingredient: whether it’s prawns, asparagus, or back fat, you can shock and delight the judges by making it into ICE CREAM!
Knife fighting. There has to be some element of violence thrown in, it’s a VIDEO game! The idea that it would be possible to repeatedly stab Rachael Ray would make this game a top seller overnight.

Actual testing of your culinary knowledge. If meat isn’t cooked properly, or your sauce overpowers the secret ingredient, you get deductions.
Hilarious and random guest judges like Steven Schirripa, Bruce Vilanch, Joel McHale, Jewel, Bonecrusher, Anderson Cooper, and Andrew Firestone (who all appeared on the television show).
Option to play the original Japanese version of the game, with hilariously bad English dubbing.
Bonus round where you have to fight a Gordon-Ramsey-headed dragon that spits fire and curses at you.


I Love Money: Episode 8 Extra Scenes

I Love Money: 12 Pack is Gone!

Ok so on the last episode it was announced that they were no more teams, on episode 8they had their 1st individual challenge, called the Backstabbing challenge, at the end Toadtee became teh paymaster. & The Entertainer,12 Pack & Whiteboy were in the box. 12 Pack wanted to be in the bos because he thought that Toastee would havr his back, well it just so happens that Megan who likes Whiteboy convinced Toastee,Brandi C & Pumkin to get rid of 12 Pack to protect their alliance, well at 12 Pack got eliminated. That is just a slap in the face.

List of Eliminations:
17)Midget Mac
10)12 Pack

Happy Birthday To Me!

I just want to let you guys today is my 21st birthday! So hit em up with a comment. & thank you all for visiting my blog & continue to do so

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Girls Aloud looking for a 6th member

Five-piece girl band Girls Aloud are looking to recruit a sixth member through a TV talent show!!

The pop act will audition thousands of hopefuls as part of an ‘X Factor-style’ series to be screened next year. All five members will form the judging panel and pick a girl to join them on stage for a live show.

The band are considering making the winner a permanent "understudy". A tv insider revealed:

"The girls have never forgotten that reality TV gave them their break. Now they want to give someone else the chance to enjoy a taste of the success they have enjoyed.”

Solange- Sol-Angel leaked


Please give a shoutout

Ok I've noticed that there has been lack of shout outs latley & i would appreciate it if you guys give a shout out & what you all think of the blog, I would love to hear your feedback

JT's Movie Review: Tropic Thunder

So today I went to see this movie & it's one of the best flicks of 2008, I reccommend you to go see this it's hilarious, Ben Stiller directed the film & he did a great job.

My Rating: 10/10

Female rapper Da Brat sent to 3 years in prison

DECATUR, Ga. (AP) — Da Brat was sentenced Friday to three years in prison for hitting a hostess in the head with a rum bottle during an altercation at a suburban Atlanta nightclub last fall.

The 34-year-old rapper, whose given name is Shawntae Harris, pleaded guilty to aggravated assault in DeKalb County. Superior Court Judge Gail Flake sentenced her to three years behind bars and seven on probation, plus 200 hours of community service and completion of substance abuse treatment, mental evaluation and anger management classes.

Harris was at a private Halloween party at Studio 72, a club in Tucker, when she struck then-Atlanta Falcons cheerleader Shayla Stevens, who was working part-time as a hostess.

A police report indicated Harris and Stevens got into a squabble after they bumped into each other. Stevens walked away and moments later was hit in the face with the bottle.

She sustained a deep cut to the cheek and some swelling on the forehead, and has a permanent scar on her face as a result, officials said.

Recordings by Da Brat, a native of Chicago and a protege of Jermaine Dupri, include the song "Funkdafied." She also has appeared on reality shows such as "Celebrity Fit Club" and "The Surreal Life."

Friday, August 22, 2008

Video Premeire: Pink- So What

Here is the video premeire of Pink's new single "So What"
In my opinion is one of the best videos of the year, & this song is awesome.

Video Premeire: Ne-Yo- Miss Independent

Here is the video premeire of Ne-Yo's new single "Miss Independent"

Sugababes- Girls has leaked

Here is Sugababes new single called "Girls" enjoy!


New Dido song: Look No Further

Brand new Dido song from her upcoming album, which will be due later this year


Avril Lavigne remixes

01. Complicated (Remix)
02. Don't Tell Me (Remix)
03. Everything Back But You (Psy-Trance DJ Touret)
04. Girlfriend (DJ Echo Remix)
05. When You're Gone (Spearkerbox Club Mix)
06. I Can Do Better (Remix)
07. I'm With You (Tribal Dance Remix)
08. Things I'll Never Say (Remix)
09. My Happy Ending (Remix Blash)
10. Nobody's Fool (Remix)
11. Nobody's Home (Idan Shir Chen Exclusive Remix)
12. Runaway (DJ Sam Out Of Range Edit)
13. Sk8erBoy (Remix Dance DJ Touret)
14. Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Remix)
15. Hot (Remix)

Here is a list of Avril Lavigne remixes enjoy!


The Verve's album has leaked


1. Sit And Wonder
2. Love Is Noise
3. Rather Be
4. Judas
5. Numbness
6. I See Houses
7. Noise Epic
8. Valium Skies
9. Columbo
10. Appalachian Springs

Their new album titled " Forth" has leaked check it out! & give your feedback on it


Sporty Spice is Pregnant!

"Sporty Spice" is going to be a mommy.

Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm announced on her Web site Friday that she and her beau of six years, property developer Thomas Starr, are expecting their first child.

"Some happy news," she wrote. "I can now announce that Tom and I are expecting a baby and we are very happy."

She follows in the footsteps of her fellow Spice Girls Victoria Beckham, Melanie Brown, Geri Halliwell and Emma Bunton all of whom are mothers.

Rumors had swirled that Chisholm, 34, was pregnant after she wore a baggy dress during a show in Liverpool last week.

"As I'm sure you'll understand, we needed time to wait for results and tell our families," she explained.

In the meantime, she said she is nursing her other baby: her upcoming solo album.

"I will be taking it easy but am also excited to start writing for the fifth album," she said. "I'll need some time off to be a mum but, before you know it, we'll be back."

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Teairra Mari Talking About New Album

Lil Wayne On The October Cover Of XXL

Rihanna- Disturbia (remix)

Here is an awesome remix of Rihanna's hit song "Disurbia" enjoy!


Video Premeire: Disturbed- Indestructible

Here is the video premeire Disturbed's new single "Indestructible" enjoy!

Video Premeire: Maroon 5- Goodnight,Goodnight

Here is the video premeire Maroon 5's 5th single "Goodnight,Goodnight" off of their album "It Won't Be Soon begore Long" check it out!

What do you think of it?

Sarah Connor- Sexy As Hell has leaked


1. Sexy As Hell
2. Under My Skin
3. I Believe In You
4. I'll Kiss It Away
5. Play
6. Still Crazy In Love
7. Beautiful View
8. Touch
9. See You Later
10. Fall Apart
11. Act Like You
12. Your Love Is Dangerous

Sarah Connor's new album Sexy As Hell has leaked, check it out!


Anastacia's new single "I Can Feel You" leaks

Anastacia's new single "I Can Feel You" has leaked check it out!


So What do you think of it?

Pink & Paramore joins lineups for VMA performers

Paramore will rock the crowd with a lively performance of their hit "Misery Business," while Pink is set to perform her new single, "So What," and Rihanna will deliver her latest smash, "Disturbia." A list of presenters and additional acts gracing the VMA stage will be announced in the coming weeks. This year's awards show, which airs live September 7 at 9 p.m. from the legendary Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood, will be hosted by British comic and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" co-star Russell Brand.

Wow! I think this years has got to be one of the best VMA performance lineups!

Coldplay plans new album by next year

The follow-up to Coldplay's Viva La Vida album could hit shelves as early as next year, according to a report.

Chris Martin and his bandmates already have a number of tracks lined up for the record following successful studio sessions with Brian Eno.

A source told The Sun: "The Viva La Vida sessions were incredibly fruitful. They gelled brilliantly with Brian and recorded much more music than they could fit on one album.

"The majority of the follow-up is already in the can, though they will have to go back into the studio at some point to add a few more songs."

The newspaper also claimed that releasing the album would bring Coldplay a step closer to leaving the EMI label, which has already been hit hard by the departures of Paul McCartney and Radiohead.

However, an EMI spokesperson told DS: "Contrary to inaccurate reports in The Sun, Coldplay are signed to a long term record deal with EMI and are committed to produce a number of albums. The band's relationship with EMI is both long-term and positive."

Your thoughts?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

OK! Cover: "How I got my body back!"

"I'm the healthiest I've been all my life," Britney says.- "My diet has a lot to do with my getting into shape," Britney says. "I have no sugar. I don't eat fruit or even fruit juice because of the sugar. I eat chicken and salmon and rice. I eat avocados. I'll have egg whites for breakfast and sometimes turkey burgers for lunch. I try to do just 1,200 calories a day. It may sound like it's not much, but it's actually a lot of food if you eat the right things."- "Frappuccinos - gone," she laughs. "I do still drink coffee, but just with Equal."- Her regular routine, she says, is "a lot of cardio and weights." She works out five days a week, taking the weekends off, often training at an outside gym and sometimes at the fully-equipped gym in her house.-"I was working with male trainers and recently switched to a woman because she knew how to lean me out better," Britney explains, saying that she didn't want to become too bulky from her training routines. She may change back to a male trainer later, once she gets to be as "cut" as she wants.The singer's comittment to being healthy is applauded by trainers like Miami-based trainer and owner of SOMA Fitness & Performance, Adam Cronin. Cronin, who has not worked with the pop star, says Britney's routine of following a 1,200-calorie-a-day, high-protein meal plan is ideal for someone who wants to drop pounds in a safe, healthy way."If you follow a vigorous workout program — plus this eating program — it is possible to lose up to 12 pounds in 30 days, in a very healthy, non fad-like way," Adam tells OK!.

Felicia: Britney is doing great!

Buzznet recently spoke with Felicia Culotta, Britney's previous personal assistant of 9 years, and had nothing but nice things to say. Culotta told Buzznet that she still keeps in touch with Britney, and that she's "doing great." Fe, who is working as the Jonas' personal assistant, says the tour has "20-something former Britney tour employees, including famed bodyguard Big Rob - who has become almost as popular with Jonas fans as the teens themselves."Fe told TMZ cameras in January that she'd love to work with Britney again, but is currently busy attending to Disney's latest cash cow.


Amy is entering a drugs rehab close to Blake’s pision. The Back to Black singer has booked into a clinic in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, in a bid to battle her drug demons. The centre is just a short drive from Highpoint prison where Blake Fielder-Civil is serving 27 months for ABH and perverting the course of justice. The star’s father Mitch says, “This is a very good idea. If she can get clean and still see Blake it can only be good.”

Steve Carell & Tina Fey To Star In "Date Night"

Two of TV's biggest stars are hoping to find magic on the big screen. Variety reports that Steve Carell ("The Office") and Tina Fey ("30 Rock") will play a married couple looking to rekindle their relationship in 20th Century Fox's new comedy "Date Night."

To be fair, both Carell and Fey have very successful movie careers, but there is something intriguing about two of NBC's most recognizable comedy stars teaming up for the first time (in a movie for a competing studio, no less!). In fact, both actors have solidified their box office credentials in the past few months. Carell's "Get Smart" became his third $100 million grossing film and fifth consecutive hit (and bizarrely he gets no credit in the media for it). At the same time, Fey showed she can draw them into theaters with "Baby Mama," her first cinematic leading role and a pleasant $60 million surprise for Universal this April.

As for "Date Night," director Shawn Levy ("Night at the Museum") told the trade that the movie will be a "relatable, grounded character comedy about marriage and the lengths we go to preserve the spark." Considering Carell's wizardry at improv and Fey's Emmy-winning writing skills, you have to figure Levy will have a lot of help in fashioning a believable and entertaining scenario. Production on "Date Night" should begin next spring, but shooting will be admittedly tricky with having to schedule during hiatuses of "The Office" and "30 Rock." But there seem to be no concerns at the moment about making it work.

After a busy few years, Carell used this "Office" break to take a real vacation. Fey, on the other hand, teamed up with Ricky Gervais, star and co-creator of the original, British "The Office," for the comedy "This Side of the Truth." Levy is currently in production on "Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian." Needless to say, their involvement in "Date Night" makes this one flick to watch out for.

Next column: The fourth annual Oscar in August rundown (yes, it's that time again!); a sneak peek at "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa"; and more.

Cheetah Girls One World Soundtrack & Eclusive Wal-Mart Soundcheck

Hi everyone! I'm seaprince (or lickitung depending on which forums you go on). This is my first post!

Click on the image to download. Enjoy!

Rihanna to perform at the 2008 VMAS

It has been announced that Rihanna will be performing her hit "Disturbia" at the 2008VMAS on Sunday september 7th at 9PM ET

Pink's new album to be titled "Funhouse"

It's official, Pink's 5th album, will be titled "Funhouse", I really like the name alot. She will be on FNMTV this Friday to premeire her new video "So What" Stay tuned!

New York Goes To Hollywood : Episode 3 extra scenes

New York Goes To Hollywood- Episode 3 "Japandemonium!" recap

In this episode, New York has her Zen moment. It lasts all of five seconds, of course.We open on New York cutting an apple.…poorly. Still, it’s about the slightest screw-up that comes at her hands all episode. Seriously, if that apple were to appear a few segments in, you know she would have picked it up and said, “Are you Japanese?” And besides, it’s so nice to see her with a knife again. Remember the days?It’s a family reunion of sorts.

Anyway, New York is cutting her own apple poorly because Lizza’s late. A showdown ensues when Lizza finally arrives.Lizza’s excuse is, to be frank, ridiculous: she says, “Don’t live in the Valley, then!” since she lives in Beverly Hills. So it’s New York’s house’s fault, basically. New York rakes her over the coals, of course, in the most ridiculous way possible, of course. “You really have to make sure you’re here on time,” says NY. “OK, dooood?” And when she says that, she does this:And she wonders why Lizza doesn’t take her seriously!

Soon, however, New York’s over it. She receives a call from her agent Chuck who informs her that he’s booked a spec commercial for her. OMG!The bad news is that since it’s spec, it’s unpaid and it might not even air. But still, it’s a chance for Tiffany to be on TV. And how often does that happen? Besides every week, I mean. The commercial is for a Japanese energy drink and if it does air, it will do so in Japan. Chuck suggests that Tiffany get to know Japanese culture. Once off the phone, Lizza asks how much she knows about said culture. “I like Thai food,” is New York’s response. Evidently, her sophisticated palate forces her to arrive upon this fancy way of saying, “Absolutely nothing.”

Then, acting class. It’s Shakespeare day, but first: gibberish.And angry gibberish, at that. And then, tongue exercises. Vos’ tongue exercises turn New York on. Did you forget your bandanna at home today, Bret? Anyway, New York and Vos finally read together.New York reports that because Vos is such a good acting partner, she feels that she can really loosen up. You know what else allows her to loosen up?Her tenuous grasp on socially appropriate behavior. Woman, thou art loosed, like, 24/7.

And then, it’s time for research on Japan. New York takes her first query to the dry cleaners.The thing is? The woman working there is Korean. “Is that the same as being Japanese, or, like, not at all?” New York wonders. For the second time in two days (here was the first), I wonder if Angela Chase has possessed the body of a Celebreality starlet.

She takes her quest for knowledge to the nail joint in the same strip mall. To the two women giving her a pedicure, New York says, “You guys speak such a beautiful language. Is that Japanese?” They openly laugh at her. Anyway, no. No, it is not Japanese, nor are they. Although what they actually are remains ambiguous. It sounds like they say they’re Hangugauan, which would make them both Chinese and very specific. Hmmm.

The final stop on New York’s journey of enlightenment is a Japanese restaurant. How moderately less offensive of her! The chef they come up against is a real ball-buster…literally, if you ask New York who claims that as part of the chef’s choice menu, the chef was, “tryin’ to feed me all kind of fish, with tentacles and testicles and fried duck and guinea pig.” What, no poison?After some grousing over the eating implements, New York finally speaks to the chef with a modicum of respect. The chef, in turn, teaches her some Japanese phrases. She mangles them (at one point she repeats back, “Tiffany this,” which makes sense since she thinks the world should revolve around her), but hey, at least she’s not, like, spitting on the chef’s culture.

And then, it’s time for the commercial shoot. New York reports that this is a big day for her. But, really, what day isn’t? Felicia introduces Tiff to the craft services table, which seems to exist to uphold the conception that Japanese culture is full of tentacles and testicles.Tiffany meets the director of the commercial, who seems to speak zero English. He tells Tiff, via his assistant, that she’s beautiful. “Gracias,” says New York. Hmm. I wonder if he speaks Spanish?

She also meets with the creator of the energy drink she’ll be shilling. He gestures to her to open the drink. How do you open something in Japanese? She is implored to take a sip and so she just kind of fakes it, albeit respectfully. They also ask her to recite her line. She does so with unexpected gravitas. It turns out that she wasn’t supposed to say the line in English. This screw-up is the assistant director’s fault and for it, she gets battered. The director hits her with the script, but she barely flinches. And that’s about all the time we spend on it. Hard to say what they were going for with this one.

New York preps for the shoot……and then she’s ready to go. She says that she’s nervous because she needs people to respect that she’s a serious actress. In an energy-drink commercial. Yeah, she’s that bad. But it’s all the drink’s fault! “This drink tastes like rotten eggs, rotten feet, but mostly: fish oil!”

Still, Tiff sticks it out and arrives upon something that maybe could be mistaken for an enthusiastic endorsement, as long as, like, you squint your eyes.But there’s another problem. She’s supposed to karate chop the board she’s standing behind, but she can’t. One after another she tries to chop it, but it’s too sturdy. On the third try, she reaches her threshold.And, to continue the thread of her gif-able behavior of this episode reflecting New York history, that is pretty reminiscent of this from the Flavor of Love reunion…She’s always doing that!

Anyway, she chastises the art director……who’s subsequently taken down by the director-director…She gives the board deal one more shot. She tells the art director: “This board better break, ’cause if it don’t, I’mma break my foot off in yo ass.” She’s always saying that!

Anyway, break it does and so, New York leaves the shoot without a paycheck, but triumphant all the same.And then, just when you think the ending couldn’t be happier, we see a preview for next week’s show and find out that it will feature one……Sister Patterson! Mama’s home, everyone!

Avril Lavigne banned in Malaysia for being Too Sexy

Even celebrities have their low points, and last night Avril Lavigne looked a bit disheveled and downcast as she left Katsuya sushi restaurant in West Hollywood, California.

The “Girlfriend” songstress relied on the support of a gal pal as she made her way from the exit to an SUV that was waiting for her. Lavigne’s hubby Deryck Whibley followed shortly after in his black Porsche.

Perhaps Avril was lamenting the news that she may be banned from playing her August 29th show in the Malaysian Capitol city of Kuala Lumpur due to her “too sexy” image.

Malaysia’s Islamic opposition party, the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party is trying to shut down the show, saying that she would promote the wrong values just before the country’s August 31 independence day holiday.

One party official told press, “It is considered too sexy for us. ... It’s not good for viewers in Malaysia. We don’t want our people, our teenagers, influenced by their performance. We want clean artists, artists that are good role models.”

Kuala Lumpur - The youth wing of Malaysia's hardline opposition Islamic party Wednesday called for banning a concert by Canadian pop star Avril Lavigne later this month, saying the singer's 'prancing' performances were not suitable for locals.

The 23-year-old singer is scheduled to hold a concert, her first in the Muslim-majority nation, in the capital Kuala Lumpur on August 29.

However, the opposition Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) youth wing slammed the organizers for approving the show, saying the young pop-punk star's loud shows were not in line with local culture.

'This show is not suitable for our local culture,' said Herman Samsudeen, the wing's information chief.

'Our independence month should be marked by respect ... and not remembered by inviting the offsprings of colonists who will teach our children how to become modern monkeys, prancing around without any purpose,' he said in a statement.

Malaysia celebrates it's 51st year of independence of Britain on August 31.

'Approving this concert is a great insult,' the statement said.

Herman said the party would send an official protest note to the government to call for cancelling the show.

A party official declined to comment, as Lavigne holds Canadian nationality, saying only that Western influences in general were 'damaging' to local culture.

PAS, which has been in control of the northeastern state of Kelantan since 1990, has imposed strict religious laws dictating dress and all forms of entertainment in the state.

Among others, women entertainers are not allowed to perform in public, and men and women have to sit separately in cinemas

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