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Friday, August 31, 2012

Evelyn Talks About Chad On Nighline

  Evelyn Lozada -- Chad Johnson Is 'A Good Guy Who Made a Bad Choice'
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Here is a preview of Evelyn's interview for Nightline that will be airing tonight. She speaks on Chad for the first time since the incident that happened early this month. She says "Chad is a good guy, who made a bad choice". She also says Chad needs to get help and wants the best for him, but being apart is right thing. 

Mimi Goes Off On People Who Keep Judging Her

A video of Mimi Faust of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has surfaced on the new a few days ago of her going off on people who keep judging her for staying with Stevie J. 

She says:

"All you fucking bitches have been cheated on"

Renee Graziano Talks About Season 3 of 'Mob Wives'

Renee gave a little a tease on the upcoming third season of  Mob Wives which will air in January. She tells Celebuzz, she one emotional scene with son AJ and she also says she has learned a lot last year on who is really loyal.

'Behind The Music' Returns In September

New season of VH1's Behind The Music returns this September featuring new stories from Train, Toni Braxton, Carrie Underwood, Nicole Scherzinger and more.

Rapper Lil Kim is also in talks of having her own Behind The Music special. According to Hip Hop Rumors, she is set to reveal everything including her plastic surgery and her relationship with Biggie Smalls. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chad Johnson Might A Year In Prison For Head-Butting Evelyn

According to reports yesterday, Chad Johson might get a year in prison for head-butting Evelyn. The Urban Daily reports because of domestic violence history back in 2000, if he is found guilty, he might get a year in prison. 

The Daily also reports:

"Due to that incident, for which Johnson was sentenced to community service, the current misdemeanor charge could be upgraded to felony abuse, leading to an increased sentence."

He is set to appear in court Sept 13th. 

Amy Robach to Interview Evelyn Lozada on 'Good Morning America"

TMZ reports Evelyn Lozada will be speaking in her first interview with Amy Robach on Good Morning America about alleged abuse that happened early this month.

However, Robin Roberts was originally supposed to interview her this week, she was replaced by Amy Robach because Evleyn wanted to be interviewed in a private setting and Robin Roberts had to be back down because of her treatment session for her blood disorder.

There is also video of Evelyn telling TMZ that she has not spoken with Chad since the incident. View Video Here

For The Love Of Ray-J's Lil Hood To Appear In New Movie "Cut Print"

For The Love of Ray J contestant Lil Hood will be appearing in a new horror flick called Cut Print whcich has a similar concept to the Saw franchise. She personally send the trailer to me and she quotes:

'Its my first speaking role on the big screen so def a big deal for me.'

Drita Talks About 'Mob Wives 3'

Drita recently appeared on The Couch and she talks about her new business venture, Just Me, which is a makeup line. She also teases about the upcoming season 3 of Mob Wives. Says she is peace with Karen, but  World War 3 will be coming with Romona. She also will be dealing with the possibility of finding a new place to live and moving forward without Lee. 

'Chrissy and Mr. Jones' Premieres In September

Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkins' new reality show Chrissy and Mr. Jones will be replacing Chad and Evleyn's reality show Ev and Ocho for the 9:30 time slot. If you remember the couple left Love and Hip and Hop because they weren't pleases with the last season . 

Chrissy and Mr. Jones premieres  Setpember 24th

Shaq and Hoopz Break Up?

Rumors are going around that Shaq and Flavor of Love winner Hoopz are over.

According to Necole Bitchie:

"Hoopz visited the Orlando Metro Gymnastics facility for some serious gymnastics training after being inspired by Gabby Douglas' Olympic win. "The gym doesn't teach people over the age of 18 for insurance purposes and when Hoopz was told this she lost her mind. She started to curse out the staff and became belligerent. She got extremely loud, screaming at the top of her lungs how she needed to train for the 2016 Olympics. Shaq was embarrassed, he dropped his head like he was ashamed of her. He didn't say anything while they were in the gym, but once they got to their car a heated argument took place. You could hear and see them screaming at each other. I felt bad for him." 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rasheeda Talks Reunion Show, K. Michelle + 'Love and Hip Hop NY Rumors

Rasheeda has spoken to and she dished out about the upcoming reunion show and K. Michelle. She said that the reunion "one of the biggest reunion shows on TV" She also says that she never knew who K. Michelle was prior to the show and they were never friends.

Also according to tweets from LoveandhiphopAtlanta Blog the 3rd season of Love and Hip Hop NY  will allegedly premiere in November with Joe Budden joining the cast and season 2 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta allegedly premieres in January 2013.

 when is premiering?” In November and Joe Budden will be joining the cast!

 season 2 will air in January. K michelle says her friend R. Kelly will make an appearance and the Reunion is Monday! OMG

Former Employee Sues Chad Johnson

Chad's streak of bad luck continues. He is now being sued by a former employee who claims the Chad owes him unpaid services.

The employee's name is Jacinth Preston and he is filing lawsuit against Chad alleging that he has not paid him for managing services at his Florida home. 

According to Christian Post

"Preston has requested $130,000 in compensation to cover his salary, landscaping, and cleaning, among other things."

Full Video of Trey Songs' "Hail Mary With Cameos From Stevie J and Joseline

Here is the full video of "Hail Mary" from Trey Songs which features cameos from Stevie J and Joseline. 

'Famous Food' Star Ashley Dupre Is In Engaged and Pregnant

Ashley Dupre , who is best known for being the former Spitzer call girl and a cast member on VH1's Famous Food has announced that she is engaged and pregnant.

She has announced to NYpost that she is seven months pregnant and engaged to Thomas Earle, who is the New Jersey asphalt scion. 

“On the record, yes, I can confirm I’m almost seven months,”  “I can’t tell you when the wedding date is just yet.”

First Photos Of Evelyn Lozada Since The Incident

Photo Credit: TMZ

These are the first photos of Evleyn Lozada since the domestic abuse incident that happened on August 11th. The photos were taken in Florida where she was visiting a friend. She is wearing hat to cover the injury on her forehead.

Click Here to see more pics.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Kanye's Ex- Girlfriend and Mashonda Denies Joining 'Hollywood Exes'

Yesterday a site called Mouthtoears reported Kany West's ex girlfriend Alexis, who is a fashion designer and ex Love an Hip Hop star Mashonda were in talks to join the next season of Hollywood Exes. 

Both ave denied that they will be joining the show

“I am not doing anything nor would I ever talk about someone that I loved at the time.” - Mashonda

Chad Johnson Accused of Multiple Affairs During Marriage

Chad Had Alleged Mistresses

Ever since the domestic dispute with Evelyn, reports are coming out now that he has had multiple affiars with women on Twitter. Radaronline first reported that he has been women on Twitter before he walked down the aisle with Evelyn. A woman from Boston name Beverly Shiner (photo on left) claims that she had a heated affair with him from January-May of this year while Evelyn was planning her 4th of July wedding.

According to Jasmine Brand, more alleded mistresses have came forward. An exotic dancer name Amber Priddy who lives in Atlanta. The two met on Twitter and Chad has been paying her rent while being in a relationship. She was rumored to be evicted. She went twitter claiming that is all false. 

Another source reports another mistress has come forward name Bianca Zuluaga who lives in Miami. The source allegedly says the two have been seeing in public together while Evelyn was out of town doing her book tour. 

I Love New York's Heat Talks About His New Show 'Being Fat Sucks'

Heat (Jason Rosell) talks about his new show Being Fat Sucks which premieres next week on Youtube. He currently shooting episode 9 of the series.  

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yandy Smith and Her Baby boy

Photo Credit: Instigram

Love and Hip Hop star Yandy Smith posted a pic of her baby boy on Instigram page after giving birth a month ago. Proud mother. 

Brandy Releases New Single "Wildest Dreams"

With her new album Two Eleven hitting stores in October, Brandy will be another single called "Wildest Dreams" It's a ballad written by Sean Garrett 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

K. Michelle Denies Hitting Rasheeda During Reunion Show

K. Michelle clears the air that she and Rasheeda DID NOT get into a physical altercation during the reunion show.

"I didn't hit that girl. I didn't do that 'cause she needs me to come back next season, so I wasn't going there"

The two recently had a Twitter beef over the weekend. Part 1 of the reunion show airs  next Monday.

Basketball Wives LA: Season 2- Trailer

Here is the official trailer for the 2nd season of Basketball Wives LA

Stevie J and Joseline To Be In Trey Songs' New Video

Stevie J and Joseline In Trey Songs New Video

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta stars Stevie J and Joseline will be appearing on Trey Songs' new video for his next single "Hail Mary"

Click Here to see the photo

New York Filming A New Movie Called 'The Shop'

New York Filming New Movie

VH1 queen Tiffany Pollard a.k.a New York is filming new movie called "The Shop" according to this tweet

"Tiffany Pollard a.k.a "New York" starring in "The Shop" movie with Shawn Cunningham & Big Spence right here in The Bay"

Credit goes to Sue

'Single Ladies' Renewed For 3rd Season

Photo Credit: VH1

Single Ladies Renewed

The 2nd season of Single Ladies has been fine without Stacey Dash because the show be getting another season. Denise Vasi, who was on All My Children replaced Stacy Dash this season. 

'Rehab With Dr. Drew' Airs September 16th

Rehab WIth Dr. Drew Premieres September 16
Photo Credit: VH1

VH1 has revealed the airdate of Rehab With Dr. Drew. The 6th season will premiere on September 16th. This time the show will regular people instead of celebrities. Dr. Drew, Jennifer Gimenez, Shelly Sprague, will be returning. 

'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta' Finale Finishes On Top + Part 1 Of Reunion Show Airs Monday

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Finishes On Top

The debut season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has been a ratings success. The finale scored a combining 5.5 million viewers making it the # 1 cable programming on Monday night. It is obvious that there will be a 2nd season of the show. 

The 1st season is now entirely done yet. Part 1 of the reunion show will air next Monday night at 8PM. 

Carribean Nation Wants A Refund From Chad and Evelyn's Wedding

Photo Credit: Gossip We Love

Give Me Back My Money

Radaronline is reporting Caribbean Island of St Maartin want their money back for Chad and Evelyn's wedding back in July in which they helped cover. The government of St Maartin agreed on 90,000 for their wedding and in hopes of gaining publicity for their place on their reality show. 

Well now with the divorce and the cancellation of the show, St Maartin won't getting that publicity.

"When someone is investing in business, it's a risk they are taking and if something happens then they will have to deal with the consequences,” -St. Maartin Finance Minister Roland Tuit

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

K. Michelle Defends Evelyn Lozada Against Critics

K. Michelle Defends Evelyn

K. Michelle is speaking about the Chad/Evelyn's domestic dispute. She is defending her against critics who claim that her violent behavior on Basketball Wives may be the cause of what happened last week. 

K. Michelle tells Global Grind:
"I just feel like it's a very delicate situation, just like with my situation, no one was there with them,"  "We don't know what happened. We don't know anything about it. And I think that media, as well as the Twitter people and the outside world, are so quick to judge and take sides on the situation."

"I do not know Evelyn Lozada, I have never met her. Maybe she is a wonderful woman and we have to assume Chad loves her very much because he married her, "All I have to lean on to some degree without absolving Chad Johnson, because we don't know what happened, but I'm looking at reality t.v. I'm looking at the character that she plays, the way she conducts herself on t.v."

Stevie J Says Mimi Can't See Or Have Sex With Other Men... What?

Stevie J did an interview with TheJasmineBrand and when he was asked if the roles were reversed, he had the audacity to say Mimi is not aloud to see of have sex with men despite of HIS affairs.

You can’t ask me that because I’m not going for that. I don’t have to and I wont. I’m not entertaining that one right there.

Plastic Surgeon Sues Renee Graziano + Father Gets 19 Months

Plastic surgeon, Andrew Klapper, is filing a defamation lawsuit against Mob Wives star Renee Graziano. He is the plastic surgeon who botched her full body makeover on the show. he feels that she ruining his reputation as a plastic surgeon.  He is suing her for 77 million. 

She also said at a radio interview back in January that "he was was found guilty killing a woman" and that the federal prosecutor covered it up, according to nydailynewsMaybe this issue will be discussed on the third season of Mob Wives which is now filming. 

In other news, Renee's father , Anthony Graziano will getting 19 month prison term for what Junior did to him last season .

Laura Govan Wears Snake Dress At The 2012 Do Something Awards

laura govan

Basketball Wives LA star Laura Govan is having a her JLO moment by wearing nothing but a snake dress at the VH1's 2012 Do Something Awards, which airs tonioght. What do you think about the dress?

Basketball Wives LA returns September 10th. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Music Video: Brandy F/ Chris Brown- "Put It Down'

Brandy finally released the music video for her new single "Put It Down" featuring Chris Brown. Her new album Two Eleven will hit stores October 16th. 

What do you think?

'Single Ladies' star Lisa Raye At The "Sparkle" Premiere


Single Ladies star Lisa Raye was at the Sparkle premiere wearing  along white dress. 

K. Michelle Claims She Does Have Proof Of Domestic Abuse

I Do Have Proof

It seems like this K. Michelle domestic abuse drama will not end. K. Michelle claims she does have proof  of the domestic abuse. According to s2smagazine she says she had text messages of what happened and she claims her label let her go in fear of a lawsuit which never happened. 

"I had text messages of everything—all the abuse, everything. And I would forward them over," K.Michelle explained. "And what could they say other than 'we gotta let her go? She's going to sue. We gotta get her out of here.'"

I should have went to the police when it happened. I was in love. That was my best friend," 

Her domestic abuse drama also sparked a Twitter beef with her co-star Rasheeda after K. Michelle was speaking ill about her in interviews. Rasheeda posted a long letter on her instigram page claiming the she is a "phony'.

2 Chainz Explains Why He Turned Down 'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta'

Just like female rapper Diamond, rapper 2 Chainz was also approached by Love and Hip Hop Atlanta producers to join the cast, but declined the offer. He was on a radio station explaining why he turned down offer and he also admits of knowing some folks on the show. 

"They tried numerous amounts of times to get me on the show," Chainz explained. "I just didn't want to have nothing to do with it. I'm gonna be on the road, they gonna be somewhere just like, in your girl face, with another girl talkin' about another girl."

Love and Hip Hop's Erica Dixon Shows Off Engagement Ring?

Photo Credit:  Love and Hip hop Facebook Fan Page

It seems like the Erica/Lil Scrappy engagement rumors might be true. She shows off what it appears to be an engagement ring. Sources say that Lil Scrappy proposed to to her during upcoming reunion show when the audience booed.

Chad's Ex- Girlfriend Wants To Reach Out To Evelyn

Chad's ex-girlfriend, who he slapped  back in 2000, wants to reach to reach out to Evelyn.  TMZ reports his ex- girlfriend has been attempting to reach to Evelyn ever since the news broke about the alleged domestic abuse. She believes they can both each other in the healing process.

Evelyn has recently cancelled all of her upcoming public appearances.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tiny Talks About Her New VH1 Talk Show

Tiny appeared on Big Morning Buzz to about her new upcoming late night talk show on VH1.

"It’s going to be a late night talk show, the first late night talk show on VH1. It’s just me and my homegirls and we’re talking about what’s going on in the world. It’s a younger, next generation of ‘The View.’"

The 2nd season of T.I. and Tiny: A Family Hustle will premeire September 3rd.

Big Ang's Son Is Heading To Rehab

AJ Avoids Jail Time

Big Ang's son will be heading to rehab. According to Nydailynews, he admitted in court this week of being part of drug selling crew. He agreed to go to rehab instead of jail time. The judge says if he succeeds the drug treatment, he will not face any time in jail.

AJ talked about the issue on the last episode of Big Ang.

Jackie Christie Defends Evelyn Lozada

Basketball Wives LA star, Jackie Christie, appeared on Showbiz Tonight speaking about the Chad/Evelyn abuse case. She says that Evelyn is doing the right thing by getting a divorce, despite of what some viewers believe  she bought this on herself. She also reveals she was in similar situation before.

Luckily I found Doug and I'm happy, but I was in an abusive relationship, and that first time when I got hit, I left immediately."

"I`m more of an aggressive type. If you hit me, you`re going to get hit back. There`s a lot of women that`s not like that. I`m an aggressive person. And as you can see on my show, I`m that way,"

'Real World' and 'Celebrity Rehab' Castmember Joey Kovar Died From Viagra, Cociane and Booze

Cause Of Death

TMZ reports Real World and Celenrity Rehab cast member, Joey Kovar, died from a combination of viagra, cociane and booze. He was found dead at a friend's house yesterday. His friend, Stacey Archtorhof woke up yesterday morning and found him dead. He was bleeding from his nose and ears.

Joey Kovar is the third Celebrity Rehab cast member who have passed away. Last year, the show lost Mike Starr and Jeff Conway.

Chad's Daughter Speaks About Alleged Abuse

Chad's now teen daughter, Jicrya Johnson, is speaking out about the alleged Chad/Evelyn abuse that happened a week ago.

She tweets:
“Regardless [of] what [happened] this weekend I will still love me, my dad and Evelyn, and I always will.”

“I thank god he met you… happiest day of life, just because I know you’ll be here forever… I love you Evelyn!”

He was also fired... again by Zico Coconut Water, who he endorsed a deal with a month before the alleged abuse.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mike Tyson Speaks On Chad Johnson

Mike Tyson, who also has a history with domestic violence, speaks on the latest domestic abuse case between Chad and Evelyn. 

Renee Graziano To Appear On Big Ang's Show

It looks like Renee will be making a guest appearance on the Mob Wives spin off Big Ang which stars Big Ang herself.

Renee revealed on Twitter she is filming with her.

On my way 2 film w  4 the  show!!!!

'Tough Love' Host Steve Ward Says Chad Johnson Should Be Castrated

The Chad/Evelyn domestic abuse case is becoming a hot topic on the net. Tough Love host Steve Ward a lot to say about the situation on Twitter. He thinks men like Chris Brown, Chad Johnson, and Floyd Mayweather should be castrated.

"But their TV marriage looked so real. NOT. Ochocinco is just another scumbag like Mayweather...."

"I say we take Chris Brown, Chad Johnson, Floyd Mayweather all the rest of the men out there who beat women & castrate them. Problem solved."

Season 3 of 'Lala's Full Court Life' Will Air Early 2013

Season 3 To Air Early 2013

VH1 has officially renewed Lala's Full Court Life. Early this week Lala was at 2012London Olympics where she announced that she was filming a portion of the 3rd season  there. According to Daily Markets here are more details on what to expect for the upcoming season.

 “La La’s Full Court Life” picks up where last season left off, with La jet setting around the world and making major moves.  After co-starring in this year’s box-office smash Think Like A Man and expanding her new makeup lineMotives for La La, La’s life has never been busier.  Viewers will watch La La visit Puerto Rico to support Carmelo’s annual Court 4 Kids charity event while getting the chance to meet her extended family.  She’ll also fly across the pond to cheer her hubby on during the 2012 London Olympics, all while meeting with potential European agents, offer a sneak peek at her Motives for La La line in the UK, appearing on British TV, attending a British soiree, and taking a crash course in hobnobbing with London’s elite.

With Kiyan ready to start his first day of school, La is coming to terms with the fact that her baby is growing up. With the upcoming 2012 presidential election piquing her interest, La is determined to get involved and use her celebrity status to make a difference. With a little help from La’s famous friends keeping her grounded, includingLudacrisTrinaCiaraEstelle and Charlamagne Tha God, this season promises a rid

Chad Johnson Issues An Apology

Chad has issues an apology to Evelyn and to his fans on his website for the event that had  occurred. He claims he loves Evelyn to death.

"I would like to wish Evelyn well and will never say anything bad about her because I truly love her to death."

"To all the fans and supporters I have disappointed, you have my sincerest apologies.  I will stay positive and get through this tough period in my life."

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Flavor Flav Owes IRS 1 Million

Flav Needs To Pay His Taxes

It looks like Flavor Flav will giving up a lot more of money. He already paid his baby mama back child support. Now IRS is coming after him. He owes them money that he earned between 2004-2006. 1 Million dollars is the total amount. 

Eric Williams Makes Insensitive Remarks Against Evelyn

Eric Williams, who is the ex of Jennifer Williams, has made insensitive remarks against Evelyn about the incident on his Twitter page.  He also mentions his -ex wife Jennifer.

"Trouble in Chaddy-Dise!!! @EvelynLozada say, are u gonna Keep the#lastname like your apprentice @IamJennifer trying 2do… Ha ha.. Gotcha!"

"Hey @EvelynLozada…… I bet that #knot on your head more #shinier than mine…. #Prince_of_NewARK"

Evelyn Says Chad Needs Help; Files For Divorce

Evelyn To File For Divorce

This whole thing is a huge disaster. Let's recap, Chad was arrested for allegedly head-butting Evelyn, The Miami Dolphins dropped him, VH1 pulled out Ev and Ocho off their schedule. Now TMZ is reporting she is filing for divorce because of the incident. They were just last month on 4th of July and filmed their reality show for it which now we will never get see.

She is also speaking out on the incident for the first time. She tells TMZ

 “I am deeply disappointed that Chad has failed to take responsibility for his actions and made false accusations against me."  "It is my sincere hope that he seeks the help he needs to overcome his troubles. Domestic violence is not okay and hopefully my taking a stand will help encourage other women to break their silence as well."

Not only that but her brother-in-law,who walked her down aisle, passed away over the weekend.

Royce Reed Speaks On Chad/Evelyn Domestic Abuse Case

One star of Basketball Wives is speaking out on the Chad/Evelyn domestic abuse case. Royce Reed was on Inside Edition yesterday to talk about the incident.  She says that was shocked and she also does not think it was a publicity stunt.

"This one kind of took me by surprise. I am a little shocked and sad."

"Obviously they love the camera, but in terms of going that low for publicity, I don't think either one of them would do that."

Mimi Also Releases PSA For 'Saving Our Daughters'

Just Like K. Michelle, Mimi Faust has also released a PSA for Saving Our Daughters Campaign.  She claims has been mentally abused by Stevie J. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

VH1 Pulls 'Ev and Ocho' Off The Air

Ev and Ocho Canceled

VH1 has decided to pull the plug on Chad and Evelyn's upcoming spin-off show Ev and Ocho due to the recent events.

VH1 released a statement:

“Due to the unfortunate events over the weekend and the seriousness of the allegations, VH1 is pulling the series ‘Ev and Ocho’ from its schedule and has no current plans of airing it.”

Ev and Ocho now joins I Love Money 3 as VH1 shows we will NEVER get to see. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Picture Of Heat's ( Jason Rosell) New Show 'Being Fat Sucks'

Here is a sneak peek picture of Heat's (I Love New York) new web show Being Fat Sucks. The show will premiere on Youtube next month. 

'Mob Wives 3' Premieres Jan 13th + Big Ang Renewed For 2nd season

Mob Wives 3 Airdate + Big Ang Renewed

Thanks to VH1Info for this piece of information. The 3rd season of Mob Wives will premieres the beginning of the new year, on Jan 13th. The 3rd season is now currently filming and will three new wives added to the cast. Their alleged names are: Gina Marie Facciolo, Adriana Reina and Vanessa Gavinno.

As for Big Ang, the show will get a 2nd season .

Frank The Entertainer's Cathy Nardone Becomes Miss Howard TV For August 2012

Cathy Nardone, who was the runner-up on Frank The Entertainer... A Basement becomes this month's Miss Howard TV for The Howard Stern Show. She looks really good!

Chad Johnson Released From Jail

Chad Released From Jail

Chad Johnson has been released from jail, according to TMZ. He was arrested last night for domestic violence against his new wife Evelyn Lozada. He allegedly bud-headed her over an argument about a receipt of condoms. He claims it was 'accidental', but she claims he did on on 'purpose'. He was booked last night and was held on 2,500.

TMZ also reports Evelyn flee into a neighbor's house for her safety.  

K. Michelle Releases PSA On Domestic Violence

K. Michelle has done a PSA on domestic violence. She teamed up with 'Saving Our Daughters' for a campiagn called Stop Violence Against Women. She is helping and promoting the campaign to raise funds for resources to help women with their problems.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chad Johnson Mugshot Released ; Miami Dolphins Releases Statement

Mugshot Released

The mugshot of Chad Johnson has been released regarding the domestic violence dispute with Evelyn. Miami Dolphins has also released a statement regarding the incident.

Miami Dolphins:
"We are aware of the situation and are in the process of gathering all the relevant information"

He's now in custody waiting to be seen by a judge. 

Chad Johnson Arrested For Domestic Violence Against Evelyn Lozada

Chad Johnson Arrested

Chad Johnson, formerly known as Ochoinco, has been arrested for domestic violence against Evelyn Lozada.  According to Sun-Sentinal the incident took place inside their vehicle on Saturday night. TMZ reports, They both argued after she found a receipt for condoms and they allegedly butted heads.  TMZ also claims, Evelyn had lacerations on her forehead. They have married since July.

No further details has been released as of yet. 

UPDATE: According to USA Today Evelyn was treated at a hospital for a forehead cut. She also tells a different story about the incident. She says he purposely butt-headed her. He claims it was accidental. 

Real Chance of Love's Rabbit Auditioning To Be The New 106 & Park Host

Rabbit (Jessica Rich) from Real Chance of Love is auditioning to be the new 106 and Park host. Check out her video.

Benzino Talks 'Love and Hop Hop' and Karlie Redd

Viewers have been wondering how long Benzino and Karlie Redd have been dating. He appeared on The Breakfast Club to discuss about the show and her. He said he originally met her OFF CAMERA and  they have been together for months when he gave her the key to his house.  He also talks about his Eminem beef. 

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