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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Other Reality News: T-Boz Talks About Her New Reality Show

In other reality news, TLC member stopped  by KTLA to promote her new reality show "Totally T- Boz" which premieres ironically on he TLC network , New Years Day.  She also talks about her personal struggles dealing with having a tumor.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Rasheeda and Kirk Confirm Their Return For 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" Season 2

Rasheeda and Kirk spoke to @Jakkdoe and they confirm they will appear on the 2nd season of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta which is now filming. It was rumored early this year that that Kirk was kicked off the show. Rasheeda also shades K. Michelle at the end of the interview. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Black Ink Crew- Official Trailer

Here is the official trailer for Black Ink Crew. I have a feeling this is going to be a good show.

Black Ink Crew premieres Jan 7th at 9PM.

Love and Hip Hop 3- Official Trailer

Here is the official trailer for Love and Hip Hop 3. The new season looks promising. What do you think? 

Love and Hip Hop 3 premieres Jan 7th.

Mob Wives 3- Official Trailer

Here us the official trailer for Mob Wives Season 3. It looks like Carla is stepping it up this season . 

Mob Wives 3 premieres January 6th. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

VH1access Year End Polls: Best VH1 Fight of 2012- The Nominees

Best VH1 Fight of 2012

Here are the nominees

Stevie J vs Lil Scrappy (Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta)
Karen vs Drita (Mob Wives 2)
Kimbella vs Erica (Love and Hip Hop)
Jackie vs Brooke (Basketball Wives LA 2)

Weekly Recap: Real Housewives of Atlanta (Season 5) Episode 8 By Ashley miller

Season 5

Real Housewives of Atlanta- Episode 8

Ashley recaps on this week's episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Other Reality News: Style Network Releases Trailer For "Big Rich Atlanta"

Big Rich Atlanta

In other reality news, Style network is their own Atlanta based reality show titled Big Rich Atlanta. The Big Big franchise is similar to the Real Housewives franchise. The network already has Big Rich Texas. The series will premiere January 23rd. Check out the cast here. 

Check out sneak peeks here. 

Music News: Lil Scrappy's New Video With Rasheeda

In music news, Lil Scrappy has releases a new video called "Bags" which featured Rasheeda

Love it? or Hate it?

Love and Hip Hop Franchise Heading To Miami

'Love and Hip Hop' Heading To Miami 

The Love and Hip Hop franchise will be continuing its success in a brand new city which is Miami. According to one the cast members name Vanessa Dior , who is a singer and a actress. In her Twitter bio it says she is filming the first season of Love and Hip Hop: Miami. No other information has come about Miami version, but it seems like it will premiere in the fall of next year since season 3 of New York returns in January and season 2 of Atlanta will most likely premiere in the spring or summer.

In this video is supposedly the behind the scenes footage of the show. 

Credit goes to VH1 Insider

Gossip: Brooke and Bambi's Man Speaks Out

Brooke and Bambi's man who is nicknamed "Black Santa" is speaking out about his relationships between the two women. 24hourhiphop reports his real name which is Harold Porter and he says Bambi was "just a toss" and he also calls her "trash."

" I respect Brooke for trying to handle the situation with class, and not make the story or Bambi too relevant on the show, but she should’ve just told it like it was. Years ago, I dated Brooke, and was serious about her. Bambi was just a toss she found out about."

 "I am NOT a trick. I’m a real nigga like any other real nigga out here that works hard for the people I love. My lady represents me, and if she’s holding me down there’s nothing ima get for myself, that I won’t get for her too. Brooke was my lady, Bambi was not. If Bambi thinks the crumbs I threw her are worth bragging and creating a whole reality show story about, it just confirms the type of chick she is. Trash!"

The site also leaked out a twitter beef between him and Bambi hinting that he has sex tape's of Brooke and Bambi

"So glad I keep sex tape's and flick's. What some ppl consider unpleasant, other's consider enjoyable. I have da power to decide what is enjoyable for me what is unpleasant!  #Brooke/Bambi"

Bambi replied saying she does not have the time take pics of herself and don't have the time to play around on blogs.

Check out the rest  Here

Sunday, December 23, 2012

VH1access Year End Polls 2012: Best Breakout Star of 2012- Joseline Wines

Joseline- 45%
Big Ang- 42%
Stevie J/K.Michelle- 5%

Joseline wins Best VH1 Breakout Star of 2012. Big Ang came pretty close. 

'Love and Hip Hop 3' Promo Pics

Here is the the official female cast of Love and Hip Hop: New York Season 3

Photos by Piotr Sikora/VH1

Erica Mena


Winter Ramos

Raqi Tunda

Rashidah Ali

Yandy Smith

Jen The Pen

Movie News: Scary Movie 5 Trailer Released

In  movie news, an early trailer of Scary Movie 5. The movie stars Ashley Tisdale and will have cameos from Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan and Big Ang of Mob Wives. The 5th installment will spook Paranormal Activity and Black Swan.

Scary Movie 5 hits theaters April 12, 2013

Ne-Yo's Ex Baby Mama To Sue For Spilling The Beans In 'Behind The Music'

Photo: VH1

Ne-Yo's Ex Baby Mama To Legal Action?

It has been reported that Ne-Yo ex baby mama, Jessica White, is threatening to take legal action against him for spilling their business out there in Behind The Music. If ylou have not seen the episode, she is the woman Ne-Yo thought fathered her baby. But it turned, it wasn't his. She still filed child support and disappeared.

TMZ reports she hiring Gloria Alred to make him pay because they both agreed to a confidentiality clause to never go public with the information. 

 "Gloria Allred has fired off a letter to Ne-Yo accusing him of breaking the agreement. Allred claims that because Ne-Yo falsely painted Jesseca as a harlot who lied, broke his heart and then vanished ... Jesseca has been defamed, ridiculed and harassed.
According to the letter, Jesseca has been unable to work, was forced to file for state aid, suffers from mental anguish and is "beset by nausea, vomiting and hair loss" thanks to Ne-Yo's remarks."

Meet The Women Of 'Black Ink Crew'

Meet The Women

Here is the female cast of the show.


She is the new girl in the shop. She is from the south an is described to be  a sexy, strong willed woman.


She is described to be sweet, sexy and fun and keeps the men in check. She also has an obsession with being clean.


She in known to be strongly opinionated. She works at the front desk in the shop and butts heads with Ceasar. 

All credits go to VH1

Follow them on Twitter:

Meet The Men Of VH1's 'Black Ink Crew'

Meet The Men

VH1 is set to premiere Black Ink Crew on January  7th at 9PM. Let's take a look at the cast, starting with the men.


Ceasar is the owner of Black Ink and the boss of everyone.


Puma is the face of  "Black Ink" and he grew up with Ceasar in the Bronx. They both have a brother type relationship.

O' Shit

He is Ceasar's friendemy. He is also known as ladies man and a great breakdancer. He is the other tattoo artist in the shop.


He is Ceasar's cousin and id the considered the watcdog of the shop. He is the only person keep Ceasar in check.


He is the neutral one in the group by keeping all the conflicts between the group in check. He also opens and cleans the shop.

All credits go to VH1

Follow them on Twitter:
Oh Shit

Friday, December 21, 2012

Look At Him Now: Daisy Of Love's Weasel

Remember Weasel from Daisy of Love? This is how he looks like now! Six pack abs and all. 

Evelyn Calls Gloria a Non Factor

Evelyn had a few words for Gloria Govan when she said she was reason why there is Basketball Wives LA at the reunion show.

Do you agree?

New York, Buckwild and Smiley Sing "We Ruined The World"

New York, Buckwild and Smiley did parody of  the song "We Are The World" titled "We Ruined the World" along with other reality stars like Shangela (RuPaul Drage Race) and Sanjaya (American Idol) for the The Soup. It's hilarious check it out

Brace Land (Gigolos)
Tiffany "New York" Pollard (I Love New York) 
Becky Buck Wild (Flavor of Love) 
Charlie O'Connell (The Bachelor) 
Domenico Nesci (Shot of Love with Tila Tequila) 
Jerri Manthey (Survivor) 
Marc Marceuse (Average Joe) 
Joan Koplon & Brian Taylor (Small Town Security) 
Gretchen Rossi (Real Housewives of Orange County) 
Slade Smiley (Real Housewives of Orange County) 
Jonathan Novack (The Bachelor) 
Kalon McMahon (The Bachelorette) 
Leilene "Smiley" Steuklin (Flavor of Love) 
Madison Hildebrand (Million Dollar Listing) 
Molly Shea (Sunset Tan) 
Rob Cesternino (Survivor) 
Ron Jeremy (The Surreal Life) 
Sanjaya Malakar (American Idol) 
Shangela (RuPaul's Drag Race)
Toilet Baby (I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant)

Weekly Recap: Basketball Wives LA (Season 2) Reunion Part 2 By Ashley Miller

Season 2

Basketball Wives LA- Reunion Part 2

Ashley recaps on part 2 of the reunion show.

Weekly Recap: Real Housewives of Atlanta (Season 5)- Episode 7 By Ashley Miller

Season 5

Real Housewives of Atlanta- Episode 7

Ashley recaps on this weeks episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rumor Mill: Brandi Garnett and Hope Alexa Cast As 'Basketball Wives' Replacements

Basketball Wives Replacements?

According to Necole Bitchie, Hope Alexa and Brandi Garnett will be last two replacements for the next season of Basketball Wives. Last spring it was announced Jennifer, Royce and Kesha was let go. Tasha Maybury has already been confirmed to one of the new replacements. 

Hope Alexa (picture on left) is Dwight Howard's other baby mother besides Royce Reed and Brandi Garnett (picture on right) is the wife of Kevin Garnett. However, VH1 has not officially confirmed this. 

Photos: Mona Scott's Holiday Party In New York

Mona Scott had a holiday bash in New York over the weekend and she invited the new cast of  Love and Hip Hop 3. Angela Yee and Jas Fly , who will both appear on the new VH1 show Gossip Girls produced by Mona Scott, was also there. 

Click Here to see the pics.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tami Roman Says 'Basketball Wives 5' Will Be More "Family Oriented"

Tami Roman did an interview with cocoafab about the new season of Basketball Wives which is currently being filmed. She says that the new season will be more family orientated and less drama.

"People are really going to be surprised at the approach we’re going to take this season because it’s more family oriented, not as much drama,” 

“What you’ve seen in past seasons was real, but that’s not how our lives are 98% of the time. We’re excited to show you more than just the drama.” 

Last season sparked controversy when viewers complained of too much violence and negativity on the show which sparked a petition. It even impacted Basketball Wives LA when the fight between Jackie and Brooke was cut out. 

Basketball Wives LA Christmas Spoof

Here is another Basketball Wives LA spoof.  Kevin Hart's ex wife, Torrei Hart, is doing another parody of the show.  This time, Bambi is shown and they also spoofing Momma Dee from Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Draya Addresses Meek Mill Dating Rumors

Draya Addresses Dating Rumors

Draya is addressing the rumors on twitter that she is dating Maybach Music Group's Meek Mills after Mediatakeout reported that Draya was dancing in his house which sparked the  alleged  romance 

"Media take out is so annoying... I'm "dropping it low" in my own damn living room. I take the credit for those beautiful floors,"

"And I don't date nobody. I'm too busy paper chasing."

Meek Mills, who was also rumored to be dating Rihanna also addressed the rumor.

"Yo @DrayaFace why did it have 2 b my living room tho! That site always make me look like the man! Lol #theycrazy," he tweeted December 17th.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Chad and Evelyn Restraining Order Dropped

Chad and Evelyn reunited in court today for the first time since the domestic violence incident to drop the restraining order that was placed against after he head butted her. According to TMZ  the judge granted her request to drop the restraining order and sources say she wants to start talking to him again, at least. 

Meet The Newest Mob Wife

Love Majewski Joins Mob Wives

VH1 has officially announced the newest cast member for the 3rd season of Mob Wives. Love Majewski will be joining the cast for the new season which premieres January 6th. She appeared on another show called I Married A Mobster and it said to be good to be good friends with Karen. She also runs a cosmetic company.

Follow Love Majewski on Twitter

Sneak Peek : Love and Hip Hop: NY (Season 3)

Love & Hip Hop New York Season 3 Trailer | Video by Get_Heard

If you happened to catch Love and Hi Atlanta: Dirty Little Secrets last night, VH1 showed a  little sneak peek of Love and Hip Hop: NY season 3. Take a look.

The 3rd season premieres January 7th. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Other Reality News: Walter Says Kenya Moore Relationship Is Fake

Walter Says Relationship is FAKE

In other reality news, Walter Jackson has revealed he was faking his relationship for the cameras with Kenya Moore, who is one of the new housewives on this season's Real Housewives of Atlanta. He spoke about it in a morning radio show saying they were dating for three years, but lost touch until Kenya texting him in April about doing a reality show.

The Sons of Run DMC and N.W.A Shopping Reality Show To VH1

According to various source, the sons of rap groups N.W.A and Run DMC is shopping reality show to major networks such as VH1, BET and TV One.

The show will called Seeds of Hip Hop will star Dre Dre's son Curtus Young, Eazy E's son Lil Eazy E, MC Ren's son Anthony Dunbar, Jam Master Jay's son Jason Mizell and E-40's son Droop-E. The show will follow them making it on their own. 

TMZ says the production company is 'very confident' that a major network will pick the show up. They already have plans to start shooting next month. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bret Michaels Speaks On The Deaths Of Jenni Rivera and Jacob Yebale (51 Minds)

Bret Michael Mourns The Loss His Friends

Bret Michaels is speaking out the loss of his friend, Jenni Rivera who was killed in plane crash in Mexico Sunday morning. Jenni Rivera was consiederd a big star in the Latin community and had her own reality show called "I Love Jenni." Her funeral will be held next week.

Bret Michaels also mourns the death of Jacob Yebale' who was in the plane with her. He worked with 51 Minds who was best known for creating VH1 shows such as Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, I Love New York, I Love Money ect

"I am deeply saddened hearing the news of the crash of Jenni Rivera's plane. Not only did the crash claim the life of Ms. Rivera but that of 4 [sic] other people including, Jacob Yebale, who was a great friend to all of us at Michaels Entertainment having worked with me, VH1 and 51 Minds on numerous shoots. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family as well as Ms. Rivera's and the other families who lost loved ones in this awful and sudden tragedy."

Vh1access Year End Polls 2012: Best VH1 Breakout Star of 2012- Nominees

Best VH1 Breakout Star of 2012

These four fresh reality stars were the most popular this year. Which one was the best?

Big Ang (Mob Wives)
Joseline (Love and Hip Hop: ATL)
Stevie J (Love and Hip Hop: ATL)
K. Michelle (Love and Hip hop: ATL

Results will be posted December 23rd

Weekly Recap: Basketball Wives LA (Season 2) Finale and Reunion Part 1 By Ashley Miller

Season 2

Basketball Wives LA- Finale & Reunion (Part 1)

Ashley recaps on the finale and first part of the Basketball Wives LA reunion.


Reunion (Part 1)

Weekly Recap: Real Housewives of Atlanta (Season 5)- Episode 6 By Ashley Miller

Season 5

Real Housewives of Atlanta- Episode 6

Ashley Miller recaps on this weeks episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta

Monday, December 10, 2012

VH1access Year End Polls- Best VH1 Couple of 2012- Jim and Chrissy Wins!

Jim and Chrissy- 70%
Lil Scrappy and Erica 30%
Stevie and Joseline 0%
Junior and Renee 0%

Congrats to Jim and Chrissy they win Best VH1 Couple of 2012.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Weekly Recap: Basketball Wives LA (Season 2) - Episode 13

Season 2

Basketball Wives LA- Episode 13

Ashley recaps on this weeks episode of Basketball Wives LA. This upcoming Monday will be finale and part 1 of the reunion show.

Weekly Recap: Real Housewives of Atlanta (Season 5) Episode 5- By Ashley Miller

Season 5

Real Housewives of Atlanta- Episode 5

Ashley recaps on this weeks episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Music News: Beyonce's HBO Documentary Sneak Peek

In music news, Beyonce will be having an HBO documentary that will be airing in February which will she show the singer's personal life including her life growing up. This documentary will also show how she manages her career as a singer, businesswoman, actress.

Beyonce will also perform at the Superbowl in this same month. 

"Love and Hip Hop 3" Gets Premiere Date

Mark your calendars! VH1 has announce the premiere date for the 3rd season of Love and Hip Hop: NY. The show will premiere January 7th and will have a new cast and relationships.

Erica Mena, Yandy Smith and Olivia will be returning.  Rappers Joe Budden and Consequence will also be joining he cast along the women who are affiliated with them

Gloria Says Shaunie Did Not Create "Basketball Wives"

Gloria Govan appeared on AfterbuzzTV to discuss a few things about Basketball Wives LA. She first speaks on her issue with Bambi. She thinks that Bambi came to the show 'as a fan' because she is Malyshia's friend. She also says that Shaunie O Neal is not the creator of Basketball Wives after being asked about her sister Laura Govan being with Shaq.

"Shaunie, she's not really an executive producer like that, nor is she the creator. Someone came to Shaunie and was like "hey, I need basketball wives. Shaq is one of the biggest ones (players) out there, can you help me ?" So, she was like yeah." 

"If Shaunie really believed that Laura was (with Shaq), if she was an active producer, would she really have my sister on the show ? Like, that just doesn't make sense. If I thought you slept with Matt I'd be like girl no, you can't talk no more. I'm not going to be like, "yeah girl," Govan says in video below."

VH1 Orders New Matchmaking Show Called " Making Mr. Right"

Photo: VH1

Making Mr. Right

Move over Tough Love, a new matchmaking show will debut next year on VH1. This show is called Making Mr. Right, but this show will have a twist. 

According to  VH1

"Three women will pose as matchmakers and offer their services to fourteen men. While the women pretend to find the men suitable dates, they’re actually sizing them up to see which one they’re actually most compatible with, under the guidance of real matchmaking expert April Beyer.

Making Mr. Right is described as a real-life romantic comedy, the ultimate show-within-a-show detailing the process to find a perfect match. In it, the “matchmakers” will give the men makeovers and put them through a series of challenges designed to test not only their dating skills but also to reveal their flaws, coaching them and showing them what it takes to be the perfect partner. Romantic feelings between the “matchmakers” and their subjects may develop, and in the finale, the women reveal their true selves and hope their love is requited. Making Mr. Right is produced by High Noon Entertainment, with Pam Healey and Jim Berger executive producing, Fred Birckhead and Elayne Cilic co-executive producing and Dave Kuba as a consulting producer."

Making Mr. Right airs Jan 6th

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