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Friday, November 30, 2012

NBA Star Kenyon Martin Slams 'Basketball Wives'

NBA star , Kenyan Martin, is NOT a fan of Basketball Wives. He tells TMZ that the show is 'toxic to your soul' and that the show only depicts NBA plays in a false light.

I don't watch that sh*t man ... that sh*t is toxic to your soul to watch that sh*t man."

"I've been married man ... that show doesn't depict anything that went on in my household ... f**k that show."

Watch video over at TMZ.

VH1 To Air 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' Special

'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta': Dirty Little Secrets

VH1 will be airing a special on December 16th titled Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Dirty Little Secrets. The special will include footage, bloopers, deleted scenes of the 1st season, an update on the cast members,  a sneak peek of the 3rd season of  Love and Hip Hop and behind the scenes of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta season 2.

Pia Rizza Confirms 'Mob Wives: Chicago' Cancellation

Pia Rizza Confirms Cancellation

Pia Pizza of Mob Wives: Chicago has confirmed the cancellation of the show which debuted this summer. Early this month, Leah tweeted that the show was canceled but it was unconfirmed at the time

Pia says:

“I guess I have to go back to work,”  said the single mom, whose gig on the cable series led to an endorsement deal with Cold Steel Vodka. “Where that’s going to go I have no idea because I don’t have the show.”

Music News: Will.I.Am Debuts New Music Video

In music news, Will. I.Am debuts his new music video with Britney Spears called "Scream & Shout: The music video premiered on X Factor this week.

Love it? or Hate it?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Xscape Member Latocha Scott To Get Her Own VH1 Reality Show

Latocha Scott Lands VH1 Reality Show

Latocha Scott of the 90's group Xscape will be getting her own VH1 realty show next year. The new reality show will be abot her getting back to the studio recording a mixtape and a sola album and will show how life has been for her since the group. 

She is not the member of the group to have have a reality show, Kandi who was the lead singer of the group, has found success in the reality tv world by doing Real Housewives of Atlanta. 

Photo: VH1 and Oxygen Reality Stars Attend Sip and Shop Event

Photo: Realityaired

VH1 and Oxygen reality stars recently attended a Sip and Event hosted by Stevie J and Joseline of Love and Hip Atlanta. The reality stars who attended were Renee (Mob Wives), Elizabeth  (Tough Love), Rasheeda & Kirk (Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta), Tanisha and Stephanie (Bad Giels Club) and Dre P (Tool Academy/Love Games).

Check out more pics over at Realityaired

Bravo to Pick Up Mona Scott's New Show 'Taking Atlanta'

Bravo Greenlights 'Taking Atlanta'

Mona Scott, who is known for being the creator of  the 'Love and Hip-Hop' franchise has her eyes set on another Atlanta based reality show titled Taking Atlanta (working title) that Bravo will picking up.

Press Release of the show:

“Tracks the city’s next-generation movers and shakers as they make their mark in the glamorous arenas of fashion, music, hospitality and real estate while enjoying the city’s sizzling social scene and balancing the demands of their tumultuous family situations”.

Movie News: VH1 To Begin Filming TLC Biopic Movie Soon

In movie news, the TLC VH1 biopic movie will begin shooting early 2012. It was a year ago the announcement was made that there will be a TV movie about the group. 

Kate Lsnier, who has penned screenplay for films such as Beauty Shop and What's Love Got To Do With It, will be working on this film. Also, Chilli and T-Boz has signed on to be executive producers and consultants for the film. Casting for the film will also start soon. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

Movie News: Tyra Banks To Star in The Sequel To "Life Size"

In movie news. Tyra Banks will be reprising her role as Eve to the movie 'Life Size' which also starred Linsay Lohan back in 2000. 

According to Variety

Cabler's execs are in talks with potential scribes for the "Life-Size" sequel, which would join the Disney Channel Original movie franchise.

As for Lindsay reprising her role, it's an unlikely chance. 

TV News: Ben Savage and Danielle To Join 'Boy Meets World Spin-Off

In TV news, Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel has OFFICIALLY signed on for the 'Boy Meets World' Disney spin-off called  'Girl Meets World', according to reports.

The Dinsey channel pilot will be centered around Riley, who is the 13 year old daughter of Cory and Topanga.  The creator of  'Boy Meets World', Michael Jacobs says the new project is still in early stages.

Now all we need is Mr. Feeny.

VH1access Year End Polls: Best NEW VH1 Show Of 2012- Nominees

Best New VH1 Show of 2012

Here are the nominees for Best New VH1 Show of 2012

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta
Mob Wives: Chicago
Hollywood Exes
Mama Drama

Results will be revealed on December 2nd

Sunday, November 25, 2012

VH1acces End Year Polls: Best Female VH1 Reality star of 2012- Joseline Wins!

Best VH1 Female reality of 2012

Joseline Wins!

Joseline- 40%
Big Ang- 33%
Evelyn/Drita- 13%

You guys voted for Joseline as the Best VH1 Female Reailty of 2012. 

Photo: Lala Brings Motives To Atlanta

Lala Launches Her Products In Atlanta

Lala Anthony promoted her Motives products in Atlanta last night. Dice, Po and her own mother were there as well. 

Check out more pics over at Global Grind.

The 3rd season of 'Lala's Full Court Life' premieres early next year. 

Royce Reed Battles Dwight Howard In Court

Royce Reed Battles Dwight Howard

Royce Reed maybe done with "Basketball Wives' but she not done with battling her ex NBA star ,Dwight Howard, in court.  According to TMZ, she is asking the judge for Dwight Howard to pay her legal fees.  She claims she does not make enough to high him in court and also claims his income exceeds $1.3. million a  month.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

New York To Be On TV One's 'Life After'

Tiffany 'New York' Pollard will be getting her own  'Life After' episode which premieres on Monday December 3rd on TV One. Here is a sneak peek where she talks about Flavor Flav. 

Kevin Hart's Ex-Wife Spoofs 'Basketball Wives LA'

We've already seen spoofs of the Miami wives, now here is a spoof of the La wives which stars Kevin hart's ex-wife, Torrei, along with her friends. 

Former 'Love and Hip Hop' Cast member Mashonda Responds To Alicia Keys' Jet Interview

Former 'Love and Hip-Hop' cast member, Mashonda speaks to Global Grind about Alicia Keys' Jet interview. Alicia Keys stated that Mashonda and Swizz Beatz were apart for sometime before she got together with him.

Mashonda says the interview was an 'insult to injury'

'Not much surprises me anymore when it comes to this situation. I truly thought that everyone’s priority was the well being of the children involved. I don’t see the sense in throwing oil on a fire, it just takes us back to point A. The Jet interview just added insult to injury. I can’t figure out how this makes us better. How is it a positive, humanitarian gesture? But artists must protect their reputation and I get that.'

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rapper Joe Budden Talks About His Role In 'Love and Hip Hop 3'

The 3rd season of 'Love and Hip-Hop'  will be in our TV screens in two months. Rapper, Joe Budden, talks about his role on the show saying he doesn't have anything to hide. 

Brooke Bailey's Official King Magazine Cover

Photo: King

Brooke's King Magazine Cover

On the last episode of "Basketball Wives LA", Brooke received the phone call she got the cover for King magazine. Well here is the finishing product.

Love it? or Hate it?

Drita Talks About Her Experience With Superstorm Sandy

Drita D'Avanso of 'Mob Wives' speaks to celebuzz about her experience with Superstorm Sandy. She says the storm was 'very devastating to all of us' She also touched on how Staten Island has remained in the shadows of national coverage. It reveals she was lucky that her home was spared. 

Music News: K. Michelle Signs Record Deal With Warner Bros

Congrats to 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' star, K. Michelle. She signed a major record deal with Warner Bros this week. She tells  Singersroom "I'm just really blessed to get a second chance. I have so much to sing about and so many stories to tell,"  "I may not be the most polished or prissy R&B singer, but I do feel that I am the voice of a lot of women who don't have a voice." 

Her signing the contract  will be shown on the second season of the show

Jenny McCartney Talks About Her New VH1 Talk Show At The AMAs

Besides Tiny's late night talk show, Jenny McCartney was at the AMAs over the weekend and she briefly talked about HER upcoming VH1 late night talk show which will debut next year. 

"I have been waiting to come back to TV for a long time and late night seemed to fit my kind of dirty personality.”

She also says she will have celebrities as guests and will dish on them, kinda similar to Chelsea Lately. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weekly Recap: Basketball Wives LA (Season 2)- Episode 11 By Ashley Miller

Season 2

Basketball Wives LA- Episode 11

Ashley Miller recaps on this weeks episode of 'Basketball Wives LA'

Weekly Recap: Real Housewives Of Atlanta (season 5) - Episode 3 By Ashley Miller

Season 5

Real Housewives of Atlanta- Episode 3

Ashley Miller recaps on this weeks episode of 'Real Housewives of Atlanta.'

Monday, November 19, 2012

VH1access End Year Polls 2012: Best Female VH1 Star of 2012- VOTE

Best VH1 Female Star of 2012

Here are the nominees for this year's Best VH1 Female reality star. 

Joseline (Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta)
Evelyn (Basketball Wives 4)
Big Ang (Mob Wives 2)
Drita (Mob Wives 2)

Results will be announced November 25th

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vh1access End Year Polls 2012: Best VH1 Male Star of 2012- Stevie J Wins

Best VH1 Male Reality Star of 2012

Winner: Stevie J

With 66% of your votes, Stevie J of "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, wins this years Best VH1 Male Reality Star of 2012.

Stevie J - 66%
Jim Jones- 25%
Lil Scrappy- 8%
Chad Ochocino- 0%

Rock Of Love Bus' Farrah In A Movie Set?

Farrah, who was part of the infamous "Blounderage" on the 3rd season of  "Rock of Love Bus", is going to be in a feature film.

According to her Facebook page

"I'm not used to working 13hr days...never been this worn out in my life.....being on a movie set is NO JOKE.... Shout out to jack daniels for making the nite go by faster" ;)

She did nor reveal what movie it is, but someone wrote "Hangover 3" as one of the comments.

David Otunga (Punk) Goes On a Hostess Shopping Spree

Photo: TMZ

Hostess Shopping Spree

WWE star and I Love New York contestant David Ontunga stocked up on every Hostess snack before the company goes out of business.

He tells TMZ that he devestated that Hostess is going out of business and does not want his son to go without Twinkies. 

Karrine Steffans Clears Up Rumors About Joining 'Basketball Wives LA"

Karrine Steffans NOT Joining 'Basketball Wives LA"

Karrine Steffans is responding to the rumors that she was offered to join the cast of "Basketball Wives LA" next season. It was rumored early this week that she might be joining the cast. 

She went to twitter clearing up the rumor saying it was ridiculous that she was even considered a candidate.

 "I am not going to be a cast member on Basketball Wives or any other reality show. You have been lied to, AGAIN."

K. Michelle Goes Off On Twitter Follower During Concert

Don't mess with K. Michelle. In a recent concert, she put a twitter follower on blast. 

“Listen up. It’s a motha f–kin’ ratchet queen in here talking s–t to me on Twitter.[...]I don’t care how much money I make or how much money I get, I still don’t do no disrespect. I’ll snatch off my heels and take off my lacefront and whoop yo’ azz. So, if you gonna talk s–t Mr. [Twitter name] with that wack a– side cut you got going on, you come down in my face I swear to god[...]that’s just who the f–k I am.[...]I don’t play that bulls–t. I super don’t play that bulls–t. So wherever your punk azz is in the corner, bring your azz out here. I don’t do that, okay. I continue to have fun with everybody I love, but I don’t f–k with ratchet queens.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

'Tiny Tonight' Gets Premiere Date

'Tiny Tonight' Set To Premiere In December

Tiny's new late night talk show, "Tiny Tonight" is set to premiere December 9th on VH1. The show will have a format similar to "The View" and "The Talk" having other women joining her. Rapper Trina, Tamar Braxton and Claudia Brown of  "Celebrity Apprentice."  Tiny's friend, Shekinah will be her correspondent. 

VH1's New Show 'Black Ink" Begun Filming

VH1's upcoming new "Black Ink" has begun filming. Black Ink is an African- American owned tattoo shop in Harlem, NY. 

According to Lincoln Times, a scene of the show was shot Lincolnton restaurant and the VH1 crew will also shoot scenes at Main Street Cafe and Grille. The show is set to premiere sometime next year.

Spoiler Alert! 'Basketball Wives LA' Season 2 Reunion Show

Reunion Spoilers

The 'Basketball Wives LA' season 2 reunion show was filmed last week. According to sources, Bambi will be at the reunion even though she is not  a "wife." She accuses the Govan sisters of being "whores"and sleeping around several members of Black Wall Street. 

Gloria allegedly says:  

"True or not True....I'm in love with Matt and nothing else matters."

It has also been said that Doug Christie's sexuality will be a topic at the reunion show and that the girls turn on the Govan sisters.  Sounds like this reunion show will be better than the actual show. 

'Basketball Wives Miami' Cast Wants Salary Raise For New Season

Photo: VH1

Miami Cast Wants Salary Raise For Season 5

Evelyn, Tami, Shaunie and Suzie wants a salary raise for the new season. Filming of the 'Basketball Wives' season 5 begun filming last week and according to  TMZ they are in the process of renegotiating their contracts and wanting a pay raise. However, VH1 producers are refusing to pay them more cash. TMZ says the producers made a clear before the filming started that they won't be getting a pay raise.

"Despite the deadlock, we're told production schedules were sent out and the girls began filming in hopes a deal would be worked out shortly. So far, a deal has not been reached and neither side is budging ... so we're told the "Wives" are planning to walk out next week if VH1 can't agree to the terms."

What To Expect For Season 5

Tami Roman did an interview with toofab and briefly talked about season 5 saying the new season will be focused on family and positive things.

"I’m excited about it because the show has the tendency to border on the dramatic aspect of our lives. This particular season we’re getting more into our families, the positive things we’re doing, creating a balance for the show. Last season was particularly hard for me because of the things we went through. It is reality TV and one moment that happens for 15 minutes is stretched out for 4 weeks of our lives."

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Other Reality News: Jersey Shore's Vinny Guadagnino To Get His Own Talk Show

Vinny Guadagnino

In other reality news, Jersey Shore's Vinny Gaudagnino will getting his own talk show on MTV called "The Show With Vinny."

MTV released a statement regarding the show

“In “The Show with Vinny,” Staten Island’s very own Deepak Chopra will host a slew of celebrities inside his family’s humble digs, where VIPs such as Vin’s mom, Paula, and his oddball Uncle Nino can regularly be seen living up to their respective saint and sinner reputations. Guests will be treated to some snacks (maybe even Sunday dinner, if they’re lucky) while being chatted up by the best-selling author about a number of off-the-cuff topics (possibly something along the lines of this?). In a nutshell, it’s “Wayne’s World” without the morons and mullets."

"The Show With Vinny" is expected to launch early 2013

'Basketball Wives' Season 5 Has Begun Filming

Photo: Lockerz

Get Ready For Season 5

Get ready ya'll! The 5th season of 'Basketball Wives has begun filming, according Evelyn's tweets. This season should be interesting considering what has happened since the last season . The official cast has not been announced, but it safe to say that Evelyn will be back. As far as the new girls, Tasha Maybury has been confirmed to join the cast.

Evelyn Lozada tweets about filming Season 5

Gloria Govan's Web Series Premieres

The first episode of Gloria's web series Clean Opes: The Chronicles of V has premiered on the Youtube channel  ComedyShaq. We have seen Gloria filming scenes for the web series on 'Basketball wives LA this season. 

Rumor Mill: Karrine Steffans Offered To Be On 'Basketball Wives LA' Next Season?

Will She Be On 'Basketball Wives LA' Next Season?

Nothing official yet, but there have been reports that producers from the show have asked video vixen and model, Karrine Steffans, to join the cast of 'Basketball Wives LA' for season 3. She is also known for being an author, she has written a memoir called Confessions of A Video Vixen in 2005. 

A source says "Karrine was not initially interested, but when [producers] came correct with the right money and are allowing her to promote her next book, the offer was tough to turn down." 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Weekly Recap: Basketball Wives LA (Season 2)- Episode 10 By Ashley Miller

Weekly Recap

Basketball Wives LA (Season 2)- Episode 10

Ashley recaps on this week's episode of 'Basketball Wives LA."

Weekly Recap: Real Housewives of Atlanta (Season 5)- Episode 2 by Ashley Miller

Weekly Recap

Real Housewives of Atlanta (Season 5)- Episode 2

Ashley Miller recaps on this week's episode of "Real Housewives of Atlanta.'

Monday, November 12, 2012

VH1access End Year Polls 2012: Best Male VH1 Star of 2012- Nominees VOTE!

Best Male VH1 Star of 2012


Here are the nominees for best VH1 male reality of 2012

Stevie J- Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta
Jim Jones- Love and Hip Hop 2
Lil Scrappy- Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta
Chad Ochocinco- Basketball Wives 4

Results will be announced on November 18th

Kenya Bell Signs Record Deal

Photo: VH1

Kenya Bell Signs Record Deal

'Basketball Wives' star, Kenya Bell, is finally getting her music break. It has been reported that she has signed  a distribution deal with Bungalo records. She is in the process of recording her debut  according to Ourmidland. She quotes " It has been a life long dream to record an album and share my passions of singing with the world."

Royce Reed Confirms She Is Leaving 'Basketball Wives'

Royce Confirms Departure

Royce Reed has confirmed on twitter that she won't return to the 5th season of 'Basketball Wives'

Last spring, it was reported Kesha. Jennifer, and Royce was fired from the show. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

VH1access End Year Polls 2012: Categories Announced

The 4th annual of VH1access awards will start this week. This year you will be voting in a simple poll, instead of a survey.

Here are the categories.

Best VH1 Male Star of 2012
Best Female Star of 2012
Best New VH1 Show of 2012
Best VH1 Show of 2012
Best VH1 Couple of 2012
Best VH1 Breakout Star of 2012
Best VH1 Fight of 2012
Best OMG VH1 Moment of 2012
Best VH1 Celebrity of 2012
Best VH1 Appearance of 2012

First category starts tomorrow

Drita D'Avanzo To Host Hurricane Sandy Relief Fundraiser

Photo: VH1

Drita To Host Fundraiser

'Mob Wives' star Drita D'Avanso will be hosting Hurricane Sandy Relief Fundraiser for Staten Island victims this Thursday from 7:PM to 10:PM

The fundraiser will also feature appearances from other reality stars such as Deena from Jersey Shore, Big Ang and cast members from 'Bad Girls Club'. 

Other Reality News: Real Housewives Franchise Coming To Australia

In other reality news, it has been reported that Australia will the next country to have their own 'Real Housewives' series. 

The network, Foxtel, will be airing 10 one hour episodes of 'Real Housewives of Australia' which will launch in early 2013.

Check out other international versions of the show:

Brooke Is Confident She Will Return To 'Basketball Wives LA'

Brooke Bailey says she is 'confident' that she will return for the 3rd season of 'Basketball Wives La' in a recent interview with Carlton Jordan despite of the rumors that her including Gloria,Laura and Malayshia were fired. She also reveals that her favorite Miami wife is Evelyn. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

'Hollywood Exes' Season 2 Now Filming

Photo: VH1

Season 2 Now Filming

Andrea Kelly tweets about filming the 2nd season

'Just finished a another great day of filming. Blessed to have a 2nd season of  Exes....'

Karen Gravano Speaks On New Book, Drita, Carla

Karen Gravano did an a recent interview and spoke about Drita and Karen. She gives out her thought about Drita working with French Montana and talks more about Carla sleeping with her "uncle". She also planning on a cookbook and making 'Mob Daughter' into a movie. 

Celebrity Rehab's Joey Kovar Died From Opiates

It has been confirmed that Joey Kovar of 'The Real World'and 'Celebrity Rehab' has died from opiate intoxication.

TMZ reports he took a prescription painkiller callled Narco and his death was ruled an accident. He died back in August. 

Photo: Art Scheiber

Music News: TLC To Record New Album

Photo: Getty Images

TLC Planning On Recording New Album

In music news, T-Boz and Chilli, has confirmed at the Mobo awards last week that they will be working on a new album since their last album in 2002 which was released months after Lisa 'Left Eye; Lopes passed away in a car accident.

"We're going to still sound like TLC, evolving to whatever level we need to be at this time," - T-Boz

T-Boz speaks more about the new album on This is and she also took jabs at Nicki Minaj.

As far as the VH1 biopic movie, casting will start very soon

Friday, November 9, 2012

Brooke Speaks The Jackie Fight ; Reunion Show Filming This Weekend

Photo: VH1

Brooke Speaks About The Fight

Brooke is speaking out about the fight with Jackie that producers cut out because of the violence that went down in "Basketball Wives Miami" last season. 

Brooke tells  GlobalGrind 

"Jackie Christie threw the first kick and after that I beat her ass. PERIOD!!! NONE of my cast members can “Beat my ass.”

According to Global Grind , the real reason behind the firing rumors is that the producers blocked the ladies from doing any interviews regarding the fight, but Laura, Gloria and Brooke kept talking. 

The reunion show will be filmed this weekend. It's safe to say that their will be changes news season.

VH1 Divas 2012 Performers and Host Revealed

VH1 Divas 2012
Photo: VH1

Performers Revealed

This week, VH1 has revealed the performers for this years VH1 Divas which will premiere December 16th, along with the host. "American Idol" runner-up, Adam Lambert, will be hosting this year's show and this performers will be Ciara, Kelly Rowland, Demi Lavoto, Miley Cyrus and Jordin Sparks.

This year show will pay homage to Divas of dance music and will have tributes to Whitney Houston and Donna Summer.

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