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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Heat's red carpet interview @ the Playboy Mansion

Last week Jason Rosell a.k.a Heat from i Love New York and i Love Money attended a charity event called Playboy Mansion Summer Solstice. Here is a red carpet interview he did.

Snooki Attracting Vh1?

rsey Shore’s Snooki got arrested in New Jersey, and was charged with disorderly conduct. Snooki’s arrest has sparked a goodSnookie Arrested MTV A Jersey Shore Snooki Arrest: Could it be for Ratings? deal of debate over whether or not the whole thing was a publicity stunt, or if this was really something that just happened on a whim. The Jersey Shore cast is now back in our homes, as the second season of the show premiered last week. So one can’t help but wonder…was Snooki’s arrest for ratings?
Snooki’s ex told Radar Online that it’s Snooki’s dream to be on Celebrity Rehab. He claims she will drink and drink and drink until she drops. Perhaps the arrest was also a way to spark VH1′s show producers interest in this ‘celebrity’ case.
There’s also a new face on the Jersey Shore cast, and Snooki could have a bit of jealousy. Maybe she got arrested as a plot to stay the most popular guidette on the show? What do you think?

'Celebrity Rehab' Grads: Where Are They Now?

Among the well-known faces who appeared on the first season of VH1's heartbreaking reality series 'Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew,' one looked especially familiar. But his body, formerly so agile, resembled that of a hunched-over (albeit youngish-looking) old man. It was the once-vibrant 'Taxi' actor Jeff Conaway, who looked like he's had a rough time of it since his glory days. Sadly, his first season on the show was torturous, and he returned forseason 2 to combat drug addiction once again after a number of surgeries.

For three seasons now, doctor-to-the-stars Drew Pinsky has helped everyone from former wrestlers to adult film stars kick their destructive drug habits, some attempts more successful than others. Conaway's is just one of many ongoing recovery stories resulting from the show.

Last January, Jeff broke his hip in a fall and was so ill he requested a Viking funeral. His ever-present girlfriend Vikki Lizzi said his prognosis looked grim and that Jeff wanted to die at home. But in mid-March, Jeff, in a better frame of mind after recuperating from yet another surgery, gave an exclusive interview to E! News. "I'm not gonna be really happy until I'm drug free," he said. "You can't imagine how badly I want this. I spent a good part of my life on substances -- alcohol, pot, cocaine -- [and] I've just had it. I don't want to live in a fantasy world."

The VH1-viewing public first met beauty queen Kari Ann Peniche on 'Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew', only to see her later appear on both 'Celebrity Rehab' and 'Sober House'. After watching her hate her way through the cast, medical staff and crew, it was shocking to learn that Peniche actually bonded enough with castmate Mindy McCready that she let the country star stay at her house. Apparently their relationship wasn't so great after all, however, because Peniche alleged that McCready paid her back by releasing a Hollywood sex tape of Biblical proportions that was kept on Peniche's hard drive. Peniche has since aired her feelings about rehab and the show in a blog posted on her MySpace page.

McCready's recent May 25th hospital visit stirred up a possible overdose or suicide attempt in the headlines, only to later be denied as an adverse reaction to a painkiller. McCready claimed the entire episode might have been a plot by her mother to bolster allegations that she is an unfit mother in an ongoing custody battle over her son. On a positive note, in March, Mindy released her first album in eight years, 'I'm Still Here', to rave reviews.

The MVP for all-around best comeback goes to season 2's Steven Adler, formerly of 'Guns N' Roses.' What a difference between his first appearance on 'Celebrity Rehab' and his subsequent stay at 'Sober House with Dr. Drew' -- once full of anger and on the fence about his sobriety, even getting kicked out of the titular sober house, Adler appeared on the second season finale of 'Sober House' in much better shape. During the 'School of Rock' concert, helmed by three-year-sober ex-Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley, Adler breezed in, shoulders back, chest out, with an air of confidence. He was once again ready to take the stage. Not only is Adler back on the road touring this summer with his band 'Adler's Appetite;' his tell-all biography, 'My Appetite For Destruction: Sex, Drugs & Guns N' Roses,' was released Tuesday through Harper Collins.

Celebrity Rehab Fight - Tiger Woods Linked Rachel Uchitel vs. Janice Dickinson

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew reportedly has Tiger Woods linked Rachel Uchitel back in the fold after a quick exit under stress. The claimed former Woods' mistress is already having problems with Janice Dickinson.

Tiger Woods Linked Rachel Uchitel in Rehab Row, Report Claims.
Tiger Woods Linked Rachel Uchitel in Rehab Row, Report Claims.

The nightclub hostess exited quickly from Celebrity Rehab after emotions were stirred up surrounding her dad's death.


TMZ earlier reported Uchitel left after a one-on-one therapy session where she discussed her father's demise from a cocaine overdose when he was in his forties and she was just 15.

She spent one night away from Dr Drew Pinsky's facility in Pasadena, but she returned the next day after her co-stars asked her to.


Now Uchitel and model Janice Dickinson have reportedly been clashing on the show. According to, the pair have been at each other’s throats constantly during the fourth series of the VH1 reality show.

A source told the celebrity website: "Rachel hates Janice and Janice hates Rachel. "Janice thinks Rachel is an opportunist, and Rachel thinks Janice is a has-been."

Taylor Royce says she will be back on VH1 in the future.

 Taylor Royce which is the reason why I watched Tough love 1 and 2 twittered that "She will be back on VH1" She is having a new show out soon, don't know what it is. She also says that Steve Ward from Tough Love WON'T be involved in her new shows.

That is a good sign though. Hopefully 2011 will a better year for VH1.

Vh1access Fan Interview: Edward Peniche

VH1iNFO: Hi Edward Glad I can Interview a Big Fan How Are You?

Edward: I am feeling well just enjoying my summer vacation before I have to go back to Cal State Fullerton for the fall semester. Relaxing, playing PS3, watching anime, hanging out with friends and family. The good stuff.

VH1iNFO: You Told Me on Twitter Youve Been to Reunion shows Ones?
Edward: I have been to Rock of Love 1 and 2, Flavor of Love 3, MTVs Gs to Gents season 1, I Love Money 1 and 2, Rock of Love Charm School, and Real Chance of Love. Each reunion show is a different experience and I had a fun time going to all them. Funny story on how I got involve in the reunion show filming. I actually started watching the shows around Flavor of Love 2 and since I knew that Flavor of Love 1 had a reunion I wanted to go to that. Unfortunately at that time I was 17 and the age limit was 18 so I had to wait at least a year. When Rock of Love 1 was heading towards the end of there season, I looked all over the web to find any information on a reunion and (which later became had the application to go to the Rock of Love Reunion show. So I filled it out and I told them this we be a good 18th birthday present (which at the time it was September and my birthday was on the 6th and the filming was on the 15th). So out of all the people who sent information I was picked. So me and my sister headed to the studios in LA, waited in line, chatted with the fans, and watch the filming of the show. It was amazing experience. A lot of the people I chatted with in line I soon became fast friends with and soon we became labeled as the "VH1 Reunion Entourage".

VH1iNFO: How was the Filming Process?
Edward: The filming process is pretty unique depending on the show. These are usually the steps that it goes; first we wait in line outside the studios just waiting until the call time and usually the contestants of the shows come by the gate and say hello to us and take pictures with us etc. Then after the call time they lead us into the studios, and since it is first come first serve basis the cut off the line so it is important to get there early or know people on the inside like I do which is my friend Cheryl. Then they seat us in the stands, then after awhile of waiting the producers come out and explain you know we make the show happen, we are going to know far ahead before anyone else (usually about 3 days to 2 weeks ahead) so it is important we don't spoil the show because if the secrets gets out, no one will watch, the ratings go down, the lose money, so on and so forth and that since we sign a contract we have to follow them. Pretty much they prep us up by getting us to do applause in all different forms, laughter, shock and aww, agreeing, disagreeing, booing all that stuff and they film us doing that so they can take the appropriate clip to what is going onstage and edit into the show because they are filming them (the contestants and them talking) the can't have the cameras on us all the time or they might something but that doesn't mean we don't get film during the show. Then they have the contestants come out and seat them in their seating over and film them getting cheer. Here is how it goes they usually pan the camera to one of its contestants and film them getting cheer. Let me give you an example Let's say Cali, first the cameraman pans the camera to her, then the stage producer says "Standing By", and then he says "Everyone Please Welcome Cali" then we all cheer, clap, whatever, and then they move onto to the next contestant, and film all of them. Then the host comes out does pick up lines like "We have more reunion after this", "We'll get to the bottom of this when we get back", "Welcome back for more reunion". Then after that 3 to 6 hours of unscripted reunion. There is usually moments where they have to re shoot certain segments, have segments cut out, or sometime halt production because of fights that happen on set (Daisy/Heater Megan/Sharon Osbourne, etc.). But in the end it was pretty much worth it getting a chance to meet the contestants face to face. They are usually down for pictures, hugs, kisses, or shout outs. I also got some autographs of the contestants that I still have. I actually have an autograph book with the autograph of the whole of ILM1 cast (except for Chance). I also got 20 Pack's Gold Team Jersey in my room (He threw it in the audience and my sister caught it) and a bandanna from Rodeo she had at ILM1 (same thing threw into the audience and caught it).

VH1iNFO: Whats Your take n I Love Money? I know Your Big Supporter
Edward: I think I Love Money was one of the best shows from VH1. I mean they took the contestants from all these different Of Love shows and putting them in a show where they compete for money. That shows was like a dream show for me since these shows were introduced. The first one was great because they took all the All Stars of the first six Of Love shows and it was great. With the second season well....I can understand how many fans tend to be mix about it. Since all the big ones went on the first season, they had to settle with the next batch often call "The Fillers"; however, I tend to strongly disagree because I think they were more interesting as they weren't trying to be like the characters they created on their respected shows but instead a different person. Also the second season became more on strategy then trying to talk someone into doing what you want. To me both season were good. Hearing about ILM3 I am sad that it won't air because it had more of the "new" generation contestant on the show and it seems from what the cast said it only makes me even sadder that it won't air. I also feel it is kind of weird that they can't talk about a show that won't air because I would think that when the show got canceled, there contracts would be null and void since it won't ever air. Though I understand it is more complicated with TV contracts then it is with anything else. I hope that VH1 finally talk about ILM3/4 and Megan Wants A Millionaire because it has been a year since that event happen (Ryan Jenkins Murder/Suicide). Though I have found out that some clips of MWAM exist in the cracks of (Go to and type in Megan Wants A Millionaire)

VHiNFO: Which Cast You Want on ILM?
Edward: To be honest I don't have a preference on who should be on ILM. What I would want is an ILM Fans vs Favorites. Now that is a show I would do and have fun doing.

Vh1iNFO: Do You Think Vh1 Will bring back?
It all depends if they can settle everything with the whole Ryan Jenkins things because to me it is pretty much a close case. Unless so many VH1 fans flood there inbox or find there address and mail them they might comply with it.

VH1iNFO: Thoughts on the new shows?
Edward: Well this is where it kind of hits a bumpy road. After Tool Academy 3 and I decided to take long break from VH1 reality manly because before it was pretty much the only shows I really watch next to some Fox shows so I wanted to expand my horizon on some shows. Not only that my Spring semester at CSUF was getting harder (That is what I get for being an accounting major), on top of working, and hanging out with friends I just didn't have time for VH1. I have been watching Ochocinco and it has been better good. I like the style of the show it is something new and since I am a VH1 fan I downloaded the Ochocinco tournament bracket and have been keeping track of the show. Other then that I kind of watch VH1 if they have there Countdown shows, or I Love type shows.

VH1iNFO: WhicH ones are you looking forward To?
Edward: So far I have seen a few of the trailers for the show but I not any rush to say what I am excited for. I said this before and I hope my wish it comes true, if there is an Ochocinco reunion show I will go to the reunion show wearing an orange shirt with black stripes, with 85 on the jersey and cheering for Chad (hoping that NFL jersey doesn't have any problems and they can at least show actual jersey on the air). If you want I would forward the info to you guys so you can advertise on the website (if I get it).

Vh1iNFO: Thanks For Doing This Interview & Following Me on Twitter! Shout outs?

Edward: Well thank you for interviewing me and I appreciate it. I like to give shout out to my VH1 reunion friends Cheryl, Josh, Adria, and Joseph I miss those guys and hoping Ochocinco gets a reunion so we can hang out and since I am going to be 21 this year we can hit an after party afterwards. Ashley Douglas from Tool Academy 1 for chatting with me on twitter and I hope her pregnancy goes well and that she and Josh welcome their new child into their family. To my followers on twitter, also I want to give a shout out to the VH1 contestants I have met and got the privilege to talk to. To my friend Jason who is awesome. To my family for putting supportive. Also if you want you can interview my VH1 reunion friends because I am pretty sure they will be down to do one.

Hit me up on facebook at to see some of my VH1 reunion pictures or my myspace page at

Friday, July 30, 2010

First Look VH1 Football Wives

Leanne's Kuukla Video Photo shoot

You're Cut Off's Leanne (now looking more like a Jersey Shore girl) recently did a Kuukla photoshoot  with Isacc Mathew White.

Heat recaps on the premiere on Jersey Shore (Season 2)

Heat recaps on the premiere of Jersey shore (season 2) which premeired last night on MTV. It was watched by 5 million viewers. At least one network knows what they are doing  (hint hint VH1) Every week I will post up Heat's videos recapping the show.

VH1 Stars That Should Do I Love Money: PART 1

I am creating a 4 part video of VH1 stars that should do an I Love Money or Re-do another one due to I Love Money 3 and 4. These videos are part of the "Bring Back I Love Money" Peitition. Just in case VH1 is ending the show, which I am hoping they won't. Part 2 is coming soon with new batch of VH1 stars.

List Of VH1 Stars That Should Do An I Love Money:  PART 1

Ashley (Rock  Of Love Bus)
Bootz (Flavor Of Love 2)
Brittanya (Rock Of love Bus)
Buckeey (Flavor Of Love 2)
Cathy (Frank The Entertainer.. A Basement Affair)
Deelishis (Flavor Of Love 2)
Extra (For The Love Of Ray-J 2)
Farrah (Rock Of Love Bus)
Flex (Daisy Of Love)
Heartbreaker (For The Love Of Ray-J 2)
Jasmine (Ochocino: The Ultimate Catch)
Kerry (Frank The Entertainer... A Basement Affair)
Krazy (Flavor Of Love 2)
London (Daisy Of Love)
Marcia (Rock Of Love Bus)
Rico (I Love New York)
Romance (I Love New York)
Sinister (Daisy Of Love)
Tara (Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch)
Token (I Love New York)
Toolbox (Daisy Of Love

New Interview Mz Berry ( For The Love of @Rayj 2 )

Vh1 Mz Berry The Exclusive Celebrity Interview with celebrity promoter jason blake winner of the vh1 one show for the love of ray j season 2Theres no arguing the fact that Connie Christina (aka Mz Berry) is one of the hottest ladies to ever appear on Reality TV. She was so attractive that Ray Jay nicknamed her Mz Berry, because she resembled such beauty. Mz Berry is the winner of the For The Love Of Ray J show, season 2, and made quite a buzz in Reality TV history. She’s articulate, intelligent, well mannered, and extremely ambitious. Here’s the exlcusive interview with Vh1′s number one starlet: Mz Berry.
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: I want to start by saying you’re an extraordinarily beautiful lady: how did you feel about being named Mz Berry when you first got on the show, the nickname speaks volumes?
VH1 Mz Berry: I was very intimidated by the name initially! The implication that I resembled or brought to mind Halle Berry was a little more than I could take! lol but I appreciated the huge compliment very much!
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: How has life been since appearing on VH1′s For The Love Of Ray J show?
VH1 Mz Berry: My life is still pretty much the same on a day to day basis. I travel alot for work, but otherwise it’s pretty much the same.
Vh1 Mz Berry The Exclusive Celebrity Interview with celebrity promoter jason blake winner of the vh1 one show for the love of ray j season 2
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: I know a lot of people want to hear the answer to this question, so I’m going to go ahead and get it out the way: did you really fall in love with Ray J? And honestly, how do you feel about him now?
VH1 Mz Berry: I definitely loved the person that I met. I still have love for Ray and hope that we will continue our friendship. Being “in love” with him, I can say I was probably caught up in the moment of the experience when I said that.
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: How did you feel after leaving the reunion special? When the cast of girls were asked who is currently still in contact with Ray, the show of hands was quite a lot.
VH1 Mz Berry: I really can’t describe how I felt. I wasn’t hurt. I just felt like ok I just expressed to him that I don’t feel he’s ready for what I am looking for, and that is ok. I actually kind of felt relieved. The fact that he keeps “in touch” with individuals wasn’t an issue for me.
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: Did your opinion of Ray change after Cocktail came out and had a altercation with him regarding her experience after her show wrapped…. Behind the scenes did get a little crazy.
VH1 Mz Berry: No
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: Am I correct in saying that VH1 portrayed you as the emotional girl? How do you feel about that?
VH1 Mz Berry: I guess that’s what they tried to do, huh? lol ummm I guess everyone has a job to do so. I did get emotional because it was just so hectic, so I mean I really can’t feel any type of way. I think they embellished it a bit, but hey…
Vh1 Mz Berry The Exclusive Celebrity Interview with Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: It seems that most reality shows are structured with 3 dominant personalities: The crazy girl – The emotional girl -& the mean girl? What Is your take on that and how accurate are those portrayals.
VH1 Mz Berry: I really don’t have a take and I’m not clear on who was supposed to portray those roles.
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: After doing a Reality TV Show, what’s your opinion about Reality Show’s in general? Would you do another one?
VH1 Mz Berry: Some are good and can be helpful depending on the topic and what the show is trying to promote. Some are merely for entertainment and serve no purpose other than that. I would do another one, depending on the topic. Definitely no more love shows or anything like that.
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: You’ve taken some amazing photos: I think you’re very photogenic: where do you plan on taking your modeling career in the future?
VH1 Mz Berry: First thank you very much! I really haven’t given that much thought because I don’t think of myself as a model. I guess because being petite I was always told that I could never be a model, so. But I’m leaving the door open for it.
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: Are you currently single, or has someone swept you off your feet?
VH1 Mz Berry: I’d rather not speak about that.
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: After the show aired, when you went home, how were you viewed amongst your family and friend’s? This question came from a few of your fans.
VH1 Mz Berry: hmmm there were mixed feelings. My family and close friends are extremely supportive of me. Did they question why I would do such a thing and tell me that I didn’t belong there, yes! But they did support my decision.
Vh1 Mz Berry The Exclusive Celebrity Interview with Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: What did you do before the show? What was Mz Berry’s career before becoming a nationally known figure?
VH1 Mz Berry: I have a career in Real Estate that I enjoy very much and hope to be able to practice a bit more in the very near future!
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: Can you describe your ideal relationship: what Mz Berry expects from the man that says “I Love You?”
VH1 Mz Berry: Someone who makes me and the relationship a priority. I’m a writer and so I understand that words written or even spoken can come very easily, I’d much rather a man show me through his actions how much he loves me or misses me or whatever the case may be.
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: What are 3 things that you refuse to put up with in a relationship? The 3 things that would make you leave your man and never come back.
VH1 Mz Berry: That is difficult because I think those things can change as the relationship changes and your lives together shifts. Obviously when you first begin dating maybe the things that would be deal breakers for you may not be the same as if you’d been dating for 5 years and those things may be different once you are married and once you have children…
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: I’ve heard some horror stories about models having problems with photographers: how has your relationship been with photographers? Have they tried to take things off camera, or have the majority of them been professional?
VH1 Mz Berry: I have had great experiences with the photographers who have chosen to work with me! I think they respect the person that I am coming in to the shoot and so they don’t come at me on anything other than professionalism.
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: What’s the worse – or most unprofessional thing that a photographer has done during a photo shoot?
VH1 Mz Berry: wow! I can honestly say that they have all been very professional! I realize that may be hard to believe, but it is the truth!
Vh1 Mz Berry The Exclusive Celebrity Interview with Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: Who’s your favorite and most professional photographer?
VH1 Mz Berry: I actually have 2! And it’s because their styles are so very different! Dwayne Moore was my very first photoshoot EVER!! He was very patient and gave me great direction and I love how artistic he is! My newest fave is Anthony Winters! I shot with him in New York and the shoot was extremely quick! He would give me quick direction and take the shots and BAM! it was done! He took very high fashion shots of me that I just love! He made me look like a MODEL!!
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: What’s your favorite brand of clothing?
VH1 Mz Berry: Hmmm that’s a tough one! It really just depends on what article of clothing it is or what it’s for. I love soft fabrics! Yeah that’s tough.
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: The fellas want to know: panties or thongs?
VH1 Mz Berry: lol most everyday it’s gonna be a thong! lol I have my moments where I want to feel soft cotton all over and then I go for panties or boyshorts.
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: Who have you kept in touch with since the show, anybody in particular that you became good friends with?
VH1 Mz Berry: Oh yeah! Just Right and I are very good friends!)
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: Which female entrepreneur inspires you the most?
VH1 Mz Berry: I would have to say Oprah Winfrey!)
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: Can you give the young ladies out there some advice about doing a Reality TV Show, things to look out for?
VH1 Mz Berry: I would have to say the best advice I can give is to really know your purpose for being on the show and just stick with that. What do you want to get out of it?
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: It was a pleasure interviewing you Mz Berry, you’re a sweetheart. Is there anything I didn’t cover that you would like your fans to know?
VH1 Mz Berry: Thank you Jason! Yup, I wanna let everyone know that they can check out my new website , follow me on twitter and be sure to look out for new things coming up with my real name of Connie Christina!!!
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: You’re very welcome, and thank you Connie for being such a sweet heart. I wish you the best in your Modeling career, acting career, and your real estate business. Your very ambitious and your success will grow abundantly. TTYL

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