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Thursday, December 31, 2009

For The Love Of Ray-J Epsiode 9 Sneak Peek

Ray's final five ladies are challenged to dig up dirt on each other. Watch!

I Want To Work For Diddy 2 season finale sneak peek

It's down to the final two applicants, and for the deciding test, they must report to the top floor of Bad Boy to work for the man himself!

Tough Love 2 Episode 7 Sneak Peek

The girls are tested on their dollars and sense as contestants on a provocative game show called "What's My Price?".

VH1 Interview: Flossy (For The Love Of Ray-J)

Taken from This is the vh1 interview with Flossy.

Rich: How was your time on the show?

Flossy: Overall, it was really good. I had a great time, except for the whole drink-throwing episode.

Rich: Let’s talk about that. What was going through your mind when almost the entire house was screaming at you and throwing liquid on you?

Flossy: When they ganged up on me in the room, I was just kind of like, “Really?” It was funny to me that they felt so threatened by me that they had to team up. The issue we were fighting about really wasn’t that serious for everyone to get involved. I thought it was an example of haters being haters. But then when the first drink was thrown, I went from thinking it was funny to literally taking everything I had inside of me to keep from getting up and beating the s*** out of Heartbreaker. I did not want to get kicked off for fighting. I was trying to be calm and a strong person and control myself to handle the situation as best I could. I walked away, and she threw another drink on me, and at that point, I knew it was just them trying to provoke me to hit them so that I would go home. I wasn’t going to give them what they wanted. I didn’t want to leave without being able to say goodbye to Ray. I didn’t want to leave on that note.

Rich: You mentioned that they were threatened. Do you think the whole episode stemmed from jealousy? At that point, you were getting the most attention from Ray…

Flossy: It was pure jealousy. Jealousy and love are two things that will make a person do anything. When Luscious told me, “Are you scared to sleep at night?” it made me believe that they really would have done something to me that night. Combine love and jealousy and a person will act crazy and out of character. They would tell me, “You’re going to win, look at how you look at each other. You’re like a magnet, he goes straight to you.” And the same day they’re saying all this, they gang up on me. Even Heartbreaker said, “I’m trying to get her to do something to make Ray want to make her leave,” or whatever.

Rich: Did it hurt your feelings to be attacked like that?

Flossy: No. Not at all. I didn’t do anything wrong. It would have hurt me if what I felt like they were mad at was a legitimate reason. I would have been like, “Oh god, I’m a s***ty person. These people don’t like me.” But it was so stupid. Because I told Ray Heartbreaker was a stripper? I never said anything negative about strippers, I just said she was one! It’s not even like I was like, “Ew.” What they didn’t show was during that date with me and Platinum, we had gone to a strip club and learned how to pole dance. The only reason it got brought up was that I was like, “This would have been the perfect date for Heartbreaker,” because me and Platinum were joking about not knowing how to do any of that stuff and how hard it was. That’s when I said that Heartbreaker should have gone on the date, and when Ray said, “Why?” I said, “Because she’s a stripper.” And all they showed was me saying, “Because she’s a stripper.” I mean, she said herself during the dance challenge, “I shake my ass for a living.” They also played the clip of her saying that she gets on the pole when she’s bored. That’s a stripper. I don’t on the pole when I’m bored. My bartender friends don’t get on the pole when they’re bored. They stay at the bar. No one gets on a pole for fun. She’s a stripper, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Own it, like Baker from Real Chance of Love. She’s proud as hell to be a stripper and no one can tell her that it isn’t cool. If Heartbreaker’s as confident as she says she is, why wasn’t her attitude, “F*** you, Flossy. I’m a stripper and what?”

Rich: So then what happened? The drama seemed to really die down after that huge flare-up.

Flossy: Once they saw that they weren’t going to get to me, that I wasn’t going to do anything to get sent home, they backed off. Two days later, when we went to lunch with Lil’ B, Heartbreaker and Luscious apologized to me and told me they don’t usually do stuff like that and that they were sorry. I apologized, too, for throwing the drink back. And it was just squashed. We just never brought it up again. And then they started attacking Mz Berry, and then Exotica, so it was just them trying to push people’s buttons, and then when it didn’t work, they’d move onto the next person.

Rich: Do you have any resentment for them?

Flossy: Heartbreaker, a little, because she didn’t have to take it that far with throwing the drink. But it’s so old now that I don’t even care. I just would never be friends with her. But everybody else, I’m cool with. I love Luscious. I talk to her all the time on Twitter. She was basically just trying to get camera time, and I can’t fault her for that.

Rich: What did end up happening between you and Ray? You seemed to have the biggest connection with him and then it fizzled out.

Flossy: I just kind of stopped trying. I think I just got sick of competing. At first, I was the only person that Ray had a connection with, and then once everyone realized that they had to step it up, I just kind of lost interest. I liked it when I didn’t have to compete, when I was just like a magnet, as they said, and he would just come to me. Also, I wasn’t going to f*** him or give him head. I told myself I wasn’t going to have sex with him unless I won the show. I kinda started falling back a little, Exotica, too, and girls started stepping forward with the physical stuff. And it’s like, if you want to send us home for that, fine. That’s kind of what I think it was. There’s no way I just got sent home because I’m too young. He knew my age from the beginning and even defended it to Heartbreaker. She said I was too young and he said, “Well, she’s only a year younger than you are.”

Rich: You did cry when you were sent home.

Flossy: I think that was just the fact that it was over. Don’t get me wrong: I still liked Ray even after I stopped trying. I wish I could have met him in a normal setting. I was sad to be leaving him and the experience. But then as soon as me and Exotica got in the van we were like, “Yeah, we’re free!”

Rich: Any thoughts on peeing in the plant?

Flossy: I don’t know why it was such a big deal! Hasn’t anyone been drunk before and peed? They didn’t really make it clear that I was drunk. I barely remember my alone time with Chardonnay. Exotica and I kinda had a feeling we’d be going home next, or that one of us would be, so we were like, “F*** it, let’s have so much fun tonight. This might be our last night together.” I’m in a sorority, I know how to party. I got really drunk, and I peed. Whatever. People have done worse on reality shows. That’s the one bad thing I did on the show. Get over it.

Rich: Any regrets?

Flossy: My only regret is that I stopped trying so hard. I wish I had kept trying, because I know I could have made it further, if not won.

Flavor Flav takes a shot at autotune

Flavor takes a shot at autotune with his new song "I'll Never Let You Go". Um... Flav? please stick with VH1.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vh1access Fan Of The Month: January

This is something new I'm doing on my blog for the new year. It's called VH1access Fan Of The Month. I want to give back to my visitors who are fans of my blog. New poll will up after this post. I will choose 5 people that are fans of my blog and it's your job to vote, who should win VH1access of the month. As a reward your picture will be posted on the left side bar with your twitter link.

January's Nominees:

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Secrets of Aspen: Premeire Sneak Peek

Here is the premiere sneak peek of VH1's new show The Secrets of aspen which premieres this Suday at 10:PM eastern standard time.

VH1 Interview: Exotica ( For The Love Of Ray-J)

Taken from here is the Exotica VH1 interview, she explains how she did not like how the show portrayed her.

Rich: I really enjoyed you on the show.

Exotica: No! I didn’t like the way they edited me.

Rich: Tell me why.

Exotica: They made it seem like I didn’t know how to do anything, and that’s not true. Like, when I was bowling, when I was singing, and playing basketball and all that.

Rich: So you’re a good bowler?

Exotica: I’m not. I’m OK, but on TV they made it seem like I didn’t know what the hell I was doing, and that’s not true at all.

Rich: I really liked you freaking out at the bowling alley, though.

Exotica: I was kinda mad, ‘cause I really wanted to win a date, but on TV they showed my score as 16, but then you see the extra on, and you saw it was 76. But I got so many fans who like me so much, they’re like, “You’re so funny, even though you can’t bowl.”

Rich: There are worse things than bad bowling that you could be accused of.

Exotica: Oh, I know. I like that they showed my sense of humor. I’m funny. The only thing I didn’t like was how they showed me not knowing how to do anything.

Rich: How was your overall time on the show?

Exotica: It was really good. I met a lot of girls, but by the end, I was stressed out. It started getting emotional.

Rich: You didn’t seem too upset when you were eliminated.

Exotica: I wasn’t upset because the reason I got eliminated was that I didn’t know Ray, and that’s true. I didn’t lie about it. Ray was there, but he really didn’t talk to me, and I didn’t really talk to him. I was just there chilling because I really don’t chase guys. Even though I was on a show, I wasn’t going to change myself just to chase Ray and stay longer. That’s why I told him that it seems like he gets shy when he comes toward me. I was a little shy, too. I have different personalities, like I get shy around guys, and I was shy around him. He didn’t seem like he wanted to get to know me, though. That’s why I didn’t try. When I got eliminated, I was actally happy because there was too much going on. It was actually crazy.

Rixh: Were you disappointed that you didn’t get to know Ray better?

Exotica: Not really. Maybe if we weren’t on TV, it would have been different. But on TV, there was too much going on. The other girls were chasing him all the time to get a one-on-one with him. The whole time I had on my mind that I wasn’t going to do something I would regret one day. And I didn’t do it.

Rich: What do you think of Ray now?

Exotica: I like watching the show. He’s so freaking funny. He should be a comedian. I have nothing bad to say about Ray. He’s very nice. The little bit of him I got to know was very fun, funny and outgoing.

Rich: When you say that there was too much going on in the house, do you mean the drama with the “Wolf Pack?”

Exotica: It was a competition, and it was getting tough. The other girls, they were doing a lot of stuff, and I’m not going to be specific, but they were doing stuff that I would not do. Just to get a glass or to make it to the next episode, they were doing a lot of crazy stuff.

Rich: What did you think of the drama with Heartbreaker, Platinum and Luscious, though?

Exotica: At first, they picked on Flossy, and just because I didn’t go against Flossy, I knew they were going to come back and pick on me. But I was like, “Please.” I don’t care if we’re in a public place eating, I don’t care if we’re with Obama, if you yell at me, I’m gonna yell back. If you don’t respect me, I’m not going to respect with you. Don’t come to me like, “We run this house.” You don’t run s***.

Rich: Any theories as to why they called you a reindeer?

Exotica: I really don’t know what the hell they meant by that, but I think they were making fun of my hair. I didn’t know they said that until Flossy told me that. But if they were talking about my hair, I love my hair. I don’t wear fake hair or extensions. It’s all natural. I make money with my hair, so that’s all that counts.

Rich: You seemed very confident, not just about your hair, but in general.

Exotica: Of course. I love me. I don’t care what the girls thought about me: about my style, about my hair. I was there for Ray, and then me. I don’t hold back. I do look like a model. Even Ray said it. They tried to use that against me, that I was on the wrong show, and I should have been on America’s Next Top Model. I was like, “You’re not gonna tell me which show to be in,” you know?

Rich: Would you say that you are conceited?

Exotica: No, I’m not. I’m just confident. It is what it is.

Rich: What about when you got into it with Extra?

Exotica: To be honest, I really felt bad for her in the end. I was bored, and I figured, “Let me pick on Extra.” You know, she wasn’t pretty at all, so I was like, “Let me just pick on her.” Everyone saw that she picked the bed before me, but I took the bed from her. Whatever, I don’t have anything against her. That’s kinda mean, but oh well. She got over it. I’m sure she did.

Rich: When did you come over from Cape Verde?

Exotica: About 10 years ago. At first, it was really hard. I had to learn English. I only spoke French when I came here. Imagine me, don’t know how to say anything in English. It was really hard, but I kept going, and look at where I’m at! Sometimes I think about it: I never would have imagined coming from Cape Verde and being on a national TV show. Everybody knows me, all the Cape Verdeans love me, they happy that I’m representing Cape Verde. Nobody knew about Cape Verde until I got on the reality show. So I’m really happy that I did the reality show. Basically, I’m reaching all my American dreams.

VH1 Interview: Ivory ( I want To work For Diddy)

Here is the interview of the latest cast off.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Loco Of The Year Award.. The nominees

Loco Of The Year : Nominees

This year we have had alot of contestants that were the most craziest, these 6 make the final cut for the year.

Aloha (Real Chance Of Love 2)
Danger (For The Love Of Ray-J)
Brittany Starr (Rock of love Bus)
Flipper (Daisy of love)
Arian (Tough Love)
Show Me (Real Chance of love 2)

Vote Here

Vote for 3 of your favorites

VH1 Star Pics: Blonde Baller, Deelishis, Heartbreaker,Doll, Hot Wings, Jaguar, Jennifer ,Marcia, Samantha, Unique

Here are some new pics from your favorite VH1 stars.

Frank The Entertainer. In A Basement Affair: Premeire Sneak Peek

Watch the sneak peek of the premeire. The show airs next this Sunday at 8:PM

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Exotica's new look!

Exotica appeared on Ustream to reveal her new look. She is not longer rockin the afro, her hair is not straight. She looks unrecognizable, but she looks really good.

VH1's Dummy Of The Year Award 2009 .. goes to Bubbles!

Bubbles Wins!

Winner: Bubbles wins with 57.7% of your votes
Runner-Up: It came in second place with 3.8% of your votes
Last Place: Caviar came in last place.

Winner's List:

Best VH1 Male Veteran of 2009: 12 Pack (Daisy of love)
Best VH1 Female Veteran of 2009: New York (NY Goes To Work)
Breakthrough VH1 Star of 2009: Marcia Brazil (Rock of love Bus)
Winner of the year of 2009: Hot Wings (Real Chance of love 2)
Runner-Up of the year of 2009: Marcia Brazil (Charm School 3)
Loser of the year of 2009: Brittany Starr (Rock of Love Bus)
VH1 Fight Of The Year of 2009: Marcia VS Ashley (Rock of love Bus)
VH1's Dummy Of The year: Bubbles (Charm school 3)

Monday, December 21, 2009

VH1's Dummy Of The Year Award 2009: The Nominees

The next category is Dummy of the year. The people that are nominated had their dumb moments on their shows.


Tamera ( I Love Money 2)
Brittanya (Rock of love Bus)
Spanish Fly (Real Chance of love 2)
Bubbles (Charm School 3)
It ( I Love Money 2)
Caviar (For The Love Of Ray-J)

Vote Here

Vote for 3 of your favorites

Let's Talk About Pep: Supertrailer

<a href="" target="_blank">Let's Talk About Pep: Supertrailer!</a>

Here is the supertrailer to Let's Talk About Pep premiering in Jan

Bad Girls Blub Flo talks about the economy.

Here is a video of Flo from this season's Bad Girls Club talking about the economy

Sassy dancing to Lady Gaga

Here is a video of Sassy dancing to one of Lady Gaga's songs

For The Love Of Ray-J Epsiode 8 Sneak Peek

Chardonnay returns!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

R.I.P: Brittany Murphy

Murphy went into full cardiac arrest last night and could not be revived, according to TMZ. The Los Angeles Fire Department tells the site they received a call from a home belonging to Murphy's husband, Simon Monjack. The actress was pronounced dead on arrival at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

She was 32.

The Atlanta-born actress began acting in local theater productions when she was just 9, and by age 13 she was starring in television commercials, according to

She married Monjack, a screenwriter in 2007.

After having starred in films including "8 Mile," "Don't Say A Word" and "Clueless," Murphy had found herself busy with work again recently, with starring roles in at least four upcoming films. She is rumored to have been fired from one recent role for being difficult on the set, but she denied the report in a recent story in OK Magazine.

"Due to creative differences, Ms. Murphy and the production company mutually parted ways," her rep said.

Murphy had also voiced the part of LuAnne Platter on the animated comedy, "King of the Hill," since 1997.

"2day the world lost a little piece of sunshine," Ashton Kutcher, who dated Murphy in 2002 - 2003, posted on Twitter on Saturday. "My deepest condolences go out 2 Brittany’s family, her husband, & her amazing mother Sharon. see you on the other side kid."

Exclusive VH1access Interview: Trouble (For The Love Of Ray-J)

I had a chance to interview Rachel Reed a.k.a Trouble who was on For The Love Ray-J 2 earlier this season. In this interview she talks about her time on the show, the fact that she can't stand Lava,She wished hat she could have stayed on the show and she would LOVE to do I Love Money if Vh1 asked her to do one.

Here is the interview.

VH1access: How Was Your Time on For The Love Of Ray-J? and why did you sign up for the show?

Trouble: It was fun. totally differnt than watching the show alot more goes into than i thought. It was fun meeting all the girls and staying in that siiick house! Wish i didnt leave so soon in the game, would have liked to do more challenges and had more time to get to know Ray J.I signed up as a joke with my friends never thinking i would get picked...but i did!! And im glad!

VH1access: On the show you were portrayed as the drunk party girl , how do you feel about that?

Trouble: ITS wHATEVER! Im not friends and family know who i am..others might think im Crazy but im just lookin for a good time! AND ive been layin OFF the Booze =) so all you haters like lava..Can kiss my Ass..=) And i say that with lot's of love.

VH1access: What do you think about Lava?

Trouble: ...ughhh must i talk about her! we just don't mix can't stand her personality dont like her or her vibe she gives off..the girl is a craZY. she can do her and ill do me. hope our paths never cross again.

VH1access: Did you get along with any of the other girls on the show?

Trouble: YA..I did..if i was there longer i know for sure i would have been closer to some of them..but being around so many girls they kinda gave me a different look at myself and how i am when i drink . so alot of positive came out of the show.

VH1access: How do you feel about your elimination? Do you think you should have stayed?

Trouble: YES most DEF at least one more round..i would have showed a different side of me..people just saw the alcohol and didnt get to see how i was normally. BUT that is my and vodka were conecting more than me and ray were.

VH1access: What have you been doing now since your departure on the show?

Trouble: Just staying busy with work and friends. Havent been going out as much. Trying to keep the drinking to a minimum =)

VH1access: Will there be a For The Love Of Ray-J 2 reunion?

Trouble: Of course.. I hope so!

VH1access: If VH1 wanted you back on TV let's say I Love Money, would you do it?

Trouble: fuuuuck ya! i would do things over sooo differntly. It's a great experience wouldnt pass it up

VH1access: Do you want to give a shout out to anyone?

Trouble: my Girl Madison. And of course my MOM <3

Follow Trouble on Twitter:

and check out my other past interviews.

Frenchy Interview

Marcia Brazil Interview

Friday, December 18, 2009

NEW POLL: Best VH1 Asian Chick

Who is the Best VH1 Asian Chick

Vote now

New VH1 Dainger Interview

Taken from Danger discusses her illness , she also reveals she is NOT pregnant.

Rich: I think everyone knows that you’ve been having a rough time lately.

Danger: It’s been very rough. People don’t know how serious of an illness postpartum depression is. I’ve had a very rough life. People don’t understand that when you come from a tough past, and you have a child and you have postpartum depression, a lot hits you at once. You always want a better life for your child than what you had.

Rich: When did you notice that you were starting to suffer from postpartum depression?

Danger: I went back home. My brother got into a near-fatal car accident. He went through a windshield. I went back to the Bay Area to visit him, and the postpartum depression set in when I reconnected with my family, and they met my daughter for the first time. A lot of past memories and experiences came back to me and I became scared for my daughter. I felt like we were unsafe.

Rich: The reports suggest that you then snapped, shaved your head and were admitted to a mental institution. Is that how it happened?

Danger: People think there was a big thing where I was violent and angry, but that didn’t happen. I was very depressed. I was crying and very sad. I have no support. I have no family support. I have no financial support. I’ve never felt loved.

Rich: What about your baby’s dad?

Danger: I love him, but I have to get better. I can’t be with him, if I’m not OK.

Rich: But is he supporting his daughter?

Danger: Of course. He’s a very good father, and he’s a very supportive man. He wants me to get better.

Rich: Would you say that you had a breakdown?

Danger: I don’t like the word “breakdown,” because it suggests weakness. I’m not a weak person, I’m very strong. I just went through something, and now I’m healing. I didn’t know how much pain I was in, because I keep a lot of things inside. I’m not keeping things inside anymore. I cut my hair so I could start a new life. I’m reborn as a different person, and I’m focusing on being the best mom I can be. When you get famous, people try to tear you apart, and I’m very famous right now. I’m just focusing on being around positive people and being a good mother. All the publicity and the Internet and all that will kill you if you let it. My fans, and everybody, shouldn’t believe the things on the Internet that they say about me, unless I’m saying it. There’s that much jealousy. People want me to fail, and I’m not going to fail. I’ve never failed. I’m a person who wins. Everything I want to do, I do. I achieve things. Just because I had a moment where I was dealing with some problems through postpartum depression, it does not mean that I won’t continue to succeed in my life, no matter what I do.

Rich: Maybe around Thanksgiving, your Twitter seemed erratic. Was this when the depression was setting in?

Danger: Yes. That was when depression was hitting me the worst. I was in the hospital very shortly after that. Then, whoever has control of my Twitter was writing really negative comments when I wasn’t able to be online. A lot of that wasn’t me.

Rich: Was there any reason you didn’t go back and delete that stuff?

Danger: I’m the type of person that will let people believe what they want to believe. If they want to believe negativity about my life, they can. If that’s what rules them and makes them happy, I don’t care. That doesn’t have any effect on my happiness. I know I’m a great mother, I know my daughter’s father is a great man. I know once I get better, I can go with my daughter’s father and we can be a family and be happy. And at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

Rich: Shortly after those tweets, you say you checked into the hospital. Did you spend a week there?

Danger: Yes.

Rich: How was that?

Danger: It started off extremely bad. I don’t like to be imprisoned. I was born free, I’m going to die free. Being in that kind of setting was very difficult for me, but it helped me to control my anger. I was working out, they shaved my head all the way off for me. I knew the only way I was going to get out was if I controlled my anger. I escaped twice and was on the run. They had to find me. When I finally came back, I just knew that if I ever wanted to see my daughter again, I had to control my anger. For her, I decided to change. I got better, and I got released.

Rich: What work did you do to become better?

Danger: I just have to talk to God. I wrote letters to my daughter, and I couldn’t talk to any of my family. My child’s father called with his father, and told me that he loved me and wanted to get better. That helped me a lot. Positive people in my life that aren’t related to me were showing me that I was loved. I was connected to the other people in the mental institution and they got better because I was getting better. I was able to help them get better and to see what was going on in their lives for the reason they were there. It was a good facility. A very, very good facility.

Rich: Obviously, a week’s time is a brief period. You say you got better, but that’s an ongoing process, right?

Danger: It is. So many people have oppressed me and hurt me that I felt like this could happen at any time. I can’t be that person anymore. I have a daughter. I want to be a mom. I want to have more children and be married and happy. As soon as I’m able to be all the way better, negative thoughts won’t cross my mind.

Rich: Are you pregnant now?

Danger: No, that’s a lie. I want to have all my children by the same man. I’m not going to have sex with everybody in the industry and sit on a lily pad, eating bonbons and collecting checks from different men. That’s not all I’m good for. I have a brain. I use it.

Rich: Your Twitter still says that you’re pregnant, though.

Danger: I have no control over that Twitter. Someone hacked into everything of mine: my Facebook, my email, my computer, my MySpace. Everything’s been hacked. I have a huge virus on my computer. I can’t even look into my documents. Somebody just got into my life, and decided they wanted to take control of it.

Rich: Do you know who it is?

Danger:What they don’t realize is yes I do. I know exactly who it is.

Rich: Are you taking steps to reclaim your identity?

Danger: That’s what this interview is.

Rich: Not everyone’s going to see this interview. Your latest tweet is, “I like nuts in my mouth.”

Danger: Nobody can take something away from me that’s mine. Danger is a completely different person than Monica. Monica needed Danger to come and protect her, because she was getting violated and abused. That’s why she was created: so I could be alive. I would have died a long time ago otherwise. But now I have to clean up my image because I have a daughter to raise! She’s gonna grow up, and she knows her mom is not Danger. Her father is not going to marry Danger. That’s a fictitious character I created for America to love me, to identify with me. I’m an actor.

Rich: Do you feel like you reached your goal? Do you feel like America loves you?

Danger: Yeah, I do. I feel like all around the country, people can not feel alone, and know that women go through hell. I feel like people indentify with who I am and what I represent, because they’re going through so much hell and pain and sadness and sickness, they know that somebody’s alive that’s so strong that she’s gone through all that and is still happy and is still having children and will be married and will be in love and live a peaceful life. And that gives them hope that they can also live a peaceful life, no matter what their circumstance is.

Rich: I hear your daughter in the background. You have custody of her?

Danger: Yes.

Rich: Was there any question that you might not retain that custody when you got out of the hospital?

Danger: There have been a lot of questions about whether or not I am a fit mother, especially with the Internet going on as it is. If I wasn’t, I would still be locked up in the institution on drugs. I’m not on drugs. I was going through postpartum depression, and I’m continuing to heal with counseling and therapy. I’m fine. I can raise my child. When you get out of an institution, if you don’t stay focused on getting better, you’ll go back, or you’ll die.

Rich: Has the postpartum depression gotten better?

Danger: It’s gotten a whole lot better since I know how to deal with it. Some women with postpartum depression take it out on their child, but I never was mad at my child. I’m just so mad at my circumstance.

Rich: Do you see your life getting better?

Danger:This is the fun part. This is the part I’ve been waiting my whole life for: to be a mother and happy.

Rich: It just seems like your stay in a mental institution might be a low point.

Danger: It was a good low point. It showed me who really loved me in my life. It made me realize that family is who loves you, not who’s related to you.

Rich: Are you happy?

Danger: Yes, but I’m gonna be a lot happier soon. When I’m married, I’ll be happy all the way.

Rich: Well, you’re always fascinating, Monica.

Danger:(Laughs) Thanks.

Rich: I know I’m not the only one who thinks that.

Danger: I think now that people can understand that Danger is a character that I created and that I’m a really, really f***ing good actor, I think they’ll get it. I think that’s great that they’ll be able to understand me and I can be myself again.

Rich: Are you going to stop calling yourself Danger?

Danger: No. I’ll always be Danger. She’s part of me. She’s my creation. Since I was 19, I’ve been that person. But I have control. I can control who I am. I’ve playing Danger for a long time. And I’m tired of playing Danger.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Want To Work For Diddy 2 Episode 8 sneak peek

Diddy sends Poprah in to have a heart-to-heart with the applicants. Watch what happens!

Tough Love 2 Episode 6 Sneak Peek

The ladies of Tough Love are horrified and outraged when they are put on trial for their scandalous past dating crimes!

Celebrity Rehab 3: Supertrailer

Here is the official supertrailer to Celebrity Rehab 3 which will premiere on VH1 Jan 7th. I wasn't really into this show, but I'm going to watch it this season because Kari Ann who got kicked out out on Sex Rehab will also be on Celebrity Rehab 3.

Video Premeire: Rihanna- Hard

Here is the official premiere video Rihanna's new single for Hard

VH1 Interview: Extra (For The Love Of Ray- 2)

I know you delineate between “Extra” and “Sharmisa,” but can you explain their differences?

Extra is kind of my alter ego. Extra is loud, crazy, outgoing, she says exactly what’s on her mind, she doesn’t care if she hurts anybody else’s feelings. She’s just extra everything. And that’s kind of the total opposite of me. If I had to go on the show being just Sharmisa, I’m quiet, I’m shy, I’m very caring, nurturing and understanding. I have a very religious side, of course. I’m just Sharmisa.

Yeah. It seemed like you weren’t Extra all of the time. It seems like there was a conflict between Extra and Sharmisa. Do you think that’s the case?

I was kind of struggling with some of the things the girls were saying about Extra, and I came to the realization that, “OK, I’m Extra, but nobody is going to realize that I’m Sharmisa.” I came to the realization that it’s the same person, physically. So I kind of chilled back after the Extra side, and just kind of tried to show Ray who Sharmisa is. Because if he did pick me, and he did end up falling in love with me or whatever the case may be, I wanted him to actually know what he’d be getting. [I’m] not some wild party girl. He’d be getting a homebody nurturing woman.

And somebody who’s a lot more introverted than Extra announced herself as being.

I think that’s because I did like Ray a lot, and I feel like I wanted to show Ray a softer side of me, not someone that’s always talking. I wanted to show him that I was able to listen to him. But our time together wasn’t really anything to listen to, so that put me in the position to have to create a conversation. There wasn’t any physical chemistry with this. I didn’t feel it, and I’m not sure if he felt it, but he probably didn’t. I just felt I had to create something, so that’s where all the cooking came in, the poetry, all the games. There was time that we spent together off camera. I mean, it was only a couple of minutes, but we did have meaningful conversations. Ray wasn’t interested.

When watching it, though, it really did seem like neither of you were connecting.

I understand how some people could see it that way, but the audience isn’t reading deeper into the poetry, how you’re actually displaying your feelings through poetry. How actually spending time making a four-course meal is showing somebody that you care. They’re saying, “Oh, she’s not saying anything to Ray!” I actually was, but the way I was represented by VH1 was that I was this really loud, over the top girl, but I was shy when it came to Ray.

Speaking of that kind of duality, early on, Heartbreaker took you to task for putting forth this sexually charged image, but also being very religious and openly reading the Bible.

I’m kind of upset they played that. I don’t think that anybody, or any person, or any network should exploit someone reading the Bible. However on the flip side, I know I’m going to contradict myself, but there’s actually no relation in doing the splits and reading the Bible. Because that means that you’re saying, “Oh, just because somebody does the splits, they can’t be a Christian.” I went into the house with the mentality, “Whatever Ray wants, I’m going to give it to him.” And when Lava was boring him, I was like, “Let me spice it up a little.” Was I over the top with the splits? Of course. After he named me “Extra,” yes, I’m going to take it the extra mile. I don’t think that it was fair for everybody to criticize me for reading the Bible and doing the splits. If anybody reads the Bible, they know that God can save everybody.

Are you saying that people who do the splits need to be saved?

I’m saying that anybody can be saved. If God can save a crack head who’s been doing crack for 30 years, he can save that person and change their life around, then he can change anybody. But my thing is, it was a show. Should I have handled it differently? Maybe. Would it be different if I had done the splits in jeans? Was it because I had on a dress and my pink and green underwear was showing? You see what I’m saying? It’s a lot of things that can be flipped or twisted from that. So I just ignore it.

Why go in the house displaying your alter ego in the first place?

I had to flip into an alter ego because I don’t have any interest in so many of the things that the other girls have interests in. My focus is English. As everybody saw, I’m a writer. That’s what I do and a lot of people feel that writers are nerds or boring, and I don’t think that’s the case because we have the biggest personality, or the biggest imagination, ever. If I had gone into the house as Sharmisa, I would have had about 20 books on me. I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on Ray. I would have been interested in reading and writing.

Then why sign up for a reality show in the first place, where people would be expecting something different than typical writerly qualities?

It was another thing to test my abilities, to get outside of my box. And plus, it’s Ray J. As Ray J said on the show, I had a crush on him, and I’m not going to deny that. I’ve had a crush on Ray for several years. I saw the show as an opportunity to get to know him, and for him to get to know me. Did I want to win? Of course I wanted to win. You go on a reality show wanting to win. Did I expect to win? No. After all, I’m still Sharmisa, whether I’m Extra or not. I still have the same heart, and my heart is too pure, my heart is too innocent, my mentality is way different than Ray, or any of the other girls. I’m not interested in sex…I mean, I’m interested in having sex, I’m not interested in selling sex.

What about when you were crying in the interview saying that you cared about him the most? Were those real tears?

Those were real tears, because I did put everything I had into each one of those challenges, and I still didn’t get a date. I put everything I had into every meal I made Ray J, every poem I wrote him, physically handed to him. Was I hurt when he let me go? I was crushed. But at the end of the day, you breathe and you move on. Ray wasn’t into me, whatever. There’s 100,000 guys who want to be with me.

Another point of duality: Ray said that he saw you as a little girl, and yet you were talking about being wifey material, which is an adult thing to do.

Yeah. All of the qualities and characteristics that I possess are that of a wife, because I know that I was put here to be a wife. Not some bimbo, not some trick on a celebrity’s arm, not some homey smasher. No, I’m not any of that. The fact that you see me as a little girl means that you’re not mature enough. You’re not mature enough in your brain to accept a real woman. A real woman is not going to just throw herself at you sexually, and that be all she has to offer. You didn’t see any of the other girls in the house cooking for him, or writing for him. No, you saw them with their tongues down his throat, walking around the house naked, or touching his person.

Do you have any resentment for Ray?

I just hate the fact that he’s so close-minded that he couldn’t see all the things that I was doing was for him in his best interest. He just wants somebody who is very sexual and very physical. And if he had waited and gotten to know me, I’m not saying it wouldn’t have been anything like that, because that’s what a relationship entails. But I’m not going to give you some just because you’re Ray J.

You changed your hair a lot on the show.

Going into the show, I knew they weren’t going to buy me a perm. I’m black, and I have black people’s hair! I need a perm every four weeks. Going into the show, I knew they weren’t going to do that, and they didn’t. I took wigs just in case. And once I became Extra, me changing the hair up every couple of hours was just something fun. It was fun to see what the girls had to say, to see the expression on the Ray’s face. It was very entertaining to me, I would say.

Tell me about your book, The Lust for Love.

My book is a relationship book based on experiences that I’ve had in the past. It’s kind of like an advice book. I have different chapters like “What Men Want,” “What Women Want,” “Playing the Dating Game,” “What To Say and Not To Say,” things like that. It’s basically just giving my fans and my readers an insight into my mentality as far as relationships go, as far as sex goes, as far as my view of a real man and a real woman. And it also shares some intimate experiences that I’ve had. And when I say “intimate” I don’t mean “sexual.” I mean how I got to know love, how I got my heart broke and also some things that happened on the show. Yeah. I’m listing and loving.

Do you have any beef with any of the girls?

Me and Exotica, we had beef on the show. I decided to let that go when I left the house, because I had nothing against her as a person until she started beefing me on Twitter. I’m not following her, so I don’t know what she said, but my followers are saying that she said a couple things. Heartbreaker had some beef on Twitter a couple weeks ago. I just let it go because it’s nothing to linger on. If you don’t like me, you don’t like me. I don’t care if you don’t like me, that’s your problem. I have nothing against you, but you’re not going to lie on me and bash my name. That’s where I’ll get you.

Visit Extra's website:

Pics of Marcia on Ludacris's album

Marcia tweeted that she was shooting pics for Lil Scrappy and Ludacris's album, well here it is.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ultimate VH1 Blonde Poll results

Ashley wins Ultimate VH1 blonde poll

Winner: You guys voted for Ashley as the Ultimate VH1 blonde with 44% of your votes.
Runner Up: Farrah came in second place with 31% of your votes
Last Place:: Popper came in last place with just only 1 vote.

Best VH1 "English is my second language" chick poll results

Marcia wins Best VH1 "English is my second language" chick

You voted for Marcia as the best English is my 2nd language chick with 60% of your votes.
Runner-Up: Frenchy came in 2nd place with 31% of your votes
Last Place: Exotica acme in last place with just 2%.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Frank The Entertainer. In A Basement Affair: Pre-Clips

Frank The Entertainer. In A Basement Affair: Supertrailer

Here is the supertrailer!

BET turning Entertainer's show into a race issue

Reality TV has long jumped the shark but I’m going to ride out until the wheels fall off. How else am I going to be reminded of why my life isn’t so bad? Anyway, Frank Maresca aka “The Entertainer,” originally from I Love New York (and also, I Love Money) has achieved every reality TV participant’s dream goal—he got a spinoff show. Unable to win New York’s heart, Frank the Entertainer welcomes 15 women into his parents’ house in hopes of finding the one that will inspire him to move out of the basement for good.

I noticed that out of the 15 women, only two of them are sistas. It made me wonder whether Frank the Entertainer was near fed up with Black women. He didn’t cast the show but I’m sure he had a say in what his type was. Let’s face it, dealing with New York and Sister Patterson was no cakewalk for him. Plus, he got a lot of grief from Saaphyri on I Love Money 2. I hate to turn this into a race thing but a lot of times when Black women have overbearing personalities on TV, they always embody the absolute worst stereotypes that society has about us and even if our White counterparts are just as egregious it never trumps the Black stereotype. When Frank the Entertainer and his parents were on I Love New York, both families clashed severely (yelling, screaming, eye rolling, neck popping, the whole shabang). It became obvious that The Entertainer’s mom is the HBIC in their neck of the woods so I can’t help but wonder if they were very specific when it came to the types of sistas they wanted (or lack thereof).

You can’t tell from a picture what their behavior is like, but I’m willing to bet they’re probably a lot more tame than New York. We’ll just have to watch and see, won’t we?

Frank the Entertainer…In A Basement Affair airs January 3 at 9pm.

I Want To Work For Diddy's Poprah getting her own show

Do you like big girls? Come on now, really, do you have an affinity for thick chics? Keep It Real, fellas!

Well, we have the hottest plus size girl on the planet, and she's looking for love right now!

If you've seen Vh1's hit show, "I Wanna Work for Diddy", you know who she is~

That's right the big girl, with big skills and big dreams, and all the sexy. It's Poprah!!!

She's in Atlanta right now casting for her own reality show, Big Girls Need Love Too! And she's looking for a man just like you!

More news on Tough Love: Couples

VH1 has announced plans to produce a spinoff of its Tough Love series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the cable network has placed an order for Tough Love: Couples, which will see couples put their relationships to the test.

Five pairs who are on the verge of becoming engaged will see their love placed under the microscope at boot camp, after which professional matchmaker Steve Ward will offer them advice on whether or not they are right for each other.

Earlier this year, VH1 ordered a second season of the dating-themed reality show.

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