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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekly Recap: Black Ink Crew- (Season 1) - Finale Recap

Season 1

Black Ink Crew- Finale Recap

Brittany recaps on season 1 finale of Black Ink Crew.

Weekly Recap: Braxton Family Values (Season 3)- Episode 3

Season 3

Braxton Family Values- Episode 3

Ashley recaps on this week's episode.

Weekly Recap: Bad Girls Girls Club: Atlanta (Season 10) Episode 11

Season 10

Bad Girls Club: Atlanta- Episode 11

Ashley recaps on this this week's episode. 

Weekly Recap: Love and Hip Hop: NY (Season 3) Episode 11

Season 3

Love and Hip Hop: NY- Episode 11

Ashley shares her thoughts on this week's episode.

Weekly Recap: Mob Wives (Season 3)- Episode 11

Season 3

Mob Wives- Episode 11 Recap

Ashley shares her thoughts on this week's episode.

Weekly Recap: Real Housewives Of Atlanta (Season 5) Episode 19

Season 5

Real Housewives Of Atlanta- Episode 19

Ashley talks about this week's episode. 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Rasheeda Discusses K. Michelle and The 2nd Season

Rasheeda did a skype interview with  The Kiya Amajijoya Show and she discusses season 2 of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta ,which premieres April 22nd, and what we can expect from her for the new season. She also discusses where she stands with K. Michelle. 

Other Reality News: Natalie Nunn Says 'Bad Girls: All Star Battle' Will Have Non Stop Drama

Other Reality News:  Natalie Nunn is somewhat spilling the beans on the upcoming spin-off show Bad Girls: All Star Battle which will have 14 bad girl alumni competing for 100,000 and for the title "Baddest Girl Of All Time"

She tells Radaronline that it was  "non-stop drama" and ":ridiculous fighting" and I believe her on that becasue she has been dealing with recent twitter beefs lately with Mehgan and Judi.

It was totally insane with not stop drama and ridiculous fighting. I behaved for the first few days, I was so nice and sweet and above it all with my new life and my husband, but as soon as people threatened to break my face, I went into full throttle, I went crazy on people,” she admits.

“They brought all the A-type personalities from every season and the girls that really hated each other and put us in a house to compete, party and try to live together. It was the craziest thing I have ever seen. I got home and slept for three days after.”

Jennifer Williams In Talks With Mona Scott Young For New Reality Show?

New Reality Show For Jennifer?

We all know Jennifer won't return for the 5th season of Basketball Wives which by the way is RUMORED to premiere on May 6th and I say that because the source comes from wikipedia. I still to need to see if that premiere date is actually confirmed. Anyway, VH1 caught up with her at the The Gossip Game premiere party and she revealed that she is in talks with Mona Scott Young to create a reality show for her and will most likely be focused on her business ventures and her relationship with Cisco Rossado. Now I say that she is smart for going to Mona Scott Young because she is the one right now who is bringing in the ratings for VH1. We will see The Gossip Game does the same.

But what do you think. Do you want to see a Jennifer Williams reality show?

Tiffany Was The Nail Salon Chick Who Fought Erica Mena

Get More: 
Love & Hip Hop

It All Comes Together

Remember that nail salon fight that Erica Mena was involved in months ago? Well we will be seeing that fight on the finale this Monday. Tiffany, who was introduced two episodes ago, was the girl Erica was fighting with when TMZ leaked that video.  Watch the sneak peek.

'Where Are They Now?" Interview With Ashley Douglas (Tool Academy)

"Where Are They Now?" With Ashley Douglas (Tool Academy)

Here is another "Where Are They Now?" interview. Remember Tool Academy? Well I did a new interview with Ashley Douglas , who won the 1st season with her then boyfriend Josh (Tiny Tool). They are STILL married till this day and she talks to me about how she keeps her marriage going, she also talks about her best moment from the show now 2 year old daughter and what she is up to now.

Hey Ashley, how are you?

I'm doing good thanks ;) 

You were best known for being on the first season of "Tool Academy" with Josh. What was your fondest memory being on the show? and how is Josh doing? 

I'd have to say the fondest moment was winning that last challenge it really showed me everything we both worked on and how we both shined as a couple
Josh is doing very well!!

Did you ever expected to win the show?

No I remember I didn't even pack alot of cloths cuz I didn't think we were gunna make it past the first two weeks.

Do you still keep in touch with any of the cast members? What about Trina? 

Jenna is always sweet she always let me know when she's in NYC and I have been talking to krista,Trina I use to not anymore.

You and Josh are one of the few reality couples who are still together and married till this day. Most reality couples get a bad rep for not staying together ; hence, Kim Kardashain's wedding and all these dating shows. What is your secret to a succesful marriage?

 For us we are just always honest every day and communicating with each other and we are always working on something new to keep our marriage going !

You and Josh also have a daughter now. How is she?

She's great She just turned 2 in jan she's so perfect she looks just like me an her personality is all Josh to the T down to what she eats to.

So, what have you been doing now  since your VH1 days? Well I have found a good

Job in a chiropractors office and were just focusing on doing things with Maddy 

You are also in the process of a weight loss journey. I've seen pictures on facebook and you look great. What made you decide to do this? 

Thank you to b honest - in the beginning it was cuz I was being bullied but now I'm doing it for myself and my daughter to show her its not about being skinny but having a healthy mindset.

Photo: Yay almost down a full 60 pounds! 
#progress #healthy #motivation #dedication #workout #instagym #instaworkout #fit #eatright #instagood #instadaily #trying #workinghard #results #happy #instagood #instadaily #girl #instagirl

Last question, would you ever consider doing reality TV again? 

Nope never !!!

Thank you for this special interview. Would like to add anything else?

Just like to thank you ! You do a great Job and u always been so

Thursday, March 28, 2013

VH1's Head Of Programming Jeff Olde Is Heading To E! Network

Jeff Olde Joining E! Network

Jeff Olde, who is in charged of VH1's programming is planning to leave the network, to become VP of programming development at E! Jeff was responsible for approving VH1 shows such as Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, I Love and New York, I Love Money, Tool Academy ect and when the Ryan Jenkins scandal happened, he gave VH1 a more urban look by airing shows like Basketball Wives, Mob wives, Single Ladies, Love and Hip Hop.  

Jeff plans to stay on VH1 until his contract ends this summer. So, this me wonder is VH1 set for a new programming era once again? VH1 is set to look for a replacement soon. 

Yandy Speaks On Mendeecees Being Incarcerated

Yandy Reveals Mendeecees Is Incarcerated

Yandy has revealed to VH1 in an interviews that Medeecess is currently incarcerated, but there is no final verdict for his drug charges just yet. She tells VH1 how she is coping with the fact that he is jail by saying "It's not easy." She also says she is planning to put her wedding on hold while he is prison. He propoed to her on last week's episode of Love and Hip Hop 

“It’s hard when you kind of see your life flash before you. I know the life that we live together which has been like a storybook, like a fairytale with ups and downs of course, but it’s been good, and the love has been good” Yandy stated. “This case is from all these years ago. It’s just like, why now?”

'Stevie TV' Returning To VH1 For Season 2

Season 2 Coming Soon

If you were fan of 1st season of Stevie TV then get ready for parodies because season 2 is underway. Seasn 2 is now currently filming and she posted this pic on her instagram page. 

Photo: Instagram/Stevie Ryan

She recently hosted VH1 100 Most Sexiest Artists

Flavor Flav Returning To VH1 In "Couples Therapy"

Yeah Boi! Flavor Flav, who has been a staple to VH1, is set to return to the network in the upcoming 3rd season of Couples Therapy.  Back In October, he was charged with domestic violence for pushing his fiance and chasing his fiances 17 year old son around the house with two knives. Now the the two will appear on Couples Therapy. It will be interesting to see them two on the show.

Other cast members will also include Teen Mom couple Catlynn and Tyler. They were the couple who gave up their baby for adoption in the original Teen Mom. Rapper Chingy and "Girls Gone Wild" creator , Joe Francis, will also join the 3rd season cast with their significant others. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Puma Confirms "Black Ink Crew" Season 2

Season 2 Coming Soon!

Puma of Black Ink Crew has confirmed that season 2 of the show is underway and I'm not surprised by that because has become one of the most successful new VH1 shows this year so far. The two hour finale aired last night with Puma proposing to his girlfriend and ended with a cliffhanger with Oh Shit heading to court.

In Other Reality News: Kordell Stewart Divorces Porsha Williams

Other Reality News: It has been announced today that Kordell Stewart has filed for divorce from Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Porsha Williams. The news has come by a surprise because viewers have suspected that he has been 'controlling' her. He told her on the she had to choose between having kids or a career. There are also rumors going around that he might be homosexual. 

She tells TMZ that she was blindsided by him filing for divorce. He says the marriage has been broken and claims they have separated. He also believes that he should not have to pay her for spousal claiming she earning income and able to support her herself. 

What do you think about the sudden divorce?

Mob Wives: Chicago's Leah DeSimone Returning To Reality TV

Leah Returning To Reality TV

In more news involving the women from Mob Wives Chicago. If you were a fan of Leah DeSimone from the now canceled show well you're in luck because she is returning to reality TV! The new show is called Bo$$ Ladies and will future her and other women running a bar together. Leah tells Suntimes it's also about their lifestyle and how they grew up.

Franky Forliano (from left) her sEddie Strong DanMarie Marchese Leah DeSimone Natalie Gerasimchuk Michelle Luciano hope their reality TV show
Photo: Kevin King

Other cast members include Linda Scarpa. Her father, Greg Scarpa, was the captain with New York's Colombo crime family and he was also known as "The Griim Reaper". Another cast member is Franky Forliano. She appeared on one the episodes of Mob Wives: Chicago and tells the site it will be a truthful show show on how they survived and won't give Italians a bad name. The last cast member is Michelle Luciano, who does not have any ties with mob.

Bo$$ Ladies will be nothing like Mob Wives.

Here is a photo of the show being filmed from its Fanpage

Photo: Tru Image Group on the Set of BO$$ Ladies. Chicago IL.

Mob Wives: Chicago's Pia Rizza Turns Down Porn Offer

Pia Rejects Porn Offer

Playboy rejected her pics, but a porn company called "Brazzers" was interested in her pics and offered her $100,000 to do porn.. Pia has now rejected the offer and tells TMZ that the offer is insane and porn is not in her future. 

"I am not that girl and I will not be doing porn!! I am a mother and it’s just not something I would ever do no matter how much they pay me.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Music News: Fergie Is NOT Leaving Black Eyed Peas

Fergie NOT Leaving Black Eyed Peas

Music News: The rumor that Fergie was getting replaced from The Black Eyed Peas is finally squashed. Last week, sites like Perez Hilton and TMZ reported that Fergie was leaving the group, now Will.I. Am took to twitter to officially squash the rumors that she was leaving. 

Fergie is currently pregnant with her first child/

Ray-J Explains His Side Of The Nightclub Fight With Bad Azz

We heard Bad Azz side of the story when he called The Breakfast Club, now Ray-J is speaking out about in a TMZ interview. He says there is no beef and he felt like he had to defend himself.  He also says he does not recall calling Suge Knight's niece a "fat bitch."

Ray-J will be hosting the Bad Girls Club: All Star Battle coming this summer to Oxygen. 

Evelyn Firing Back At Chad For Cheating Allegations

Evelyn Lozada is now firing back at Chad his twitter rants and spreading allegations that she cheated on him with a member of Young Money. also;  for coming after her her publicist and daughter.

A source tells TMZ that his allegations that she cheated ate false and if he does not stop with lies, she'll file a restraining order against him. 

Real Is Now Receiving Chemo

I Love New York's Real (Ahmad Givens) is now starting chemotherapy. It was reported last week fom TMZ that he was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer At first he thought was the flue but unfortunately it was cancer. 

His rep told US Magazine that he is in "good spirits" but experiencing a lot of pain. The family also set a website for him  to raise money for the hospital bills because his insurance only only covers forty percent of the treatment.

You can click here to visit the site.

Chance has also tweeted thanking everyone who helped. Let's hope he beats this.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Rapper Bad Azz Speaks About Ray-J Fight

Rapper Bad Azz is speaking out about the Ray-J fight that happened in Club Nokia in downtown LA earyy Friday night. The fight happened after Ray-J called Suge Knight's niece a "fat bitch"

“I probably seen him twice since about ’05 when he got me jumped by Suge Knight,” . “A little while before that me and Ray J used to be friend. He was really cool with Suge. Really showed Suge my message. And me and Suge had been cool. We talked before that. So I guess that kinda pissed him off. When he saw me at the club in Vegas talking to Kurupt, I’m thinking me and Suge peaches and cream…Took me to the side and him and his homies put they hands on me.”

“I seen him taking pictures and smiling so I kinda sat back. I knew he didn’t see me. I didn’t have nobody with me at the time but my little date…So I ran outside, got my uncle who was with me, who I knew gonna squad with me, didn't tell not one other person on Earth. He didn't get jumped. It wasn't nothing like that,” “I told my uncle that was with me, I said 'Unc, next time I see Ray J pass me I'm taking off. Light work.’ Soon as he walked by me, I threw a couple to the head. I respect him this one bit because he tried to fight back a little bit. But it wasn't nothing. His homies helped him.”

Joe Budden's New Music Video For "Castles"

Joe Budden has released a new music video for his new single "Castles" off his new album "No Love Lost" The song talks about his current state in the entertainment industry.

Love it? or Hate it?

Tiny Accidently Reveals Sex Of Tamar's Baby

Tiny Harris basically let cat out the bag during an  interview with HipHollywood when asked if she knew the sex of Tamar Braxton's baby she said "I've seen his little face" without realizing she just revealed the sex of baby.

Last week Tamar Braxton revealed that she was pregnant with her first child in Good Morning America.

Rumor Mill: Chad Claims Evelyn Slept With A Member Of Young Money

Rumor Of The Week: It looks like Chad and Evelyn are still not in good terms with each other since their domestic violence incident that happened last August. Chad claims that Evelyn wasn't faithful when she was with them saying that she cheated on him with a member from Young Money. 

He went off on her publicist on twitter the day. Global Grind provided the tweets.

Without mentioning him, Evelyn did tweet about the rumor.

During the upcoming 5th season of Basketball Wives Evelyn will speak more on the aftermath of her relationship with him. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mimi's Friend Ariane Davis Talks "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta (Season 2)

Ariane Davis, who is Mimi's friend on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta was on blogtalkradio this past week and she talks about the upcoming 2nd season of the show. We also learn more about her and hints she will be getting more screen time for season 2. During the interview, Mama Jones called in.

Credit for this interview goes to @vh1info and @toribleu

Watch The Supertrailer For "The Gossip Game"

Photo: VH1

Official Trailer Released

Mona Scott's newest VH1 show The Gossip Game premieres April 1st. The trailer has now been released.

Check it out. What do you think?

Get More: 

The Gossip Game

Music News: Record Company Get Sued For Selling Bootleg Aaliyah Songs On iTunes

Music News: A record company name Craze Productions is getting sued by Reservior Media Management claiming that the record company has been illegally selling her songs on the net. If you don't know, it's hard nowadays to find music from her on the net. Her songs are not on iTunes and her last album "Aaliyah" is out of print. Thankfully, I have her albums.

Reservior says they own the rights to her songs and never gave permission for Craze to sell her songs, according to 
TMZ. Now they want cash.

I Love New York's Real Is Diagnosed With Stage Four Colon Cancer

Photo: TMZ

Real Fighting Cancer

I was shocked by this news today. Apparently Real from I Love New York and Real Chance Of Love has been diagnosed with STAGE FOUR colon cancer. TMZ reported the news today and provided a picture of him in the hospital bed with his two brothers Chance and Micah.  TMZ reports  that he went back to hospital four times and was told something was wrong with his liver.He then was informed that he has stage four colon cancer.

New York took to twitter about the news.

VH1's "Wicked Single" Receives Backlash ; Gets Compared To 'Jersey Shore'

The cast of VH1's newest reality show, 'Wicked Single,' from left, Rachel, Chrissy, Nikki, Chubs, Chelsi, and Joe.
Photo: VH1

Wicked Single Receives Backlash

It seems like any show nowadays that features young folks partying and acting wild gets compared to Jersey Shore. VH1's new Boston based show "Wicked Single" is the latest victim of that.  The NYdailynews calls the show a 'depressing version" of its successful counterpart "Jersey Shore. The NYtimes says the show make the "Jersey Shore" cast look intelligent.. ouch!

and of course the show has received backlash, which I'm not surprised.

Here is one tweet.
@LongHornsMMA just set back Boston another couple decades, 

N.O.R.E Reveals Mona Scott Wanted Him For "Love and Hip Hop"

Rapper N.O.R.E could have been on Love and Hip Hop. He reveals to UrbanDaily that Mona Scott wanted him to be on the show but he turned it down saying he does not fit in that particular category. 

 “As far as ‘Love & Hip-hop’ I don’t think I fit that category. It’s about love and I’m discreet about my love life,” “NORE is an open book, but my wife? I want my wife to be an opposite of me. If I’m famous and your’e famous what the f*ck are we together for? I just don’t want it. As of now.”

He also says he entertained by the show. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mendeecees Does NOT Show Up At "Love and Hip Hop" Reunion

Photo: VH1

A No Show

The Love and Hip Hop: NY season 3 reunion show will soon premiere bit there is one cast member we won't be seeing,  Yandy's now fiance Mendeecees Harris. This has been confirmed by cast member Rashidah Ali who has spoken to Eurweb. She tells the site that he won't be at the reunion show  but she herself does address the whole molestation issue. She also says the reunion show will have "lots of excitement" and "lots of unexpected things" Other reports have said Joe Budden dumps Kailin for Tahiry.

"Just make sure you guys watch all the way through the reunion because there's a lot of excitement a lot of unexpected things are going to happen. Mendeecees wasn't at the reunion show, but I did certainly address the sexual issue. Absolutely, I did with a lot of enthusiasm."

Rochelle Aytes To Play Pebbles In TLC Biopic Movie

Rochelle Aytes To Play Pebbles

More casting news for Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story which has begun shooting. Actress Rochelle Ayetesm who has been on Medea Family Reunion  will be playing Perri Reid better known as Pebbles who was the former TLC manager. 

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta (Season 2) Premieres April 22nd

Season 2 Premieres April 22nd!

Mark your calendars! The 2nd season of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta will premiere Monday, April 22nd . I provided a countdown calendar for the premiere of the most popular VH1 show. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Music News: New Beyonce Song "Bow Down/I Been On"

New Beyonce Song Leaks

Music News:  A new Beyonce track has just leaked on the net today by Beyonce herself. The new song is called "Bow Down/I Been On" and it has the internet gone nuts!

Take a listen:

Love it? or Hate it?

Check Out Lore'l's New Single "Benjamin"

Love and Hip Hop's Lore'l has released her first single titled "Benjamin" and it's good. The song is now available on  iTunes

"Hollywood Exes" Season 2 Premieres In April

Photo: VH1

Hollywood Exes Returns In April

The second season of Hollywood Exes has wrapped up filming recently and will premiere next month, according to this tweet.

VH1 Wants To Film Brandy' Wedding

Is Brandy Pulling a Lala Wedding Special?

Brandy might be getting her own Lala Full Court Wedding type reality show on VH1.  Mouth To Ears is reporting that VH1 wants to film the wedding and footing the bill for the bill for it. Nothing is confirmed yet, but if it's true, it would the first time she would another reality show since Brandy & Ray-J: A Family Business which only lasted two seasons. She is engaged to music executive Ryan Press.

Would you like to see a Brandy wedding special?

T.I Puts TMZ On Blast Over Lil Wayne Dying

Rapper T.I is putting TMZ on blast for reporting that Lil Wayne was 'dying' after being hospitalized with violent seizures. That report caused a media frenzy, especially Friday night on Twitter. TMZ first reported that his family and friends were prepared to say his last goodbyes to the rapper. 

His camp told another story saying his is fine, soon after that TMZ altered their story. The real story is Lil Wayne is recovering. 

Consquence/Joe Budden Reunion Drama Caught On Tape

Here is cell phone footage of Consequence getting tossed out by Joe Budden's crew during the taping of the reunion show. The drama happened when Consquence ran up to Joe Budden backstage at the reunion and hit him, but Tahiry snuff to Consequence's head. In the video you can clearly hear Jen The Pen screaming "I'm calling the cops!"

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Weekly Recap: Black Ink Crew (Season 1)- Episode 10

Season 1

Black Ink Crew- Episode 10

Brittany shares her thoughts on this week's episode.

Weekly Recap: Braxton Family Values (Season 3)- Episode 1

Season 3

Braxton Family Values- Episode 1

The 3rd season of Braxton Family Values premiered this week and Ashley shares her thoughts on the 1st episode. 

Weekly Recap: Bad Girls Club: Atlanta (Season 10)- Episode 9

Season 10

Bad Girls Club: Atlanta- Episode 9

What does Ashley have to say about this week's episode? Watch the video!

Weekly Recap: Love and Hip Hop: NY (Season 3)- Episode 9

Season 3

Love and Hip Hop: NY- Episode 9

Ashley gives the latest episode recap of Love and Hip Hop: NY.

Weekly Recap: Mob Wives (Season 3)- Episode 9

Season 3

Mob Wives- Episode 9

Ashley gives the latest episode recap on Mob Wives

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