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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hoopz and Shaq's Halloween Costumes

Yes!, that is a Shaq as a woman singing to Beyonce's Sweet Dreams and the person next to him is not other then Hoopz from Flavor Of Love. Very funny video

Brandy Norwood On Ellen

If you have not seen Ellen's Halloween show on Friday, Brandy and her Dancing with The Stars partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy appeared on the show. They did a dancing number and Brandy revealed that she has not had a boyfriend in six years. Ellen tried to hook her up with DJ Tony lol

If you are wondering what Ellen is supposed to be, she is Snooki's poof. Best Halloween costume i have seen .

POLL RESULTS: Did You Enjoy The Premiere Of Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It?

Did You Enjoy The Premiere Of Bret Michaels: life As I Know It?

No, It Was Boring- 47%
It Was Okay 42%
YES! I Loved It 9%

So Bret Michael's new show Life As i Know premiered last week and I made a poll to see if you guys liked it. Well 47% thought that the show was boring.  The ratings speaks for itself. I Love Money 4 has higher ratings than this show.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

VH1 Star Halloween Morphing: Bret Michaels As A Skeleton

We have one more Halloween VH1 star morphing to go. It will be posted tomorrow. Be right now here is Bret Michaels as a skeleton.

Bret Michaels As A Skeleton

He looks more like a dead pirate 

I Love Money 4 Airing Schedule: Week of Oct. 30th - Nov 5th

I Love Money 4 Airing Schedule Of Oct. 30th- Nov 5th

So the ratings for I Love Money 4 went up for episode 7. It averaged  668,000 viewers compared to episode 6 which was below 500,000. I think the sudden rating boost has to do with VH1 airing repeats of the show during the day now and not just at nights.

Saturday October 30th, 2010

I Love Money 4 - Episode 7 (Repeat) 2:30PM
I Love Money 4 - Episode 7 (Repeat) 7:00PM

Sunday October 31st, 2010
I Love Money 4 - Episode 7 (Repeat) 6:00PM
I Love Money 4 - Episode 7 (Repeat) 12:00AM

Monday November 1st, 2010
I Love Money 4 - Episode 7 (Repeat) 8:00PM

Tuesday November 2nd, 2010
I Love Money 4 - Episode 7 (Repeat) 3:00AM

Wednesday November 3rd, 2010
I Love Money 4 - Episode 8 (New) 10:PM
I Love Money 4 - Episode 8 (Encore) 12:AM

Thursday November 4th, 2010
I Love Money 4 - Episode 7 (Repeat) 12PM
I Love Money 4 - Episode 8 (Repeat) 1PM

Friday November 5th, 2010
I Love Money 4 - Episode 7 (Repeat) 8PM
I Love Money 4 - Episode 8 (Repeat) 9PM

2010 VH1access Awards - Nominations Revealed

Starting next week (Nov.1st)  we will officially start this award show with Best VH1 Male Reality Star Of 2010. We will do one category per week by voting on

Nominations Revealed:

Best VH1 Male Reality Star of 2010:

The Entertainer (Frank The Enteratiner.... A Basement Affiar)
Phillip (Money Hungry)
Punisher (I Love Money 4)
Chi Chi (I Love Money 4)
Angelo (Tool Academy 3)
Francisco  (I Love Money 4)

Best VH1 Female Reality Star of 2010:

Marcia (I Love Money 4)
Heartbreaker (For The Love Of Ray-J 2)
Jennevecia (Tool Academy 3)
Cathy (Frank The Entertainer... A Basement Affiar)
Kerry (Frank The Entertainer... A Basement Affiar)
Mz. Berry (For The Love Of Ray-J 2)

VH1 Breakout Star of 2010:

Tara (Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch)
Phillip (Money Hungry)
Jessica Cimato (You're Cut Off)
Cathy (Frank The Entertainer... A Basement Affiar)
Kerry (Frank The Entertainer... A Basement Affiar)
Gia Khay (You're Cut Off)

Best VH1 Celebrity of 2010:

Jessica Simpson (Price Of Beauty)
Chad Ochocinco (Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch)
Brandy (Brandy and Ray-J: A Family Business)
Ray-J (Brandy and Ray-J: A Family Business)
Fantasia Barrino (Fantasia For Real)
Bret Michaels (Breat Micheals: Life As I Know It)

Best VH1 Duo of 2010:

Cathy/Kerry (Frank The Entertainer... A Basement Afffiar)
Phillip/Stephanie (Money Hungry)
Marcia/Feisty ( I Love Money 4)
Luscious/Platinum (For The Love Of Ray-J 2)
Tara/Erika (Ochocino: The Ultimate Catch)
Jackie/Pam (You're Cut Off)

VH1's HBIC Of 2010:

Heartbreaker (For The Love Of Ray-J 2)
Jessica Cimato (You're Cut Off)
Dana (Frank The Entertainer... A Basement Affiar)
Gia Khay (You're Cut Off)
Jennavecia (Tool Academy 3)
Chrissy (You're Cut Off)

Best VH1 Winner Of 2010:

Kerry (Frank The Entertainer... A Basement Affiar)
Mz. Berry (For The Love Of Ray-J 2)
Gabby (Scream Queens 2)
Rubi (Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch)
Jacob (Tool Academy 3)
Mission Slimpossible (Money Hungry)

Best VH1 Fight of 2010:

Flossy VS Everyone (For The Love Of Ray-J 2)
Jennavecia VS Dayna (Tool Academy 3)
Melody VS Dana (Frank The Entertainer... A Basement Affiar)
Taylor VS Rocky (Tough Love 2)
Mamacita VS Marcia (I Love Money 4)
Suzie VS Sandra (Basketball Wives)

Comical VH1 Star of 2010:

Erica Rose (You're Cut Off)
Tara (Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch)
Phillip  (Money Hungry)
Jessica Cimato (You're Cut Off)
Marcia ( I Love Money 4)
Tommy (Tool Academy 3)

Best Non- VH1 Show:

Jersey shore
Teen Mom
Bad Girls Club
Real Housewives Of New Jersey
Real Housewives Of Atlanta
If You Really Knew Me

Best VH1 Show Of 2010:

You're Cut Off
Basketball Wives
I Love Money 4
Money Hungry
Tool Academy 3
Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch

Worst VH1 Show of 2010

Frank The Entertainer.. A Basement Affiar
Dad Camp
Secrets Of Aspen
Bridal Bootcamp
Real and Chance: Legend Hunters
The T.O Show

Total of 80 People Voted who should be nominated for Viewers Choice. Here is the top 6 who received the most votes.

Viewers Choice of 2010:

Brittanya ( I Love Money 4)- 40.0%
Marcia ( I Love Money 4) -31.3%
Chi Chi ( I Love Money 4)-27.5%
Phillip (Money Hungry) - 23.8%
Fransicso ( I Love Money 4) - 21.3%
Kerry (Frank The Entertainer... A Basment Affiar) - 20.0%

What Went Down On I Love Money 3

So someone from heard this info from a cast member and a crew member of what happened on  Love Money 3. It sounds pretty interesting. 

What Went Down On I Love Money 3

The team captians from the 1st challenge was Weasel(Green Team) and Big Rig(Gold Team) 
Ryan was paymaster ALOT. 
There was a challenge similar to the stripper pole challenge. 
The checks from ilm4 were in ILM3 
The part in elimination where they had to pick boy then girl/girl then boy started in ILM3 
Ryan, Lacey, Buckeey,Deelishis were in an alliance. 
Ryan Backstabbed Lacey and voided her check when he said he wasnt. 
Alot of castmembers have said it was a one-sided season the whole game because Ryan controlled everything and won 8 or 9 out of 15 challenges. 
Weasel and ryan got into 2 physical altercations. 
Weasel was in the box around 9 times or im pretty sure it was 9 times which is more than anybody in i love money. 
Lil Hood and Joe were really close this season 
alternates include Gia(ROL Bus),Big Mike(MWAM),jessica(ROL2),rabbit(RCOL)Mr Wise(ILNY2) 
Ryan was the Punisher,Tailor made of this season because he dominated the season. 
Ryan was 1st back to back paymaster this season. 
Big rig got injured and had to go 
Cocktail was like megan and wore bikinis every elimination 
Cashmere and Cocktail were in a alliance 
This season Cocktail and Cashmere were in war with Deelishis and Buckeey.They hated each other. 
Buckeey Liked Pretty. 
There was a challenge called ''Dont Break The Piggy Bank'' 
Deelishis liked Ryan and thought he was cute 
Cashmere and Deelishis got into a physical altercation. 
Buckeey,Cashmere,Ryan made fun of Bubbles 
Marcia and Cocktail got into a physical altercation during the Elimination. 
lacey,weasel,Deelishis,Lil hood,Professor were NEVER Paymaster 
Some Gold team members include Big rig,cocktail,sinister,Lil hood,buckeey,lacey. 
Some Green Team members include Weasel,cashmere,joe,professor,cashmere. 
Buckeey throw her drink at bubbles and then got into an argument with lacey 
Ep 2-Green Team won the challenge. Ep 3-Gold Team won the challenge. 
Was the best i love money season ever.

Here Is The Elimination Order Again:

17.Marcia – So basically Cocktail stole big rig from her and Marcia got her check voided and then slapped Cocktail with it. 
16. Sinister 
15. Joe – Backstabbed by Ryan. Ryan was paymaster and eliminated him. 
14. Deelishis – Disqualified for hitting Cashmere. 
13. Big Rig – Had to leave because of an injury. 
12. Professor – Ryan was paymaster again and backstabbed him. 
11. Fox – Was apparently the Brandi C./Buckwild/Cornfed of the challenge. He sucked badly 
10. Pretty 
09. Buckeey 
08. Lil Hood 
07. Cashmere-Voided by Ryan 
06. Lacey-backstabbed by ryan who was paymaster and voided her check 
05. Wolf 
04. Bubbles – Did the worst on the final challenge. 
03. Cocktail – I’m not sure if she was eliminated by a jury or by a paymaster or if she did the last challenge and just came in last. 
02. Weasel – Runner Up. Tried to attack Ryan. Ryan hid behind Craig. 
01. Ryan – Winner. 

VH1 Star Pics: Blonde Baller with Marcus Houston

Here is a pic of Blonde Baller dressed as Tinker Bell for Halloween hanging with Marcus Houston

Heat and Snooki Singing To Usher

Here is this video of I Love New York's Heat and Jersey Shore's Snooki goofing off on video as they sing to Usher's DJ Got Us Fallin In Love

Frank the Entertainer Star Vs. Angelina from Jersey Shore

Angelina Pivarnick just can't seem to play nice with other reality TV stars. On Wednesday she went head-to-head with Kerry Schwartz of VH1's "Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair" at the Big Bang Celebrity Wrestling Press Conference at Sapphires Club and Steakhouse, and it wasn't inside a ring. What started off with friendly photo ops of the two posing together quickly turned into a vicious fight, in which both of them had to be restrained by men with big muscles wearing snug-fitting black T-shirts and fancy jeans.
Check out pix from the scuffle that broke out, plus watch this YouTube video of the ladies felines continuing the cattiness at Kerry's afterparty. Apparently, Angelina decided to crash. (Warning: Get ready to see some mega-bitches with potty mouths rumble--the "dirty little hamster" and maxi-pad-related insults were out in full effect!)

VH1 Star Halloween Morphing: Danger As A Vampire

Are VH1 Star Halloween Morphing Of The Day is Danger as a Vampire... check it out.

Danger As A Vampire

Friday, October 29, 2010

Bret Michaels Halloween Costume


This is Hilarious Pic Straight from the Vh1 Blog His fans across the country dressig up as Bret !

Thursday, October 28, 2010

YOUR CUT OFF! Laura To Appear at a Charity Event

Laura Baron, Host and Life Coach of VH1's "You're Cut Off," will emcee. Holiday Boutique, 10 a.m. luncheon and awards, Noon,, Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills. $150. 323-904-4400 or visit

Rock Of Love Lacey & her Band to Have a Huge GIG!

Lords of Acid is lined up for New Year's Eve. Saliva headlined the Fiesta Oyster Bake on April 17, while Lords of Acid played Scout Bar on Aug. 10. Singer Lacey Conner, a native of Dallas who joined LOA in May, appeared on the VH1 reality shows "Rock of Love" -- Poison frontman Bret Michaels' oft-ridiculed attempt to find true love -- and "Charm School" with Ozzy Osbourne's wife Sharon.

S2s Magazine Reports No Charges for Matt Barnes

"Matt Barnes WHO? - Basket Ball Wives Article Matt Barnes Will Have No Charges

According to, the Sacramento District Attorney’s Office has decided not to charge Matt with domestic violence following his arrest last month. 

"The decision was made following additional investigation, and was based on the insufficiency of the evidence,” the D.A. explained.

Police reported to Matt’s home on September 8 after receiving a 911 call. Matt, who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, was arrested for felony domestic violence when cops noticed that both and he and fiancĂ©e Gloria Govan had been injured during a fight.

The incident shatters the image Matt and Gloria had been presenting to the world. The public was introduced to the couple earlier this year on VH1’s “Basketball Wives” and the pair boasted that they had the only stable, healthy relationship on the show. 

Since the arrest, Gloria has insisted that Matt never abused her and the allegations against her man aren't true.

Matt’s attorney told TMZ, "We were confident that no crime occurred and we think [the D.A.] made the right decision."

New VH1 Show About the Sunset Strip Saddle Ranch Shop

VH1 has ordered a new reality show about Sunset Strip restaurant Saddle Ranch Chop. The series will follow the restaurant's waitstaff as they try and make it in Hollywood. The network has ordered eight-10 episodes of the series. [Hollywood Reporter]

Dr. Drew talks about Charlie Sheen

Heres a Article from of Dr.drew Talking about Charlie Sheens Addiction.....

Doctor's fear for Charlie Sheen's life! According to reports, Charlie Sheen's addiction to cocaine may be more serious than anyone thought. Dr. Drew of VH1's reality series "Celebrity Rehab" believes the actor's addiction is worse than anyone really knows. He thinks Charlie needs treatment immediately. "I'm afraid Charlie is going to die. This is just the tip of the iceberg with him."
Dr. Drew doesn't think Charlie Sheen's decision to return to work on "Two and a Half Men" was a good idea. He believes the actor was pressured to return due to the series being the number one show on television and him being the highest paid actor on television.
He went on to say, "This truly scares me. I'm saddened and scared for Charlie. Charlie is deeply in his condition."
If you're reading this Charlie, you need to get help! We don't want or need another Hollywood tragedy! Please, do it for your fans. We'll still be here when you get the help you need.

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