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Friday, September 28, 2012

Mimi Faust Considering Returning To 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta'

Photo Credit: VH1

Mimi Considering Season 2

Mimi Faust did a radio interview with Disciplez radio and she reveled that she hated how the 1st season of the played out. She said that watching season 1 was "terrible" but is considering returning for season 2.  She also speaks on her relationship status with Stevie J.

"I didn’t stick with anything," Mimi says of talk that she is standing by Stevie J despite everything she and viewers saw. "Just because I agreed to go to counseling doesn't mean I stuck with him. That was me agreeing to go to counseling and me agreeing to sit down with him."

VH1 Offers Amanda Bynes A Job On 'Big Morning Buzz'

VH1 has offered former child star, Amanda Bynes, a job at VH1's Big Morning Buzz as their correspondent. Shane Farley, who is the producer of the show, tells Huffington Post:

“Amanda Bynes has been a Hollywood insider for over 15 years. Her insight on the entertainment business would prove invaluable to our show,” 

Amanda Bynes has been in the headlines all year with her legal troubles behind the wheel. She recently plead not guilty in hit-in-run case. I think she should take the offer and put her legal troubles behind her. 

'Tough Love' Star Abiola Abrams Talks Domestic Violence On 'The Bill Cunningham Show'

Abiola Abrams, who appeared on the 1st season of Tough Love in 2009 appeared on The Bill Cunningham Show to talk about domestic violence to couples. 

Check out her site: AbiolaTV

Gloria Govan Gives Advice to Evelyn

Vlad TV recently caught up with Gloria and Laura Govan of Basketball Wives LA Gloria spoke about reconciling her relationship with Matt Barnes and she also spoke on Chad/Evleyn domestic abuse by giving Evelyn advice.

"Evelyn would be just to do what she feels is right and not do things that would please other people or the audience or what she should be doing, you know? Matt and I have gone through so much stuff, including a domestic violence situation, so I understand completely what she’s going through. And I know she had a lot of negative things to say about Matt and I when we were going through our stuff but I’m just not one-I try to stay out of it.”

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

'Couples Therapy' Season 2- Trailer

Here is the trailer for the 2nd season of Couples Therapy which premiers October 3rd. 

Mama Jones Getting Her Own VH1 Web Show

VH1 is giving Mama Jones her own web series called Mama Jones World. The online series will be a discussion on various topics such as relationships and Momma Dee will be teaming up with her. 

Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan Married In Vegas

Matt and Gloria Married

Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan were secretly hitched in Vegas. According to Necole Bitchie, the two were in Vegas for Laura's birthday when they got married the next day after being spotted applying for a marriage license. 

Flavor Flav Mistakes Miley Cyrus For Gwen Stefani

  Flavor Flav Meets Miley Cyrus, Calls Her Gwen Stefani
  - Watch More
  Celebrity Videos

It looks like Miley's new hair blonde short hairdo it confusing many people, including Flavor Flav. During the iHeartMusic Festival over the weekend, Flavor Flav met Miley Cyrus backstage thinking it was Gwen Stefani. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Jackie Christie Releases New Song "Woman Of The Year"

Jackie Christie has released a new song called "Woman Of The Year". I can honestly say that it's not that bad. 

Tasha Marbury In Talks To Join 5th Season Of 'Basketball Wives'

Tasha Marbury, who is married to ex NBA player Stephon Marbury, is in talks to join the Miami cast of Basketball Wives for season 5. It was reported that Jennifer, Royce and Kesha were fired back in the spring. So far Tasha  is one of the first wives to be approached to do the show.  She was was originally approached to the show back in season 1.

There are also rumors that Evelyn might not return for season 5 and will get replaced. The producers are looking to fill in more spots, according to TMZ.

Draya Michele talks About being Bi

Photo Credit: VH1

Draya Speaks On Her Sexuality

Draya Michele speaks to Bossip about various topics such as her son and her bi-sexuality. She says she is comfortable in her skin when it comes to her sexuality

“I tweeted earlier that I was the world’s most comfortable bi-sexual on TV. I deleted the tweet. I deleted it because I was getting a lot of slack from it and it was making other people want to attack me. I deleted it, but the statement is still valid. I still am the most comfortable; I’m comfortable in my skin, I’m comfortable with my sexuality, and I’m not bi-sexual because it’s trendy.”

She also reveals that she keeps thing private with her son.

“Me and my son is always a topic of people’s discussions. Basically, I’m not around as much as I should be because I’m working. I’m the provider for my family and people don’t understand that. Also, people always want to take to Twitter and they’re always like ‘Why don’t you talk about your son on Twitter?’. I don’t talk about him when I’m on Twitter because it’s so personal and anytime I mention my son, people have negative things to say back to me and I like to keep him separate. My son doesn’t read Twitter, I don’t let him watch ‘Basketball Wives’ and I don’t let him look at my sexy magazines. When he looks at me, all he sees is a mother, that’s it, and I like to keep it that way.”

Friday, September 21, 2012

Lil Scrappy Tweets He Is Not Cheating On Erica With Bambi

Lil Scrappy Tweets About Rumor

Early this week, there were rumors that Lil Scrappy was cheating on Erica with Bambi, who is one of the new girls on Basketball Wives LA, when a picture them leaked on the net gazing at each other. People already assumed that he was having affair right he proposed to Erica at the reunion show.

However, he has denied that her is cheating.

"For erbody info I aint cheatin on my boo ya fiznyee me I love that rumor shit tho keep me goin foo lol "

Chad and Evelyn's Divorce Finalize

Chad and Evelyn's divorce has been officially finalized, according to TMZ.  The Forida judge has signed off the divorce days ago. Chad initially didn't want to sign off on the split ... and waited until last week before finally accepting reality and submitting divorce papers of his own. 

K. Michelle's Topless Single Cover

K. Michelle of 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' appears topless in the cover art for her latest singe 'Baby You and I.'

K. Michelle has posted her topless single cover for "Baby You And I"  on her Intigram page. What do you think?

Drita Reveals"Mob Wives 3" Airdate

Photo Credit: VH1

'Mob Wives 3' Premieres January 3rd

Drita Davanzo has revealed on her facebook page that season 3 of Mob Wives will air January 3rd, 2013.

Looks like Mob Wives Season 3...will be aired 1/3!!! YAYYYYY

Karlie Reed Plans To Make Diss Records On Album

Karlie Redd speaks to HipHollywood. She is planning to revenge on the haters by saying "I'm doing a lot of diss records, put it like that" She also did not reveal any details on the 2nd season of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. All she said was "It's A surprise".

Monday, September 17, 2012

VH1 Confirms Daphne Wayans Will Join "Hollywood Exes'

Nicole Murphy and Daphne Wayans
Photo Credit: Reality Aired

Daphne Wayans Officially Joins

VH1 has officially confirmed that Daphne Wayans, who is the ex-wife of  Keenan Wayans, will join the cast of Hollywood Exes  for its second season. TMZ reported months ago that she will join the cast if the show was renewed which it has. 

Season 2 of Hollywood Exes will air early next year.

Oprah Speaks On Evelyn's Appearance on 'Iyanla, Fix My Life' + Full Episode

Photo Credit: RealityAired

Oprah Speaks On Evelyn

Oprah was on Good Morning America recently to talk about Iyanla Vazant's new show Iylanla, Fix My Life in which Evelyn appeared on over the weekend. It was two part episode. Part 1 aired on Saturday and was filmed before the incident happened and Part 2 aired on Sunday after the incident. 

Oprah speaks on Evelyn saying people should not judge her so harshly.

 “The people love to hate Evelyn Lozada, and I have friends who watched that tape – and [before] they were like ‘no, I don’t like her’, they come away feeling something different at the end of watching that tape. It’s really amazing.”

Here is the full episode.

Credit:  Ashley Miller

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Real Chance of Love's Rabbit Launches Jewelry Line

Jessica Rich Launches Jewelry Line

Jessica Rich, who is bet known for being Real Chance of Love as Rabbit has launched a jewelry line called JR Jessica Collection. Other reality stars have been wearing her jewelry line such a Shaunie O Neal and Draya Michele from Basketball Wives and Erica Mena, Karlie Redd from Love and Hip Hop.

 Check out her sites: ShopJessicaRich and StyleItRich.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Gloria Govan Explains Why Matt Barnes Won't Appear The New Season

Gloria Govan talks to Joy Daily explaining that her boyfriend, Matt Barnes, won't appear on the 2nd season of Basketball Wives LA because they both felt that their relationship was under a microscope on the first season and he feels more comfortable away from the camera, so the public won't make judgments.

Big Ang Promotes Her New Book On TODAY Show

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy
Big Ang appeared on the TODAY show to promote her new book “Bigger is Better: Real-Life Wisdom From the No-Drama Mama”.

Mimi's Friend Ariane Davis Says She Had Sex With Memphitz

Ariane: "It Was Just Sex"

Ariane Davis, who was Mimi's friend and the voice of reason on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, admits on the radio station Z107.9 that has had sex with K. Michelle's ex lover and  Manger, Memphitz. She says just had sex him, but did not dated. She also speaks on the domestic violence case between him and K. Michelle noting she was NEVER hit by him:

“I’m not saying women should be hit, but some b*****s need to be slapped,”

She also speaks on Stevie J saying:  “It’s not that I don’t like Stevie, it’s that I don’t like his ways… I’ve seen behavior that I don’t like,”

'Chrissy and Mr. Jones'- Official Trailer

Here is the official for Chrissy and Mr. Jones which is the spin-off show for Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin of Love and Hip Hop.

Chrissy and Mr. Jones premieres September 24th

Rasheeda Slams Gucci Mane For Claiming Her Husband is 'Gay' In Song

Rasheeda Slams Gucci Mane

Love and Hip hop Atlanta star Rasheed slams rapper Gucci Mane for claiming her husband, Kirk, is gay and attacking her age in his new song "Shook Dem Haters Off". According to The Christian Post , Gucci Mane raps in his song that her husband had an alleged affair with a man name Jase claiming he is on the down low.

Rasheeda took to twitter saying: “Enough of the b***s***! I’m sick of you no life, low life clowns spreading sick… lies.”

Kirk also disregarded the rumor that he had a child with his step-daughter.

“SMH at the things people say it’s not sad it’s pathetic… #GetALife.”

Chad Pleads Not Guilty For Head-Butting Evelyn ; Accepts Divorce

Chad Johnson has plead not guilty this morning to his misdemeanor battery charge fr head-butting Evelyn., TMZ reports.

In addition to that, he has finally accepted that his marriage with Evelyn is over. He filed divorce papers yesterday in Florida and admits they both had  a prenup.

TMZ reports

"Johnson wants a judge to BLOCK Evelyn's request that Chad foot the bill for her legal fees ... citing a provision in the prenup in which the two sides agreed to pay their own way if they were to split up." 

Suzanne Lossia Speaks On 'Motor City Wives'

Suzanne Lossia speaks on her show Motor City Wives on a local news station. Motor City Wives takes place in Detroit and it has been compared to the Real Housewives series. I have blogged about the show early this year when VH1 was rumored to pick up on their network.  No official word if VH1 will actually pick up the show. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chad Johnson Officially Charged With Misdemeanor Battery For Head-Butting Evelyn

Chad Johnson has been official charged with a misdemeanor battery for allegedly head-butting Evelyn on August 11th. If he is found guilty, he will spend a year in prison.

As reported earlier, Chad is refusing to sign divorce papers and believes he can win Evelyn back.

Imani Showalter Tweets Why She Did Not Return To 'Basketball Wives LA'

Imani: "Basketball Wives was not my lane"

The 2nd season of Basketball Wives LA premiered this past Monday and one Basketball wife was missing, Imani Showalter, she tweets that she did return to the show because it wasn't in her lane, but supports the cast.

Imani Showalter Not Returning To Basketball Wives LA

Rumor Mill: Rasheeda's Husband Has Child With Step- Daughter?

Does Kirk Have A Child With Step-Daughter?

Is Kirk Frost a child molester? That is the rumor going around regarding Rasheeda's husband, Kirk Frost, from Love and Hop Hop: Atlanta. According to various sources he has a 11 year old child with his step-daughter, from his first marraige and Rasheeda is full aware of it.

According to HollywoodStreetKing:

“We’re told Frost did everything within his power to hide any trace of a child being born, after Frost’s sexual molestation of his now ex-wife’s daughter.”
Rasheeda wanted to leave Kirk but she a stupid broke dumb bitch.
For years Kirk has been known around town as a child molester–predator. Kirk slang dope back in the day but he was a minor playa.

He’s a sneaky slime ball.”

Monday, September 10, 2012

Stevie J Producing New Music For Kanye and Mariah

Stevie J Producing New Music 

Stevie J, who has produced music for Mariah Carey in the past, will be re-teaming with her again for her upcoming album. He is working with Kanye West for his next album.

"I'm working on music for Mariah, for Kanye, and for a host of other artists. I'm just gon' keep producing and get back on my music game, now that television is over."

Chad Johnson Does Not Want To Divorce Evelyn

It was first reported that Evelyn filed for divorce three days after Chad head-butted Evelyn. Now TMZ reports Chad is refusing to sign the divorce papers. He believes he can win her back.

A source tells TMZ that Evelyn will make sure the divorce will happen and nothing Chad does will get her back. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kenya Bell No Longer A Basketball Wife

The divorce between Basketball Wives star Kenya Bell and Charlie Bell has been finalized.  TMZ reports the judgment was filed on August 27th. Charlie will be paying 1,000 per month for child support, but has shared custody of their two daughters. Kenya will be keeping their home in Michigan and Charlie will keeping the condo in Vegas. Last but not least, Kenya will be getting half of everything. She has been rewarded 780,000 cash from his savings and also will getting 670,000 from another account. 

Evelyn Lozada Featured On PEOPLE Magazine

Photo Credit: Jasmine Brand

Evelyn Featured On PEOPLE

Evelyn Lozada is featrured on the newest issue of PEOPLE and she talks about what that night with Chad. This is her second interview since Nightline. She admits that she saw red flags, but decided to stay with him.

New York On The Set Of "The Shop"

New York's Latest Project

New York is on the set of a new film called The Shop with Big Spence and Shawn Cunningham. According to Eurweb, The Shop is Big Spence's latest project and it's currently filming in Oakland. New York will be wearing a trademark weave and they share a kiss on the set.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Draya and Malaysia On The Breakfast Club

Draya and Malasyia appeared on "The Breakfast Club to promote the new season of Basketball Wives LA.  Draya admits that she was on the fence on coming back for another season. She also reveals that she is friends with Chris Brown's girlfriend, Karrueche. Season 2 of Basketball Wives LA premieres this Monday

Sneak Peek Of Evelyn on "Iyanla: Fix My Life'

Here is a teaser of Evelyn on Iyanla: Fix My Life which premieres September 15th on OWN. She opens up about Chad and being afraid of not being loved. 

Chad Fires Back At Critics Over Evelyn Tattoo

Chad Fires Back

Chad has received negative reactions when he got a tattoo of Evelyn's face on his leg. He fires back on Twitter saying he does not care what people think.

Jennifer Williams Reached Out To Evelyn

Ever since the domestic abuse case between Chad and Evelyn, everyone has been wondering what does Jennifer think of all of this? She tells HipHollywood that she has reached out to Evelyn, putting the BS between them aside. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Chad Regrets What He did To Evelyn

On The HBO show Hard Knocks, Chad discusses the Evelyn incident and admits that he messed up.

“I messed up,” Johnson admitted while taking a break from a recent training session. “I’ve got to suffer the consequences. I made my bed, I’ve got to lay in it. I’ve got to start all over.”

VH1 To Air New Competition Show "Model Employee"

Chrissy teigen Model Employee VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

Model Employee

VH1 will bringing back competition shows next year. The newest competition show is called Model Employee. The show will debut early next year and will be hosted by Chrissy Teigan (photo on top). The show will eight female models and they will fight to become the face of Mandalay bay Resort and Casino.

"In order to represent Mandalay Bay, the contestants will be put through a series of challenges designed to test not only their modeling prowess, but also their working knowledge of the hotel — literally. These runway rulers will have to prove they know the resort inside and out by trading in their haute couture gowns for basic hotel uniforms and performing the dirtiest and most physically exhausting jobs that make the hotel function. Besides cleaning Mandalay Bay’s famous shark tank or sifting through all of the resort’s trash for recyclable items, the contestants will also be given the opportunity to showcase their modeling abilities by being charming, professional and sexy for a panel of judges in an effort to show they can truly do it all. The contestant who proves able to handle these important jobs, while keeping her poise, will be rewarded the opportunity to represent Mandalay Bay with a $100,000 year- long spokes -model contract."

K. Michelle Seen With Another Man

Photo Credit: Intigram

Is K. Michelle seeing another man? She was spotted with a new guy on a night out. She tweeted a lyric from Rihanna's song "We Found Love"

“We found love in a hopeless place.”

She was rumored to be linked with Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte not too long ago.

Rumor Mill: Rasheeda and Momma Dee To Fired?

Momma Dee and Rasheeda To Be Fired?

The latest rumor to going around the net is that Love and Hip Hop:Atlanta stars Rasheeda and Momma Dee might be getting the axe. According to Hip Hop News, fans find Rasheeda to be "boring" and Momma Dee too "over the top" 

Both Rasheeda and Momma Dee have not responded to the rumors yet.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

'Hollywood Exes' Officially Renewed For Season 2

Photo Credit: VH1

Hollywood Exes Renewed

Good news for Hollywood Exes fans. We will see more of the exes as VH1 officially renewed the show of a 2nd season . Season 2 will have a 12 episode run. 

K. Michelle Responds To Memphitz Lawsuit

Photo Credit: VH1

K. Michelle Responds To Lawsuit

K. Michelle is responding to the defamation lawsuit Memphitz filed yesterday for the show attacking his character.  

K. Michelle tells TMZ that she isn't scared by the lawsuit and she stands by her word.

"I am very grateful to VH1 and Monami Ent. for the opportunity to tell my story, and touch lives worldwide ... I look forward to having my day in court and finally having the truth of my story confirmed in a court of law."

Renee Graziano Hits Back At Defamation Lawsuit

Mob Wives star Renee Grazinao is hitting back at the defamation lawsuit that her plastic surgeon, Dr. Klapper filed weeks ago. He was the plastic surgeon who performed cosmetic surgery on her during the 2nd season of the show, but the surgery turned into a disaster.

He claims she "purposely" trying to ruin his reputation. She went to twitter dismissing that she did the surgery for ratings.

"Claiming I did that 2 myself n 4 rating IGNORANT n a LIE !!!!”

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

'Single Ladies' Creator To Step Down

Single Ladies creator ad producer, Stacey A.Littlejone plans to step down as creator/producer of the show. She tells Deadline:

“After two incredible seasons of Single Ladies, I have decided to entrust the show to the safe hands of VH1,”  “Having fostered it from its inception, I’ve found great satisfaction in seeing these characters come to life on the screen, and am proud of what the show has become. But after two all-consuming seasons immersed in its production in the great city of Atlanta, I’ve decided it’s time to shift my focus to my life in Los Angeles and the creation of new projects.”

Single Ladies has been recently renewed for a 3rd season.

Memphitz Plans To Sue K. Michelle and Producers?

Memphitz Plans To Sue

The first season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta may be over, but the drama still continues.  It has been reported today that K. Michelle's ex- manager and lover, Memphiz, is planning  to sue her and producers for defamation. He is filing a mult-million dollar against them. K. Michelle accused him of allegedly beating her. 

According to They BF Conti Moore, who is his lawyer in Florida, says he is in the process of suing them. He is pissed how the show assassinated his character. Even though his name was never mentioned she has made accusations that her ex-manager and lover physically abused her and also engaged in Twitter with his wife, Toya Wright. 

We will see how this goes.

Jenny McCartney Speaks On Her Upcoming VH1 Talk Show

VH1 is planning to launch their own late night talk shows. It was announce recently that Tiny will be having her own her late night show. Early this year, it was announced actress and model, Jenny McCartney, plans to launch her late night talk show early next year.

Here are more details about it.

From Michigan Avenue Magazine:

"McCarthy will interview celebrities and talk about current events. It is scheduled to debut in early 2013, when McCarthy's contract with Harpo Studios officially expires. McCarthy also says she'd like to film the show in her native city of Chicago, where she is currently living after an ill-fated fling with Chicago Bears' linebacker Brian Urlacher. The show will start out as weekly, but if it proves to be successful, VH1 may green light it for a nightly broadcast. A clause in her contract states that if the show does film nightly, it would have to be done in Chicago."

She also says she decided to do a late night show because it captures more of her dirty, honest self. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tami Roman Settles Child Support Lawsuit With Kenny Anderson

Tami Settles Child Support Lawsuit

Tami Roman and her ex-husband, Kenny Anderson has finally settled a child support for 800,000. The two have been battling this ordeal for nine years. She filed a lawsuit against him in 2005 claiming he had stopped paying child support for their two daughters.

TMZ reports Tami received just south of what she was owed and will be paid incrementally through Kenny's NBA retirement fund. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

David Otunga To Appear On Oprah's Next Chapter With Jennifer Hudson

Be sure to catch I Love New York and wrestling star David Otunga on Oprah's Next Chapter airing September 9th along with his fiancee and singer, Jennifer Hudson.

Jennifer Hudson will be the next celebrity Oprah will be interviewing on her show on OWN.  They both recently filmed the episode. 

T.I and Tiny: A Family Hustle- Season 2 Supertrailer

The 2nd season of T.I and Tiny: A Family Hustle premieres September 3rd. Here is the trailer for the new season.

Gloria Govan Lands Movie Role

Photo Credit: Codeblack Enterprises, LLC

Gloria To Appear On "Clean Ops"

Basketball Wives LA star Gloria Govan has scored her first movie role. She will appear in an action movie called "Clean Ops".  According to Global Grind, Gloria will be playing a character who has double life. She is ballerina by day and an assassin by night. 

Here is a video of her training for the movie role.

I got to say the movie sounds interesting and I might go see it.  The new season of Basketball Wives LA premieres September 10th.

Benzino Reveals The Age Of Karlie's Daughter?

Benzino Speaks On Karlie

Fans are still wondering how old is Karlie Redd. On the reunion did did not reveal her age but admitted that she has a daughter. Now fans want to know the age of her daughter.  Benzino tells S2Smagazine that Karlie has a grown daughter.

"Karlie's daughter I think is about 17 years old. She just graduated from high school," 

"Karlie's a very wonderful mother; the relationship between her and her daughter is incredible,". "Her daughter loves her very much, and Karlie's very much in her daughter's life. She's a great mother, and my kids took to Karlie, also--especially my daughter."

Part 2 of the reunion show airs this Monday

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