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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Top 10 Basketball Wives Moments Of Season 2

If you guys missed teh Basketball wives special here were the top 10 moments of the show

10. Evelyn vs. Suzie (round 1)
9. Evelyn and Jen flake on Royce’s fashion show
8. Royce rains on everybody’s Spain vacation
7. Evelyn vs. Suzie (round 2)
6. Jen and Eric call it quits
5. Jen and Eric share a raucous meal with Kim and Bryon
4. Tami loses it in Spain
3. Food stamps feud
2. The Great Gloria Govan Ambush1. Evelyn and Tami get physic
01Tami VS Evelyn (season 2 finale)

Which was your favorite?

Brandy & Ray J Over?


A Family Business Season 3?

Love and Hip Hop's Olivia Clears up the Beef with cast member Somaya Reece

Olivia Clears Up The Drama With Somaya Reece

After a steamy trailer for Olivia's upcoming "Love & Hip Hop" VH1 TV series displayed tension between her and rapper Somaya Reece, SOHH hit up the R&B singer to get the inside scoop.

"There was never a relationship with her," Olivia told SOHH referring to Somaya Reece. "Chrissy [Lampkin], Emily [Bustamante] and I were the ones shooting the show together and they brought her in as the last girl for what you saw on TV. That [promo] clip you see her was actually for the show, so it came out early and people thought it was a crazy beef and I actually do not mess with that girl at all. So that's what that is. No. I'm definitely not her friend. Just because you see us on the show [doesn't mean anything]. I'm not fronting for the cameras at all. So you'll be able to tell who I like and who I don't like." (SOHH)

"I'm happy she's doing her thing, she's trying to do a comeback because I do believe everybody deserves that but this chick, from the moment I met her, is bad energy," Reece told DJ Vlad in an interview. "She's phony, she's talking sh*t about my homegirl. The sad part about it is she doesn't even know me, she has no idea where I come from and she should be happy I'm talking about her because I'm making her relevant again, Olivia, which is what you want because I know you need the money because you're trying to get out of your mama's house which is where you live -- I know at the end of the day, you are manipulative, you're bad energy -- after I sized you up, you just ran away like a little b*tch into a van and you wouldn't come out." (Vlad TV)

Photos: New York and Her Assistant

Tiffany 'New York' Pollard
Looks like New York still has her assistant Lizza  from New York goes ot Hollywood.

You're Cut Off''s Jackie Madden New Single Hits The Charts

Congrats! to Jackie Madden from You're Cut Off her single "Falling" has reached #2 at the Billboard charts for breakouts for the  hot club dance play.

Listen Here

Wedding Wars- Supertrailer

Here is the trailer to VH1's new show Wedding Wars. The show premieres March 14th. 

The T.O Show Returns For Season 3

The T.O Show Returns For Season 3

With Lala's show returning for a 2nd season another show will be coming. The T.O show which stars Terrell Owens, Kita Williams & Monique Jackson will return for season this summer. Production will start next month.

Kita: I’m excited for Season 3 because we are going to have new issues to deal with, and that’s the road we want to pave for VH1: not a lot of sensationalism, but a lot of reality that just happens to be sensation already. And he’s a man-whore. This season, we’re going to try to tame the whore in the man.

Monique: We’re also trying to make Kita a little bit more whore-like.

Kita: I’m not a whore!

Monique: She’s not a whore. She’s Clair Huxtable. We’re going to try this season to bring her out of the box a little bit. That’s one of the reasons I’m going to enjoy Miami: we’re going to take her to the edge and I’m going to live vicariously through her. I’d say if I had to compare it to anything, expect some Jersey Shore/Atlanta Housewives/Basketball Wives-level action. We’re getting down, dirty and raunchy. There’ll be strip clubs, there’ll be dance clubs, there’ll be dancing on top of tables in South Beach.  There will be beach bodies and plenty of oil.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Megan Wants a Millionaire's Donald In Country Strong

Do you guys remember Donald from Megan Wants A Millionaire? He was the film maker who wanted Megan to be in one of his movies.

Well he posted on Facbook that he makes cameo in the movie "Country Song" starring Gwenth Paltrow. Who knew? the movie is also nominated for an Academy Award  for best song which airs tonight.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

5 Things to Know About Lala

1: Her Cute Nickname Comes From Her Full Name, Alani: Both Vazquez and her hubby, Carmelo "Melo" Anthony, are native Brooklynites. After moving to Atlanta, she worked on a radio show in high school with rapper Ludacris, who gave her the nickname. Later attending Howard University in Washington, D.C., the future MTV star got her start as a DJ at the campus radio station using her LaLa handle. Of course, Kim and her sisters use an abbreviated form of their last name for their Dash stores.

2: She Wears the Pants in Her NBA Marriage: While Kim steals the spotlight when it comes to her New Jersey Nets beau Kris Humphries, LaLa has been doing the same with her hubby. She apparently weighs in on some major decisions—like his recent trade to the Knicks. LaLa was aching to get back to her native New York and had lots of pull when it came to Melo's decision to sign with the team. And even though the basketball pro told reporters this week it was his decision in the end, he did admit that he "consults" with his family on any major changes.

3: Just Like Kourtney & Kim Take New York, We'll be Keeping Up With LaLa on Her New Reality Show in the City: LaLa's Full Court Life began filming last month and follows the couple's big move from Denver to the Big Apple with their 3-year-old son, Kiyan. It will air on VH1 and is a follow-up series to LaLa's Full Court Wedding, a show that documented the duo's July 2010 nuptials at Cipriani in New York. The new series will premiere in August. Taking it a step further, the 31-year-old also owns a production company, called Krossover Entertainment, with Anthony which produced the critically acclaimed 2008 Mike Tyson documentary, Tyson.

4: Hair Done, Nails Done, Everything Kim: LaLa has a look that's hot right now, the Fauxdashian. She's been taking some style cues from Kim with the long wavy hair, the perfect nails and the short tight dresses. Turns out she's also had a little help from Kim's personal trainer Gunnar Peterson, paid for by Kim. "Kim has an incredible body, so I thought if he's the guy responsible for that then I need to get in there," Vasquez told Life & Style about her prewedding workouts. She did a routine similar Kim's with weight training, core work and cardio exercises. That would explain the similar curves.

5: Watch Out, Kourtney and Khloé, She's Got Two Sisters: Well, Kim's got four, but she's always hanging with those two. LaLa's close with her two younger sisters, Aviana and Solana. She's even got a younger brother, Christian, just like Kim's got Robert. Possibly they'll make an appearance on her new show? With or without their help, it looks like LaLa's keeping up with Kim just fine.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sneak Peak VH1 Behind The Music: Nelly

VH1 TV Shows

Music Videos
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News & Gossip

Here is a sneak peek of Behind The Music: Nelly airing Monday March 7th. He opens up about his sisters death.

Basketball WIves Shaunie Confirms Season 3 But Not Royce?

Shaunie O Neal Confirms Basketball Wives 3

Heres an Interview Wither Shaunie From Necole Bitchie Blog Site Alot details


So Shaunie, listen, we’ve all sort of watched as your marriage unraveled before us. How’d you get so…Zen about the entire situation?

“At some point you have to let go of being angry and bitter. I changed my focus. I had to realize that I had to let it go. My mother (after the divorce from Shaq) told me, ‘you’re gonna have to find yourself a hobby or something.’ And that was a wake up call for me. I had to let it all roll off my back. That was an experience that got me to this point, and I’m so thankful.”

So you’ve just been renewed for Season 3 of VH1’s Basketball Wives, are you getting more comfortable living on camera?

“It’s much more comfortable. You know, I’ve gotten to actually know the crew and now sometimes I can even forget that they’re there. It’s a lot easier to be myself.”

In the beginning it was much publicized that Shaq didn’t really want the children on the show, yet we saw them this season, how was that for them?

“The loved it! After season one they wanted to see themselves. That’s all they could talk about. So they were happy to get to their turn.

So Shaq supported it?

“Well even back when we were married, we considered doing a family reality show. I mean even when we did interviews we never shielded the kids from the camera. They’d be playing in the background. So as long as their inclusion was organic, we’re fine with it.”

So Shaq may actually be doing his own reality series (with fiancé and former reality show contestant Hoopz), would you be ok with the kids being on his show?

“That’s their dad. As long as their appearance on the show made sense, it’s fine. I mean he doesn’t really see them that often right now. He’s not around as much but if it coincided with their school breaks, or on a visit, then sure. That’s no problem.”

Alright so what do your real life friends and family think of Basketball Wives? The ones that aren’t in that lifestyle?

“They love it. They’re all like go ahead, continue the success. And I like that they keep it real with me. They’re the ones who will call me out if they see me acting out of character, or doing something they don’t think I should be doing on camera.”


“Like the situation with Gloria.”

Right…So since you brought it up, what happened there?

“See the thing is there was a LOT that happened off camera, before we began shooting that really got me upset. I know people watching were confused like ‘why’s she so mad?’, but there had been things she’d said to me that you didn’t see, about that situation.”

Like what?

“Like she told me to take a long walk off a short bridge. Like you’re going to tell me to kill myself? That upset me more than her [sister's] relationship with (Shaq). But I’m over it. Again, we came to an understanding and I was able to let it roll off my back.”

So you just filmed the season two reunion special this week, and of course there was some drama…

“Of course. There was a tense moment…Some words were exchanged.”


“Evelyn, Jen and Royce, of course. They had words. Which is finny because on camera Royce is SO confrontational – and I even tell her that on the show. We think it’s just a way to try to make herself relevant to return for season 3.”

So Royce might not return right? You said you were looking at possible replacements…

“We are. I can’t say who yet but yes, we are looking at ways to freshen up the cast for season 3.”

Specifically Royce’s place?

“Royce is not confirmed for season 3. But again, I can’t say any more. You’re just going to have to watch!”

So…Think you’ll ever drop the name ‘O’Neal’?

“You know I don’t think so. I have small children and it was hard enough explaining to them why Daddy doesn’t live here anymore, so I can’t imagine how I’d explain to them why Mommy doesn’t have the same last name as them. Plus I think I earned this name…Wow. Do all divorced women get asked this? “

Yes. Every last one. So now that you guys are both moving on, where does that leave you? Many people don’t know, you worked at Twentieth Century Fox before you married Shaquille.

“Yup, in marketing. I mean right now I’m loving my life. I like that I have my hands in several different pots. I’m producing the show, I’ve got my charity Real Models, eventually I want to do a shoe line and accessories. So I have my hands full. I’m creating my own identity outside of Shaquille. On my own terms.”

Last question, you know Basketball Wives has this sort of backlash and connotation of the type of woman that marries ball players. You guys get called gold diggers. Do you think you would’ve married Shaq if he worked construction?

“See, I’m from Los Angeles. I grew up around the industry and yet I always dated regular guys. When I met Shaq, I wanted no parts of him. He’ll tell you, it took three chance encounters before I’d even talk to him. So I was never interested in that life. I’m grateful for what I have but I would’ve still given him a chance if he was a ‘regular guy’. That’s what I was dating when I met him.”

And about those gold diggers?

“Yes. They are real. I mean let’s be honest, there are the gold diggers and we talk about them (on the show) because they exist. And we all know why they exist. But that doesn’t speak for me.”

Basketball Wives' Royce Clears Up The Rumors

Royce Reed Clears Up The Rumors

-Danielle Young Interviews Royce On Getting Replaced, All Star Weekend, and why she is still relevant.

What happened between you and the rest of the Basketball Wives cast over All-Star Weekend?

I honestly have no idea. I was minding my own business and started getting all these messages on Twitter about drama. I never messed with Shaunie’s man. We have actually never even held a full conversation let alone follow each other or Twitter or exchanged numbers. I actually laughed when I heard the story because y’all should’ve known right away it was false when they mentioned expensive shoes. Y’all know I love my Nikes.

Then why is the entire cast so mad at you?

It’s not the entire cast. Last I checked I was fine with Shaunie until I saw the interviews she’s been doing. But I’m cool with most the cast to be honest. It doesn’t consist of three people.

Did you ban the cast from the events you were hosting at All Star Weekend?

No and they all know that. It was an invitation only event and I was just the host. They made the guestlist, not me and we actually saw one of Shaunie’s PR reps at the Glam Glow Sports Spa Event on Friday who said Shaunie was fully aware she was invited.

Are you creating drama with the cast because you think you’re going to be replaced?

For all I know, I was returning. From my understanding, I will be on season three. No one has said anything otherwise. I don’t create drama. I’m not acting. I’m not a “chick” person, so I think drama with females just happens when it comes to me. I don’t dress the size of my bank account and I’m not into the expensive shoes. I’d rather purchase a house or go on a tropical vacation on a beach with friends and family. My days consist of theme parks, go karts, water parks and spoiling my son. Shopping is like a chore to me. I’m a tomboy and I don’t take myself too seriously. I have nothing to prove. People know [that] who I am is based off what I do and say, not what I wear. I’m the girl where we can argue and curse each other out and five minutes later I’ll say, ‘Whatever, let’s go to lunch.’ They’re the total opposite, they like to argue and I tend to laugh.

What made you decide to do Basketball Wives initially?

To have a voice for myself. Before the show I was being slandered and defamed in the media due to some personal family issues going on in my life. I was being blamed for things that weren’t true.

How has it helped your career?

It’s helped me in terms of getting my foot in the door and kind of clearing my name. I was a theatre major, so it’s definitely gotten me a few gigs. I’ll be doing a 14 city tour for a play called Cheaters written by Dennis Reed in which I play a main character.

Why would you want to be a part of a show where you have to constantly defend yourself and your actions?

I’m used to it. I’ve always been that girl. People feel because I’m little and I look young they can try me. I stay quiet and try to ignore things at 1st but it’s only so far I’ll let you go until I call you out on your BS and they got wind of that. I don’t mind defending myself.

You ranted a little on Twitter about being relevant…why?

Like I say all the time, my relevancy to the NBA is far more than who my son’s father is. I actually held a job. I danced for the NBA for three years for two different teams. So I think that makes me more relevant to the NBA than most the cast. But on top of that I have a book series coming out called College Girls, my dance company Fantashique, my non-profit organization Dance to Live that piggy backs off the Michelle Obama campaign for healthy kids and I’m about to do a 14 city tour for a stage play in which I play a main character. I’m a FAMU graduate and I’m using my degree, not someone else’s status. Regardless of what happens .I’ll still be able to stand on my own two feet.

Do you ever regret doing the show?

I don’t regret doing the show at all. I’m human, I make mistakes, but I’m ok with my portrayal on the show because it’s who I really am. I do wish they showed my funny side more. I also wish people could see who I am first and most of the time, which is being a mother and really into my family and true friends.

Has Shaunie changed since the first season?

I can’t say if she changed or not because she wasn’t really filming during the first season.

Has motherhood made you become more aware of your actions as a role model for women?

I’ve definitely grown up. I’m more cognizant of my actions and I learn from my mistakes. Being a mom has definitely made me put my priorities in a different order and Braylon is always number one. I want him to grow up and be proud of me. I want him to say mommy didn’t just sit on her ass and collect a check. He’s going to grow up and be proud to say my mother is Royce Reed. I will never drop my last name but I will put a dash behind it when or if I get married.

What do you have planned after Basketball Wives?

I plan on continuing my entertainment career. I’ve been dancing over 20 years, did competitive cheerleading for eight years, acting over 10, gymnastics for eight, I ran track, played the piano and I used to model. I have a lot under my belt and a pretty extensive resume. Hopefully when the show is over, I will have a lot more opportunities lined up to keep pushing. I also want to continue with my book series College Girls and possibly break it off into movie scripts. I’m a dreamer and an achiever so almost anything I reach for, I get.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Brandy & Ray-J 2 and What Chilli Wants 2 Episode Recaps

Brandy & Ray-J: A Family Business 2- Episode 10 Recap

Summary Of Episode 10
Both Brandy and Ray confide with others about their big fight while continuing to lead separate lives. Shay surprises Brandy with an alternative way to finding love that gets Brandy thinking maybe love is closer than she thinks. Ray goes to work and comes across an unexpected surprise from his past.

What Chilli Wants 2- Episode 7 Recap

Summary Of Episode 7
Chilli seeks her therapist's help with a difficult issue. A romantic date in the country takes a surprising turn.

Basketball Wives 2- - Episode 9 Recap

Basketball Wives 2- Episode 9 Recap

Summary Of Episode 9
The ladies wrap up their trip to Spain as Jen & Ev return to new drama in Miami, accusing Royce of playing both sides by also being friends with outsiders Suzie and Ashley. Additionally, Ashley Walker and player Rafer Alston ambush Jen and Ev to prove that they are, in fact, a genuine item.

Mac Miller Makes a Cameo 'Single Ladies' New VH1 Show

In the episode, one of the stars of the show will attempt to aid Mac, who is signed to indie label Rostrum Records, in getting signed to a major label. While the 19-year-old rapper admitted that he was initially a bit camera-shy, he eventually was able to settle into the role because he was really only playing himself. "I was a little nervous doing the whole acting thing," he told XXL. "[But] since I'm playing myself it wasn't really hard; I just did what I would do in every situation."

'Single Ladies' is scheduled to premiere on VH1 in July, and will also reportedly feature guest appearances by several other MCs. Mac Miller is currently hard at work on his sixth mixtape, 'Best Day Ever,' due March 11.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Video Basketball Wives at All star Game VH1 News

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Here are the cast of Basketball Wives at the All Star game

BasketBall Wives Reunion Press Release

Basketball Wives 2 Reunion Coming Soon!

The ladies of Basketball Wives returned with yet another explosive season and introduced several new faces to the circle. The ladies not only brought the heat to Miami this season, but also took the drama to Spain. This season was full of tears, laughter, break ups and hook ups and of course the ever entertaining arguments.

In the second season of VH1’s Basketball Wives we saw all the ladies struggle and succeed with love and relationships. This season Jennifer and Eric struggled to decide if they should remain married, Evelyn found love with a new athlete, Royce let her guard down and finally found love with an unexpected person, while Shaunie and Tami learned that it was time to let go of past hurts and move on with their lives. During the season finale the past will come back to haunt two of the ladies when an explosive secret is revealed causing a vicious catfight that will end a friendship and possibly the circle forever. Watch as the drama unfolds on Sunday, March 6 at 8pm.

Then catch up to see what the ladies have been up to since the cameras stopped rolling as the cast reunites for the two-part Basketball Wives Reunion Special, airing Sunday, March 13th and Monday, March 14th at 8pm. Will there be another catfight? How are Evelyn and Ochocino doing? Is Jennifer getting a divorce? Tune in to the reunion show to get the answers.


Ray J says he created Kim Kardashian and Cocktail

Ray J (Norwood) says he "created" Kim Kardashian ! According to the "Sexy Ladies" singer she, along with Cocktail from his VH1 reality series "For The Love of Ray J,"

"This is how I feel about it: I don't hang with stars, I create stars," Ray J told Sex, Cameras and Hip Hop recently. "So you know Kim was created, Cocktail was created and now I'm off to a new projec


Tami Speaks On Spain, Suzie, Bull fighting

Basketball Wives

Shaunie O'Neal
Evelyn Lozada

Here is an exclusive video of Tami Roman and she speaks about her confrontation with Suzie, the trip to Spain and the bull fighting.

Real Scoop Behind the Royce & Shaunie Rumored Beef

VH1 TV Shows

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Shaunie O Neal talks about the rumored beef between her and Royce. This  is what she has to say.

VH1 To Chronicle La La Vazquez And Carmelo Anthony’s Move To New York

 La La and Carmelo Anthony

Series Slated to Premiere on VH1 August 2011

Catch an Encore of the “La La’s Full Court Wedding” Finale

and Chat with @LaLa Live via Twitter During the Broadcast on

Sunday, February 27 at 7pm and 11pm ET/PT

NEW YORK, NY - February 23, 2011 - VH1 has teamed up with actress and television personality La La Vazquez for the new series “La La’s Full Court Life” (working title). Slated for premiere in August, 2011, the 10 episode, 30 minute docu-series, which began filming in January, will continue where the wedding special, “La La’s Full Court Wedding” left off as La La and her husband, NBA Forward Carmelo Anthony, prepare for a sudden move to New York City, where he will play for the New York Knicks.

The wedding may be over but the fun is just beginning for La La. With the sudden news that her husband is being traded to the New York Knicks, La La will deal with new adventures in matrimony and parenthood as she prepares to move back home to New York City. Along the way, viewers will also see La La juggle her busy acting and television hosting career and seek advice from some of her famous friends, including 50 Cent, Kelly Rowland, Trina and Serena Williams to name a few.

“Viewers connect with La La because despite the fairy tale wedding and NBA star husband, she is a real, down to Earth, hardworking woman who stays true to herself,” said Jeff Olde, EVP, Original Programming and Production, VH1. “The best thing about the new series is that while pursuing and realizing her dreams, La La gets to take us back to her home in New York, where her story began.”

La La Vazquez will also be participating in a live chat with VH1 on Twitter during the 7pm and 11pm encore broadcasts of “La La’s Full Court Wedding” on Sunday, February 27.* Viewers can join by following @LaLa and @VH1, and via the hashtag #FullCourtWedding. will be home to show information, video clips, full episodes and more when the series premieres.

VH1’s “La La’s Full Court Life” is executive produced by Cris Abrego for 51 Minds Entertainment, La La Vazquez and Carmelo Anthony for Krossover Entertainment, and Steven Grossman on behalf of The Collective. The series was created by Cris Abrego, La La Vazquez, and Steven Grossman. 51 Minds is an LLC Endemol Company, who also produced the record-breaking series “Rock of Love,” “Flavor of Love,” “Charm School,” and “I Love New York.” The production teams’ programming launched VH1 into their highest ratings ever. Ben Samek and Rabih Gholam are also executive producers for the series and the company. For VH1, the series is executive produced by Jill Holmes, Kristen Kelly and Jeff Olde.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hollywood Kazz | VH1 Presents: Ask Wiz starring Wiz Khalifa

VH1 is presenting Ask Wiz starring Wiz  Khalifa

Photos: Shaunie, Lala, Brandy At the All Star Game

Lala And Carmelo Anthony At NBA All Star Weekend 2011Brandy And Shaunie NBA All Star Weekend 2011
Basketball Wives Star Shaunie And Boyfriend Marlon At NBA All Star Weekend 2011

Some VH1 Stars at the All Star Basketball game. who is your favorite?

Tami Vs Evelyn Preview

a Sneak peak to which Evelyn and Tami almost kill each other. This Sunday VH1 will air a special episode of Basketball Wives counting down the best moments of the series.

Photos: Shaq & Hoops At the All Star Game

Hoopz And Shaq All Star Game Bacardi ReceptionHoopz And Shaq All Star Game Bacardi ReceptionHoopz And Shaq All Star Game

First Winner Of the " Of Love franchise, and I Love Money series Is with Her new BIG baby Shaq.

VH1 & The SuicideGirls Casting CALL!

Posted On: 02/22/2011

Closing On: 03/08/2011

Company: 10x10 Entertainment

Casting Call Information

City: LA, Vegas, NYC

State: CA, NV, NY

VH1 looking for ground breaking, strong female dancers with lots of personality for our new docu-style show from the creators of America's Next Top Model and CSI. .

Bret Michaels To Help Fight Breast Cancer

Bret Michaels To Help Fight Breast Cancer

Bret Michaels is ready to hit the road again. He recently had his heart surgery which went well. Now he is planning to take part in the Rock N Roll Dallas Half Marathon on March 27th to help fight breast cancer

Shaunie O Neal To Axe Royce From The Show?

Is Royce kicked off the show? Shanue O Neal who is the executive producer of Basketball Wives might be looking to replace Royce Reed for season 3 of the show.

There has also been reports that she banned all "Wives" from attending her NBA All-Star game and she into a verbal altercation with the cast mates during the taping of the two part Basketball Wives reunion which will air soon.

She tells “If they are indeed searching for a replacement for me it is what it is. It all seems petty and immature to me,”


Monday, February 21, 2011

VH1access Interview: Jennifer (You're Cut Off 2)

Jenn Jowett Interview

Here is my exclusive with Jennifer from You're Cut Off 2. She explains a lot that went on the show. She also talks about her thoughts on Lsura Baron. Is she in good terms with her? Follow her on Twitter

Hey Jennifer how have you been?
I'm doing really well, starting to get things back in order after all the chaos the last month has brought.

You left You're Cut Off  on a  bad note. Do you regret even being on the show?
I try not to regret anything I do, because I believe everything happens in life as it is supposed to. For one reason or another I was supposed to be on that show and go through what happened. I don't really agree with leaving on a bad note however. I left when I was ready to, when I felt enough was enough and it actually made quite the impact. I still value relationships I have with production and other cast mates and although I didn't graduate, I still look at what was trying to be taught to us and have a different view on how I come across.  There is no better way to change yourself, than to see right before your eyes what needs to change.

I know editing can be a bitch, do you think this show made you look like a bad person?
Ha. Yes, editing can be a bitch.  In fact I know almost every girl has cringed and wanted to gasp, "thats not even what happened!" I think the show did what it needed to do to get ratings and at my cost.  I think the viewers who flip through the channels and catch bits and pieces will of course think I am a bitch, a drunk, ugly, etc. They choose to keep me in that light as much as possible.  But I think people who look deeper will see a funny girl who is still growing and figuring things out and knew that setting wasn't the best place for it.

On TMZ  it says that you blame Laura Baron for your DUI charge. Why do you blame her?
Well lets get one thing straight. On any media interview you can not be held accountable for things that are not in quotations.  On some level, yes I do think the show took things to far, to where they could have had the drama factor but still kept the exploiting to a level that a person could handle.  That was not the case.  Now as a show host or life coach, whichever, the show was thought up and created by her and she had the full knowledge of what we would be going through. I did not. That being said, I do expect a certain level of professional guidance on whether this was healthy for me or toxic. On the show as well as after it and while it was airing. On no level did Baron make me leave my apartment that night. I've heard all the "oh she's blaming everyone but herself" comments, but I'm not. I hold myself accountable but I also expect Baron to take accountability for her part, and that was attributing to a downward spiral, which has caused me a large amount of anxiety and was extremely hard to sit through.

What are your issues with Laura Baron?
Laura and I have had our ups and downs. I am not going to bash Laura Baron, because right now I am at a point where I would like to heal and let this anger go.  I wish she had been there for me throughout some of the tough footage.  That was my only issue, where did this support system go when I needed it the most. It confused me, and I felt let down. I have to be careful how much I invest in people. I hope in the future she and I can be friends because I felt a strong connection with her. But for right now with the controversy I think it is best to just let things cool down.

You got along Hana in the house. Was she the only person you got along with?
Hana and I are best friends.  We had an instant connection in the house and I am so glad to have met her because we talk to each other everyday!  In the house I actually got along with everyone, really. Of course there were times when there was drama but thats TV.  You can only be so upset with someone that is in the same boat with you before you just laugh and say whatever. We are all a family and I feel that is special for our cast to have that.  I miss all the girls and would love to see some sort of end of the show reunion/party to put closure on such a wild experience.

What are your thoughts on Aimee? You had several altercations with her.
Oh, Aimee and I are totally fine. She taught me a few things you know! I will never pull a weave again! I think Aimee and I had two of the biggest personalities and walking into a show we just clashed. But after the first week we actually became really close because we had already pushed eachothers buttons. I think we were both out of our comfort zones and we naturally rebeled against the situation, but after that I felt a bond with Aimee because we had gone through that and I thought she was real. i knew where she stood and she stood her ground, and I respect that.

What have you been doing now since your departure?
I pent some time in Florida with my family and right now I am taking a fashion class. I have a lot to sort through, so I am working on that daily.

Would you do another reality show?
I would, but I would like to know what to expect and what the circumstances were to know if it was the right fit for me.

Thank you Jennifer for this interview. Do you want to give shout out to anyone?
 All the girls, they all are amazing and funny and I love them for just being who they are.

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