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Thursday, February 25, 2010

1st look at the new VH1 show Transform Me

Transform Me is the new VH1 show that will premeire on March 15th. It features transgeder contestant Laverne from I Want To Work With Diddy season 1. This show will be a makeover show about women that desperately need a new look inside and out. It will be a 30 min show and it will air right after Price Of Beauty


Celebrity Rehab: Episode 8 Sneak Peek

Watcht he preview of the upcoming episode of Celebrity Rehab which airs tonight on VH1

A Different side of Renee

Yep this is Renee from Frank The Entertainer. On the show she wanted to prove that she could be sexy but it backfired. On this pic it seems she CAN pull it off.

You be the judge

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

IT responds to assault allegations

I Love New York and I Love Money 2 star IT responds to the assault allegations to Kacey Chrysler and exposes his accuser with a tape.

Behind the scenes Lil Hood photoshoot

Here is a video For the Love of Ray-J season 1 contestant Lil Hood at her photoshoot.

VH1access Interview: Annie (Frank The Entertainer)

I recently interviewed Annie who is the latest contestant to be eliminated on the show. We talked her little rap number she did on stage, how she felt about his parents and some of the other girls, we also talk about her youtube and blog.

Here is the interview

Vh1access: Hey Annie, how are you?

Annie: I'm great John. Thanks for asking.
VH1access: Did you had a great experience being on te show?

Annie: My experience on the show was certainly interesting. It started out pretty rough, got kinda fun and then became very tense but also exciting at the end there.
VH1access: How did you feel about the way you were potrayed on the show?

Annie: I think the way I was portrayed was hilarious. I didn't remember much of the stuff I said in the interviews so when I was watching the show on TV months later I was like, "Wow, I can't believe I said that!" I must've been really tired and cranky to mouth off like that to the interviewers. But the interviews were very long! I got tired. I'm not sure if it was an accurate portrayal of me but the character that was created from me was fairly unique.
Vh1access: Were you surprised that you lasted that long on the show?

Annie: Yes of course. I am a competitive person but I knew I was in over my head as soon as I got to the house. The other girls were all so outgoing, beautiful and nice. I also thought I was going to throw up the whole first two days from insane anxiety and I could barely even eat or sleep. I was wasting away. Melody helped me eat some animal crackers and I drank coke or sprite every morning to make myself feel better. Around the third day we were having dinner and I had a piece of cheesecake. After that cheesecake, I felt better all of the sudden and I could eat. Before that I would just eat bananas because that was all I could handle. The other girls thought I loved bananas or something and started calling me Annie Bananie but really I just didn't want to barf all over everyone.
VH1access: Did you really like Frank?

Annie: Of course! Frank is great. I liked him much better than I thought I would. I always judge people by how they treat me and he was always really kind. When he talks to you, you feel like he is really interested and paying attention. He is also better looking in person than on TV. He is a man of many personalities :)
Vh1access: What are your thoughts of Susan & Gary?

Annie: Susan and Gary are great. Gary cracked me up ALL the time. He makes a lot of side comments and corny jokes that reminded me of my mom so of course I liked that. Susan is very down to earth (although perhaps she seems not to be on the show) and they both made me feel very comfortable. They are very loving parents and they have a great family.
Vh1access: Which girls did you got along with the most on the show?

Annie: I got along with most everyone. I don't think I had a best friend on the show--sometimes I felt like I had to be on guard. In that situation you never know who you can trust! Christi cracked me up--she was definitely the funniest girl on the show and they never showed that side of her! I just visited with Melody in Nashville and we had a really great time--she is just a very giving person. But all the girls were nice (well at least to me).
VH1access: Now I heard the uncensored version on your little rap number you did on the show. It's hilarious btw Do you regret doing that now since you've seen it on TV?

Annie: No, I don't regret it. I wanted to leave the show at that point and I thought it was funny. I am also relieved not to have to watch myself on TV every week. That became a very nerve wracking thing for me. Every week I wondered--oh god what are they going to show me doing this time? Even though there was nothing truly embarrassing or anything to be ashamed of that I did but I just hated watching myself. Now I can relax and watch the other girls battle it out!
VH1access: What's your thoughts on Dana? She was pretty mad about the whole thing.
Annie: Dana is a very mysterious and amazing woman. The game that she played was incredible and I admire her for that. Dana was mad, understandably, but she forgave me when we got back to the house. They didn't show that though. She could've hit me or really yelled but she didn't, she was really just upset.
VH1access: Now you also do youtube & blogging. I've actually seen your blogs. Can you tell me more about it and what type of youtube videos you do?
Annie: Well I used to vlog as a character, Scandalishious. It was a YouTube based performance work I did for about 18 months. The character, also known as Caroline, danced, sang, talked about random shit--- she was your typical teenage camwhore (maybe a bit exaggerated at times). I was exploring YouTube and how it has become a new forum for women to broadcast themselves. Whereas in older media models (film, magazines etc) the relationship of female exposure is one to many but now with YouTube and reality television, that is changing. Many women can broadcast themselves and shape their image to many other men/women. The Scandalishious works deal with that changing model and what it means for female representation.
Vh1access: Do you have any other upcoming projects coming up?

Annie: I have a few art shows coming up but no new large performance based works. I need to take a break from making everything all about me all the time...I think.
Vh1access: Do you want to give a shoutout to anyone?

Annie: I'd like to say hi to the other girls on the show! hellloooo ladies.

also to all my fans who may be reading this--thank you all so much for supporting me! you all have been great and i might have died inside without all yalls positive support.
Follow Annie on Twitter and check her out on

Tough Love Couples to premeire in April

Couple of days ago i made a blog post stating that Tough Love Couples was currently filming. Wll now Steve just tweeted on his twitter page that the 3rd season of the show will on Apil 12th, which will be on a Monday. I'm assuming that Scream Queens 2 will be airing on Sundays aroudf that time. Since Scream Queens 2 should be done filiming.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kerry singing about muscle tees

Here is a video of Kerry from Frank The Entertainer the song that she made about muscle tees on the show this past Sunday.

New Poll: Best VH1 Star Musician

We've came accross some VH1 stars that are musicians in the past. Back on Flavor Of Love we've seen Krazy promoting her.... singing career and then we saw Deelishis outshining Krazy when she sang at her date with Flavor Flav. Deelishis did a music video call Rumpshaker vack in 2007. Then on Rock of love we saw Lacey & Daisy. Lacey did a song called "A Little Thing Called Love" and Daisy has released numorous of songs as well. Then we have Real & Chance they promote themselves as The Stallionaires. We also have il Hood little rap on For The Love Of Ray-J, then we have Dre P & Leah from Tool Academy 2 and Sinister from daisy of love.

Vote Now

RuPaul's Drag Race 2: Episode 4 Sneak Peek

Here is the preveiw of epsiode 4 of RuPaul's Drag Race 2 which airs tonight on VH1

Annie's dirty rap UNCENSCORED

Do you all want to know what was behind those beeps, when she did her little rap on stage with Dana on the show? click on the link below it's quite funny LMAO

Be sure to stay tune because my next interview will be with Annie.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Danger & Gizmo talk about their new reality show

Here is a video of Danger and her husband giving out the details of their upcoming reality show. They did not mention if the show is going to be on VH1 but they did say that their reality show is going to be about them as a married couple.

Fantasia For Real & Let's talk About Pep Epsiode Sneak Peeks


Watch the previews of the upcming episodes of Fantasta For real & Let's Talk About Pep

Celebrity Fitclub: Bootcamp: Episode 3 Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of the 3rd episode of Celebrity Fitclub: Bootcamp. Booby Brown discusses is alcohol problems.

Heartbreaker & Dre P with Kendra from Bad Girls Club

Here are two recent pics os Heartbreaker from For The Love Of Ray-J and Dre P from Tool Academy 2. Hanhing out with Kendra from Bad Girls Club

Frank The Entertainer Episode 7 recap: Dana, Dana, Dana

Episode 7 Recap

I'm going to start posting recaps now since now I have a real domain and I want to add more to this blog.

This episode was all about Dana, she is the dramstarter of this show. She really starts drama. she had beef with Renee and now on this episode with Annie & Melody. This weeks challenge was a singing challenge. The challenge reminded me For The Love Of Ray-J where the girls had to sing for Ray-J it kinda reminded me of that. They were paired up Cathy & Melissa, Annie & Dana , Melody & Felicia. Kerry had the solo part which I felt bad for her for she stated that she was stage fright and Frank happened to selected her for the solo part and she had to sing about musicle tees lol But I honestly thought she did pretty well in the challenge. Cathy & Melissa had to sing about working out and i don't know what the hell they were saying when they were singing lol it's like they were singing in a different langauge.  Melody & Felicia went up next and they sang about video games, they did pretty well in my opinion, the pair thats screwed up was Dana & Annie. They sang about sleeping in and they started pretty until lost track in their singing and I guess Annie wanted to save the performance and I don't know what the hell she said but it was a lot of beeps lol it was so funny everyone was shocked especailly coming from Annie. Dana got really upset and lashed out on her, then Melody wanted to console Annie and Dana got pissed off at her because she consoled Annie and then cosoled her and Dana thought thatw as fake of Melody I guess she thinks Melody is trying to play the nice card to everyone.

Then Dana called her mom and her mom is like Sister Patterson, on phone she told Danna knock that old hag (Melody) up and come homw. I can see why Dana acts the way she acts because of her mom. Then they had dinner anda woman came over I guess it was a neigbor she was like a fortune teller well or of she pouerd oil the girls dishes to read their future and she yold Melody she has the evil eye and that she cursed. Frank & his parents were concerned about that, which is kinda dumb I think Melody is really sweet I don't think she is a phoney.

At the elimination is was between Melody & Annie and Annie got the boot. Next week it seems like Dana & Melody have more conflict I do think Dana will get the boot next week

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tough Love Couples Now Filming

I just receieved a word that Tough Love Couples is now filiming. Tough Love Couples is the upcoming 3rd season of Tough Love but this time it will involve couples and their troubled relationships it will not have the original tradition which involves single women looking for love.

Vh1access Interview: Cashmere (For The Love Of Ray-J)

I recently interviewed For The Love Of Ray-J season 1 contestant Cashmere. In this interview, we discussed about what's going on with I Love Money, since she was on the 3rd season of the show. I also asked her what she thought about the 2nd season of For The Love Of Ray-J and what she thought about the reunion with Ray-J, Cocktial & Mz Berry.

Here is the interview

VH1access: Hey Cashmere, how are you?


VH1access: So what have you been up to, since For The For Love The Of Ray-J?
Vh1access: What were your thoughts on the 2nd season of the show? and also what were your thoughts on the whole reunion show with Cocktial/Mz Berry/Ray-J?

Vh1access: Do you & Ray-J still keep in touch?
Vh1access: Now everyone has keep asking about I Love Money. I know that you were on the 3rd season which ended up being cancelled because of Ryan Jenkins. What's the deal with I Love Money? is there going to be an I Love Money 3 retape? or is VH1 going to air I Love Money 4? or are they done with show all together.
Vh1access: I heard that you went pretty far on I Love Money 3. It's unfortunate that we won't be able to see it
Vh1access: Would you agree to do a Charm School?
Vh1access: Do you have any other upcoming projects coming up?
Vh1access: Do you want to give a shout out to anyone?
Follow Cashmere on Twitter :

Info on Megan Wants A Millionaire Guys

Now everyone knows that show was cancelled due to the controversy surrounding Ryan Jenkins and not many people any facts about the dudes and what went down on the show. I received an e-mail recently from a secret source about some facts about the guys from Megan Wants A Millionaire.

1) Sex toy dave was only there to promote himself shocking and was very honest about it , he was flown out for I love money 4 but was sent back because his "character was not right for the storyline"

2)TJ did win the show but the rumors are true and Megan did cheat with the Punisher

3)Most of the guys were not Millionaires but were wealthy at least most of them

4)Al turned out to be a douche bag to most of the guys and had the most drama along with Ryan but now gets along with most of the guys

5)Punisher and Francisco had drama on ILM4 but had drama and are cool now

6)Joe now lives in LA with Lil Hood and Lacey

7)Garth really targeted the trustfund guys Joe and James and they tried to get Garth eliminated by rattling him out to Megan after the piggy bank incident and one of the castmembers said after that he swore that Joe and James were hooking up in the other room because they were pretty drunk

8)A lot of the guys were also interested in Brandi C just as much as they were Megan

9)Shaun dated Marcia for awhile then she started dating Al

Friday, February 19, 2010

VH1 Star Birthdays: 12 Pack

Happy Birthday To 12 Pack

Flavor Of Love's Hotlanta arrested for child cruelty

I'm pretty sure you all remember Hotlanta, she appeared on the 3rd season on Flavor Of Love potrayed as the goldigger on the show, she recently was arrested for child cruelty here is the article below.

One of the stars of the VH1 show "Flavor of Love" was arrested in Georgia -- after cops say "Hotlanta" got violent in a mysterious incident involving a child.

Hotlanta -- aka 29-year-old Nicole Essigmann -- was arrested in Cobb County on January 30th on two counts of simple battery and one count of cruelty to children.

Essigmann -- listed at 5'4" and 130 lbs -- was in custody for one day before a company called "Bond James Bond" helped her front the $2,500 bond.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jessica Simpson's new VH1 show "Price Of Beauty" to premeire next month

Jessica Simpson has returned to reality TV, this time on VH1. Her new reality show is called The Price Of Beauty and it will premeire next month on VH1. Her show focuses on true beauty from different women around the world and she explores what is beautiful and we will see how women make themselves beautiful in different ways. The show sounds interesting to me, so I will tune in.

This is not the first Jessica Simpson has done rellity TV. Back in 2004 she did a reality show which I'm pretty sure many you guys have seen with her husband Nick Lachey at the time call the "Newlyweds" which aired on MTV and her infamous chicken of the sea quote which made her an household name.

Tool Academy 3: Episode 2 Sneak Peek

Watch the preview of epsiode 2 of Tool academy 3. The next session is fidelity!

Celebrity Rehab 3: Episode 7 Sneak Peek

Episode 7 airs tonight, here is the sneak peek of the episode.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rival Battle Of The Week: Better Italian Dating Show

Frank The Entertainer is A VH1 dating show featuring The Entertainer. It is a spin off show of I Love New York.

That' Amore was an MTV dating show featuring Domenico Nesci. It was a spin off show of A Shot Of Love With Tila Tequila.

Both dating shows featured an Italian dude. So for this week poll. Which Italian dating show is better?

Poprah to be featured in a film

I Want To Work for Diddy star Poprah tweeted recently that she will be featured in a film with a big comedian star, she did mention any names though.

Follow her on twitter:

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sal breaks his silence about Christi

When I interviewd Christi, I asked her if Sal had a thing for her and she said yes based on bonus clips on Well Sal breaks his silence about Christi and he NOT happy! He also comments Renee saying that he feels bad for her.


“First I want to comment on the fact that Christi called my brother a loser. I think that’s funny. I’ve been quiet for a long time, listening to everyone call Frank a loser, and I’m curious to know: since when does living at home make you a loser? If Frank’s finances define him as a person, then I would agree that he’s definitely a loser, but there’s far more to Frank than meets the eye, and I’m sick of the snap judgments. I’m wondering if Christi knew before she auditioned for the show whether Frank lived at home. I just think it’s funny that Frank becomes a loser when she doesn’t have a key around her neck anymore. It’s not just her, it’s some of the other girls, too.

I also want to comment on Christi’s ex-boyfriend, Evan. There’s a loser for you. Christi claims he was tricked into saying they hooked up a few weeks before the show, but I want to know how somebody can be tricked into saying that. The truth is that Evan is a jealous man. He’s not even a man, he’s a jealous boy. He contacted me on Facebook after the show, telling me that Christi is his girl, and to stay away from her. That’s how I know that Evan said what he said in an attempt to get Christi sent home. In his delusional eyes, he probably thought he was getting his woman back. What I don’t understand is how, after all of this, Christi is still talking to and hanging out with Evan. I just hope she locks the doors tight at night.

Christi implied that she and I might be a little more than friends in her interview. I don’t like the way she was wording that. She was making it look like I’m calling her every night. She’s got nothing to lose, so she can say whatever she wants. I’m the one with the girlfriend here. Christi and I do talk often. When the show was filmed, I was single. I thought Christi was beautiful, I thought she was more my type than Frank’s, and for a second there, I was jealous of Frank. The truth is that I tried to get to know her better, but every time I tried to call her, the phone was “turned off” or “misplaced” [Ed. note: quotes added per Sal’s request]. After that, I got the hint.

Christi and I are definitely good friends now, but for the record, I do have a beautiful girlfriend named Alexis that I love very much. Christi’s interview made it seem like I was going behind Alexis’ back and trying to get with her, and that’s definitely not how I get down. When I said if she lived in New York, we’d be together, I meant it. But that was said months, not days ago. I don’t know what the future has in store for me and Christi. I do think she’s an amazing person, and I do think she has an amazing heart. But I will say this: if there’s a future for Christi and I, she definitely needs to get rid of Evan. I can’t stand him. He’s crazy. A threesome would be nice, but not with another guy. I don’t know, anything could happen. I could be single tomorrow. I could be single after Alexis reads this. I don’t know. But if her and I ever were to get together, this freak has gotta go. I can’t even tell you what my response was to him on Facebook. It wouldn’t make the VH1 site. I definitely wrote something disgusting to him.

I also want to comment on Renee, because I feel really bad about her. Everyone’s always picking on Renee. I’ve actually had the pleasure of getting to know Renee over the past couple of months. I’ll agree that Renee definitely comes off a little strange at times, but you have to admit that being in locked in a house with 14 other girls, competing with one guy is definitely a strange situation. I actually believe that most of Renee’s actions are warranted. I talk to Renee on pretty much a daily basis, and this is how she responds to abnormal situations. But believe me, in no way does this come even close to defining her as a person.”


Megan talks about Ryan Jenkins

Taken from Megan's Blog and Megan breaks her silence to People magazine about Ryan Jenkins.  Ryan Jenkins was a contestant on Megan Wants A Millionaire and on the unaired I Love Money 3. During when Megan Wants A Millionaire aired on TV Ryan Jenkins murdered his wife, playboy model Jasmine Fiore and then he hanged himself at a hotel in Canada. Which led to her show being cancelled. She explains how she feared for her life

Article below:

Most of the time, I just cried, feeling terrible for Jasmine and her family, thinking how the two of us could have been interchangeable. When VH1 called to say my show had been canceled, I understood why. Because of all this, people have a negative association with me. Now I’m rethinking my whole life, trying to figure out where to go from here

VH1access Interview: Renee (Frank The Entertainer)

I just recently interviewed Renee who was the latest contestant to be eliminated on Frank The Entertainer.. A Basement Affiar. In this interview, we talk about the weirdness that she potrayed on the show and how she felt about that. We also talk about some of the girls on the show, how she felt about his parents and how she wanted to get into television.

Here is the interview:

VH1access Hello Renee, how are you?

Renee: I'm great thank-you for asking. :)

Vh1access: Now on the show, you were portrayed as the needy/weird girl on the show. How do you feel about that?

Renee: Well to be honest with you I'm fine with it. Everyone on these shows has to be portrayed as something, and I'd rather be known as the needy/weird girl than a whore, or a mean person. I found it entertaining, and I was laughing right along with everyone else.

Vh1access: Do you think VH1 made you look crazy on this show?

Renee: Yes, I do think that vh1 made me seem a little crazy... But it's impossible to show you 24 hours a day in a single episode, so all you see is bits and pieces, and what's obviously most entertaining.

But picture this. Your in a house with 14 other women, who are all competing for the same man. You can feel the tension, and they have all turned against you. You can't leave this house. You have no internet and no cell phone, so basically you just went into a time machine back to the 1800's, and all you have left to think about is what's going on in that house. You can either sit back and watch everyone else make their moves, and potentially be sent home, or you start making your own moves and stand out and take a chance. I choose to take chances.

Vh1access: How did you find out about this show? and what made you decide to audition?

Renee: I've done a lot of theater/acting, and I've always wanted to try television. I've always loved reality tv, and ever since I was a teenager I had always thought that I was meant to be on it. I know that I am a very unique and entertaining person. At first I had found about this show because I auditioned for the Vh1 show, "Tough Love". I was a finalist and had an on camera interview, but just didn't make the cut. It was then that Vh1 emailed me and asked if I'd either like to try out for Ray J's show, or Frank's. I wasn't interested in RayJ, and would never go for the love of someone that I wasn't interested in. But when I saw that Frank was having a show I was so excited. He had always been one of my favorite's on I love New York, and I love Money, and I had always thought that our personalities would mesh well. He's out-going, I'm out-going, he's creative, and I am too, and the list goes on. This was great timing for me because it was my first time being single in TEN years and not only would I be getting a shot at love with one of my fav reality stars, but I get the opportunity of a life time by being on Vh1! It was killing two birds with one stone! It was finally time to start living for me! There's a difference between me and I'd say 90% of most of the reality girls on these shows, and that is, your either open for love or your not. Everyone of course wants to be on tv, however I was completely open to anything that could of happened with Frank beyond that.

Vh1access: What are your thoughts on Dana? She seemed to have target you a lot on the show.

Renee: Dana, Dana, Dana... I'm not a huge fan of her's. There are things that they didn't show you on TV. Like how I was there for her before the talent competition, when she was drunk and upset about her mother. I held her, and calmed her down, and she seemed so thankful. Then next thing you know she wants to fight about absolutely nothing with me! It didn't make any sense at all. She's basically all about the drama, and my prediction is that it will catch up with her on the show. But whatever.

Vh1access: What girls did you get along with the most?

Renee: Jessica, Melody, and Mandy were my favorites in the house. They didn't really show that. Since the show I've gotten to know these girls much better, and I can honestly tell you that they are all very real and genuine.

 Vh1access: What are your thoughts on Gary and Susan?

Renee: Gary and Susan are wonderful people and make a great couple. I love how Susan doesn't hold back how she feels, she's got such a great personality, and makes this show so much fun to watch! I would have been blessed to be part of the Maresca family, it just wasn't meant to be with Frank.

Vh1access: Do you think that you would have stayed if you have never gone down to the basement with that costume on?

Renee: Honestly, no.... At that point in time I had felt deep down inside that I was going home. The costume was a playboy costume, and I thought it was cute and fun. Frank and I had talked about my Playboy costume's prior and he had told me he had wanted to see them sometime. LoL.

At that point I felt that if I was going to go home, and I might as well be entertaining while doing so, and it could turn out in one of two ways. One he could absolutely love it and want to see what I'd come up with next, or two it would be a huge joke... and well.... lol. Could have been worse. As you could see I was laughing the entire time, and really wasn't taking it all too seriously. It was harmless and fun.

VH1access: What have you been doing now since your departure on the show?

Renee: Since the show I've been getting back to normal everyday life. I work full time and support myself, which they do not tell you on the show. Remember when I had said that I don't NEED a man, I just want one? Well that's the truth, and that's because I'm actually pretty independent. I just would prefer to have someone to love. ;-) Since this experience I've met a lot of great people along the way, and it's still all surreal to me that this really had happened.

Vh1access: Would you do another reality show?

Renee: Absolutely!!! Although it was emotionally challenging, I now know that I would handle things a lot better now that I know what to expect. I'd love to do an I love Money, Charm School, or Tough Love! Just maybe this time I wouldn't go for a TV that weighed almost as much as me! LoL. I love Vh1!

Vh1access: Now you said on the show that you had two failed engagements and now you have just got eliminated on the show, are you still trying to look for Mr. Right and find love?

Renee: Yes I am... Unfortunately I do have a lot of men who have shown interest, but I just do not feel like they are the right fit for me... Maybe I just need my own show, dare I say.... "Desperate for Love", or "For the Love of Renee" hahaha just a thought. ;-)

Vh1access: Do you want to give a shout out to anyone?

Renee: Yes, I want to seriously thank each and everyone one of you who has shown me support throughout this entire process. It really has meant so much to me, and I am so grateful. I consider everyone my friends. <3

Follow Renee on Twitter:

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tool Academy 3 Premeire Review

 Alighty, I just saw the premeire of Tool Academy 3. I'm glad that they changed it up this season and had 2 girls that were tools, it made it more interesting.  One of the girls is Jennavecia from Bad Girls Club season 3, she is one of the tools. So the premeire started off with the tools going to Cancun, Mexico thinking that they are going to party or win a contest or something like that. Um one of them cries a lot his name is Angelo, he is very sensitive lol There is one dude is the glowstick tool? I don't what the fuck is that lol For the first time this season there is a lesbain couple which made it more interesting and there is that wrestler dude, which I HATED the most, I posted his picture to the right. He was so cocky and conceited. He was worst tool of them all. The weeks group session was communication and there was this one dude who was jealous of Kyle who is Jennavecia's boyfriends because he was with his girl, which I think is stupid because your with Jennavecia so what's the difference? The challenge was like doghouse challenge? I thought the challenge was dumb but Kyle and Jennavecia ended up winning the challenge. I personally think Kyle deserves better is hr too serious for Jennavecia. Anyway at the wrestler tool quit and left his girl behind! He basicaly made an ass of himself on TV!  I felt so bad for Amanda. That was messed up.

My rating for the premeire 8/10

I Love New York Guys: Official Twitter Pages

On the last update I post the Flavor Of Love Girls Twitter Pages. The ones that I know of. Now here are 13 guys from I Love New York official Twitter pages.

12 Pack: Dave12Pack
20 Pack: 20pack
Buddha: ezramasters
Mr. Boston: Vh1MrBoston
Mr. Wise: MrWiseVh1
Onix: OnixVh1
Tailor Made: Tailormadevh1
Tango: tangovh1
The Entertainer: FrankMaresca

Fantasia For Real & Let's Talk About Pep Episode Sneak Peeks


Here are the sneaks peeks of the upcoming episodes of Fantasta For Real & Let's Talk About Pep.

Celebriy Fit Club : Bootcamp Episode 2 Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of the next episode of Celebrity Fit Club : Bootcamp

Frank The Entertainer.. A Basement Affair: Episode 6 Sneak Peek

Here is the sneak pek of the next episode of Frank The Entertainer.. A Basement Affair. In this episode the girls meet the Frank's extended family for his parents 39th anniversary.

Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too: Guys Revealed

Love Games is the latest spin off of the Bad Girls Club which will premeire in March right after the Bad Girls Club Reunion. The three bad girls that will be looking for love are Sarah & Amber rom Season 3 and Kendra from Season 4. The dudes have been revealed.

Cocktial talks about the reunion: Part 2

Hey guys I'm back I had some problems with my computer, so that's why i have not really updated this blog lately. I'm back now.

Here is the part 2 of the Cocktial interview with DJLadyT tken from, Cocktal says that she was paid by the production to appear to make a cameo on the show.  Here is more.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Cocktail talks about the reunion

Taken from  DJLadyT inteviews Cocktial about what went down at the reunion. Cocktial states that the reunion show was real, while Mz Berry said it was scripted , she also says that she was hurt by Ray-J. Litsen to the video.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rival Battle Of The Week Results: Who is More Weirder

Brittany Starr is more weirder

Brittany Starr: 60%
Renee: 30%

You guys have votes and you think that Brittany Starr is a lot more weirder than Renee from Frank The Enertainer. I agree.

Tool Academy 3: Premeire Sneak Peek

Here is the premeire sneak peek of Tool academy 3. Tool Academy 3 premeires this Sunday at 9:PM on VH1.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blonde Baller on the set of Parenthood

It seems like Blonde Baller is following Heather's footsteps in the TV world. She tweeted that she is on the set on the NBC how Parenthood. Blonde Baller recenly appeared on a paid programming informcial about weight loss.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Love New York's Millitown found guilty of murder

Before Ryan Jenkins, there was Millitown from I Love New York 2.  He was just recently found guilty of murdering a 28 year old man in 2007. He was convicted first-degree murder and being a felon in possession of a firearm. He could face up to 50 years in prison.

Mz Berry talks about Ray-J, Jaguar & the the reunion

Here is a video of DJLadyT interviewing Mz. Berry. In this video she talks about the reunion and she also Ray-J & Jaguar listen to the video.

Brittanya photoshoot with oneSHOTmedia

Here is a high quality video photoshoot of Brittanya. She looks really good.

check her site out:

My Thoughts on the For The Love O Ray-J Reunion (Season 2)

Okay so I've seen the For the love of Ray Reunion season 2 tonight. Here are my thoughts of it.First of all no offense to the host but I am so used to seeing Lala hosting these shows, it was weird seeing another woman hosting it. It didn't felt the same without Lala. I also noticed that they weren't that many girls at the reunion. The only girls that showed up were the well-known girls that we know, the girls that did NOT show up were Futtucini,Tipsy,Diego,Trouble,Paradeez,Adorable,Gifts and Just Right. The first girl that came up on the stage was Lava and she now has short hair like Mz. Berry. I guess she is trying to be like Mz Berry now lol but whatever, she got up and she was talking about her time in the mansion and her crazy moments. She is now dating an athlete I forgot what was his name. The next girls to come up were The Wolfpack Heartbreaker,Luscious & Platinum, they came up and they talked about Heartbreaker & Luscious smashing the homey. Extra started some drama with Heartbreaker calling her fake at the reunion. Then Jaguar came up and I seriously thought that she was going to be at the finale episode, you could tell that Ray-J STILL likes her and he KNEW that he did a big mistake by eliminating her. Then Mz Berry shows up, she says she hasn't seen ray-J in 5 months then surprise! surprise! Cocktial shows up! who won the 1st season of the show, she basically says Ray-J is a phony, he is not a one woman man and that Ray-J has seen her more than Mz Berry. Then they bought Ray-J back and Cocktial & him started fighting, you can watch the video of it that I posted. They began to fight backstage and it all ended from there.

I think that this reunion was better than the season 1 but it still doesn't beat the Flavor of love 2 reunion.

My Rating 8.5/10

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