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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Mob Wives" Will Have More Wives For Season 2

More Mob Wives For Season 2

"Mob Wives" was recently renewed for another season which will air this fall. I got a word that the 2nd season will have MORE wives. Season 1 currently has four: Renee, Karen, Drita and Carla.

"Mob Wives" reunion show will air July 10th.

Dr. Drew Says Jeff Conway Did Not Die From A Drug Overdose

Jeff Conway Did Not Die From Drug Overdose

Dr. Drew tells TMZ that Jeff Conway did not die from a drug overdose. He says there was no evidence of   a drug overdose. "This was aspiration with overwhelming pneumonia and sepsis."  Jeff Conway who was a cast member on "Celebriy Rehab" died last week after his family pulled him off life support.

My Fair Brady Stars Chris Knight And Adrianne Curry Separate

Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight Separate Reports
"After starting a relationship with what seemed to be irreconcilable differences, the couple has reached a period where those differences are no longer appreciated," their manager, Phil Viardo, said in a statement to the Web site "The decision was mutually reached after it became clear to both that some perspective was needed in order to assess their unique union."
Both Starred in VH1's The Surreal Life. Later on To My Fair Brady


The New Basketball Wives Cast Promo Photo!


The Cast Picture Have been updated. Taking Gloria Out and Meeka In.! Season 3 Here we go

Real Chance of Loves Aloha & Chance's Brother's Daughter on Youtube!

Here is a YouTube video of Micha (Real and Chance's younger brother) and Aloha who was a contestant on "Real Chance Of Love 2" Aloha went on the show to win Real's love, but she ended up being with Micha and now they have a daughter together!

VH1 Star Pic:s Evelyn & Ocho Cinco

Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco KissingEvelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco Kissing
Evelyn Lozada Engagement RingEvelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco

Here are new pics of Chad Ochocino and Evely Lozada kissing at the beach and shopping.


Why You Should Watch "Single Ladies" + Poll

VH1 TV Shows

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Did you like "Single Ladies"?  Vote Now

Single Ladies Is Making Atlanta Hotter Than Ever

'Saddle Ranch' Star Rachel Wanted


 TMZ reports that Lay was arrested March 9, 2011 For driving under the influence blood alcohol level of .22. She skipper her court appearance, and now she scheduled to go back. Will she get fired from saddle ranch?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chilli and T-Boz Performs On The American Idol Finale

Chilli and T-Boz, better known as TLC took stage on the American Idol finale last night. They performed their two hits "No Scrubs" and "Waterfalls" with the American Idol girls. It was a great performance.

Celebrity Rehab's Jeff Conway Dies At 60

RIP Jeff Conway

We have sads news to report Taxi star and Celebrity Rehab cast member Jeff Conway has passed away today. his family decided to pull the plug on him today. He was 60 years old. He was in a coma since last week after he was found unconscious in his home from a drug overdose. Jeff Conway is thw second cast member from the show to diw this year. Back In March Mike Starr, the bassist from Alice In Chains" died from an drug overdose.

Meet The Hosts Of VH1's New Show "Famous Food"

The Hosts Of "Famous Food"

Mike “Boogie” Malin and Lonnie Moore are partners in Dolce Group, and the hosts of Vh1′s new show, Famous Food. They did an exclusive interview with 

"Famous Food" premeires on VH1 July 10th

Danger's Acting Debut

Danger Goes Into Acting

So what has Danger been up too? It has been a while so we have heard from her. recently did an interview with her. She is working on new series where she plays a black Russian hit woman. In the video, it seems like she is looking a lot better. Last year if you remember she had a menta breakdown where her daughetr was taken away from her.
She also a pilot for her own reality show called "Danger Goes Hollywood" I hope it gets picked up.

Somaya Reece Maxim Photo Shoot

Love and Hip Hop Season 2 Coming this Fall!

Flavor Flav Owns More Than 100 Clocks

How many clock necklaces do you own?
I have a bunch of them. I have over a hundred clocks. I’ve got fancy clocks and clocks from all over the world that people made for me. And I have my most favorite one, which is the one I’m wearing now. It’s the original

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Wars- Finale Recap- Joe and Elsie Wins

Wedding Wars- Finale Recap

Congrats to Joe and Elsie they won the show! Here is what happened at the finale.

Summary Of The Finale
The final three. It's been long, damp, mosquito bitten battle to the finish and no one wants to lose the war now. At the final security challenge, runaway brides are stuck on floating treadmills, running ever faster as their fiancées furiously paddle to save them. At stake is a guaranteed spot in the final two. Plus, the winning couple decides who gets voted off next. After the decision is made, the final two couples head to the final chapel ceremony. At the chapel ceremony, all the eliminated couples return to decide who gets the dream destination wedding. After a brutal round of questioning and confrontation... the winning couple cleans up and immediately enjoys the wedding of their dreams, surrounded by friends and family. This Wedding War is over.


The Saddle Ranch- Episode 5 and 6 Recaps

Mob Wives- Episode 5 and 6 Recap

Here is what went down on "Saddle Ranch" for the last two weeks.

Summary Of Epiode 5 and 6
Robb and Rachel's new romance is picking up steam until Rachel catches Robb flirting with another bartender. But Robb's charm calms Rachel's jealousy. Nancee can't contain her excitement when her hair idol, celebrity hairdresser Kim Vo brings his entourage into Saddle Ranch for dinner. Nancee serves his table, sharing her dreams of being a hair stylist herself. Nancee is elated when Kim Vo invites her to come visit him at his salon. After work, the whole gang goes out drinking together, but the fun soon screeches to a halt when Rachel has a drunken meltdown. Just as Robb thinks he has calmed her down, Rachel mouths off to some other bar goers, and a massive brawl breaks out inside the tiny bar! Robb ends up with a bloody nose and a seriously burned hand from a falling patio heater.

The next day, Robb confides with Noah that he's more upset about the drunken behavior of his girlfriend than his injury. Meanwhile, Kameron, Dave and Cassie speculate how Robb is going to react to this new side of Rachel. When Rachel visits Robb with her tail between her legs, he makes it clear that he doesn't appreciate her out-of-control behavior. Rachel says she's done drinking, and Robb decides to give her another chance.

An intense bull-riding competition at Saddle Ranch brings out the cutthroat competition - and the worst - in some of the employees. Even after the bull stops and the screaming matches are over, there are still plenty of tears and hurt feelings all around.



Mob Wives- Episode 5 and 6 Recaps

Mob Wives- Episode 5 and 6 Recaps

Here is what went down on "Mob Wives" for the alst two weeks.

Summary Of Episode 5 and 6
During a ladies' night out, "Party Renee" makes an overdue and completely wild appearance. Meanwhile, Drita comes face to face with the harsh realities of having a husband behind bars as her birthday approaches. Her boozy blowout pushes her to resolve one conflict, though she remains oblivious to another even bigger one that is brewing. Carla's blissful relationship with a mystery man sows the seeds of dissent among the women, as Renee prepares herself for a fresh start, at any cost. While continuing to work on her book and dig into her past, Karen resolves to confront an explosive issue that's been eating at her for a long time. Sparks fly. Lines are crossed. Karen and Drita's feud continues to simmer with the two keeping their distance. When Renee invites the ladies for a "sit-down" at her table to resolve their differences, her dinner takes a disastrous hair pulling turn as disagreements escalate and everyone comes to blows!



Queen Latifah Talks Single Ladies on Jimmy fallon

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Queen Latifah who created the show new VH1 show "Single Ladies" was on the Jimmy Fallon Show to talk about the new series.

Mob Wives 2, Love and Hip Hop 2, Pop Up Video Premiere this Fall

VH1’s Two Newest Hit Series Mob Wives And Love and Hip Hop Renewed For Second Seasons

Mob Wives Reunion Special Set for Sunday, July 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT

Los Angeles, CA – May 25, 2011 – VH1 has given the greenlight for new fall seasons of three series that appeal to young adults’ music, pop culture and nostalgia sensibilities, including the return of beloved series Pop Up Video. The channel has also handed second season pick-ups to its two newest hit series Mob Wives, which averaged 1.3 million total viewers for its premiere episodes during its first five weeks on the air, and Love & Hip Hop, which has averaged over 1 million viewers per premiere episode.

“Pop Up Video has stood the test of time, ranking as one of the most iconic series in recent television history. For years, people have practically begged, ‘Please bring back Pop Up Video!’ It’s a show and format that now evokes nostalgia for VH1’s young adult audience,” said Tom Calderone, President, VH1.

“Both Mob Wives and Love and Hip Hop are smash hits for VH1, generating strong buzz and viewership for months now. Our viewers have connected passionately with these women and their unique, authentic stories in the realms of pop culture and music. We’re very happy to be able continue those storylines,” said Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President of Original Programming & Production, VH1.

After a 10-year hiatus, VH1 has decided to bring back one of the channel’s most talked about and iconic series, Pop Up Video. The network has ordered 60 episodes of the familiar format featuring current videos, some new graphics and the beloved pop-up “bubbles” of priceless details and insights. Slated to return this fall, Pop Up Video will also integrate interactive elements including user polling and user-generated pop up content that will be reflected in the show. New popped music videos will also be available for viewing and sharing on as they air on TV.

Original co-creator Woody Thompson is attached to the series as an executive producer for Eyeboogie. Executive producing for VH1 are Shelly Tatro, Karla Hidalgo and Jeff Olde.

VH1’s newest hit series Mob Wives, still in its premiere season, has been picked up for a second season after only five episodes which have averaged 1.3 million total viewers per episode. The series gives viewers an unfiltered look into this closed-door society as Renee, Karen, Carla and Drita face daily life challenges while their husbands and fathers do time for alleged mob-related activities. United by a bond which few understand, the women are all struggling with their identities and their futures as they raise their kids as single parents. Mob Wives can currently be seen on VH1 on Sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. Season two is slated to premiere this fall with 12 new episodes. In addition, the Mob Wives reunion special will air on Sunday, July 10 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT.

Mob Wives is produced by The Weinstein Company (Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein), Electus (Ben Silverman, Jimmy Fox), JustJenn Productions (Jennifer Graziano) and Left/Right (Banks Tarver, Ken Druckerman and Nina Diaz). Executive producers for VH1 include Shelly Tatro, Kari McFarland, Rick Hankey and Jeff Olde.

VH1′s hit docu-series Love & Hip Hop, which has averaged over 1 million total viewers per premiere episode, has been picked up for a second season. The premiere of the series reunion special on Monday, May 16 drew 1.3 million total viewers. The series follows four dynamic women who are connected to the world of hip hop, whether it’s through the men they love or their struggle to be heard as artists. In the premiere season, Love & Hip Hop showed the world what life is really like without the fans and the paparazzi. Through their successes and failures both professionally and personally, Chrissy, Olivia, Emily, and Somaya gave it their all for love and hip hop. Season two is set to premiere in the fall and will consist of 10 one-hour episodes.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shaq attacks sleep apnea With Hoopz

Renee Speaks to NYpost Why she didnt Hit Carla

"I'm not violent. I don't raise my hands ever. I would never hit somebody. But I should have broken her f- - -ing jaw."

Dwight Gooden Trys to Flee Celebrity Rehab 5

Sporting news AOL Reports

“Actually, Dykstra came to visit me on ‘Celebrity Rehab,’” Gooden told WFAN’s Boomer and Carton on Tuesday. “I’ll tell you what, it was crazy. He thought that I had been hypnotized and (Dr. Drew) got me in there and was holding me hostage. He tried to come in with two guys to get me out of there. So they come in.

I’m talking to him, he wanted to talk (and he said to me), ‘Doc, I don’t like this.’ So we go out on the patio, me and him and the two guys are sitting there, we’re talking. “He said, ‘You sure this is what you want?’ I go, ‘Yeah.’ He goes, ‘I don’t know, I don’tfeel good about this … let me take your bags and if you don’t like it, you call me.’ I was like, ‘Trust me, I’m cool.’

What to Expect on Basketball Wives 3: Interview Evelyn & Jennifer

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Evelyn and Jennifer talk about the new season of "Basketball Wives"

Steve Ward Speaks on The new Season of Tough Love

He got a Tan too!

Elgin Charles Style Secrets

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Elgin Charles shares his style secrets

Mob Wives Finale Details Drita Vs. Renee Part 2

The NYPost Reports

"A Catfight between the "Mob Wives" cast members got so ugly that one ended up cut and bloody. Staten Island's Karen Gravano and Drita D'avanzo got physical while shooting the season finale at the Rare View bar atop the Shelburne Hotel. Security separated the two, who were taken in different elevators.

The fight spilled into the lobby, and security threw them out of the hotel, sources said. In the scuffle, Renee Graziano cut her leg on a bench. A VH1 rep said, "At this time, we are concerned about the well-being of our cast. The network has yet to determine whether we will air this footage."
Who cant wait for the finale?

Basketball Wives 3 Evelyn & jennifer Interview Each other

VH1 TV Shows
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Evelyn and Jennifer interview each other. Basket Wives (season 3) premieres May 30th

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tawny Kitaen Concerned For Celebrity Rehab Co-Star Jeff Conaway

In a statement to the Washington Post she said
"He has been battling this for such a long time. I saw first hand the 16 metal bolts he had going up his spine. He was in so much pain from his numerous back surgeries. I can’t imagine he could ever live without pain medication. He has a wonderful sense of humor and never took himself too seriously. We wish Conaway the best and hopes he makes a full recovery from this."

Its good to hear castmates showing love for him. Get well soon.

Elgin Talks About Sean & Jackee


VH1 TV Shows
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Here are two videos of Elgin talking about her ex-wife Jackee and Sean.

Mob Wives Episode 6 Bonus Clip: Drita Gets her Tattoo

Remember the Evil Eye Tattoo Drita Revealed last night. Here is a bonus clip of Drita getting it.

Mob Wives Episode 6 Bonus Clip: Karen works her but off!

What you didnt see last night on Mob Wives

New Season of Behind The Music To Feature Adam Lambert, Ricky Martin, Missy Elliott And More



Behind The Music: Missy Elliott Kicks Off The Season on Wednesday, June 29 at 10 PM ET/PT

SANTA MONICA, CA – May 23, 2011 – VH1’s most celebrated music documentary series Behind The Music returns with seven of today’s most successful and celebrated artists. The five-time Emmy® Award-nominated series gives viewers a front row seat to the most exclusive and intimate interviews with the artists as well as their families, friends and colleagues. Featured this season are Missy Elliott, Ice Cube, Miranda Lambert, Mary J. Blige, Enrique Iglesias, Adam Lambert and Ricky Martin. Beginning on Wednesday, June 29 at 9 PM ET/PT with Behind The Music: Missy Elliott, the series will bring viewers never-before-seen footage of these talented musicians and the people who know them best.

Behind The Music: Missy Elliott Premieres Wednesday, June 29 at 10 PM ET/PT

Becoming the most successful female writer-producer-artist the hip hop world has ever seen was not easy for Missy Elliott. Born in Virginia, Missy was faced with the hardships of poverty at the age of eight. Surrounded by abuse and horror, Missy used her passion for music to escape from it all, landing a record deal at the age of 19 with DeVante Swing of Jodeci. For the first time, Missy breaks her silence about why she had to walk away from DeVante and her first group “Da Bassment.” Not letting her past bring her down, Missy surpassed her demons and rose to fame with her groundbreaking debut album Supa Dupa Fly. Working with some of the biggest names in the music industry, from Diddy to Mariah Carey to Janet Jackson and with her daring lyrics, Missy Elliott was able to take over the hip hop world and become a millionaire by the age of 25. After years away from the spotlight, Missy Elliott is opening up publicly for the first time in this Behind The Music. Viewers will watch as Missy talks about her near-fatal battle with Graves disease, address rumors about her weight and opens up about being sexually molested as a young child, a subject she rarely discusses. Catch interviews with Timbaland, Ciara and Mary J. Blige as they contribute personal stories about the gifted Missy Elliott who changed the face of hip hop music forever.

Behind The Music: Ice Cube Premieres Wednesday, July 6 at 10 PM ET/PT

This episode of Behind the Music follows the three-decade-long career of legendary rapper Ice Cube from his journey as a founding member of the notorious rap group NWA to a blockbuster movie star. The extraordinary career of Ice Cube begins with his upbringing in South Central Los Angeles where he faced gang violence and drug dealers on a daily basis. Finding refuge in music, Ice Cube and his neighborhood friends formed NWA to speak out about the harsh reality of growing up in the ghetto. Years and many hits later, the group dismantled sparking a bitter feud between Ice Cube and his former band members and manager Jerry Heller, which lead to Ice Cube’s decision to embark on a solo career. In an unexpected move, Ice Cube took a movie role in John Singleton’s critically-acclaimed movie Boyz N The Hood. The role of Darrin “Doughboy” Baker would give Ice Cube not only the credibility in the movie industry but the confidence to continue to pursue acting roles as well writing and directing jobs. Since then, Ice Cube has produced and starred in a slew of blockbuster movies and TV shows such as Friday, Barbershop, Three Kings and Are We There Yet? At home, Ice Cube is the father of four children with long-time wife Kim and explains how he now shares the stage with two of his sons, Doughboy and OMG, who hope to follow in his rapping footsteps. Viewers will watch as friends Snoop Dogg, DJ Yella from NWA and actress Nia Long discuss how Ice Cube has become a modern day Renaissance man, transforming from a South Central street kid to a major force in music, movies and television today.

Behind The Music: Miranda Lambert Premieres Wednesday, July 13 at 10 PM ET/PT

Twenty seven year-old Grammy Award-winning artist, Miranda Lambert fell in love with music at a young age and was determined to one day be a part of the country music world. Growing up in rural Texas, Miranda watched her parents lose everything when their private investigation business went under, causing the Lamberts to live completely off their land. Starting out just shy of 18, Miranda hit the East Texas bar scene playing gigs at a variety of rough and tumble watering holes. Having to deal with local drunks and barely making ends meet, Miranda was determined to make her mark in a “man’s world.” But in 2003, her big break came when she tried out for the new reality TV series Nashville Star, landing third place and a potential record deal. With the possibility of stardom so close, Miranda kept her tough Texan attitude as she rose to the top, demanding artistic control of her debut album Kerosene. Miranda delivered the label what she promised, hitting the country music charts at #1 and followed that success with a second album that did exactly the same thing, all by the age of 25. Even with her fast-paced rise to the top, Miranda found time to fall in love with fellow country star, Blake Shelton. In February 2011, the country music couple celebrated Miranda’s success as she received her first Grammy Award for “Best Female Country Vocal Performance” for “The House That Built Me” off her third and must successful album to date Revolution. Viewers watching this episode of Behind The Music will get the exclusive first look at interviews with loving husband, Blake Shelton, Miranda’s parents Rick and Bev, Nashville Star judge Tracy Gershon, former Sony Nashville head Joe Galante, music legend Loretta Lynn and fellow country music stars Sheryl Crow, Kenny Chesney and Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum.

Behind The Music: Nelly (Repeat) Airs Wednesday, July 20 at 10 PM ET/PT

Growing up in St. Louis, MO, Nelly spent most of his childhood bouncing from home to home, sleeping on couches and changing schools with alarming regularity. The lack of parental supervision quickly led him to a life of crime. Years later, he joined a rap group called the St. Lunatics and finally found the family he’d been lacking. However, his loyalty to that family was tested when record labels came calling, saying, “We want you—not them.” With his group’s blessing, Nelly signed to Universal Records and released Country Grammar. The album sold nearly 10 million copies and forever changed the face of hip hop. Since then, life has hardly been easy for Nelly. From a decline in album sales and controversial music videos to his best friend’s incarceration and his sister’s tragic death from leukemia, Nelly has battled plenty of demons. In this episode of Behind The Music, Nelly candidly opens up about his life as a musician, actor and businessman. For the first time, Nelly publicly addresses the death of his sister and his relationship with singer Ashanti, who is also interviewed for the special. Hear the poignant tale of Nelly’s life through in-depth interviews with his closest friends, family, and the person who knows it best — Nelly himself.

Behind The Music: Mary J. Blige Premieres Wednesday, July 27 at 10 PM ET/PT

This episode of Behind The Music will take a look inside the life and outstanding career of Mary J. Blige, the reigning Queen of R&B. Watch as VH1 captures the story of how faith, courage and a never-ending search for love and contentment helped one of the world’s most talented musicians survive a tumultuous past. After her soulful remake of Anita Baker’s “Caught Up In A Rapture” was heard by Uptown Records President Andre Harrell, Mary was signed instantly, changing her life forever. She then joined forces with soon-to-be music legend, Sean “Diddy” Combs and together they changed the music world with her honest and heartfelt debut album What’s The 411? Although Mary’s professional life was flourishing, at home she was dealing with a volatile relationship and hit her lowest moment. Mary needed to make a change and she did. She was ready to better herself. Mary lifted herself out of her hole by praying and keeping the faith that things would change, and they soon did. Mary’s prayers were answered and she fell in love with Kendu Isaacs, who would later become her very supportive husband, friend, and manager. He helped and encouraged her on her road to greatness. With Kendu’s love, help and guidance, Mary found a new happiness which was reflected in her top selling albums such as No More Drama and The Breakthrough which won three Grammy Awards. By the time Mary sang for President Obama at the Inauguration Day ceremony in 2009, her world had taken a 180 degree turn and she describes the experience as one of the most meaningful moments of her career. Now, Mary is set to release My Life Too, The Journey Continues on September 20 where she continues to deliver timeless hits while discussing her never ending journey. Catch candid interviews with husband Kendu Isaacs, sister LaTonya Blige Dacosta, Diddy, Nas, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis and Mary J. Blige herself.

Behind The Music: Enrique Iglesias Premieres Wednesday, August 3 at 10 PM ET/PT

Enrique Iglesias is the son of a legendary musical family and one of few artists who can legitimately be called a “global sensation.” Beginning his career by singing Spanish love songs, Enrique soon conquered the Latin music market and was a breakout star leading the charge of the Latin music explosion into the mainstream pop market in 1999. With more than 58 million records sold worldwide, he’s already outlasted many of the artists that followed in his wake and continues to sell out concerts across five continents and top the charts all over the world. In this Behind The Music, the notoriously private singer will discuss how he got to be the man he is today, what the people in his life mean to him and reveal his inner-most thoughts on rumors and issues that have plagued his career, as well as his ten-year-relationship with tennis superstar Anna Kournikova. Starting out with a $48 million recording contract, Enrique has experienced both highs and lows in his career but now finds himself at the top of his game. Viewers will watch as Enrique Iglesias, a man who has successfully crossed over to both Latin and English music for over a decade and whose 2001 song “Hero” helped a nation through one of the most horrific times in its history, finally feels the success and joy that his life has to offer. In this episode viewers will hear from childhood friend Andres Restrepo, musical artist Pitbull, President and CEO Universal Republic Records Monte Lipman and Enrique himself.

Behind The Music: Adam Lambert Premieres Wednesday, August 10 at 10 PM ET/PT

Glam-rock powerhouse, Adam Lambert has taken pop music by storm with his handsome looks, electrifying stage theatrics and jaw-dropping vocal acrobatics. In this episode of Behind the Music, Adam Lambert opens up to VH1 about the challenges he faced during his childhood including realizing he was gay in 6th grade. After finally coping with his identity, Adam freed himself at the age of 18, coming out to his family and moving to Hollywood, CA to pursue his dream of being an entertainer. Struggling to make ends meet, Lambert received his first big break when he landed a part in the European tour of Hair at age 19. The excitement of his first role brought out Adam’s wild side as he began to experiment with sex, drugs and rock n’roll. For the next eight years Adam was continually cast in various stage productions including Wicked. At age 27 and without a record deal, Adam had a realization during a psychedelic experience at the Burning Man festival that if he wanted fame he would have to take control and make it happen. In turn, Adam decided to audition for the iconic TV show, American Idol. Making the top 13, Adam was poised to go far in the competition until scandalous photos of him dressed in drag and kissing another man leaked on the Internet. Adam remained tight-lipped about the photos to the press, determined to keep the focus on his talent. As he advanced to the final round of the competition, the media began to debate whether America would elect a gay Idol. Placing second, Adam quickly landed a record deal with RCA and 19 Recordings, taking the opportunity to come out about his sexuality in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. However, Adam wasn’t done shocking the world, and during his debut television performance at the “American Music Awards” he stunned audiences by kissing his male bassist onstage. Following a huge backlash from viewers, Adam released his debut album For Your Entertainment, which skyrocketed to #3 on the Billboard chart in its first week. Viewers of this episode of Behind the Music will see never-before-seen home video footage, interviews with family, friends, industry experts and musical luminaries including Barry Weiss and American Idol Season 8 winner Kris Allen. With constant criticism about being too bold, too offensive and too gay, Adam Lambert comes clean to VH1 about who he really is and the obstacles he has overcome to get where he is today.

Behind The Music: Ricky Martin Premieres Wednesday, August 17 at 10 PM ET/PT

Nobody’s got female fans’ hearts fluttering more than Ricky Martin with his sexy dance moves and sultry voice. As one of the most successful crossover singers in history, Ricky sold upwards of 60 million albums with global chart toppers like “Living La Vida Loca,” “She Bangs” and “La Copa de la Vida.” In this Behind the Music, Ricky Martin recounts his career from his early days with the Latin pop group Menudo through his days as a soap opera star and finally to his career as a music phenomenon. Viewers will watch as Ricky opens up to Behind the Music for the second time, including discussing his decision to come out a gay man, a topic he first revealed in his 2010 autobiography, Me. Finally, Ricky reflects on his 20-year career and how he balances his life as a father of twin boys and as an international performer

Stacey Dash Opens Up About Living The Single Life After Three Marriages

She is still HOT.

Beverly Hills Fabulous "How Elgin Charles got his Look"


VH1 TV Shows
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Here is a video of how Elgin Charles got his look

Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Mob Wives" Karen Gives A Shoutout To Her Twitter Followers

Karen from "Mob Wives" made a quick video giving a shoutout to her Twitter followers. Be sure to watch a new episode of "Mob Wives" tonight on VH1.

Dr. Drew Says Jeff Conway Will Recover from His Pneumonia

Jeff Conway Is Recovering

Jeff Conway who was in the popular TV show "Taxi" and the first two seasons of "Celebrity Rehab" was in a coma ealy this week from an alledged drug overdose. Dr. Dew has announced on his Twitter page recently that he will recover.

Just visited Jeff Conaway. He is stable and  looks like he will recover from his pneumonia.Not an OD like press is alleging & certainly not dead

Steve Ward Says Tough Love: Miami Might Be Delayed?

Tough Love: Miami Pushed Back?

Steve Ward who the host of "Tough Love" says on his Twitter page  that the 4th season of the show which takes place in Miami might be delayed. The 4th season was supposed to premiere in July. He also announced that he developing a new show about men proving to themselves they actually want a commitment.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Football Wives Speak Out on their reunion

As you know VH1 is giving everyone a reunion, but football wives. We all Wanted closure. so I decided to get their side. Chanita and Dawn give me their opinion on why their isnt one.

"I think it's unfortunate. The cast and fans deserved closure. We get asked all the time when we're coming back. People miss the show" - Dawn Via Twitter DM

"It was said we were to CHURCHY! Lol The fans weren't vocal enough to support us needing closure and answers from each other! I think its sad!" - Via Chanita Twitter DM


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Raven (Rock Of Love) Says She Is Not A Racist

Raven from Rock Of Love uploaded a new YouTube video addressing to everyone that she isn't a racist, since everyone thinks she is ever since Rock Of Love: Charm School. She says she isn't a racist, but an equal oppurtunity racist. She says she hates the human race.

Mario Lopez To Host New Reality Show Called "H8R"

Mario Lopez To Host New Reality Show

Extra host Mario Lopez is set to host The CW's new upcoming reality show called "H8R" which pairs up people with celebrities they detest. Celebrities come face to face with their haters and they try to convince  them that they are not a bad person. Snooki and Kim Kardashian will be one of those celebrities. 

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