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Friday, January 29, 2016

Amina Buddafly Revealed She Is Pregnant Again During 'LHNY' Reunion Taping

Photo/ Instagram 

 Is Amina Pregnant Again?

So the season 6 'LHNY' reunion show taped yesterday and word on the street is that Amina Buddafly allegedly revealed that she was pregnant again with Peter's baby! According to reports she was already showing a visible baby bump during the reunion show . Mind you she recently had an abortion before finding Tara was pregnant. 

UPDATE:  All About The Tea exclusively reports that Amina is 3 months pregnant during the reunion show. Yandy and Rashidah also went at about who is the best manager. Remy MA performed 



Here is a tweet 


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Porsha Williams and Snooki Join The New 'Celebrity Apprentice' Cast

 'Celebrity Apprentice' Cast Revealed

The cast of the new 'Celebrity Apprentice' has been revealed
today for the 2016 season in-up. Actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will be replacing Donald Trump for the new season.  

Three reality stars have been confirmed to join the cast. RHOA star Porsha Williams becomes the third cast member to join the show. Nene Leakes and Kenya Moore have previously appeared on the. 'Jersey Shore' star Snooki is also joining the show as well as Kyle Richards from RHOBH. 

Snooki wrote on Insragram that she excited to the show.

 Full Cast

'Bad Girls Club' Season 15 Cast Films Reunion Show... Tweets and Pics

Photo/ Twitter

 Season 15 Cast Films Reunion Show

The 15th season of Bad Girls Club which is titled 'Twisted Sister' will air in March and it will four pairs of sisters entering the house. Yesterday, the cast filmed their reunion show for the season. I've collected some pics and tweets from the cast. One girl got dragged out the stage. 


VIDEO: Renee Graziano Says Another Network Might Pick Up 'Mob Wives'

Photo/ Youtube

 Will 'Mob Wives' Live On?

Mob Wives star Renee Graziano did a new interview with BigBoyTV
about the shows 6th season. She reveals that the show might go on at another network as VH1 decides to end the show's run. She also goes on to say that she does NOT like new cast member Brittany. She was also asked about Big Ang's battle with cancer. She tells them that the cancer has spread.

She also talks about her father and tells a story on how she found he was a mobster.

Full Video:


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Jackie Christie Confirms 'Basketball Wives: LA' Season 5 Is Now Filming

'BBWLA' Season 5 Now Filming

It looks like 'Basketball Wives: LA is back in production! Jackie Christie has confirmed on Instagram  today that she is now filming the 5th season of Basketball Wives: LA.  

She writes "#filming Bbwla5 babe"

No word yet on who else will be returning. Draya already made it clear that she is done with the show and Brandi has been rumored to be fired. 

Mehgan James has said in twitter she has not been invited to back to film the show yet

VH1 To Air Reruns Of 'Flavor Of Love', 'Rock Of Love' and ' I Love New York' On Valentines Day

Valentines Day 'Of Love' Marathon

Get read to set your DVRs and be all nostalgia. It has been reported that VH1 will be airing a marathon's of 'Flavor Of Love' 'I Love New York' and 'Rock Of Love' on Valentines Day weekened. Feb 12th will be 'Flavor Of Love, Feb 13th will be 'I Love New York' and Feb 14th will be 'Rock Of Love. 

Thew week before that VH1 will air a marathon of 'Love and Hip hop: Atlanta' and romantic- comedy movies.

Here are some clips from all three shows

SIP TEA: Teresa Giudice Allegedly Drugged Out While Filming 'RHONJ' Season 7

 Teresa Giudice All Drugged Out?

Just a month after Teressa Giudice was released from prison, she is now back in front of the cameras filming the 7th season of 'Real Housewives of New Jersey. But there has been rumors of her being all drugged out' during filming.
All About Tea exclusively reports that she is allegedly abusing prescription drugs to cope with her husband going to jail.  An insider told the website that all of her scenes make no sense as she is all 'drugged out' and can't follow directions.

"Teresa is doped to the point of incoherence. She is so stoned that can't follow directions from productions.

The producers are apparently not happy with her behavior


'LHNY' Star Mariah Lynn Drops New Music Video For "Money Gun"

Photo/ Youtube

Mariah Lynn's New Video

'LHNY' newcomer Mariah Lynn has dropped new newest music video for her single "Money Gun' which is the follow up to her first single "Once Upon A Time (I Was A Hoe). The music video was dropped last week on Youtube. We already seen her filming the video on the show last week.

Here is the video

Monday, January 25, 2016

Karen Gravano and Brittany Fogarty Slam Eachother On Twitter Over Drita

Karen vs Brittany

Right the 3rd episode of Mob Wives aired this past week Karen and new cast member Brittany got into on Brittany on twitter. Karen accuses Brittany of baing disloyal to her after she became friends with Drita on the latest episode.



Karen tweets

Brittany fired back at her calling her 'delusional'

Amina Buddafly Says She Might Be Leaving 'LHNY' After This Season

Amina Buddafly Leaving 'LHNY'?

It looks like Amina Buddafly might done with Lone and Hip Hop: NY after this season. She did a recent interview with VH1 to discuss about her abortion and the drama with her, Tara and Peter. She admits that the show is draining and is considering leaving which I think she should!

  "Actually, I have given thought to not return for another season because of, you know, the emotional drain that is happening, or that has happened… that is happening again. I thought about removing myself and not doing it again, but it’s like we’ve already done it, we already put everything out there." 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Weekly Recap: Mob Wives (Season 6)- Episode 03

Photo/ VH1
 Season 6
Mob Wives
Episode 03 RECAP 
Ashley Miller recaps on episode 03 of Mob Wives. Karen confronts Drita for calling her a 'phoney'. Brittany and Drita start bonding

Weekly Recap: Love and Hip Hop: NY (Season 6)- Episode 06

Photo/ VH1

 Season 6
Love and Hip Hop: NY
Episode 06 RECAP

Ashley Miller recaps on episode 06 of Love and Hip Hop: NY. Tara officially announces that she nearly 6 months pregnant.

Weekly Recap: Real Housewives Of Atlanta (Season 8)- Episode 11

Photo/ Bravo

 Season 8
 Real Housewives Of Atlanta
Episode 11 RECAP

Ashley Miller recaps on episode 11 of Real Housewives Of Atlanta. The women go to the million man march and Nene Leakes returns!


Friday, January 22, 2016

Mendeecees Harris Officially Starts His Eight Year Prison Sentence

Mendeecees Heads To Prison

'Love and Hip Hop: NY star Mendeeces has officially started his eight year prison sentence for his drug charge this week. According to reports
he checked himself in on Jan 19th in Pennsylvania and will the remainder of his time behind bars. He already served 15 months. Just recently Yandy recently threw her husband going away prison party.

She commented on Instagram recently about him heading to prison


Thursday, January 21, 2016

'K. Michelle: My Life (Season 2) OFFICIAL TRAILER

Photo/ Youtube

Season 2 Trailer

VH1 has released the official trailer for the 2nd season of 'K. Michelle: My Lie' which premieres next Monday right after Stevie J and Joseline's new show. This season we see K.Michelle in LA instead of New York working on her 3rd album. She is also looking for Caucasian man to be with. He gay assistant is also back with her. We will also get introduced K. Michelle childhood friends back in Tennessee. Joseline and Karlie Redd both make appearances yet again.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

' Stevie J and Joseline Go Hollywood' OFFICIAL TRAILER

Photo/ Youtube

 Stevie J and Joseline Go Hollywood

Stevie J and Joseline are finally back! VH1 has released the supertrailer for their upcoming spin-off show 'Stevie J and Joseline Go Hollywood which premieres next Monday. In the trailer below we K. Michelle and Mimi Faust making an appearance. We also get introduced to Stevie J's older kids,


Tara Wallace Reveals Her Baby Bump On Instgaram and Calls Out Haters

Tara Calls Out Haters After Announcing She Is Pregnant

If you saw this weeks episode of 'Love and Hip Hop: NY. Tara has confirmed that she is pregnant with Peter Gunz after rumors were reported that she allegedly pregnant.  Not only she announced on the show but she also posted a new photoshoot of  her baby bump  


“Making the decision to have a baby is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” – Elizabeth Stone #bunintheoven #BrandNewTara Photographer/Director Ricky Codio @rickycodio Creative Director/Make up Artist Jacen Bowman @ShadesOfJacen Make-up Assistant Ta'Neisha Nicole @mua_taneishanichole Hair Stylist Theo Barrett @tb_hairstylist Creative Assistant Julian Mears @leon_le_heart @myextensionz /promo TARA @looksbylunden

She also called out haters on twittera bout her pregnancy.

Draya Michele Confirms Break-Up With Orlando After Announcing She Is Pregnant

 Draya Breaks Up With Orlando... Again?

Did Draya 'break up' with Orlando again? After weeks of announcing she was nearly 6 months pregnant with her seconds child. She posted some tea recently claiming that she 'took back the ring ad called a 'fan' for saying he broken up with her after he questioned if he was the father on her unborn child. She denies it 


Monday, January 18, 2016

Joseline Hernandez Says She Did NOT Destroy Stevie J's Stuff

"I did NOT Destroy His Stuff' 

Joseline Hernandez is responding to reports last week that she went on a rampage and destroyed Stevie J's stuff in a jealous TMZ initially reported that she 'bleached' his belongs worth of $65k. In a video obtained by TMZ, she calls Stevie J a liar and she she did not destroyed his stuff

Here is the video


Weekly Recap: Mob Wives (Season 6)- Episode 01 and 02

Photo/ VH1

 Season 6
Mob Wives
Episode 01 and 02 RECAP

Ashley Miller recaps on the season 6 premiere of 'Mob Wives' We get introduced to new cast members Brittany and Marissa 


Weekly Recap: Love and Hip Hop: NY (Season 6)- Episode 05

Photo/ VH1
 Season 6
Love and Hip Hop: NY
Episode 05 RECAP
 Ashley Miller recaps on episode 05 of Love and Hip Hop: NY

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

VH1 Picks Up 'America's Next Top Model After CW Cancelled The Show

'ANTM' Is Heading To VH1

It looks like 'America's Next Top Model' WILL live on after The CW announced its cancellation back in October. NYDailyNews reports today that VH1  has picked up the show for new seasons. 

"Confidenti@l has learned that long-running reality show “America’s Next Top Model” — which the CW canceled after an astonishing 22 seasons — is heading to VH1.

It’s not yet clear whether supermodel Tyra Banks, who hosted the campy competition since it debuted in 2003, or any of the other cast members will return.

But insiders said the move may have been inspired by one of two things: either Banks’ exit from the show slashed the salary expenses enough for it to be viable with a new host; or the collapse of her follow-up show “FAB Life” means that she’s available to helm “Top Model” once again."

Farrah Abraham Responds To Nicki Minaj For Slamming Her On Twitter

Nicki vs Farrah

An unlikely feud sparked social media last week when Nicki Minaj went in at 'Teen Mom' star Farrah Abraham for her behavior on the show. 'Teen Mom' OG' premiered with a new season last week and Nicki Minaj has some things to say about her calling her a 'cunt' for the way she treats her mother on the show

Here are the tweets

Farrah has now involved her daughter in the social media feud.  She tells  US Weekly

"I’ve already had a consistent battle with Sophia [over the videos]. It’s inappropriate to imitate Nicki Minaj dance moves. Sophia wanted to meet Nicki Minaj to ask if her butt was real and how she can get a big butt. It's gotten out of control.”

Dutchess Fights Donna On Set Of 'Black Ink Crew' Season 4

 Dutchess And Donna Fight On Set

So last season of 'Black Ink Crew' Dutchess got into a brawl with Puma's wife Quani. It looks like in the upcoming 4th season of Ducthess she is going to fight Donna!. Dutchess claims on Insagram that she 'pulled her hair. Donna denies it


Here are the tweets

Twitter Drags Tila Tequila For Thinking The Earth Is Flat

Tila Tequila Thinks The Earth Is Flat

 Last week, reality star Tila Tequila became a trending topic on twitter for ranting about the Earth being FLAT


People on twitter began drag her for acting crazy again.. she also went on to say she 'died' in 2012

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