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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Laura wants to be back on Basketballwives La Season 2

Laura Wants to do Season 2 of Basketball Wives LA:

If there’s a season two, would you do it? Would your move to Orlando affect that?

Yeah, I would! For some people this is their job, this is their livelihood. For me, I’m a mother first, I don’t give a s— about nothing else. After that, everything else falls into place. So for me, this is fun, if I have the time to do it, of course I will. Who wouldn’t want to come to work and have their hair and makeup done by somebody? This is a blessing for me. As I’ve gone along the way, I appreciate everyone I’ve met, everyone that’s helped me, I mean, for other people to take the time out of their lives to make me look pretty or to help me, I’m thankful.

Mob Wives Drita Meets Jersey Shore Snooki

Everyone knows Jersey shore cast are fans of Mob Wives. Here is Drita with Snooki

Jackie Reveals her feelings about how they portrayed her

Jackie Reveals that she didnt like her portrayal:

Are you happy with how you’ve been portrayed? Because the final episodes are pretty harsh.

 Yeah. So far, I’m like, “Here I am again taking the hits for everybody else.” I tell my fans and my followers on Twitter, “Hang in there. Stay with it!” I mean, nobody would want to hear “She’s a bully. She’s a psychopath. She’s all these different things.” I know that I’m a very confident and strong person. I know who I am and what I’m representing. Names don’t really hurt me that much to where it’s going to change anything. But I would have preferred to been edited like Draya was.

Hoops Gives Shaq a Piggy Back Ride

The LOL Moment of the day....

Shay and Hoopz recently appeared The Jimmy Kimmel Show and Hoopz tries to give Shaq a piggy back ride. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Basketball Wives L.A Jackie New Interview with Jesse Lewis

Tight Rope The Show:Jackie and Chani Interview with Jesse Lewis IV from Delise Aubrey on Vimeo.

Love and Hip hop 2: A Word with Yandy

Drita talks Mob Wives Season 2

Photo's of Kimbella's Photo Shoot


Basketball Wives L.A: Gloria Reveals what they did after they broke up with Jackie

Gloria Tells VH1 What they did after they broke up with Jackie

In the final episode, what did you guys do after you all left the restaurant after meeting with Jackie?
We stood outside the restaurant for like ten minutes and were just kinda like “What in the hell?” in the parking lot. We were all confused and they obviously didn’t show everything, but we were like, this girl is crazy. She kept saying “Y’all need to be truthful! Y’all don’t even know what you’re talking about!” But we were like “We made a chart,” we showed up an hour early at the restaurant to make sure we were all on the same page, and when she came in, you know, we were like “Oh my God,” because honestly when we left Hawaii, we were afraid. We thought she was gonna pop out in the parking lot and attack. We were freaked out, seriously. It was to the point where we were asking for security. All of us were like, she’s crazy! And all she kept saying was “Y’all gonna be sorry, you don’t know who you’re messing with, y’all gonna be sorry,” and we were like, “This girl’s got like eight personalities.”

Basketball Wives L.A Malaysia's Most Shocking moment from the season

Malaysia revealed to Vh1  her most shocking thing from the season: Suprise Suprise....

What was the most shocking thing about this season for you?
I was surprised that Jackie’s not who I thought she was. Initially in the beginning I gravitated more to her because she was older and I like the older, more mature women. She was very accomplished, she told me she has five businesses and a very successful relationship with her husband which is amazing because in a relationship you can easily get together but it’s so hard to maintain it, putting two different attitudes from two different walks of life in one household and making it work is an accomplishment. So I felt like I can learn something from her and I kinda trusted her and spoke to her at least once a week over the phone, and she told me that I was like a little sister to her. Then I found out she was pimpin’ me and she told everybody the same story she was telling me and lying to me, that was the shocker. To actually watch it play out on TV and watch it play out that she wasn’t who she said she was…

Basketball Wives Season 4 Picture: Jennifer, Suzie, Kenya

This picture was taken at Jennifer's Lucid Cosmetics Event. There is the New cast member, but where are the other ladies?

VH1 gives Evelyn Lozada & Ochocino a Spin off

Evelyn and Chad Will Have A Spin Off

Reports all over the internet have confirmed that: VH1 has agreed to give her and Chad their own spin-off reality show afterwards. The show will document the couple’s lives in the months leading up to their marriage.

Mob Wives 2 Promo poster


T.I.& Tiny - The Family Hustle TRAILER

RIP Former VH1 Host Patrice O' neal

Back in october VH1 revealed that Patrice had suffered a stroke, today it is confirmed that he has passed away. He hosted many shows on VH1 "I love the 80's"

Love and Hip hop Season 2's Emily will Release a Clothing Line

Emil B. Reveals to her other projects:

You said that you were focusing more on your career during the season. What’s some stuff that we can look out for from you?
Right now, I am working on my clothing line, it’s entitled Emily B. It’s still in the works. It will be out Fall 2012 and you’ll get to see my journey with that as well. It’s been a long time since I’ve been working on this…for a long time. I wanted to do this for at least ten years. I went to school for fashion design and it’s not as easy as being a stylist. It’s something that I’ve been working on and I’m finally here. That’s my love right now. That’s my love life (Laughs)… and that’s my baby. I’m working on that. That’s my focus. You’ll get to see me styling up too. I styled New York Fashion Week’s: Samantha Black’s Fashion Show. So you’ll get to see me, Emily the Stylist and Emily the Designer, and not just Emily the Cry Baby!

Mob Wives Season 2 Promo

VH1 is starting the new year with a bang. Mob Wives will premiere on Jan. 1st, 2012. Will you be tuning in?

Monday, November 28, 2011

2011 VH1access Awards- Best VH1 Female Star Of 2011: The Winner is....

Best Female VH1 Star of 2011

Tami- (Basketball Wives) 60.0%

Congrats to Tami Roman of Basketball Wives. She won this years best female VH1 star. 

Basketball Wives 4 To Have Two Controversial New Cast Members

Season 4 To Have MORE Drama

TMA has announced that upcoming 4th season of "Basketball Wives" which is currently filming right now will have two new cast members on the show.  Kenya Bell (on the right) will be joining the cast as the new villain and word has it that she has gotten into few fights already with other women. She was also in the headlines early this year for allegedly stabbing her husband, Charlie Bell

Another chick that will joining the cast is Ni’cole Nichols. She was set to marry Richard Jefferson is 2009 but he bailed on the wedding. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Love and Hip Hop Miami: Trina Might be in it

Rapper Trina went on Power 105.1 to discuss about the rumors of a spin off of Love and Hip Hop in Miami.
She said she is not sure if she will be part of the show.

Sneak Peak Celebrity Rehab Revisited

Matt Barnes and Eva Longoria Hanging out again

Remember when we posted about Matt Barnes is dating Eva? Well take a look above, they are hanging out again. Matt Barnes denies the rumors. We will keep you updated

Baseball Wives Promo Photo

Baseball Wives Premieres Nov. 30th Who will be watching?

SHAQ Admits on Cheating with Shaunie O' Neal in his new book

Shaunie and Shaquille O'Neal

Here is an excerpt from SHAQ's book:

“At one time my ex-wife Shaunie and I were happy, but I admit it–I was a guy. I was a guy with too many options. Choosing to be with some of those women, well, that’s on me. In my mind, I never did it disrespectfully, but obviously I shouldn’t have done it all.”

Basketball Wives LA Reunion: Jackie Waits her turn to speak

Get More:

VH1 New Show "Mama Drama" In January 2012

VH1 is putting one of the most important human relationships under the microscope – the complex dynamics that develop between a mother and her young adult daughter. But these aren’t your run-of-the-mill mini-van driving soccer moms. They’re women who refuse to grow up and prefer to be their daughters’ best friends. They love to party, play and, in their own ways, even parent a little. Can their relationships survive intact? Not really! Will their diverse backgrounds and parenting styles clash? Hell, yeah! It all goes down 

Sunday, January 1, 2012 at 9:00 PM ET/PT on VH1’s “Mama Drama.
Press Release

Meet Baseball Wives Anna Benson

Get More: Baseball Wives

Meet Baseball Wives Ericka Williams

Get More: Baseball Wives

Watch Last nights Love and Hip Hop: Somaya's Showcase

Meet Baseball WIves Jordana Lenz

Get More: Baseball Wives

Meet Baseball Wives Chantal Kendall

Get More: Baseball Wives

Baseball Wives SUPERTrailer

Get More: Baseball Wives

Baseball Wives premieres November 30th.

Meet the Newest Cast Member of Mob Wives Ramona Rizzo

Newest Mob Wives cast member Ramona Rizzo. Mob Wives Returns Jan. 1, 2012

Olivia Reveals What Went down on Episode 2 of Love and Hip Hop

There is so much drama packed into an hour every week! Last night you commented that you knew Chrissy wasn’t just going to walk away right before she lunged for Kimbella, how did that all play out in reality?
It’s a lot of drama this season, and I try to stay out of it. I want people to know me for my music and my talent, but it’s hard to do that when you have so much going on with the other ladies. You guys didn’t really get to see the back and forth with Kimbella kinda taunting Chrissy and saying some other stuff that wasn’t shown, so that was already annoying Chrissy, and then the fact that she would bring up this news in front of all of us to Emily about Fab, that really hurt us, we felt bad for her. She’s trying to have this party to say she’s moving on from him and then you want to understand Kimbella and understand why she did it, she wants to get everything out in the open because she’s in front of all of us but there’s a time and a place for everything. You pull her to the side. Emily may not have wanted all of us to hear that, so Chrissy had a lot of stuff going on in her head and she just reacted.

Monday, November 21, 2011

VH1 To Air A Documentary of MTV's TRL

Honestly, I don't why VH1 is airing this documentary, since the show aired on MTV. Next month they will be airing a new episode of Roc Docs presents The TRL Decade. The special will air on December 15th , and it will have exclusive from past VJ's such as Lala Vasquez, Vanessa Minillo and Carson Daly. It was also interviews from musicians hat became famous from the show. 


"We grew up with MTV’s hit show Total Request Live, and we’re super-excited that the nostalgia-train is stopping at 1515 Broadway for a look back at this influential pop culture goldmine that was such a huge part of our day…back in the day. VH1′s Rock Docs franchise will be showing a glimpse at the behind-the-scenes world of TRL in the hour-long documentary The TRL Decade, which premieres on VH1 Thursday, December 15, 2011 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Carson Daly, La La Anthony, Damien Fahey and the rest of the gang are back together at last to discuss the heyday when music took over the crossroads of the world in Times Square."

DMX and His Estranged Wife To Appear On "Relationship Rehab" With Dr. Drew

Relationship Rehab Here We Come!

Rapper DMX and his estranged wife Tashera Simmons have agreed to appear on "Relationship Rehab" with Dr. Drew according to TMZ. The the show will be spin off of "Celebrity Rehab" , and it will begin filming in December. The show will have celebrities dealing with their marriage troubles. 

RuPaul Drag Race 4 Promo Video

Here is a promo video of the 4th season RuPaul Drag Drag Race in which will be premiered in January. VH1 will most likely air this show on Tuesdays again. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Love and Hip Hop Sneak Peak Olivia and Maino Go on a Date

Glass Banned From Love and Hip Hop Season 2 Set

TMz Is reporting all glass was banned from the set of the show. Why you may ask? Because Producers are sick of the injuries which some had to get stitches. Wait, there is more to the story, the cast member now have body guards even when they are alone.

Mob Wives Season 2 Debuts Jan 1, 2012 + Mob Wives Chicago Spring 2012

The second season of “Mob Wives” picks up where the first left off – with each cast member dealing with major personal life issues. The rift between Karen and Drita is far from over – will they ever be able to ‘bury the hatchet’? Renee goes under the knife for major plastic surgery that may have some unexpected consequences, while also contemplating her future with her ex-husband Junior. Drita is considering her options when it comes to leaving her husband Lee – while Carla’s relationship with her estranged husband Joe may take an unexpected twist. And, of course, everyone wants to know what’s in Karen’s soon-to-be-released book – the one she moved back to New York to write! The franchise expands as VH1 announced the pickup of “Mob Wives: Chicago.” A spin-off from the original east coast-based series,”Mob Wives: Chicago” will introduce a new cast of women suffering the stronzi and agita of their Mafiosi connections. The series will air in Spring 2012.

How Emily B. Got Over Fabulous

Here's an excerpt from an Interview with Emily B. from Love and Hip Hop
Emily on getting over Fab: I just focused on my clothing line. And that’s my man [laughs]. You know, that’s my baby. And I put all my energy into that. And really, just having a goal, or maybe a hobby, or just focusing on something else, really helped me. My clothing line is definitely something that keeps me busy, and it keeps my thoughts on that. Because [healing] is definitely a long process, and it takes a lot of work. And if your mind ain’t right, there’s no way in the world that you can accomplish something like that. So, I had to get my mind right.

Steve Ward Anwsers Questions Part 7

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Live Twitter Chat With Somaya Reece

Here is ur twitter Chat with Love and Hip Hop cast member Somaya Reece:

 Hi Somaya Are you excited for tonight
Somaya: YES and nervous!!! lol How does this work??? haha

 Ever since the fight with Chrissy, any hint there will be a friendship?
Somaya: I def made a good effort to build with Chrissy! To build in general and have a cool head :)

 Its hard to make it in the music industry What advice can you give everyone who is tryin to make it?

Somaya: You have to practice your craft DAILY! You will fall a million times but it's how fast you get up that counts #loveandhiphop

 Which artist are your inspiration? 

Somaya:Celia Cruz, Missy, and the WORLD!

 What Would you like to the haters?

Somaya:  #B*tchimFUEGO haha  
Has Jim Jones Considered doing a Collabo ever since season 1?
Somaya: No but I am open to it #loveandhiphop

 Do you think maurice may be the problem and not your music?


 Now that you have ties with Yandy Super manager Do you thik we will see some managing between the two?
Somaya: YESSSS I hope :) what do you think Yandy?? hehe Wait and see.

Why Did You leave LA For NYC?

I never "left L.A" I own a home there. I came to NYC to work on my Latin records.

VH1acces Interviews: Basketball Wives L.A Imani Showalter


Our Exclusive Interview with Imani from Basketball Wives L.A. Take time to read it, because there is alot of important things she says. Especially the editing of the whole show. You Can Follow her on Twitter Here: @IamMelissaImani

As we all know you agreed to join the cast of this year's most talked about VH1 Show "Basketball Wives L.A." How did you sign on?

I was originally approached by Gloria and my initial thought was HELL to the NO!!! About 3 months later I was contacted by the VH1 and they gave me an overview of how they wanted this version of BBW to be and the direction they wanted to move in (totally different than Miami, a more positive show without all the fighting and drink throwing), and so after that meeting I agreed.

Before Filming, What were your thoughts, Were you Like "OMG I’m putting my life out there"?

Before we started filming I was very nervous about how this would be received by my loved ones. I have always been a VERY private person and I like my anonymity, however, I thought this would be a great opportunity to show the other side of being a BBW. We are mothers taking care of our families, supportive friends, faithful partners, and stable positive people. Not all BBW were “groupies” that got lucky, which is a common misconception I hear over and over. I met Stephen in the Lincoln Tunnel (in a car so I didn't even know he was tall Hahira) not in a club, and I was working holding it down for myself with a VERY well-paying job on Wall Street.... Just FYI ;-)

Coming into group girls, did you know any of the other cast beforehand?

I’d known Gloria for about a year and was introduced to her sister Laura maybe about 6 months before we started filming. Kimsha (whom I adore) and I met while we both lived Indiana a few years prior when our guys were both playing for the Pacers. The other girls I met on the first day of shooting.

At the Beginning the controversy was between You & Draya, Why did you call her Worthless?

That was a very emotional and impulsive action on my part. Prior to us going into the passion party (completely off camera and in the hotel lobby), it was bought to all of our attention by Jackie, about Draya’s arrest and what the charges were. At the time, Casey Anthony was a huge topic in the news for “neglecting” her child as well, and we all know how that ended. We all were disturbed by the report that Jackie showed us and once we got into the room and stated filming it was still fresh on my mind. So when the box of adjectives was passed around for me to pick from, I looked on top and that was one of the first words I saw, and out of emotion and in the heat of the moment I just picked it and put it in Drayas box. I regretted it instantly and wanted to change it but by that time the game had started. I immediately apologized to her; off camera and on, we spoke about it cleared the air and was actually super cool from that day on.

How did it feel to date again after so long?

It was VERY awkward! I never really dated in my life. I’ve had 2 extremely log relationships (both for about 9yrs apiece) so I have never really been single since I was a teenager. Kyle was so nice and so warm (not to mention sexy as hell LOL) that he immediately made me feel comfortable and took the edge off.

What advice can you give to women about dating after a hard relationship?

My advice would be to take the time to completely heal and make yourself whole again before you bring someone else into your life. I’ve had a lot of people tell me the “the best way to get over a man, is under a NEW man” but to me that was never an option. I think that is why I’ve had such long term relationships in the past because I came into them whole, instead of looking for someone to “complete” me and jumping right back into any kind of relationship. Just take the time and wait on what you want instead of just picking up whatever stragglers happen to be there at the moment.

VH1 has a history of editing stuff and twisting things, in your opinion how you’re like the way they are portraying you?

I was extremely disappointed with the way I was portrayed. I feel as though I was portrayed as judgmental and mean, which is the farthest thing from who I am. I made statements and stood up for what I believe in, but I also was a very supportive friend to all the ladies, and tried to help them in any way I could. I do however understand that it is Reality TV and they need the drama to sell and to keep people interested and tuned in. During the first 5 or so episodes they kept making the show about us talking about Draya as if that was all we did, when honestly that was not how it was at all. If we tape a scene for 3 hours and talk about everything under the sun and Drayas name came up for all of 2 minutes and that’s the 2 minutes that VH1 wants to show for that scene, there is nothing we can do about it, that’s all in the editing. To me they painted the show to make Draya Little Bo Peep and all the other girls as the Big Bad Wolves, and it was sooooooo not like that in real life. Also there was a lot of HUGE and EXPLOSIVE issues that came out during taping between 2 of the ladies that the viewer’s don’t know about or have a chance to see, which added to some of the hostility between the group. All in all its entertainment disguised as reality :-)

Do you watch the show along with viewers?

Yes! I thought we would be able to see the show beforehand but, nope! Every Monday I am on the edge of me seat waiting to see what happens ha-ha, because even though I was there, you just never know how they editing is going to cut it up. Plus it’s fun to see the other scenes that I wasn’t a part of and watch what was going on with the other ladies. Also I like to see what everyone said in their interviews, because babyyyyy you hear what they really think of you when they are in that room alone speaking freely!

The comments about the show are very harsh considering that Basketball Wives Miami has had 3 seasons, what is your take on that?

I feel that it is kind of unfair to compare the two. It’s our first season, no one knows us yet and they’ve already kind of formed “relationships” with the Miami ladies and are familiar with them. Change is hard for most people so I guess it will take time to win them over ;-). As far as how we look compared to the other show, all I will say is that if you look at any show in the first season, from BBW, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Keeping up with the Kardashians, they ALLLLLL looked rough! Ha! I was home on a Saturday and caught the first season of RHOA and the Kardashians and I was like damn!!!! LOLOL. I think once we get in a grove, know what kind of looks work for us, proper makeup, stylist etc. like all the other girls on reality TV that have made it past the first season, we will be fine. I actually like the fact that we look normal. 2 ladies had babies less than a year before filming, and I myself was on medication for my Lupus that made me gain weight and swell up before we started filming. We HAD weight issues then, but so does half of the women in America! I thought that would make us relatable not ridiculed. *shrug* oh well

During one of the parties you were very emotional, was actually going on?

I blame it on the Patron!!! Patron makes me very inappropriate! Usually it makes me hyper sexual and flirty or mean and ready to fight LOLOL!!! Well, I don’t know if it was because of the wedding and the emotions that come with that or the fact that I had PMS, but for some reason after that one round of shots I leaned in and was talking to Jackie and became super sad and started to cry!?!?!?! And I’m not a crier!!!!! I kind of shocked myself hahaha! Didn’t realize I still had tears left!

What viewers didn’t know that you were a singer before, tell us a little about that.

I was in a girl group for all of 8 months hahaha I was working at Solomon Smith Barney at the time and was in a group with 2 other girls on the side. My really good friend Shakir Stewart shopped a deal for us with LA Reid and before the group took off I met Stephen and we were engaged and traded to San Antonio so I left NYC. He actually was VERY against me continuing on with the group at that time because, as he would say “we only need one star in our family” LOL so I backed out and devoted myself to taking care of him and our children.

The viewer’s kept saying that you all were bullying draya, do you agree, or disagree?

As a viewer I agree, but as someone that was in a lot of the scenes for the full 2-4 hour duration, I strongly disagree! There were a lot of things that transpired that the viewers have no clue about because ALOT of important details were edited out. I can only speak for myself, but I will say that after the first week of taping with her (and after we spoke about the passion party drama) I had absolutely no ill will towards Draya... We actually were VERY cool!!! But I guess that doesn't make for good TV ha-ha. I’ve hung out with her and actually spent a lot of time talking to her on a personal level (off camera). I never see a reason to bully anyone. That’s not what I’m about AT ALL

If you could choose an episode to relive for a day which one would it is?

It’s not an episode so much as it is a time! During our time in Hawaii there was a point when all the drama and people creating it was gone and we all just let loose! We laughed about everything forgave cleared the air and bonded so much in that last 2 days on the island. I wish you guys could have seen it all! Even the producers and productions staff felt relief and joined in on the festivities, it was like we’d all become a family at that moment (maybe a slightly dysfunctional family LOL but a family none the less :-))

What really happened in Hawaii, It seems that you were very close to Laura, until she started talking about everyone.

In Hawaii a lot of things came to light. We all realized that all the animosity and anger that we had towards one another was something that was created by Jackie to get us to all turn on each other. I and Laura were extremely close, closer than even what was shown on the show. She was at my house everyday with the kids and I even bonded with her mom so to hear that she had all this hate towards me was very disturbing and confusing. So once I found out that Jackie had just made all of those things up to break up our friendship I felt so much anger towards her (Jackie). I’ve never met someone that would purposefully go out of her way to hurt other people and damage relationships like she did, not only with me and Laura, but with all the girls, the production, and even other basketball wives not even on this show. It is all very sad....

Did the person ever come clear on who said what?

Basically it all came back to Jackie Christie. The things she had told me Laura had said, was actually what SHE had said to Laura. She used this tactic with all of us and no one knew because we didn’t really speak to each other on a regular basis except for Jackie, who made sure to call each of us every day for hours individually and make us feel like she was the only real friend we could count on and that she had our back. In hind sight it sound really stupid, but at the time with the pressure of filming 5-8 hours a day with girls you think hate you, it made perfect sense.

Is Jackie Really Crazy?


How do you stay so calm around all the fights?

I was told a long time ago to “Never argue with fools, because people watching from a distance won’t be able to tell who is who” so I always keep this in the back of my mind. Plus there were never any indiscretions that were that important to me to get belligerent. However if you affect my children, my life style, my freedom, my sanity etc. then I will fight to the death!!! Anything other than that is irrelevant, not that serious, and definitely not worth me embarrassing myself, my family, my loved ones on national TV. I’m to strong minded for that weak shit.

Overall how you think the show defined what "Basketball Wives" Are?

I don’t know if they actually defined what a Basketball Wife is. Everyone is different. I know some wives that are just as crazy and ghetto as they come, and I know some wives that are calm Christian peace makers that wouldn’t hurt a fly. It’s the same kind of diversity that you find in any group. Basketball Wives, Post office Wives, Police Officer wives, Mob wives etc. Women are all different and can never be defined by the actions of another!

What can we expect from the reunion?

The reunion went well! A lot of things came out on that show... ALOT!!! I hope they air it all so you guy can get a REAL feel of how things were/are. I think we all showed who we REALLY are at the reunion. Some came out redeemed, others were exposed for the nut bag they are... You just have to watch.

If Season 2 is go, will you join on again?

At first I couldn’t wait for it to be over but once we wrapped I was really surprised at how much I missed every one of the girls and even the production team. We spent a lot of time together and had some amazing experiences! I am one of those people that don’t really dwell on the negative, so even through all the drama I choose to reflect on the positive fun times we had and the friendships I’ve made and cherish at this point. I have my reservations, however I would consider a Season 2 if it were to happen.

Any closing words, contact, so the fans can reach you?

I just want to thank those that stuck it out with us and gave us a chance. The people that love us and those that love to hate us LOL it’s all good. I hope everyone was able to gain something from the show. I learned a lot about myself and the show actually helped me to grow as a person. I am looking forward to touching more people with my book, and my community outreach efforts. Thanks so much for this opportunity to show a side of Imani :-)

VH1 Girls Promo "Hell On Heels"

Get More: Mob Wives

Here is a promo video featuring the girls from Love and Hip Hop and Mob Wives.

Malaysia Launches Jewelry Line


Malaysia From Basketball Wives L.A Launches Jewelry Line: 

Love and Hip Hop Somaya Reece on VH1's Big Morning Buzz

Yandy & Kimbella Talk Love and Hip Hop on Breakfast Club

Yandy and Kimbella who are the the newest editiosn to "Love and Hip Hop" appeared at the Breakfast Club to talk about the fight between Kimbella and Chrissy.

What Chilli Want's Tionna Smalls Love and Hip Hop Premiere Party

Check out "What Chilli Wants" matchmaker Tionna Smalls at the Love and Hip Hop2  premiere party.

Mob Wives Season 1 Uncensored now on DVD

Mob Wives - Season 1: Uncensored
Order this title from

More Details about VH1's New Series Excused

VH1access Awards 2011: Best VH1 Male Star Of 2011

Justin (Ton Of Cash)- 75.8%

Congrats to Justin from Ton Of Cash. He won VH1access's Best VH1 Male star of 2011.

Tomorrow nominees for Best VH1 Female star of 2011 will be posted

Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Promo Picture T.I & Tiny, and Their Minimees

Here is a new promo picture for T.I and Tiny: The Family Hustle. The show will premiere December 5th

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Basketball Wives Earrings For Sale?

Who Wants to Buy?

VH1 Star Pics: Love and Hip Hop 2 Private Screening

The Cast of Love and Hip hop 2 Hosted a private screening for the Show. 

Love and Hip Hop Season 2 Premiere Party with Chrissy

Video: Love and Hip Hop 2: Kimbella

Video: Love and Hip Hop 2: Yandy Smith

Sneak Peak LOVE AND HIP HOP Season 2

Check out the sneak of Love and Hip 2. airs this Monday.

Basketball Wives LA Finale Sneak Peak

Basketball Wives L.A season 1 is coming to an end. Check put the finale sneak peek.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Evelyn Lozada Has a New Lipstick Line


Evelyn Lozada from Basketball Wives has launched a lipsick line. Visit the website.

T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle To Premiere December 5, 2011



New Series Premiering Monday, December 5th at 9PM* on VH1

Video: Love and Hip hop 2: Somaya Reece

Video: Love and Hip hop 2: Emily B

Tough Love Gets a Season 4 + The Wards get Real

Tough Love TV Logo

Tough love Renewed for Season 4:

VH1’s love guru and Master Matchmakers® Steve and JoAnn Ward will give viewers another dose of “Tough Love” as the series is renewed for a fourth season. An all-new group of single women will learn to shed their bad dating habits to find Mr. Right in 2012. Additionally, VH1 will air the one-hour docu-special “Tough Love: The Wards Get Real” on Sunday, November 13 at 8 PM ET/PT

Video: Love and Hip hop 2: Chrissy lampkin

Secret of aspen's Laura is Pregnant by Mel Gibson

Not sure if anyone even remembers Secrets of Aspen, but there are rumors this cast member is pregnant by Mel Gibson:
 Radar Online reports that Bellizzi is pregnant as a result of a brief romance she had with Mel Gibson.

Love and Hip Hop 2: Chrissy's Truck Got Hit By a NYC Bus

Love and Hip Hop's Chrissy Lampkin was in a minor Accident a NYC bus hit her truck. Dont worry fans shes okay. 

she Tweeted: 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Behind Scenes of Somaya Reece Music video

Check out the behind scenes of Somaya Reece's new music video.

Love and Hip Hop 2 Olivia's Interview

Love and Hip Hop 2 premieres this Monday.Check out the exclusive interview with Olivia and she discusses about the new season.

Necole Bitchie Interviews Basketballwives LA Laura Govan

Laura Govan dishes the to Necole Bitchie about the show.

Why am I Still Single's Siggy Flicker on VH1 Morning Buzz

VH1 Blog

Why I'm Still single matchmaker Siggy Flicker appeared on VH1's Good Morning Buzz.

2011 VH1access Awards- Best VH1 Male Star Of 2011- VOTE

This week you will vote for "Best VH1 Male Reality Star of 2011"  This years nominees we have a doctor, a matchmaker, an athlete and three contestants from a VH1 game show.

BEST VH1 Male Star Of 2011- The Nominees

Dr Drew (Celebrity Rehab 4)

Rusty (Ton Of Cash)

Justin (Ton Of Cash)

Chuck (Ton Of Cash)

Steve (Tough Love: Miami)

Terrell Owens (The T.O Show 3)


Results will be posted this Sunday

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