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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fantasia Announces Her Pregnancy

Fantasia Barrino has officially announced that she is indeed PREGNANT. Last month, pictures were surfaced of her and Antwuan at the beach. People were speculating that she was pregnant. well, I guess she is.

For a while I walked around figuring out what will they say and what will they think about me. But now I tell you I don't live my life for folk.

THIS CHILD THAT I AM CARRYING...God has given me this child. And I don't have to hide it from NONE of y'all. 


Saaphyri's Thoughts On The Death Of Amy Winhouse

Saaphyri talks about the death of Amy Winehouse and she also talks about what she has been up to.

New York Has A Reunion Moment With Real and Chance At The EZ Show

New York reunites with Real and Chance at a private party.  They seem like there still good friends.

Sapparyi was also there. She says that New York is an icon

Check out more videos Here

New York On The Set With Cali Swag District

On the set today with @CaliSwagDstrct@tiffanypollard an on the Cali swagg shoot

Here are two new pics of  New York on the set with rapper group Cali Swag District.  She also recently did a radio show for Hot Talk L.A

This Week In VH1 Twitpics | 7/24-7/31

This week in Vh1 Twitpics, we have Chanita Foster from "Football Wives" at the National Black Theater festival, Flavor Of Love's Sinceer at a restaurant , Ashley/Farrah acting wild in the limo. Serious from "Flavor Of Love with her cousin.

Interviews at National Black Theater Festival! Having a Ball!



Poll Results: Do You Like VH1's New Show "Famous Food" | NO 60%/YES 39%

Poll Results:

Did You Like VH1's New Show "Famous Food"?

NO- 60%
YES- 39%

Weeks ago VH1's newest show "Famous Food" which is produced by 51 minds premiered on VH1. I created a poll to see what if you guys enjoyed it. Most you guys thought that the show was pretty boring. 60% voted no, while only 39% voted yes.

Basketball Wives 3 and Single Ladies- Episode Recaps

Basketball Wives 3- Episode 8 Recap

Summary Of Episode 8
The ladies' trip to Italy explodes as Tami's feud with Meeka reaches the boiling point, and Meeka  calls it quits over the drama. What will happen on the next episode? Also Evelyn and Jennifer make up after the whole interview drama.

Single Ladies- Episode 8 Recap

Summary Of Episode 8
Another magical night with Jerry leaves Val wondering if he might be "the one." Keisha uncovers more of Malcolm's complicated past. April's efforts to get Reed's new track on the radio yield surprising results. Christina is baffled by her new boyfriend's hot-and-cold act.

Celebrity Rehab 5 and Famous Food - Episodes Recaps

Celebrity Rehab 5- Episode 5 Recap

Summary Of Episode 5
Bai Ling becomes hysterical during an emotional process group, and later Dr. Drew discovers that she suffered horrible abuse at the hands of Chinese military generals when she was very young. Michael Lohan's ex fiancée Kate Major calls the unit repeatedly while under the influence, and although it's clearly disrupting his treatment, Michael insists that Kate attend Family Weekend and almost abandons his treatment when the staff puts a condition on her attendance. The patients pay an emotional visit to a non-profit organization that provides treatment and hope to addicts who would otherwise be forgotten.

Famous Food- Episode 4 Recap

Summary Of Episode 4
After Ashley's big fight with DJ Paul the cast is left wondering if she'll ever return, and the problems don't stop there. When the interior Designer Scott drops a bomb on the team they are left asking if he's the right man for the job. And when Jake and Danielle butt heads on the menu, things really start to heat up in the kitchen.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Brandy Says She Is Done With Reality TV

Well It looks like Brandy is getting serious about her comeback, of sorts. She is done with reality television for the time being citing she's not "wild enough" for it. Let's hope the energy she placed in her television career can now produce some great tracks for her upcoming album.

Brandy was on two season of Brandy and ray-J: Family A Business and made cameos of For The Love Of Ray-J

Lil Hood Talks About Her Career

Lil Hood did  a new video for Place Productions and she talks about  her career as a model, singer and actress. She talks about what she done so far in her career from singing , doing a film called "Never Back Down", For The Love Of Ray-J and Stoner Chicks.

Chance releases new song called " Anythang"

As known as The Stallionaires. Chance releases a dance remix to a song called "Anythang" What do you think?

Frank The Entertainer's Jenny Jones Does A Song With Her Brother

Jenny Jones from Frank The Entertainer.. A Basement Affair recently did a song with her brother Mike Jones.  It's called "Baller Tonight" She says it was just for fun. 

Dr. Drew Says Amy Wineheouse Called Him To Seek Possible Treatment Shortly Before Her death

Could Dr. Drew Have Helped Her?

Dr Drew has revealed that the late Amy Winehouse called him to seek possible treatment shortly before her death. Unfortunately, her calls was never received due to his busy schedule. 

Dr. Drew has also stated that he does not believe she died of alcohol withdrawals.

"It's not what she died of, I can virtually guarantee you but it's an interesting reminder to all of us that alcohol is the only drug from which the withdrawal is commonly fatal," he explains. "You go down in a ball of fire. You get really really sick and you cease and you become encephalopathic and confused and your heart becomes erratic and it's not like you just drop dead like her parents are suggesting.

Experts think Amy Winehouse might died from having a seizure by quitting drinking cold turkey. 

Single Ladies "Daryll" Has a Rap Video

Daryll from from "Single Ladies" has releases a rap video called "Stimulation"

Mob Wives Renee Graziano & Family

Here is a new pic Mob Wives star Renee with her son and ex- husband, Junior. Happy Family

Sneak Peak LaLa's Full Court Life

Here is a sneak of  "Lala's Full Court Life" The show will air Aug 22nd.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

If Meeka Stays Tami is Out Season 4

Tami Roman  did an interview with TT Torrez. She says if Meeka returns for season 4 of "Basketball Wives she will won't return. 

So much drama.

Behind-The-Scenes Single Ladies Text: Omar Does The Beach While Val Does Jerry

Heather of Ocho Cinco Show shooting for King Magazine

Halie in king Magazine

Here is a new pic of Heather from Ochocinco : The Ultimate Catch shooting a new photoshoot for King magazine. 

'Basketball Wives: LA' Star Jackie Christie Gives Kim Kardashian Advice on Kim Marrying an NBA Player


Kim Kardashian is set to marry a basketball player herself. She's engaged Kris Humphries of the New Jersey Nets. Do you have any advice for her about being a basketball wife?
I think Kim pretty much has it under control. The one thing I would tell Kim is to support her man 1000%. Kim should put him first and make sure that whatever his needs are, she meets them. But she should be totally fine. She’s a pretty girl, she’s really smart, and she seems like she really loves Kris.

Basketball Wives L.A Details

This 10 episode, hour-long series will dive into the real-life locker room of these leading ladies, giving viewers a never-before-seen look at what it takes to live in La La Land and be connected to a famous professional athlete.

 For the most part, these women live the life with the best cars, biggest mansions and hottest bling but living the high life is not all glamour and often there is a price to pay. Cameras will follow these women as they attempt to juggle their relationships, infidelity issues, children and friendships while trying to find the perfect balance between supporting their families and realizing their own career ambitions. "Basketball Wives LA" brings a full court press to VH1 on Monday, August 29 at 8PM ET/PT.

Lisa Raye Talks Single Ladies & Her on Screen Man D.B Woodside

TUD: Congratulations on the success of Single Ladies! Why do you think the show has resonated with the female audience?
LisaRaye: I think it’s because it’s something new and fresh. There’s nothing else like this on TV right now—it’s not a white show, it’s not a black show. It’s very universal, it’s showing all age groups, and different ethnicities. It’s very sexy and bold. We’re talking about current issues that everyone can relate to.

You and D.B. Woodside have some steamy on screen chemistry. What’s it like working with him?
It’s very easy. When it comes to our scenes, there’s just a flow to it. Also, D.B. is easy on the eyes, I have no complaints (laughs). Let’s just say I’m living vicariously through Keisha and that’s my final answer!

Behind the Music Sneak Peak Enrique iglesias

Here is a sneak peek of Behind The Music: Enrique Igleasis

Royce Talks This Mondays Episode with Bossip

Royce Reed chats with Bossip about the next episode of "Basketball Wives"

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Behind-The-Scenes Single Ladies Text: Jerry And Malcom Have Some Fun

Watch Single Ladies Every Monday on VH1 9pm EST

Meeka Responds to The Tami lawsuit

Meeka Claxton from Basketball Wives

Can you talk about the lawsuit you’re bringing against Tami?
Meeka: It’s pretty much just to let her know there are consequences to actions. And that’s pretty much it.

You’re going to go full steam ahead with it?
Yeah, absolutely.

What if Tami apologizes at the reunion, how will you feel?
I don’t foresee an apology from Tami because this isn’t the first time she’s hit someone on camera. She thinks violence is cool and I’m not with that at all. It’s not something I’m teaching my girls.
Tami on the other hand, doesn’t see their fight as lawsuit material. When we spoke, she acknowledged their altercation, but reasoned that this sort of thing happens, and shouldn’t be a matter of the law.

Tami Repsonds to Meeka's Lawsuit

Meeka is planning to sue you, how do you feel about that situation?

Tami: I wasn’t aware of the lawsuit. I found out about it from my publicist and apparently it ended up on a lot of social media websites and stuff, so for me, I was a little taken aback because it was absurd. The fact that she has a lawsuit threw me for a loop because it’s like, we had an altercation. Period, point blank. People have those all the time. It was a situation where we were in a club environment and all I see is somebody, you know, raising up against me, and it’s like, I have a right to defend myself. So I’m just wondering where she gets that she has a lawsuit when it was a clear defense mechanism and it was just an altercation that happened. It happens all the time, you know?


Real Chance of Love 2 Junk in Stuntin' Magazine


Junk may be pushed away but VH1, But not by magazines. Just look at her, who wouldn't want to put her in a magazine. Here are some more pictures inside that will  make you drewl.

Watch th Tami Vs. Meeka Fight Again.... And AGAIN

Real Chance of Loves Rabbit has a Webshow

Real Chance O Love's Rabbit has a new web show out called "The Jessica Rich Show"

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Behind the Music Sneak Peak Adam Lambert

tune in August 7th

"Basketball Wives 3" Reunion Spoilers ... BIG FIGHT!

Reunion Spoilers

So yesterday The "Basketball Wives 3" reunion show was filmed. I got some dirt on what happens on the reunion show that will air soon.  Shaunie and Royce had some words for each other and they get into it. Meeka also gets her ass whooped .. AGAIN.

Someone who attended the reunion show tweeted this

” Just got back from Basketball Wives Reunion. Lmao maaannn all I gotta say is poor Meeka. “ That is all we can say for right now you have to wait until the Reunion show to see what and how it went down. Can’t wait!!! 

Meeka Talks About The Fight On "The Breakfast Club" Power 105.1

So last night, we Meeka getting her but whooped by Tami. This morning, Meeka was a guest on "The Breakfast Club" Power 105.1. She talks about the fight.

Famous Food's Jake Pavelka Will Join Erica Rose On "Bachelor Pad 2"

We will see more of Jake

We will see more of The Bachelor's Jake Pavelka on out television screens. He is already on VH1's "Famous Food" and he is also going to be one of the contestants on ABC's "The Bachelor Pad 2" joining "You're Cut Off's Erica Rose which will air in August. 

"Bachelor Pad 2 is going to be great. Make sure you watch to see everything that happens. I promise I wont let you down."

I wasn't really into the 1st season of the show but I will tune in to see the 2nd season since Erica Rose will be in it and Jake/Vianna. I heard their feud continues on the show. I might recap on the show. 

Hot Wings To Launch A T-Shirt Line


Hot Wings To Launch T-Shirt Line

Hot Wings (Real Chance OF Love 2) will be launching a T-Shirt line. She announced it on Twitter. She is thinking about launching  lesbian T-Shirts. She tweeted this picture, What do you think?

Sneak Peek Pics: Evelyn At The Basketball Wives 3 Reunion Show



Evelyn tweeted pics of herself at the Basketball Wives 3 Reunion show which was filmed yesterday and will be airing. She wore blue shows and this outfit. 

T.O Show Season 3 Promo Pictures

Terrell, Monique and Kita take over Miami in Season 3Monique on the T.O. Show in Miami
Terrell Owens on The T.O. Show Season 3Terrell, Monique and Kita take over Miami in Season 3
Kita on The T.O. Show Season 3

T.O Show Season 3 Airs August 22nd. only on VH1.

Spencer Pratt: I Would Have Brought Drama To Famous Food

Spencer says, “I wish I hadn’t been banned — I could have brought a new level of drama to the show!”

Monday, July 25, 2011

Meeka Sues Tami

TMZ is reporting that Meeka filed a lawsuit that stated that Tami “assaulted, battered, beat, threatened, menaced, attacked, jumped on, pushed to the ground, thrashed, punched, and shoved” her

Sunday, July 24, 2011

You're Cut Off's Courtnee Mason Interviews Jennifer Williams

Courtnee Mason from You're Cut Off had the chance to interview Jennifer Williams from Basketball Wives at the Miss Black NC USS 2011. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Famous Food- Episode 3 Recap

Famous Food- Episode 3 Recap

"Famous Food: now airs on Wednesdays at 8:PM. Episode 3 just aired this past Wednesday.

Summary Of Episode 3
The team must find a Chef but tensions rise when Heidi steps on Danielle's toes. When Danielle's chef makes Heidi sick, the war is on. Who's chef will prevail getting the recognition from Mike and Lonnie and one step closer to being a partner? Meanwhile Ashley makes a decision that sends one of the cast members through the roof and Ashley out the door.

Poprah Shooting New Reality Show

Poprah Shooting Scenes For New Reality Show

"I Want To Work For Diddy" star is shooting some scenes for her reality show that has been working on. Possibly "Big Girls Club" She is also casting girls for a matchmaking show.

"So much fun shooting reality show scenes yesterday -did I say I LOVE REALITY TV? well, I LOVE REALITY TV bestgenreever"

Visit her Twitter page

Friday, July 22, 2011

Rapper and "Surreal Life" Contestant Vanilla Ice Says Justin Bieber Will be Forgotten

Rapper and "The Surreal Life" contestant Vanilla Ice doesn't think Justin Bieber will last that long int he music industry because usually child idols don't really do last that last long expect for like Justin Timberlake or Usher. But I find it ironic that he would say that since he has been forgotten... just saying.

 "My prediction about Bieber is that he's going to go through one of those weekends that lasts a few years because he's had such success as a child act. Then something else new will come along and he'll be forgotten and he can try and put all the pieces back together, so it's going to be entertaining to watch."

You're Cut Off's Erica Rose Does An Interview With "The Media Fanatik"

You're Cut Off's Erica Rose did a new interview with The Media Fanatik. She talks about being on "The Bachelor" and "You're Cut Off". She also talks about being on the 2nd season of ""The Bachelor Pad" which will premiere in August. She also talks about Casey Anthony.

1. Where are you from and What was your childhood like?
I'm from Houston, Texas.  I had a very happy childhood and grew up with very loving parents and my brother, Ben who is two years younger than me and my best friend.  Our parents raised us like twins and there was nothing that we wanted and could not have.  We were always encouraged to do well in school and we played a lot of sports together and had all of the same friends. We ended up going to the same college and law school and took a lot of classes together.

 2. You became a household name while appearing on Season 9 of the Bachelor. What was that like & what did you learn?
It was definitely life-changing! Before I did "The Bachelor" my life had always been very normal.  I went straight from high school to college and then I graduated with plans of getting a regular job.  I went through a hard break-up and was living with my parents so it was my dad's idea for me to do "The Bachelor".  The attention that I received from it was crazy!  I had people like Kelly Ripa talking about me and impersonating me.  I was just being myself, but watching it now, I was a little ridiculous.  I also don't think a lot of people understood my sense of humor.  I had to get used to people saying not so nice things about me and even sending me hateful emails.  I developed a really thick skin after that and learned who my true friends were.   I realized that as long as I have the support of close friends and family members, then the opinions of random strangers do not matter.

3. Are you excited to be returning to the franchise on the Bachelor Pad 2? How did that come about?
Yes!! I'm really excited about it.  I was asked to do it and immediately I knew that it was something that I had to do.  I've grown up and changed a lot in the past five years since I appeared on "The Bachelor" and I think it is really important for me to show that.  Also, I really love the other contestants on the show and had met some of them at different reunions so I was excited about spending the summer with them.  It really was like camp! 

4.  You were a fan favorite on Season 1 of Your Cut Off. How was it living in the house?
Living in that house was crazy, it was no "Bachelor Pad"!  The girls on that show were very different than anyone I had every been around before.  They all craved attention and drama and some of them wanted to fight constantly and even tried to get physical.  I'm not into that and I'm a pretty peaceful person.  I get attention in other ways than just being loud.  Regardless, I was able to get a lot out of the experience.  Living with less helped me appreciate everything that I have in my life and now I'm a lot more economical and pay attention more to prices than I used to.

5.  Not only are you a reality star you are also a Law Student and an Entertainment Law Expert that has appeared various times on the Dr. Phil Show. What is your take and opinion on the Casey Anthony case?
From a legal standpoint, she had a great defense team and so from a future lawyer's perspective I can appreciate that.  I think too many times people get upset with the attorneys like they did with Robert Kardashian from the  OJ trial and they don't realize that the Justice System would not work without good defense attorneys.  I do think it is sad that this trial gained so much attention when it is based on a tragedy that happened to a little girl.  I can only hope that Casey Anthony does not enjoy the negative attention that she has received for being a bad mother and that she does not profit from it.

6. What advice could you give to people who want to follow their dreams like you have?
Just that we only have one life and so live it however you want and definitely follow your dreams because you don't want to have any regrets.  There are always going to be haters and doubters but as long as you know who you are and have a strong support system then they don't matter. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

VH1access Update Interview- Winner Of Rock Of Love (Season 1) Jes

Update Interview With Jes

So I recently did an update interview with Jes who won the 1st season of "Rock Of Love" to see what she has been up to. She said that she is not type of girl to do reality TV, She did not even want to do the show. She explains that drama Twitter she had with Brand C, Ashley and Farrah a few days ago.  Follow her Twitter page. She also says that Heather who she is good friends now will have a new show soon. 

Hey Jes, how are you?
Pretty good, thanks for asking.

It's been four years since the first season of "Rock Of Love" aired. How was experience on the show?
Four great years. Lol, everyone knows by now by the interviews i've done in the past that I never really wanted to do the show in the first place. I was approached and then friends & family talked me into it... But in the back of my head, always wondered if you could REALLY fall in love on a show. Personally, i don't think it's possible.. I mean, don't get me wrong, you can fall on lust, which can be mistaken for love.. And i think that's what happens on these kind of shows. All that ROL brought into my life, is drama. And more drama, never in my life have i experienced that much drama.. 

What was your fondest memory on the show?
Bahahaha... Fondest memory... When people ask me about the moments i remember the most.. There's a few. The pool "incident" with lacey, the cigarettes that she picked up and left with a beautiful note. Heather's awesome first tattoo which to this day, i still pick on her for it. Brandi's drunken fun.. ( my brandi not barbie) ... Everything on that show is a memory but the best one os heather's tattoo... Ahaha

Did you really loved Bret Michaels?
No, never. Like i said, lust, maybe, the show was too me overwhelming and a competition, and i get feirce with competition, i like to win. Looking back, i should of walked away and let heather pursue bret, they had way more of a connection than anyone else there. 

I notice now you are good friends with Heather Chadwell, who was the runner-up on the show.
Yes, she's my girl. Her and i, yeah we had "beef" on the show, but after it was all said and done we realized how immature it was, i mean c'mon team A and B hahaha... But she is a very strong and independant woman and i admire her a lot. She took her life under control and made changes, i respect that. And i wish her the best of luck with her upcoming show.

Now you have only been on "Rock Of Love" A lot of fans want to know,  has VH1 ever asked you to be on "I Love Money"? If not, would have done it?
I was approached to be on a few shows, and i refused. I, put all that in the past. I got to know what it was like and that's enough for me. I'm not made for tv. And besides, we've got enough of those girls trying to be on other shows and getting their own. So i'll let them do it.. Haha the only show id ever really try to be on would be survivor so stay tuned haha

I noticed the other day other Rock Of Love Girls such as Ashley, Farrah, and Brandi C were gaining up on you on Twitter. Why were they bashing you?
Jealousy. Ha, i don't really know why those girls are like that, it started by picking on Heather, which i really didn't like, and heather, has a lotnof exciting things happening, and i know for a fact that's why she didn't strike back and defend herself, so i did it for her. She doesn't deserve to be bashed on , especially on a site, i mean c'mon how pathetic is that? Anyone that goes on with their life with how many followers they have on twitter, really need to step outside the internet world and get a job ... There's more to life than twitter. So if bashing on me makes them happy, and prevents them from bashing on others, so be it. I have thick shoulders and can take whatever they throw at me. I just hope one day they realize there's more to life than their 15 mins of fame they got from the shows. I've grown pass that, and thats why you dont see me promoting myself like they are. 

What have you've been doing since Rock Of Love?
I've been working in nightclubs and marketing. If you ever come to Chicago, come and say hi, i'm at themid. 

Would you even do another reality show?
No, but i would do survivor. I did tell heather i would film for her upcoming show 'cause that would be badass , rub it in other people's faces ;) hahaha

Well thank you so much for this interview. Do you want to give a shout out to anyone?
Yeah, a very good friend of mine owns a clothing company which is rad, helping the dude out, i spread the word. If you guys are looking for a different kind of clothing line with original designs, check out :)
And follow him on twitter! Hahaha

Brandy's Alter Ego Photoshoot

Brandy recently did this amazing and creative photoshoot. She gets kidnapped by her alter ego and she explores herself within, as well as removing demons. Once she removes her demons she can escape. 

Celebrity Rehab's Jennifer Gimenez Does An Interview For "Making It Big" Radio

Jennifer Gimenez from Celebrity Rehab and Sober House recently did an interview for "Making It Big" radio on blogtalkradio.

Listen to internet radio with makingitbig on Blog Talk Radio

Behind-The-Scenes Single Ladies Text: Quinn Is Getting On Val’s Nerves … Or Is He?

Who else is starting to get annoyed with Quinn?

Tami Roman In a Bad Car Accident

According to TMZ reports:
Basketball Wives” star Tami Roman just fell victim to the brutal Los Angeles streets — TMZ has learned a car she was traveling in just got banged up in a 3-car pileup!
Sources close to Tami tell us — the reality star had just been picked up from the airport by a car service … when a driver slammed into the car BEHIND Tami’s car … causing a chain reaction collision.
Tami was in the front car — which sustained massive rear-end damage.
We’re told Tami was not injured in the crash — but she has since tweeted, “I have a major headache!”

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lisa Raye on The Cover of KONTROL Magazine

Get the new issue of KONTROL Magazine with Single Ladies Lisa Raye. Shw gives tips for dating, and how to keep fit. Watch Single Ladies every monday at 9.

Behind-The-Scenes Single Ladies Text: Keisha Turns To Paula Deen To Keep Malcolm Happy

Tune in Every Monday for a New Episode at 9pm

You're Cut Off's Jessica Cimato On The Father Albert Show

So couple of weeks ago, I blogged about fan favorite Jessica Cimato from "You're Cut Off" was going to be on a talk show in NYC. Well that talk show is "The Father Albert Show"  Her and her mom appeared on the show The topic was about spoiled rotten daughters . Father Albert tells her mom that she needs to start showing her over indulgent daughter some tough love if she wants her to change. Her episode aired yesterday on FOX.  You can also see "You're Cut off life coach Laura Baron .

Tough Love: Miami Will Premiere October, 12th, 2011

Tough Love (Season 4) To Air In October

So the upcoming season of Tough Love which will be set in Miami this time , will air October 2nd. Steve confirmed it on his Twitter page. The 4th season was supposed to air this month, but it was pushed back. 

New Picture of Basketball Wives L.A Cast

The Cast of Basketball Wives Los Angeles

Here is the sneak peek cast of " Basketball Wives L.A". Tune in August 29, 2011

VH1 Treats Danielle Staub Good

I Love Danielle Staub

"VH1 is totally, totally different. They take such good care of me, And I'm the number one [cast member] listed when they have the previews. Its' Danielle Staub."

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