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Monday, November 30, 2009

Nick Hogan involved in minor car accident

Nick Hogan was involved in a minor car accident Saturday night. According to TMZ, there were no injuries and police didn’t bother write a report—lucky for Nick, since he’s still on probation for the 2007 crash that landed him in jail.

Here’s the funny thing— Hulk Hogan’s son was heading home from a charity dinner for Keep It On The Track, raising money to promote car safety. While there’s no word on who was at fault for the fender bender, we hope this scare will keep the repeat offender on the right track all the same.

Megan pole dancing

A video of Megan pole dancing

Pic of Wolf on I Love Money 3

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Caliente interviews Blonde Baller

For The Love Of Ray-J 2 Premeire Party

Premeire Party Love of Ray J Season 2 Official cast party. Chapter 8 Nightclub Agoura, Ca. November 2nd 2009. Hosted by Herrera Entertainment Group. Kip Force host aka Blonde Baller from Real Chance...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Megan's dog Lily raps?

Here is the debut rap video from Megan's dog Lily

Celebrity Fitclub 7 Pics!

Credit goes to leilagoodrattie

VH1 Interview: Popper (For The Love Of Ray-J 2)

Below, one of the most recent cast-offs from For the Love of Ray J 2 talks about her dancing skills, her connection with Ray and why she isn’t a ditzy blonde.

How was your time on the show?

It was good. It was different, obviously. It’s different when you have 20 girls living in the same house. That means a bunch of drama all the time. It was very intense. Sometimes it got pretty ridiculous, like when people were trying to throw fits over stuff that doesn’t even matter. Like Extra trying to throw fits because people were leaving dishes in the sink, which wasn’t even that big of a deal. When the circumstances are already stressful and you have people creating unnecessary stress, it kinda gets difficult.

What did you think of your portrayal?

I thought it was skewed in the sense that I’m a pretty intelligent person, and I felt like to an extent, VH1 portrayed me as a ditzy blonde type. One of the things I really did not appreciate was the whole dancing thing. I felt like VH1 made me look like I was the one who came up with the routine and made all the girls do it, and that I was the one that said I’m great at dancing. The only thing I stated was that I love to dance. I never said I was a professional dancer, or that I teach dance for a living. It’s just something I like to do. I felt like that was an inaccurate portrayal. I felt like I was made to look like I was behind that whole routine and making it look the way it did, when in reality, I wasn’t the person picking out the dance moves and telling everyone what to do.

Were you disappointed to be eliminated?

I was. In that particular episode, I was getting frustrated toward the end, because I felt like in order to get to a certain level with Ray or to get his attention, you had to literally throw yourself at him. I was sarcastic and lifted up my skirt and was like, “Is that what you want me to do?” I wasn’t trying to be dumb, I was just being very sarcastic about it, because that’s what my impression was: to get any time with Ray, you had to put out, literally. I don’t throw myself at a guy. That’s lust, and we weren’t on the show for the lust of Ray J, we were there for the love of Ray J.

The irony is that when you did that, he really did stare at your butt.

Exactly. It proved my point, regardless of what Ray had to say in his interview right after.

What about him implying that you made no effort to connect with him?

I thought that was false. It was where my frustration came from. To me, his definition of effort was throwing yourself at him, which is something I wasn’t willing to do. That’s where that misconception came from. His idea of making an effort was different than mine. Plus, you didn’t get to see some of the quality time me and Ray spent together. We have a lot of things in common. I love music, I play the piano and I write stuff. There were little things here and there that made us compatible, but it just wasn’t meant to be. There was a difference of views on quality time and what effort really means.

Do you have any resentment?

I wouldn’t say that I resent anything, it’s just the way that it played out.

Are you from Russia?

Yes, born and raised. I came to the States about 10 years ago.

Your accent is impressive.

That was another thing that I was not very happy with. I felt like VH1 made me look like less than I am. I’m 25 and I came here from another country, and I learned English. I’m almost done with my Masters degree in business, too. I’m not a dumb blonde.

What attracted you to reality TV?

I’m in the entertainment and modeling business. It’s how I found out about this show. You never know where you can find love, so I’m a very open-minded person. That’s another thing that attracted me to the show. It gives you an opportunity to do something you haven’t before, and within that there’s a possibility of finding love. I feel like a lot of people are close-minded. They think you can’t find love on the Internet or whatever. You never know. If you told me years ago that I was going to move from Russia to the United States, I would have laughed at you. But here I am.

Monday, November 23, 2009

VH1 Interview: Kennis ( I Want To Work For Diddy 2)

This week’s contestant booted from I Want To Work for Diddy 2, Kennis, talks above about his elimination, why he thinks Melissa and Ivory should have gone home instead of him and why he considers his time on the show “an internship.”

Marcia goes hiking

More I Love Money 3 pics revealed

"who Has The Better Ass" Deelishis or Junk: The Results!

Deelishis 81%
Junk 18%

You guys voted & agree that Deelishis has a much better ass than Junk.

Lusty speak on Ryan Jenkins

This video was loaded a while back, I just found this video, so I decided to post iy. It's Lusty from Real Chance of love speaking on Ryan Jenkins

More I Love Money 3 pics

More pics from ILM3 with Lil Hood, Sinister & Fox

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Breakthrough VH1 Star of 2009 winner is....

Winner: Marcia Brazil from Rock of love Bus wins! with 58.0%
Runner-Up: Ashley from Rock of love Bus came in second place with 48.0%
Least amount of votes: Arian from Tough Love & Baker from Real Chance of love 2 received the least amount of votes tied with 14.0%

Winners List:
Best Vh1 Male Veteran of 2009: 12 Pack (Daisy of love)
Best Vh1 Female Veteran of 2009: New York (New York Goes To Work)
Breakthrough Vh1 Star of 2009: Marcia Brazil (Rock of love Bus)

Friday, November 20, 2009

I Love Money 3 Exclusive Pics!

ILM3 pics have leaked. the 1st pics is Cocktail, Bubbles & Weasel on the airplane to Mexico.

Aloha fro Real Chance of love 2 is pregnant

Aloha from Real Chance of Love 2 is pregnant. Is it Micah's child? From the last news we heard about Aloha she was dating him so it would be safe to assume that Chance and Real are going to be uncles.

Celebrities that look like VH1 stars: The Late Aaliyah & Hot Wings

Another Vh1 star that looks like a celebrity to me is Hot Wings, to me she resembles the late Aaliyah. What do you think?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Marcia and Elvis?

Elvis impersonator singing Every Rose Has It's Thorn to Marcia lol

I Want To Work For Diddy 2: Episode 4 Sneak Peek

Here is the sneak peek of the 4th episode

Tough Love 2 Episode 2 Sneak Peek

Here is the sneak peek of the 2nd episode

VH1 Interview: Just Right (For The Love Of Ray-J)

How was your time on the show?

Um, it was cool. It was fine. I mean, it was all right.

What did you think about your portrayal?

Oh, I didn’t like it because I’m a very outgoing person and they made it seem like I was shy. Everybody that knows me that’s seen it was like, “You were acting shy!” I wasn’t acting shy — it’s the way it’s edited. Like, I know Lava. I know she’s not crazy. But right now, a lot of people when they bring up Lava to me now, they’re like, “That crazy girl, Lava.” I’d rather be called “boring,” though. I’d take boring over crazy any day.

There was a post on YBF suggesting that you were edited the way you were because of your connection to Trey Songz. Did you see that, and what did you think of it?

I saw the story. What do I think of it? I don’t know. People are going to say what they want to say. I know this now: I can’t even post a picture on my Twitter without it being on a site talking about Ray J’s girls and their Halloween costumes. I’m so easy going, it’s like, whatever.

Are you dating Trey?

I’m not answering any of those questions. Ray J actually was nice, and I really liked him. We had a good time on our date. I don’t know why it was portrayed the way it was, but hey, you know?

Was there any truth to the fact that you mentioned Trey in the house, and that was edited out?

I don’t remember.

Fair enough. In the first episode, you and Mz Berry were kind of designated as the “older girls.” What did you think about that?

Honestly, we were more mature than half the girls in the house. I felt like I was on a better level with the girls in the season half than the second one. I’m not on the same level as the girls that were in the house this time.

Did you think that they were too young and wild?

Not wild, just immature! There were just a lot of things about them I didn’t relate to. I related to Mz Berry, I liked the craziness in Heartbreaker, and I liked Exotica. And Gifts was cool, I liked her too, but I didn’t relate to a lot of the girls. I was on a totally different level than a lot of them.

Did you have any beef with anyone?

No, I just ignored them. And I think that’s probably why they got rid of me so fast. I wasn’t all into the drama that Extra was causing. I looked over her, probably because I’m older. I looked over the little petty stuff with her. I didn’t draw myself into it.

You said that your date with Ray was good.

Yes! I honestly came on the show because I probably wouldn’t have met him any other time. I wanted to get him to know me. But I didn’t take him seriously, which was probably why I wasn’t more aggressive. It’s supposed to be 50/50, and after a while I was like, “OK, is he for real? Or is he faking?”

Were you disappointed at all to be eliminated?

I was! I was just like, “Oh…” You know? I didn’t see a connection with Popper, I didn’t see a connection with Paradeez. I didn’t see a connection with a lot of the girls, and I was just like, “OK, I guess it is what it is.”

Did your kids watch the show?

Yes, they did. It was like, “Whatever,” with them. They didn’t care. My son said, “Oh god, now they’re going to ask me a whole lot of questions at school.”

It was your daughter’s birthday that first night. Was it tough for you to miss that?

She was OK. I made sure that she was very well taken care of before I left. Believe me, she had a wonderful birthday party. She spent a lot of money, so she was happy.

Any regrets?

No, no regrets. It could have been worse for me. I could have been the crazy girl, or the girl who smashed the homey…and that’s not the case.

New details on Scream Queens 2

The next installment of the horror-actress reality competition Scream Queens is set to hit VH1 next year, and this time, the potential Queens will be competing for a role in Saw 3D (the next scheduled entry in the relentless franchise). Also new to the series: Jamie King is taking the role of group mentor. Peep the press release below for details!

Scream Queens 2 will take a new cadre of 10 aspiring actresses and give them the chance to win a breakthrough role in Saw 3D, the next film in Lionsgate’s Saw horror franchise. The reality competition series is produced by Lionsgate and Joke Productions, Inc. and is slated to premiere in 2010.

Season one winner Tanedra Howard was featured in the coveted and iconic “opening trap” scene in Saw VI, playing the character “Simone.” Due to her breakout performance and significant storyline, she is also expected to appear in future Lionsgate productions, a major coup for the previously undiscovered actress.

This season’s cast will once again be put through a horror film boot camp with intense physical challenges, learning how to work with creatures, gore, and stunts, while also building their acting chops. The winning actress will have to prove to the panel of judges that she has the talent, the looks, and especially the lungs to be a true Scream Queen.

Mentoring the hopefuls through the exacting process will be former model-turned-actress and horror film alum Jamie King (My Bloody Valentine, The Tripper). The cast will also be taught by Hollywood’s toughest acting coach, John Homa, and have their performances directed by Tim Sullivan (2001 Maniacs, Driftwood).

“Horror films continue to dominate the pop culture landscape and are some of the biggest film franchises out there,” said Jeff Olde, EVP Original Programming and Production, VH1. “Following the success of last season’s winner Tanedra Howard in Saw VI, we’re looking forward to working with Lionsgate to find the next great horror actress.”

“Real opportunities to break into feature films are rare in acting competitions and it’s great to be able to deliver on that promise,” said Kevin Beggs, Lionsgate’s president of television programming and production. “We’ve enjoyed a terrific collaboration with VH1 on Scream Queens, and look forward to building on the success of the series with even more exciting challenges in Season 2.”

“Tanedra did an amazing job in Saw VI,” said Jason Constantine, Lionsgate’s president of acquisitions and co-productions who oversees the Saw films, “and we’re excited about giving another deserving newcomer a role in Saw 3D.”

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

VH1 Interview: Lava (For The Love Of Ray-J 2)

Guys, Lava is not crazy! Well, maybe she is, but the woman given that name on For the Love of Ray J 2 assures us that there is a difference between her and her VH1 persona. Also discussed in the interview below: onion breath, why her height made her incompatible with Ray, and her West Indian way of expressing herself in the club.

How was the show for you?

Really crazy, literally. They made me out as a psycho! But, hey, that’s who Lava is. Lava can put on an act, that’s why I have an alter ego. It’s for show, and you know what you’re signing up for. That’s what comes along with the territory.

How do you differ from your portrayal?

I was portrayed as a stalker, and I’m so far from that. I would rather a guy chase after me. I’m only used to that way or no way. Ray kind of wanted love to jump forward and give him 100 percent, but that’s something I don’t believe in. You have to show me 50 [percent] back, or at least something. So, it looked like I was after him and I was getting aggressive and I was getting a little too demanding. I’m not really that demanding.

He said that you stayed in his room for two hours.

I didn’t stay for two hours. I actually was dozing off because I was tipsy. And I was also coming up with a plan of what I was going to do. I was trying to be dramatic as most girls would be, to get his attention and lure him in by acting like something was really wrong, when there was really nothing wrong. But then I was getting sleepy because in the club I had Belvedere and Grey Goose with orange juice or whatever. I don’t drink. I just lost my train of thought and I became sleepy. I wanted to talk to him, but I didn’t know I was there that long.

You said you started to feel funny. But that was all just to get his attention?

No, I started to feel funny because he was trying to make me jealous a little in a way with this whole “sharing a date” thing, which guys do. Whatever. I also felt funny because the alcohol was getting to my head. And I don’t drink! There’s a funny feeling in my body, ewww! No more alcohol, please! And I wasn’t even drunk, because I can’t even get tipsy without freaking out. Imagine me getting drunk. I would be bananas.

You were being genuine when you said that you didn’t want him to go hang out with the girls who lost the challenge, right?

I wanted him to go hang out with them, yes. But I also wanted my PT time that I deserve. I didn’t want to go to the club. I’d rather get my back rubbed, because I got hurt. Honestly, I wanted to soak and get a back rub. I won the challenge, I went the hardest. He should have cared for me more.

You did seem to be having fun in the club, though.

Yes, in a very West Indian way. Please put it out there that when West Indian girls are out partying, we are very sensual and we move our bodies differently than most American girls would. We’re just different. That’s island dancing. Very sexy.

But you were really into him, right? You said that he was going to be your husband.

Because I know I have what it takes always, I made that joke. I can’t really say I know someone is going to be my husband without knowing who he really is. It was just a fun statement.

Was it disappointing to you that it didn’t work out?

No. I like Ray, and he’s cool, but he doesn’t have the swag that I’m used to. I realized that he didn’t have the swag when we were at dinner, outside having sushi. I was more enjoying my sushi, but I didn’t feel a connection. Also, I know for a fact that Ray does not date girls that are taller than him, because some men are uncomfortable about that. And I’ve dated a celebrity who was shorter than me, and he was quite fine with that and he felt superior. Ray’s not the kind of guy who likes that, because he wants to be in control, you know? He wants to feel like he’s a star in your world and a big man. And I’m sorry. I’m a model and I am tall. Sorry.

Will you reveal which celebrity you dated?

I couldn’t say, no. I never did, I kept everything secret.

Fair enough. So when Ray said it wasn’t a fit during elimination, you felt the same way at that point?

Yes, I did! I was actually going to tell him that I wanted to leave and go home because I didn’t feel like there was a connection there and I didn’t want to waste anybody else’s time. Because of the show, I missed a fashion show in New York, and I got kicked out of school. Ray basically wanted a girl to give her all to him, and basically bow down to him, as a figure of speech, and be his groupie and love him and feel as if he’s their world. I’m sorry, I’m also a star, and it’s like I don’t see him as any greater than the next man.

You said you’ve hit before. Are you violent?

No! I’m not violent. I actually play hard. I always wrestle. I’m a tough girl. Very pretty, but I like to get down and wrestle and play hard.

You were called “crazy” a few times. “Weird,” and “strange,” too. Are you any of those things?

I’m so far from strange! I’m so bubbly and I’m always laughing. So when my family and everyone saw that they’re like “Are you really crazy?” And I’m like, “No, it’s the show…” Lava’s an actress. I think Lava has an acting career coming up. Taneish’s always going to be a model, but Lava is now becoming an actress. I think they tried to make me look crazy like Danger, and that’s a little bit cuckoo.

Any comments on your “onion breath” during Episode 2’s acting challenge?

I smell really great. Always. The onion thing was a little not-so-funny because I had onions on my eyes. I cut the onions downstairs in the kitchen, I dug my nails in it and rubbed my eyes, so that I could create tears, because I can’t just cry. So I wanted real tears, and I had real tears in my eyes in his arms. But then he’s going to make fun, talking about the onion. But you know what? Let him do whatever he wants to do. It’s funny. Let’s set the record straight: I always smell like sweet crazy vanilla flavor kind of things. I never smell like onions, ever.

Anything else you want to go over?

I feel like that the show almost victimizes the situation. Yes, I wanted to cause drama as far as between me and Ray, and also become entertaining for others. The house is boring. I needed to come up with something, do something, and also make myself memorable. So I wanted to act a little strange, and that’s why I wouldn’t answer Ray’s questions. I didn’t want them to figure out what I was trying to do. Now I’m going to be memorable in many ways. Probably as crazy. I don’t know what’s going to be out there, but I’m memorable.

Vh1 Reunion Party on December 11th, 2009

Another VH1 party is been planned. This time it takes place in New Jersey

Luscious talks about what went down

As far as we can tell, Luscious hasn’t addressed this claim directly (it seems to contradict her assertion that she merely “messed around” with Dre). One day soon we’ll ask her about it, but in the meantime she has been posting messages like the following on her Twitter.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Riana talks about Lava

Marcia gave me a shoutout on video

Marcia made a video blog today answering some questions from her fans. I asked her "Which VH1 Star did she hated" and I liked the answer she said because it makes her a good person. Here is what she has to say.

Marcia wearing her ILM3 uniform

She was also on the green team

VH1 will air "This Is It" in 2011

Get ready to watch and re-watch this year’s concert movie event of a lifetime: Michael Jackson’s This Is It will come to TV via MTV Networks in 2011. Check the press release below for more info:

MTV Networks has acquired the exclusive United States television rights to air one of the most anticipated films of the year — Michael Jackson’s This Is It.

The critically acclaimed and commercially successful film becomes available to MTV Networks in 2011, and continuing through the entire six-year network window. The deal includes all domestic channels under the MTV Networks umbrella, including MTV, VH1, VH1 Classic and Palladia and rounds out the music networks’ commitment to celebrating the life and legacy of Michael Jackson. The arrangement also extends to Viacom’s BET Networks, including its newest channel, Centric. Channels and premiere dates will be announced at a later time.

“The film is a true testament to Michael’s musical genius, passion and commitment to his craft,” said Van Toffler, President of the MTV Networks Music Group. “Michael Jackson has always been inextricably tied to our viewers as they witnessed his evolution from a talented performer to a global icon who redefined music. Now, with this film, we can help give his fans a chance to see his final performance.”

This Is It, premiered nationwide on October 28, earning the No. 1 box office spot for the weekend and offering Jackson fans and music lovers everywhere a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the performer as he developed, created and rehearsed for his sold-out, historic comeback concerts that would have kicked off this past summer at London’s O2 Arena. Chronicling from March through June, 2009, the film is produced with the full support of the Estate of Michael Jackson and drawn from more than one hundred hours of behind the scenes footage, featuring Jackson rehearsing numerous songs for the show. Audiences are given a privileged and private look at Jackson as he was never before seen. In raw and candid detail, Michael Jackson’s This Is It is the last documentation of Michael Jackson at work, capturing the singer, dancer, filmmaker, architect, creative genius and great artist at work.

Kenny Ortega, who was both Michael Jackson’s creative partner for the concert tour and the director of the stage show serves as the film’s director, and Randy Phillips, Kenny Ortega and Paul Gongaware are producers. Executive producers are John Branca and John McClain. The film is being distributed worldwide by Sony Pictures Releasing. One of the best reviewed film of the year, Michael Jackson’s This Is It has already reached $222.6 million in box office receipts worldwide.

The deal was brokered by Sony Pictures Television and Ben Zurier, Executive Vice President, Program Strategy, VH1, VH1 Classic & Palladia for MTV Networks. MTV Networks will also collaborate with Sony Pictures Entertainment in marketing the DVD release of the film in early 2010.

Tough Love -Couples Now Casting!

An upcoming installment of VH1 Tough Love is going to do things a little differently: this time, Master Matchmakers Steve and JoAnn Ward are inviting not single women, but unmarried couples to go through the rigors of the VH1 Tough Love boot camp. Some info is in the short release below. To apply, check the VH1 Tough Love: Couples casting site.


The producers of the hit series VH1 Tough Love want to know if you need some tough love injected into your relationship. They are calling all existing couples in need of a relationship revival to apply to for VH1 Tough Love: Couples. Selected couples will be put through Steve Ward’s boot camp to see if their relationship can make it for the long haul. Those that are willing to do the work and follow Steve’s rules are sure come out the other side stronger than ever! Visit VH1 Tough Love: Couples casting for more info.

Marcia on Halloween

VH1 Interview: Blake & John ( I Want To Work For Diddy 2)

Monday, November 16, 2009

1st Look: Beyonce and Lady Gaga - Video Phone

Vh1 will premiere the video at midnight

Bad Girls Club 4 Premeires December 1st

Another reality show favorite of mine The Bad Girls Club. Season 4 starts December 1st! on Oxygen

Marcia at Wasted Space

Steven Ward interview with Inside TV

I just watched a preview of the first episode ... is it an accurate prediction that Rocky is going to be a scene stealer?

SW: Well, I don't want to spoil it for you or anything, but yes, Rocky, to say the least, ends up being quite a handful.

Obviously, with 20,000 women applying for season 2, the show made a big impression on a lot of people. Did you approach the second season differently at all?

SW: Well, it's interesting ... it was a lot different, because everybody knew who we were. And not just the women, but also the men that we were recruiting for the show. So this time, when Mom would talk to the men and tell them about what we were doing and why we wanted to introduce them to the women, it was easier for them to go into it with good faith. They [don't] have the normal kind of reservations people would have for just randomly going on a reality show. Mom's not some paid producer, she's a very successful matchmaker. So she works very closely with the men to make sure that their expectations are really managed well and that they knew what they were getting themselves into. And that allowed us to put the women in the position to be very successful. The women, to be perfectly honest, march to the beat of my drum. I mean, a few of them would step out of line every once and awhile, but I would get them right back into step with a little bit of tough love. And that's the premise of the show.

Especially if they saw the first season, they have to know that you're going to be very honest with them, yet, in the first episode, most of them still seem surprised by some of the assessments you're giving them.

JW: Because they all think they're going to change Steven's perspective, and how he [approaches] things. Especially Rocky, as you saw.

SW: And, what do we say, Mom, because they're delusional? But the main point is that they're their because [that's] repairable. They can fix things. Most of the women just need a change of perspective.

Is that the biggest challenge you guys face in general, not even just with the show, but in your business outside the show? That people have an unrealistic expectation of what they want or what they can get or what they're bringing to the table themselves?

JW: I'll answer that one, Steve. Yes. In a word, yes. And Steve can elaborate.

SW: The fact is that most people have an unrealistic self-image, because they've been told their whole lives by their family and their friends that, you know, it's not them ... it's everybody else. But a lot of the things, we bring upon ourselves, and a lot of the aversion that men would have to women or vice versa, is due to the type of things we do to push them away. Our job is to try to get there to be a kind of, I guess a more normal current. To point out that it's about managing your expectations, compromising, knowing what really matters, valuing things the right way and putting things into proper perspective relative to the norm. We believe that if two people are ... on a similar path, they can support each other and they don't feel threatened by each other, and they can communicate, they can trust, they can respect, then a relationship will work.

A big part of your job is clearing out the BS so people can go about meeting someone ...

JW: Yes. And a lot of it is that people don't really understand the definition of communication. It's more than just talking, speaking. It's what comes out of it, as Steven said, the respect and trust and honesty, and all the things that go into making that. The foundation is always communication.

SW: And in order for people in general to have success in their relationships, they need to really concentrate on making sure that they're doing the best that they can with what they've got, period. That's what it boils down to. It's not about having an ax to grind or being competitive or defensive. It's about just making the best of and making the most use of what God gave you on this earth and in this life time. You just have to have the right frame of mind, not live in fear, and sometimes people need help seeing that.

Do you ever meet people who you kind of determine are probably unmatchable?
SW: Of course.

JW: I think everybody is matchable. I mean, everybody deserves love, and I think there's a lid for every pot. But it becomes about whether or not they're realistic, and if you can get through to them in what they're looking for. For instance, a non-smoking person generally doesn't want to date somebody that does smoke and vice versa, and you can't convince them otherwise. That's just a small [example]. People who want children aren't good matches for those who don't. Everybody is matchable as long as they're on the same wavelength. Like on the show, with the women who are golddiggers, and Steven asks then what they're bringing to the table other than their looks. Their looks are only going to take them so far. You want to meet you equal. So whatever you bring is what you're going to get. You know, you give what you get.

With 20,000 people applying to be in the boot camp this season, how did you begin to pare that down? What were you really looking for in the people that you would end up putting on the show?

SW: Wow. Well, I'll give the diplomatic answer for us. Mom and I are not network programmers, so it's not up to us to select the cast, though [the producers] appreciate our input. And we have really made it known that we want to be much more involved going forward, so that we really put together a class that we think would work very well with one another. It gets pretty packed [in the house] this season, and there's a lot conflict between the women, because I think that's what everybody was really looking for when they put together this group. The producers were extremely diligent in selecting the women, because they have a responsibility to make sure that they're psychologically prepared for this, emotionally prepared for this. This is a very traumatic experience to some of these women. There's one episode where I'm sitting in a room and it's me and my mom and the women, and all of them were bawling their eyes out. There was so much estrogen in the room that I almost started to bawl my eyes out, and started thinking of football games that I use to play in, in order to try to take my mind off of it. It was really intense.

There seems to be a bigger, or different, at least, variety of issues the women are dealing with this season, like the woman who had accomplished a big weight loss.

SW: Yes. I mean, the girl who had these body issues comes flat out and tells us she never felt loved by either of her parents. It hurts to sit there and see some of these people so damaged, with such poor self-esteem, where they never felt loved or feel they have experienced love in their whole lives. And we have to match her up with a guy. When you watch the show, there's a guy who genuinely takes an interest in her, a guy who's a handsome, worldly, educated, doctor, who has every interest her, and she sabotages it at every turn.

She was one of the most likable characters, at least in the premiere ...
SW: Likable or identifiable?

JW: Oh God, you're in for such a rude awakening.

SW: Oh my God, I'm telling you, the same thing happened to me the other day. I swear to you.

JW: I hate that girl! Can't stand that girl.

SW: Mom, don't say that.

JW: I don't mean that, but let me just go back and explain what I can't stand, why I say that. She has so much to give, so much to offer, she's such a good person inside and out, but she sabotages herself, and it's frustrating. Like Steven said, we had a really great guy for her. When I told him that this girl at one time in her life weighed over 200 pounds, he was okay with it, because he told me his mom was once overweight. He understands it, and he's willing to embrace and work with her, and she just let this guy go. I get so sick to my stomach that this guy could have been her life.

SW: We [also] bring back men from her past. One man is a guy that she's had an on-and-off, nine-year relationship, if you want to call it that, with. The other one is a guy that she actually loved in college and never had a chance to tell. And we brought both of these guys back, and we put her in a position to be successful with both of them, but she continued to handicap herself. And the thing is, she's the most intelligent girl in the room.

JoAnn, most mothers would probably like to have some say, give some advice, to their sons in terms of dating, and this is your job ... do you advise Steven on his love life?

No. I trust Steven 100 percent. I trust Steven's judgment, and he knows that. He's never going to bring someone home that his family wouldn't love and accept and embrace. And so we all, as a family, we know that Steven always does the right thing. I did match my other son, though, with his wife. I've matched a lot of people, actually, in this family, which is really great. I matched my sister-in-law with her husband, I matched my uncle with his wife and I matched my ex-husband with his wife.

So Steven, the question to you then, is, how does your business affect your approach to dating? You obviously have a better understanding of women than a lot of men do.

Yeah, but unfortunately, I also understand a lot of women better than they understand themselves. That's the problem that I've run into. You know, it is very difficult for me to meet my match. The person that I would be a good fit for has to be very enlightened. And it's difficult, because I also have to have a strong physical attraction to them, and like my mom said, they have to fit in very well and understand the demands of my career and what my life consists of. So it's very complicated being with me. Fortunately, I have no trouble dating and finding company, and that's a good thing. At this point, I'm always looking for a great relationship, but it's going to be pretty extraordinary circumstances that would have to prevail in order for it to really materialize.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Paramormal activity with Marcia Brazil

Marcia uploads a new video of her going to the movies to Paranormal Activity

Best VH1 Female Veteran of 2009: Results!

New York wins! with 58.1% of your votes! Megan comes in second with 45.2% and Milf had the least amount of votes with 12.9%

Winners List:

Best VH1 Male Veteran of 2009: 12 Pack (Daisy of love)
Best VH1 Female Veteran of 2009: New York (New York Goes To Work)

Stay tune for tomorrow for the nominees for Best Breakthrough Vh1 star!

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