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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Real Chance Of Love 2 : Episode 9 Sneak Peek

Here is the sneak peek of the next episode!


Vh1 Celebreality Star Pics: Mindy,Francisco,Risky,Frenchy

Here are the Celebreality star pics for this week, we have Mindy and Fransico (Megan Wants A Millionaire) at Ultra, Risky at a event and Frenchy with her boyfriend.

Tool Academy 2 - Episode 5 Sneak Peek

Here is the sneak peek of Episode 5 of Tool Academy 2

Blonde Baller's X radio interview Part 2

Part 2 is now uploaded

the final part will be uploaded tonight.


Blonde Baller's X radio interview Part 1

I uploaded part 1 of the interview on Youtube.


Celebreality Birthday: Hot Wings

Happy Birthday to Hot Wings! today she turns 22!


Upcoming Marcia appearance

Classy on Kaceychrysler

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blonde Baller X radio recording

just in case you guys missed it. Vh1starsblog recorded the whole interview

Blonde Baller on X Radio recording


Blonde Baller to be on X Radio

Blonde Baller will be on Brittany Starr's X Radio shortly!

Listen Here

Frenchy in a phone commercial

Frenchy is featured on a commercial

Cocktail Reassures us that I love money 3 will NOT air

Cocktail, who most of us already knew was on the cast of the original I love money 3 said this on her twitter

I have no idea who's on ILM4. I can't say who won ILM3 & thats all I'm going to say. ILM3 will never air. It will never air. from web

For the 500th time, I Love Money 3 will NEVER air. They tapped I Love Money 4 and will call it ILM3 but I am not on it. from web
Just a reminder: Just because she said it will not AIR, it does NOT mean that no dvd. so there is still hope :)

NEW MUSIC: Britney Spears - 3

Here it is! the latest single from Britney Spears titled "3"



30 Sec of Britney Spears - 3

The full song will leak in a few hours

Listen Here

Monday, September 28, 2009

Real Chance Of Love 2 : Episode 8 Review

So this epsiode started off at the previous elimination. Blonde Baller was complaining why she was picked last. So she decides to go to Chance's room and have a cozy time with him. The other Chance girls noticed that Blonde Baller was no where to be found. They suspected that she was with Chance. They went upstairs to eavsdropped on them. This weeks was the court challenge. They were split up into teams of 3.

Hot Wings


Blonde Baller

Hot Wings,Baker and Poca, aimed towards Blonde Baller to prove she was guilty for being a snitch and a liar. Doll, Flirty and Mamacita aimed towards Hot Wings for almost leaving and BB, Sassy and Classy aimed towards Flirty for having so much baggage with the law. Hot Wings was proven not guilty but Flirty and BB were proven to be guilty. The team that won was BB, Sassy and Classy. BB was given a clean slate to not snitch but once again, she was talking about Flirty on her date and because of that BB time was up!

my rating for this episode: 8.8/10


Tool Academy 2 - Episode 4 Review

This week , it was all about appreciation! In the therapy challenge, they had to pretend that their girlfriends had passed away. They had fake funeral for each of the girls, and the guys had to come up with an eulogy for their girls. The whole thing felt so real to me. The girls were inside their coffin and heard their speeches about them. Most of them did pretty well, Mike a did horrible! lol The challenge for this week was they bought these other gentleman to go out with their girls to get a taste of their own meds. They FLIPPED out! they wanted to beat the guys up! lol These guys are so insecure of themeselves that they had to get that pissed off. The guys had to watch their goign on a date with these other on a TV monitor. Mike A flipped out the most just by watching it. at the end Mike A get's expelled! these guys are much more voilent then the guys from season 1.

My rating for this episode 10/10! best episode as of right now.


Blonde Baller tweets about the drama on Real Chance of love 2

One thing I like about Twitter is that I can keep up with my favorite Vh1 Stars up to date to see what they have been doing. In the last hour Blonde Baller tweets about the drama that went down with her and the girls on Real chance of love 2. She also tweets that Chance has a pregnant girlfriend!

Baker fires back on her tweets

In Mexico? I Love Money perhaps?

Blonde Baller also tweets that she will explain everything on Brittany Starr's X radio tomorrow night which is ironic because Brittany Starr was also being hated upon with the Rock of love girls on Rock of love bus.

Blonde Baller to be on Brittany Starr's X Radio tomorrow night!

Be sure to catch Blonde Baller on X Radio tomorrow night!


News on Celebrity Rehab's Tawny Kitean and Jamiee Foxworth

This weekend, TMZ reported two unfortunate items on Celebrity Rehab alumnae. Season 2’s Tawny Kitean was arrested Saturday for suspicion of driving under the influence, while Season 1’s Jaimee Foxworth recently was granted a restraining order against boyfriend Michael Shaw, who is accused of having dragged her through glass at one point, among things. While this move seems to be a step in the right direction for Jaimee (she told TMZ that she “strongly encourages all women to leave unhealthy relationships before it is too late”), Tawny’s situation isn’t so rosy. I’m no doctor, but having talked to Dr. Drew throughout both Rehab seasons, I do know that rehabilitation is an ongoing process that’s partially characterized by such setbacks. If Tawny indeed drove under the influence (she was released after posting $2,500 bail), here’s hoping it turns out to be just a speed bump on her long road to recovery.

taken from:

Hot Wings sends a message

She talks about her real myspace,twitter, and Facebook pages.


Video Of The Week: High School Students Attacked

From time to time, I would to post some videos. This video was was originally posted on worldstarhiphop But I found this on the I believe it's a riot full of high school students. Someone had a video camera and taped the whole thing. I don't know what cause this big fight. But one kid was severely beaten. It's really sad.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Celebreailty Interview: Jessica (My Antonio)

Twenty-one turned out to be an unlucky number for Jessica, who was bounced from this week’s My Antonio for being so much younger than the show’s star. Below, she talks age difference, her lack of a connection with Antonio and her rivalry with his ex-wife, Tully.

How was your time on the show?

It was great. I loved Hawaii and I loved meeting new people, but at the same time, it was difficult sharing the house with, like, 14 other girls. I was there a little over three weeks, and on top of that, we were so far away from everything.

What did you think about your portrayal?

I didn’t mind it. I figured that since I was the youngest, I’d be a target, but I don’t think they portrayed me that bad. They could have put a lot worse footage in if they wanted to.

Like what?

There were a couple of drunk nights I’m glad they didn’t show. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to show my face after the show.

What’s your opinion of Antonio today?

I think he’s a lot more down-to-earth than what you see on the show. Some people might find him to be arrogant, since he eliminated a girl for her hands and feet, and I know some people were put off because he eliminated me because I was young. I guess they’re thinking, “If she was too young, why was she cast in the first place?” I think he’s a great guy, really sweet and genuine, but I don’t think we’re a match in that way. I always have dated the typical “bad boy,” and Antonio is pretty much the opposite of that. But he’s adorable, so it’s like, who wouldn’t want to try and date him? But I have nothing against him because he eliminated me. That’s what you’re there for.

Were you on the same page with Antonio when he said you had no connection right before he eliminated you?

I was getting to that point. Our date was fun, but I wasn’t sure if it was more like a friend thing or a connection. It wasn’t love at first sight, but I think out of all of the girls that stayed, I should have gone home after some of them.

Like who?

Autumn. She’s a sweetheart, don’t get me wrong, but she’s really, really na├»ve to dating. I mean, he’s gonna keep someone he can’t even kiss? Yeah, that makes sense.

When he was letting you go, Antonio also said he didn’t want you to make the same mistake he made, by getting married so young. Did you get a sense that he was looking out for you?

If he was, it’s a little too late. I’ve already made that mistake. I was with someone for seven years, since I was 14. I don’t know what he was protecting me from, because I’ve already done that. I didn’t get married, though, thank God.

What do you think the answer is to the people who wonder, “If she was too young, why was she cast in the first place?”

It’s hard to explain. It would have been OK if it was just matter of not having a connection, but I also had to wonder why I was kept there that long if that was going to be his excuse. I wasn’t the first one to go. It’s like, you say you’re trying to protect me, but at the same time, you played with my emotions because you kept me here when I’m too young for you. I don’t know, I think he might have just said that to make me not feel bad, even though I knew how the game works.

Were you concerned about the age difference?

Only in the way that it made me an easy target, since I was so much younger than all the other girls. But I figured once I opened my mouth and proved I could carry a conversation, it wouldn’t matter at all.

What do you think about Tully?

I don’t hold grudges, and I don’t hate the girl, but I think it’s funny that to this day, she’s still writing stuff about me on her Facebook. She acts like a child and I’m the one who has to grow up? It’s ridiculous that I’m arguing with someone who’s older than my mother. She pointed out the way I talk and categorized me as a certain type of person, but I can’t help that I’m Italian and I grew up on the East Coast. I have an accent. And they didn’t show it, but Antonio told me he liked my accent during our alone time. I don’t hate her, but I think she’s annoying. I think we all felt that way, but I was the only one who said it. She was always mocking the other girls, but everything she made fun of was what was unique about us. She just judged us all, and it’s like, you’re not perfect either.

Any regrets?

Sometimes I feel like I could have been a little more aggressive with Antonio so that I could have gotten to know him sooner. That way, he would have known the connection wasn’t there earlier, and someone else could have stayed.

taken from:


Screenshot of Tenedra on Saw 6

This is a screen shot of Scream queens winner Tenedra on Saw 6. Saw 6 opens next month in theaters.



Tool Academy 2 - Episode 4 Sneak Peek

Here is the sneak peek of the next episode of Tool Academy 2


VH1 Celebreality Moment: Pumkin spits at New York

Here is another great Vh1 celebreality momemt. Probably one of the best Vh1 celereality moments ever, when Pumkin spits at New York!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Celebreailty Morphing: Lacey and Mamacita = Lacita

requested by: double_a123


Tool Academy 3 to have straight, gay and lesbain couples

They are now casting casting couples for Tool Academy 3, which will air next year.

but there is new twist, this time it's going to be straight, gay and lesbian couples!

Credit: vh1reality

Rival Battle Of The Week: "The Better Blonde Duo"

Who is the BETTER Blonde Duo"?

Which blonde duo from Rock of love do you think is better? Megan and Brandi C OR Ashley and Farrah VOTE NOW!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

For The Love Of Ray-J 2 will air in late October/November

On my other blog post I announced that Ella Navarro who will be on For The Ray-J 2, well she confirmed For The Love Ray-J 2 will air around late October. Someone asked her on Twitter about the show ans she said late October.

I even double checked with my VH1 partner Brian a.k.a vh1info, he confirmed it too.

credit: vh1info


Meet Elle Navorro For the Love of Ray-2 castmember

Finally we can comfirm something about the For The Love Ray-j 2 girls. Ella Navorro will be a conestant on VH1's For The Love Of Ray 2 coming to Vh1 next year


Reality Horror Night opens Halloween 2009

Reaality Horrow Night is a horror movie that stars Frenchy and Destineey from Rock of love + other reality stars.

Opens on Halloween 2009

although I wished that New York was on this lol

Rock Of Love 4 filming in Iowa State Fair

Shots from Bret Michael’s Monday concert will be used in an upcoming “Rock of Love” show, according to the Iowa State Fair.

“Rock of Love” is a reality television dating show on VH1 that features Bret Michaels, lead singer of Poison.


Real Chance Of Love 2 : Episode 8 Sneak Peek

Here is the sneak peek of the next episode of Real chance of love

My Antonio: Episode 6 Sneak Peek

Here is the sneak peek of the next episode of My Antonio


NEW MUSIC: Trina F/ Lady Gaga - Let Them Hoes Fight

New music from Trina F/ Lady Gaga is is called "Let Them Hoes Fight"


Vh1 Celebreality Star Pics: Risky's new look and PS

Here are 2 new pics of Risky's new look! and a new pic of PS.


Celebreality Morphing: Freckles + Flavor Flav = Flavoreckles

Requested by: vh1info

Send me any more requests. I got a few more requests from my followes on twitter. I'm also planning to upload a youtube video featuring these morphing pics.

Rival battle: "Hotter Lebian Kiss" A TIE!

Hotter Lesbian Kiss

It's a TIE! 4 people voted for New York and Pumkin and 4 people voted for Megan and Brandi C, which makes it 50/50.

Tomorrow: Rival Battle For This Week: Better Blonde Duo: Brandi C/Megan or Ashley/Farrah

Real Chance Of Love 2 : Episode 7 Review Animals Are Awesome!

Once again, I apologize, for posting this late. We are already halfway through this season of Real Chance of love.First thing that happened on the episode was that Flirty was talking to Blonde Baller at the pool and was basically complaining that she doesn't have enough time with Chance. Blonde Baller being the manipulator that she is, told her to go to Real's side. This weeks challenge was a singing challenge. The girls had to sing a song about animals, called "animals are awesome!" Which the song is still stuck in my head lol The girls were divided into two groups. Out of all the girls Classy did pretty well and she needs a date already! All of the other girls cannot really sing especaily Spanish Fly, she looks good but she cannot sing for shit! Hot Wings,Baker,Blonde Baller,Flirty,and Pocahontas ended up winning the challenge. Flirty and Blonde Baller, went on the date with Chance and he payed more attention to Flirty than on Blonde Baller. Blonde Baller ended up being pissed off about that and she went to Chance and started some shit, saying Flirty wants to go to Real's side, Hot Wings is here for TV and stuff like that after that Flirty showed up and overheard what she said. Later on, everyone was gaining up on Blonde Baller for being a namipulator and a snitch. At the end though Spanish Fly gets eliminated due to not having a personality. It was between her or Blonde Baller.

My rating for Episode 7: 8/10

Tool Academy 2 - Episode 3 Review

Hey guys, sorry about the late review on the 3rd episode of Tool Academy. What can I say, another great episode. This week's therapy session was that the guys had to stand in front of a mirror and basically pour out their feelings and insecurities. It's funny because these guys act like their the shit and you would think that their just overly confident or just being cocky. But alot of these guys are insecure and unhappy with themselves except for one dude though Charm who everyone hates at the moment. The challenge for this week was called "The Modesty Challange" the guys had to pick up beats, and whoever had the most beats won. Mike A ended up winning the challenge and went on a date with his chick which was a drive through movie. The guys are not the only ones who have drama around them. The girls also created some drama on this episode. On the therapy session leah (Andre's girlfriend) admitted that she was a stripper and Rebecca basically said strippers basically come from broken homes ect. and Leah ended up being offended and went off at Rebecca for saying that. At the end Mike A gets expelled which I'm shocked I thought that Charm was going o be expelled and I wanted to be expelled too.

My Rating for episode 3: 9/10

Next weeks episode looks really good.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Celebrity Fitclub 7 Cast Revealed!

We can confirm that Kevin Federline will reunite with his pre-Britney ex Shar Jackson on Celebrity Fit Club 7. Rounding out the cast include King of R&B Bobby Brown, former Baywatch babe Nicole Eggert, ex-Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach, High School Musical’s Kaycee Stroh, Project Runway Season 1 winner Jay McCarroll and Bad Girls Club alum Tanisha Thomas. Dr. Ian Smith and Harvey Walden will return to the panel with a new life coach: Rhonda Britten. Filming for the new season is underway, and it is expected to hit VH1, February 14, 2010, just in time to make you feel guilty for all the Valentine’s Day chocolates you just ate.

I guess that this the Vh1 show K-Fed is going to be on, since I heard he was filming a vh1 show lol



Tailer Made and It on Judge Pirro!

Tailer Made and It ( I Love NY and I Love Money 2) made an appearance on Judge Pirro suing a boxing promoter that they claimed canceled a “celebrity” match.


Celebreality Morphing: New York and Pumkin = Pumyork

Here is another morphing that I did, this is with Pumkin and New York


Celebreality Bday: Frenchy/Angilique

Rock of Love 2/ Rock of Love:Charm School/I Love Money 2's contestant Angelique/Frenchy is celebrating her 34th Birthday!!!

Celebreality Morphing: Marcia + P.S = PScia

New thing coming to my blog is Celebreality morphing! I will upload 2 pics of 2 VH1 Celebreality stars and see how they would looks like together.

This os PScia. P.S from Real Chance of love 2 and Marcia from Rock of love bus.


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