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Sunday, June 30, 2013

TLC Defends Re-Recording "Waterfalls" With A Japanese Artist

TLC Speaks Out

Music NewsThe two surviving members of TLC is now coming  out defending themselves a they remake theer 1995 hit "Waterfalls" with Japanese artist Namie Amuro. Last week, Left Eye's sister Reigndrop Lopes told TMZ that she was upset that wasn't informed that the group was going to leave out her sister's vocals in the song and be replaced by Namie Amuro. The re-make is said to be only released in Japan.

Chilli has now come forward and told TMZ that they own rights to Left Eye's raps

"We were forced to use a creative way to honor Lisa's memory and celebrate this milestone with the fans."

They also reached to her brother to resolve any issues.

"We have and always will protect our sister's legacy as TLC consists of the three of us collectively... there will never be a replacement for Lisa or any members in TLC."

Kenya Moore's Landlord Puts Her On Blast

Kenya Still Facing Eviction Drama

Other Reality News: Kenya Moore is still facing drama from getting evicted from her Atlanta mansion last week from her landlord, Conya Dillion. Kenya Moore recently filed a motion to have her eviction delayed. She claims that she never received a legal notice..

Now her landlord is putting her on blast. According to Radaronline, her landlord has made two false statements about her in two separate occasions. Her landlord alleges that Kenya violated her lease by paying her rent late multiple times.

Here is what Radaronline reports

“On or about June 7, 2013 and June 20, 2013, Defendant knowingly and maliciously made false statements about Plaintiff on the daytime TV talk show, Wendy Williams, in an effort to defame, intimidate and embarrass Plaintiff in the public,” the landlord’s motion reads.

“Defendant has utilized this [eviction] process as an attempt to maintain relevancy as a reality TV personality during the downturn of her career. Additionally, Defendant has attempted to prolong the eviction process in order to avoid public humiliation as an irresponsible tenant.”

Kenya's next court date is July 9th

VH1 Cancels "The Gossip Game"

'Gossip Game' Will Not Get Season 2

It looks like we won't be seeing another season of 'Gossip Game" which I'm not really suprpised since VH1 moved the show to an 11:PM time slot but the confirmation of this comes from Vivian Billings as she instagrammed this message over the weekend

However, Vivian says we won;t be seeing the last of her. She has big things coming up!

RIP Gossip Game: 2013-2013

Photo Exclusive: Flavor Flav's Clock At The Hard Casino In Tampa

A Photo Exclusive

I want to share a photo with you guys of Flavor Flav's clock which is now displayed at Hard Rock Hotel Casino in Tampa. Over the weekend, I went to Tampa for a weekend getaway. I went to the Hard Rock Casino and I had to take this picture. 


World Premier:: @KMichelle's New Video "V.S.O.P. #RebelliousSoul

"V.S.O.P." is available on iTunes now!

K. Michelle's upcoming album 'Rebellious Soul' will be in stores August 13th!

For more official K. Michelle news and updates:

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Weekly Recap: R&B Divas: Atlanta (Season 2) The Reunion Part 1

Season 2

R&B Divas: Atlanta
The Reunion PART 1

Brittany shares her thoughts the 1st of R&B Divas: Atlanta reunion show

Weekly Recap: Catfish (Season 2)- Episode 1

Season 2

Episode 1- RECAP

Ashley will be recapping on this season's Catfish episode premiered on MTV this week. Watch the video to see what she has to say about the 1st episode.

Weekly Recap: Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta (Season 2) Episode 10

Season 2

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta
Episode 10 RECAP

Ashley shares her thoughts on this week's episode.

Weekly Recap: Real Housewives Of New Jersey (Season 5) Episode 4

Season 5

Real Housewives Of New Jersey
Episode 4 RECAP

Ashley recaps on this week's episode.

Listen Here: The Morning Riot DJ's Grill Kirk Frost On Their Show

Kirk Gets Grilled

So everyone is not a fan of Kirk Frost right about now because of how he has been treaing Rasheeda on the show by telling her to get an abortion. He called in 107.5 Morning Riot Show to explain his side of the story and the DJ's wasted no time by grilling him.

“At that point in time, I said it, but did I really truly mean it? No!” However, he admits he was angry and having a baby was messing up their business. And in Kirk’s world, having a baby is only the woman’s responsibility. “A baby comes out a woman, it doesn’t come out a guy.” He admits he has no proof of her cheating, but he has no idea where her “private parts” have been. So is he cheating since he keeps accusing his wife? “At that point in time, no,” he says. Is he now? “That remains to be seen.”

Erica Mena Shows A Different Side To Her On MTV's 'The Show With Vinny"

Erica On 'The Show With Vinny'

'Love and Hip hop" star Erica Mena shows a different side of her as she guest stars on "The With Vinny" on MTV. We normally see her be all dramatic and be all violent on 'Love and Hip Hop" but she says that she is not a bad person. She also discusses about her son and growing up in foster care.

“I think that’s probably why I’m so misunderstood, too– because my ways of being are just kind of survival for me”

Get More: 

Watch It Here: Lala's Full Court Life (Season 4) Trailer

The 4th season of 'Lala's Full Court Life' premieres July 14th. Here is the official trailer.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rasheeda Releases "Hit It From The Back" Music Video

"Hit It From The Back" Music Video

Rasheeda has released the official music video for "Hit It From The Back" in which she was on set for on previous episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.

What do you think? 

Nikko Claims The BMW Stevie J Bought For Mimi Was A Rental

Nikko is speaking VladTV about the drama that happened at his video premiere party. In the video below, he says that Mimi has seen the video outside the show and feels she did not appreciated what he did for her. He felt like he got claims it's all for entertainment.

But the big tea is the video is about that BMW that Stevie J bought for Mimi during his video premiere party. He says that the white BMW was a RENTAL after two days the car went back..

Check out the video below. What do you think? it does seemed like Mimi did set him up with both her and Stevie wearing white and her inviting int he first place.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Watch It Here: Hollywood Exes (Season 2) Trailer

The 2nd season of "Hollywood Exes" returns July 8th with a new cast member Micka Lawrence. Here is the official trailer released by VH1.

Will you be watching?

Stacey Dash Gets Backlash For Defending Paula Deen On Twitter

Stacey Dash Receives Backlash.. Again

Once again, Stacey Dash is receiving backlash for yet another race driven drama. This time she is defending Paula Deen on twitter over her racist scandal. She says God does everything for a reason and only God judges her heart.

Here is the tweet.

Youtuber, Kingsley went in her over tweet and sure many others have too.

Flavor Of Love's Bootz Calls Buckeey A 'Love and Hip Hop' Extra?

Bootz Shades Buckeey?

Did Bootz (whose real name is Larissa) called Buckeey a 'Love and Hip hop"extra? Last night,  Bootz posted a message on her Facebook page after Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta aired and said that "all the extras need to go". The people who wrote on her timeline got the clue that she was stalking about Buckeey. If you didn't see the episode last night Buckeey (Shay Jonhson) and Erica Dixon got into it at Karlie Reed's hair opening party.  She also added that "someone needs to be embarrassed."  Someone did ask if she and Buckeey were still friends but the comment was deleted.

What do you think?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Rumor Mill: Rapper Saigon Joining "Love and Hip Hop: NY?

New Castmember?

Rumor Of The Week:  Love and Hip Hop: NY might be adding a new male rapper for its 4th season which is currently filming. 

According to

"Eye witnesses tell me that Saigon was spotted filming a scene at “Sylvia’s” restaurant out in Harlem this past Monday and Mona Scott Young was definitely there watching as everything unfolded. So how does Saigon fit into this whole “Love & Hip Hop New York” thing?"

Check one of his songs "Enemies"

Photos: Nene Leakes Re-Marries Gregg Leakes. Who Attended The Wedding?

Nene Gets Married... Again

Other Reality News: Nene Leakes is officially a married woman... again. Over the weekend re-married her husband Gregg Leakes in Atlanta. The event was filmed for her new spin -off reality show "I Dream Of Nene" which will premiere this fall on Bravo. Around four hundred guests showed up including her co stars Cynthia Bailey, Phaedra Parksm ,Kandi  Burruss and even Kim was there. It is said that Kenye Moore did not showed by here Walter Jackson was at the wedding. 

Other reality stars also included Jennifer Williams and Laura Govan of Basketball Wives. They were her bridesmaids.  Mimi Faust of Love and Hip hop: Atlanta was also there, Drea Kelly of Hollywood Exes and Omorosa just to name a few.

Check out the pics here

Sunday, June 23, 2013

TLC Does New Version Of "Waterfalls" and Left Eye's Family Is NOT HAPPY

Chilli and T-Boz Does New Version Of "Waterfalls"

Music News: Chilli and T-Boz has done a new version of their 1995 hit single "Waterfalls" to celebrate their 20th anniversary of the the music industry. But Left Eye's family is NOT happy with the new version. Why you ask? Chilli and T-Boz replaced Left Eye's part of the song with an Asian artist name Namie Amuro 

Reigndrop Lopes, who is Left Eye's sister, tells exclusively to TMZ that she is disappointed  with the new version. She says that she didn't know Chilli and T-Boz was going to do a new version of the song, leaving Left Eye out. Reigndrop also says her mother was 'shocked and hurt' because she felt that keeping Lisa in the song would honor her memory.

Do you think it was wrong for Chilli and T-Boz to leave out Left Eye in the new version?

Drew and Traci Explains The Sneaker Store Drama

What Really Happened?

Drew and Traci is speaking exclusively to Vlad TV about the whole ordeal with their sneaker store and how Drew was screwed over by his partner by giving him all that money. We didn't really know that much about what really happened. Many viewers speculated that he was setting Traci up or that whole storyline was fake. They are now sharing the full details in a video below. 

Drew reveals his partner has stores in various locations called "Stashouse Boutique" and his name is Poc. Traci also says the she has met him before and adds he  didn't want to be in the show. Hmmmm red flag right there. Drew says he had a contract pending with hims and conversations with him all recorded.

Check out the full video 

Weekly Recap: R&B Divas: Atlanta (Season 2) The Finale

Season 2

R&B Divas: Atlanta
The Finale RECAP

Brittany recaps on the finale episode

Weekly Recap: Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta (Season 2) Episode 9

Season 2

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta
Episode 9 RECAP

Ashley recaps on this week's episode

Weekly Recap: Real Housewives Of New Jersey (Season 5) Episode 3

Season 5

Real Housewives Of New Jersey
Episode 5 RECAP

Ashley recaps on this week's episode

Friday, June 21, 2013

Woman Claims She Was Raped At Ray-J's Home

Well this is interesting. A woman claims she raped and got pregnant during a house party at Ray-J's home.  The name of the woman has not been released by RadarOnline reports she filed a police report on June 11th but Ray J is not considered a suspect.

Here is what the site says:

“While at Ray Jay’s house, victim hung with suspect’s friends [unknown name]. The friend left after a few minutes and victim began talking to suspect one. Victim excused herself to use the restroom. Suspect followed victim into the restroom.
“As Victim was attempting to close the restroom door, suspect one forced the door open and entered. He approached victim and hugged her. Victim pushed suspect one away and said, ‘no, no.’”
“You don’t want to give me that,” the suspect is alleged to have said.
To which the victim said she responded: “No, I don’t even know you. I have a boyfriend.”
According to the woman’s version of events, the suspect continued to force himself upon her.
“He then turned her around and grabbed victim from behind and placed her hands on the sink,” the report alleges.
“Suspect held victim tightly with one hand and pulled her pants down with the other. He pulled her pants down to just below he buttocks and forced her to bend over. Suspect one then exposed his erect penis and had forced intercouse with victim. Suspect ejaculated inside victim as he did not use a condom.
“When suspect one finished, he pulled up his pants and walked out of the restroom without saying a word. Victim said she [was] disoriented afterwards and attempted to gather her thoughts. When she turned to exit the restroom, she saw suspect two on his knees in front of her."

OFFICIAL: Basketball Wives LA Will Be Back For A 3rd Season

Basketball Wives LA Will Be Back

I guess now we can officially squash the cancellation rumors. Brooke Bailey recently attended a private pool party at the Hollywood Hills and she spoke to blacktreemedia in a video and says that Basketball Wives LA WILL return for a 3rd season. However, who is going to be on the 3rd season has not been officially made yet.

Check out the video

Also Draya Michele posted a pic today of her reuniting with her Basketball Wives LA co-stars Jackie and Malayshia. 

Flavor Flav's Restaurant Re-Opens After One Day Of Eviction

Restaurant Re-Opens... For Now

It looks Flavor Flav is getting a break... for now.  TMZ has learned today that his restaurant has bee cleared to be re-open after just one day of getting evicted. Why you ask? TMZ reports that the attorneys weren't informed  about the eviction after the hearing had been held. So now the judge is postponing the eviction so the attorneys from both sides can have another hearing.  But now his restaurant is required to a monthly rent of $3,500.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Photos: K. Michelle Tweets Photo Of V.S.O.P Music Video

Photo: Instgram/ K.Michellemusic

Music News: Here is a sneak peek photo of the "V.S.O.P" music video in which K. Michelle tweeted in her instagram page the other day. She tweets the music video with be coming soon. "V.S.O.P" is the first official single off from her debit album "Rebellous Soul" which hits stores in July.

Flavor Flav's Restaurant Gets Evicted

Flav's Restaurant Gets Evicted

Flavor Flav is facing way too many problems nowadays. He is in court because of his baby mama for assaulting her back in October, he currently on "Couples Therapy" and now his restaurant business is facing eviction. His restaurant "Flav's Chicken & Ribs" which located in Michigan was faced with eviction this morning over a legal between Flav's business partners and the landlord. Early this month, the landlord sued his partners for accusing Flav's team for stiffing the property owner on more than 20,000 of unpaid rent this according to TMZ

TMZ has leaked out the eviction paper. 

Watch It Here: Lisa Raye and Stacey Dash Reunite For A New Movie

Lisa and Stacey Working Together Again

Lisa Raye and her former "Singles Ladies" co- star Stacey Dash is reuniting again in a movie called "Lapdance" If you remember Stacey was fired from "Single Ladies" over a possible dispute with Lisa Raye . Well , it looks like now they have buried the hatchet because they are working together again.

According to Necole Bitchie they both play strippers and it's about a woman who takes up stripping to make ends meat, but lives are changed forever. 

Here is a first look

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Buckeey Reveals Her "Love" For Flavor Flav Was Fake

Buckeey: I Just Wanted To Win

Shay Buckeey' Johnson has revealed in a new video interview with  Jasmine Brand that she was on "Flavor of Love; just to be relevant and to win the title. I'm not really surprised by this most of the VH1 dating shows were staged. However, I do think out of the Flavor of love girls New York actually had some feelings for Flav.

Here is what she said:

"It was a show and when I was on the show ‘Flavor Of Love’, I was trying to win the title as the winner. Because we were told during the taping that the longer you’re on the show the more relevant you will be. So we didn’t give a damn about Flav. ‘Flav you’re cool peoples,’ but it wasn’t about that. It was a show and I’m a very competitive person and I was trying to win the title. That’s it. Not him.”

In the interview, she also hints that she has a new boo and talks about her "Love and Hip Hop" cast mate Erica

Love it? or Hate it? Miley Cyrus Debuts Music Video For "We Can't Stop"

Is She Trying Too Hard?

Music News: Miley Cyrus has released the music video for her new single "We Can't Stop" which has an urban feel to it. The video fetaures big dancing teddy bears, a Jason like mask and of course she twerking in the video. But many folks have been accusing her of trying too hard too to be "hood". She is twerking and wearing grillz.  Do you you think she is trying too hard?  or experimenting a new style? Also what do you think of the video?

Kenya Moore Gets Evicted From Her Mansion

Other Reality News: I guess Kenya Moore isn't so "Gone With  The Wind, Fabulous" She has been evicted from her Atlanta mansion that she rented. A judicial decision is the cause of the the eviction.

Her former landlord states to Radaronline, that Kenya failed to pay 4,000 which is the total for rent in May. According to documents, she was $848 short of total. 

That's not the only thing, her neighbors have complained that she has not maintain keeping her property neat. Radaronline  says she has not maintain her pool, she has furniture stored outside and she kept her dog loose. Kenya Moore is now counter suing her landlord with wrongful eviction. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lil Wayne In Hot Water For Stomping On The American Flag In Music Video

Lil Wayne's American Flag Controversy

Music News: Lil Wayne is back in the new yet again, but this time is not another seizure. He is in hot water for stomping on the American Flag in the music video for "Goos Bless Amerika" He took to twitter to explain this situation. He says that he did not stomp on the flag on purpose .

You can check out the video here which has got in over 3,000 dislikes!

TMZ Leaks Out Head Butting Evelyn Pics

Head Butting Pics Leaks

Pictures of Evelyn all bruised up after her domestic dispute with Chad back in August has been leaked by TMZ. I'm not posting the pics because I think it's tacky and disrespectful. In the pics, she has cut wide open in her forehead. I just find it  convenient that these pics have leaked just Chad got released from jail yesterday for  butt- slapping his lawyer in court last week.

Click Here to view pics

Monday, June 17, 2013

Love it? or Hate It? Chris Brown F/ Aaliyah " Don't Think They Know"

Chris Brown's New Music Video

Chris Brown has released the new music video for his single "Don't Think They Know" which features the late Aaliyah. The song is about kids getting shot in senseless killings. In the video, you can clearly see Aaliyah is a hologram like form dancing in the background. 

Chad Johnson Gets Released From Jail

Chad Gets Released

It looks like Chad wont be spending 30 days in the slammmer. It was announced to today on TMZ that he was released from jail just one week after the infamous butt slap which pissed off the judge. I guess she now has a change of heart, she decided for him to be released but extended his probation until October 16th.

Friday, June 14, 2013

BET Launches New Reality Show Called "Hip Hop Sisters" Who's In It?

Hip Hop Sisters

Other Reality News: What do you get when you mix R&B Divas and Love and Hip hop" BET's new reality show "Hip Hop Sisters" At least that how I see based on my first impression. This summer BET is set air a reality show called "Hip Hop Sisters" which will be about the lives of sic female rappers relaunching their careers. MC Lyte, The Lady Of Rage, YoYo, Smooth, Monie Love and Lil Mama will be part of the cast.

Will you be watching?

Love it? or Hate it? Bruno Mars' New Music Video "Treasure"

Music News: Bruno Mars has released the music video for his new single "Treasure." When I first heard the song, I immediately thought of 70's Michael Jackson. What do you think?

Photos: NeNe's Spin Off Show 'I Dream Of NeNe'

'I Dream Of NeNe'

Other Reality News: So here is a first look photo of Nene's spin off show "I Dream Of NeNe' which is about her wedding. It was announced two months ago that Basketball Wives stars Jennifer Williams and Laura Govan will be on the show as her bridesmaids. In the photo, you can see Jennifer Williams. The show is expected to premiere early fall 2013 on Bravo

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