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Monday, October 31, 2011

VH1 Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween From VH1 Cast!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Basketball Wives L.A. Reunion Special To Air November 21 and 28th


“Basketball Wives LA” Season Finale Airs Monday, November 14 at 8 PM ET/PT
Two-Part Reunion Special Premieres Monday, November 21 And
Monday, November 28 at 8 PM ET/PT

Mob Wives in Halloween Costumes

Some pictures of the Mob Wives in Halloween Costumes! Season 2 will return in Jan 2012

Terrell Owens Did Not Attempt Suicide

TMZ Reported that T.O attempted suicide, but his rep confirmed the following:

Terrell Owens absolutely did not attempt suicide nor did he attempt to overdose on pills on Oct. 6, 2011.”
“The facts are that [T.O.'s assistant] arrived at his home that evening after he had already taken a sleeping aid to fall asleep. He was unresponsive because of this.” 
“Unaware he had taken a sleeping aid prior to her arrival, his assistant became concerned and decided to call 911.”
 “When the ambulance and police arrived, Owens was responsive and was not held in the hospital. Reports released with the 911 call today are misleading and not factual.”

La La Interview by VH1's Liz

Lala appeared at the Morning Buzz on VH1. Here is her interview.

Basketball Wives LA Episode 10 Sneak Peak

Check out the the 10th episode sneak peek of Basketball Wives L.A

Basketball Wives LA: Imani, Laura, Gloria at T.I's Event

Here are the Basketball Wives at T.I's Event showing off some clothing, books, and Ciroc
Looks like Imani gets along with Laura after all.

Jim Jones Confirms he was jumped in Harlem


Miss Info Caught up with Jim and he Says:

Screen shot 2011-10-25 at 9.22.06 PM

Love and Hip Hop Season 2: Jim Jones Proposed to Chrissy

Bossip Reports that Jim Jones Proposed to Chrissy:

A BOSSIP spy in Miami reports that Jim Jones finally went down on one knee and asked his long suffering girlfriend Chrissy Lampkin to marry him. We’re told that while Jimmy had a super romantic outdoor proposal planned, the rainy weather forced him to take it indoors. The happy moment went down on Tuesday night in the ballroom at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Miami, with the majority of the Love & Hip-Hop cast in attendance

Basketball Wives LA Gloria Govan Speaks about The Break Up

 Here is an excerpt From VH1 Interviewing Gloria about the break up:
I saw the news today about you and Matt, and I know your relationship has been shown a lot this season and we’ll see even more of what’s going on with you a the end of the season, but can you talk about your split?

Matt and I do have kids and we’re trying to be as cordial as we can right now and we’ll be in each other’s lives forever, but as relationships go, we have our ups and downs. It hasn’t been an easy ride moving across the country twice, having kids at 21 when I just graduated college, it hasn’t been easy. And now Matt has the lockout, so everything has been stressful with the breakup, the lockout, everything, it’s been a whirlwind. But we’re still friends and we’re still working things out and I wish him nothing but the best.

Love and Hip Hop Season 2's Kimbella PhotoShoot for Halloween

The newest cast member on Love and Hip Hop does a photo shoot with VIBE.  Kimbella is Juelz Santana long time girlfriend, and mother of his two kids. Watch the show on Nov. 14th

Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Baseball Wives" Debuts November 30th

Baseball Wives Press Release

Get ready for more Wives shows this fall.VH1 is set to premiere wives show "Baseball Wives" which will air November 30th. Based on the picture they look like Jersey Housewife rejects to me lol 

Here is the press release

These divas of the diamond make their pitch to be the next home run smash as they prepare for their rookie season this November on VH1. The cast of VH1’s Baseball Wives includes: Anna Benson (wife of Arizona pitcher Kris Benson), Tanya Grace (ex-wife of retired Chicago’s Mark Grace), Chantel Kendall (ex-wife of Kansas City’s Jason Kendall) and Brooke Villone (wife of big-league veteran Ron Villone). The inner circle of baseball wives proves to be challenging as the women cope with marriage, gossip and fame. With the baseball season being the longest in professional sports, the women count on their friends to be their emotional support while their husbands are on the road but sometimes a friend can be your worst enemy. Rumors swirl and friendships are tested among the professional athletes’ wives as they are forced to make emotional decisions, proving that their lives are often just like everyone else’s. This captivating group makes for an adrenaline-charged rush of excitement as they showcase their style, humor and fastball drama. Get ready, because the bases are loaded for this sure-hit new series. Baseball Wives premieres Wednesday, November 30 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.


Mob Wives 2 also premieres in November

Monday, October 24, 2011

Bret Michaels Teams Up With PetSmart

Bret Michael is teaming up with Petsmart to create rock outfits for pets.

Gloria Govan & Matt Barnes are Officially OVER

Matt Barnes has announced today that him, and Gloria Govan ended their relationship.
“I’d like to address the rumors surrounding mine and Gloria’s relationship. We have reached the difficult decision of ending our relationship and will be going our separate ways at this time. We will work together to raise our sons and wish each other only the best.”

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yandy Reveals how She got on Love and Hip Hop Season 2

Yandy's Interview with VIBE Reveals how she got on the new season:

"Originally, the show came about through an idea I pitched to VH1 called Keeping up with the Joneses about Jim. We shot a pilot for it, and it was great. VH1 wanted to see more, but, after a while, there were issues going on within the camp which didn’t allow for Jim to give what the network wanted. Stack Bundles got killed and Max B got arrested. When you’re taping a show, it’s not just the cameras are on you, you have to be at certain places at certain times to follow up with various storylines. At that point, Jim had too much going on in his life. I went to Mona for help because I didn’t want to lose the show at VH1. She had another show she was pitching to another network about the women behind the men in hip-hop. So I asked her if she work Jim, Chrissy and Jim’s mother into the mix. She came up with the idea of finding women who were in the hip-hop industry and sprinkle them around Jim so he’s not that overwhelmed and it could be a great show."

Courtney Stodden Shops Reality Show to VH1

Courtney Stodden Wants A Reality Show

If you don't know who Courtney Stodden is, she is that 17 year old chick that married that actor from Lost who is 51 years old. Well she is pitching her own reality show to networks like VH1 and MTV according to I knew there had to be reason why she married a 51 year old.

“I had so much fun at the meeting with VH1 and I can’t wait to meet with MTV people too so my reality show can really get going!” Courtney said.

Love and Hip Hop Yandy Compares Chrissy with Evelyn from Basketball Wives

Yandy Smith New Cast Member Compares Chrissy withBasketball Wives Evelyn Lozada:

Has the violence and high-ratings of “Basketball Wives” made cast members like Chrissy eager to fight this season?
 Yes, I still don’t know why the fight between Chrissy and Kim happened. It was crazy, like ‘Are you looking for an Evelyn moment right now? Stop.’

Love & Hip Hop Drama: New Castmember Yandy Smith Drops Jim Jones As A Client Reports :

Yandy's rep confirmed to that she indeed recently dropped Jim Jones as a client after working with him for 7 years.  The rep also said it was due in part to the on-going beef with Jimmy's girlfriend Chrissy.  Apparently the two don't see eye-to-eye on Jim's career and they beef constantly. 

Basketball Wives LA JAckie & Doug Interview by Bossip


Jackie Christie (Basketball Wives L.A) and her husband recently did an interview with bossip

Basketball Wives LA Episode 9 Sneak

Here is the sneak peek of episode 9 of Basketball Wives LA

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Check out the trailer for the 2nd season of Love and Hip Hop 2. The new season will air next month.

Royce Changes her Mind she is Coming back for Season 4 of Basketball wives

Royce has tweeted that she will be returning for season 4 of Basketball Wives after she tweeted last week that won't be returning.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Basketball Wives LA Draya Was involved with Laura's Man?


Reality Tea reports Draya was actually apologizing to Laura about getting involved with her man.

Reach Around Radio reports Gilbert is not denying these allegations. In fact, he claims that he even passed off Draya to a couple of friends, including Deshawn Stevenson. Classy. The radio hosts reveal that Gilbert may even be airing this dirty laundry on the reunion. If this story is true, you have to wonder why VH1 is skewing the program to make Draya seem like the ultimate victim. I am in no way saying that the women have any right to gang up on or bully any other cast mate. However, if Draya is guilty of diddling one of the other lady’s meal tickets, it’s a bit more understandable why she would be negatively on their radar. If this story is false, Draya may have quite the defamation claim…

Love and Hip Hop Season 2 Promo

Here is a promo of the 2nd season of Love and Hip-Hop which airs next month.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Meeka Claxton from Basketball Wives speaks about Season 3 Reunion

Meeka Claxton from basketball wives 3 speaks about the reunion show.

VH1 Tough Love Miami: Jane AKA Jei Accepting Her Letter Of Recognition F...

Jane AKA Jei - VH1 Tough Love Miami - CAUGHT!

Check out this hilarious of Jane Castro from Tough Love: Miami caught taking a number 2.

Mo & Kita Release Beauty Products " Define Your Pretty"

Press Release Info:
October 17, 2011 (New York, NY) – Two of television’s smartest and sassiest ladies are on a mission and want young women everywhere to hear their message. Creators, Executive Producers, and co-stars ofVH1’s The T.O. Show,” Monique “Mo” Jackson and Kita Williams have created a 501(c)3 non-profit empowerment campaign entitled, Define Your Pretty. Established to empower women from the inside out, the campaign encourages dialogue and analysis of the way women are portrayed in the media.

Bret Michaels Reality Shows In The Works

Bret Michaels reveals to that he has two new reality shows in the works. One show is called "Bret Michaels: Something To Believe In" and the other is a for a new VH1 show called "Stars Reborn"

Siggy Reveals Why " Why am I Still Single" is Different from Other Shows

Siggy Tells VH1 how Her show is different from the rest:

What do you think of other matchmaking and dating shows, how is yours different?
When people come to us, they’re already broken. We build them up, we do not break them down. Simply put. We build people up in a nice way. It’s all in the delivery of how we say it. That’s why we have the cameras there, people don’t know they’re talking about their eight cats. Our show is different because people are asking us for help, we don’t want to break them any more than they are. We don’t believe in bashing anyone. A lot of people think I’m phony, but you’ll see it, I have a temper, I’m real.

Sneak Peak Tonights Basketball Wives LA Ep. 8

Check out episode 8 sneak peek of  Basketball Wives L.A

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fantasia Barrino Is Having A Boy

Fantasia Is Having A Boy

Fantasia had  phone interview on the Wendy Williams show and she announced that she is on bed rest and she is having a baby boy. This will be her second child.

Tough Love's Leilani, Claudia and Jane Spotted At The Beach

Tough Love: Miami stars Leilani Dowding, Claudia Lopez and Jane Castro were spotted at the beach in Miami!

Check out more pics here

Tough Love's Leilani Dowding Talks About The Show and Divorce

Tough Love: Miami star Leilani Dowding who was nicknamed "miss Superficial" on the show did an interview with miaminewtimes. She talks about why she joined "Tough "Love", why she has trouble finding a man, her divorce and transitioning from London to L.A and being labeled a goldigger.

You are from London and live in LA. What do you think of Miami?
Leilani Dowding: I love Miami! I just love the weather. I love that you can do so much outside. When  I was living in England, I never thought I was an outdoors girl. I would always be inside. With the weather, there is just so much to do outside. When I am there, I love to go paddle boarding, wake boarding, and the beaches in Miami are like getting into a bathtub. When I was done with the show, my friends came down from England and we went out every night.

What made you want to do Tough Love in the first place? 
I have always been in a relationships. In England, I was engaged two different times. When I was in LA, I was actually married. He was also married to Raquel Welch before me, but that's a different story. After I split up with him, I have just been single. It wasn't hard for me to date guys, but it was really difficult to transition to something serious. I didn't know it was me or the culture difference, I just didn't know what was going on. So, I figured, why not?

Weren't you voted one of the hottest women in the world by FHM Britain? Really, you have a problem finding men?
I do! It's easy for me to meet people. I meet guys all the time, but it's hard for me to A.) meet someone I am really attracted to and B.) change it from dating to something more serious. I definitely needed help.

You were once married to Richie Palmer, the restauranteur, who is very wealthy. Have you ever been called a gold digger?
I have. But I was the one who wanted to get divorced from my ex. He just assumed I would want something from it and offered me a huge settlement. Because it was my choice, I didn't ask for anything. Because he is a lot older, people assume that yes, I was a gold digger. My ex husband was amazing and such a gentlemen. But he didn't want kids and I did. That is why we didn't work out. We are still friends and if he ever thought I was just out for money, he would probably never speak to me again.

Steve Ward said your ideal man is tall, handsome and rich. 
I actually said I like that is tall, good looking and successful. My definition of success I think is a lot different from other people.  I don't judge success by money. It's you achieving your goals and doing what you want to do in life. If you train for a marathon, do you finish the marathon? That is my definition of success. It is you being at your best and doing the best for yourself. A lot of people assume I am talking about money, but that is the God's honest truth. When I won Miss Britain in 1998, my question was just that, "What is success?" and I gave that same answer. 

We all watched your first official blind date on Tough Love was with George French from Miami Social. Did you recognize him?
No, I didn't. I had never watched it. 

On that date we and your date saw your topless modeling photos. 
It's nothing that I am ashamed of. Go on to Google-- anyone can find them. They are from my modeling days. But they have never been on my Facebook. I will yell at my sister all the time for things on her Facebook I know it's going to get her in trouble one day.  But for the first date with someone, it was quite embarrassing. How do you explain that to someone? And, they had told me he was a banker and he didn't look that cute in his photo, so I really didn't put that much effort into myself for that date.

You are in Miami a lot now. There are actually paparazzi photos to prove it. Are you and George still dating?
(Long pause) I am in Miami a lot. You know I can't say anything! You will just have to tune in and watch.

Who's the most and least crazy in the Tough Love house? Christine seems to be pretty sweet.
Well, she seems so now. But keep watching. I can't say me or any of the ladies weren't crazy. That's how we ended up on the show, right?

'Mafia Wife' author Lynda Milito Sues Mob Wives

According to reports Mafia Wife Lynda wants to sue VH1's Masterminds behind the series "Mob Wives."

Unfortunately the series have similarities with her book. Production Company say that the show was in developement way before her book. What will happen with Mob Wives if this Succeeds?

Basketball Wives LA Draya Talks About Royce

Draya gets interviewed By Sister 2 Sister Magazine. Remember when she said she loves Tami and Evelyn. She now reveals she talks to Royce, and loves her character.

Tracy: Do you speak to any women on the “Miami” cast?
 Draya: Actually, yes. I do talk to somebody. I actually talk to Royce [Reed]. I don’t like being compared to Royce because I don’t think we’re alike as far as personality-wise. I do like Royce’s character. To me, she stands up for herself and she’s ready to fight and do whatever. She gets down and dirty and she don’t just let them say whatever. We’re not alike, but I respect her a lot. We talk. She gives me advice and motivation to keep going.

Friday, October 14, 2011

VH1 Adds TRL Host to Big Morning Buzz Returns Oct. 17th



MTV Australia’s Former “TRL” Host, Jason Dundas Joins “Big Morning Buzz Live” As Pop Culture Correspondent

Single Ladies Star Travis Winfrey on Cover of KRAVE

Single Ladies Star Travis Winfrey in KRAVE magazine. Single ladies Returns next year on VH1

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kimbella Talks Love and Hip Hop Season 2

Kimbella who is the newest on the upcoming season of Love and Hip- Hop and talks about how she was approached to do the show.

How did you get involved with Love and Hip-Hop?
Love & Hip-Hop approached me. I guess you could say they scouted me. They asked me if I would like to be a part of the show. Ultimately, I decided it would be a great opportunity, so I signed up.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Meet the host of "Why am I Still Single"

"Why I"m Still Single will premiere this Sunday. Meet the host and the matchmaker that will these single people out. her name is Siggy Flicker.

House Of Consignment Coming To VH1 In January 2012

New VH1 Show Coming In January 
 “House of Consignment,” is a new 10 episode, half-hour reality series featuring Chicago entrepreneur and fashion maven Corri McFadden who’s out to improve the way women shop. Changing the face of the consignment world on a daily basis, Corri and her team of twenty-something fashionistas take in thousands of dollars of luxury brand items from their roster of high-end clients at her sleek, Lincoln Park retail store eDrop-Off. What began as Corri’s senior project in fashion design school, has turned her into a young and successful business woman and the owner of a booming multi-million dollar company

American Idol Star Randy Jackson Is Bringing Aptitude Test To VH1

VH1, American Idol’s Randy Jackson and Shed Media are teaming up to school celebrities about what life is in the real world for those who didn’t get their big breaks in “Aptitude Test” (working title). The one-hour series will premiere in 2012

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Relationship Rehab Coming to VH1?

TMZ Reports even though Celebrity Rehab is Now over. VH1 wants to keep Dr. Drew so they are working on a new show. TMZ says producers are thinking of a relationship rehab show. What do you know the top Name is Relationship Rehab.

LaLa on her Broadway Debut

Lala Talks about her Broadway Debut with OK! Magazine:

“I was nervous because it’s opening night and my family was there, my husband, my mom, my dad. Anytime family and friends are there, you have to do good and impress them. Once I got started, it seemed to go smooth.”

Project "Myammee" Trailer

So what's next for Myammee? She planning to launch her hair salon business. Check out this trailer.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Somaya Reece Video Blogs

Sneak Picture June Ambrose Project

Breaking News in the Juniverse! RT @VH1iNFO: Breaking News @juneAmbrose Project will Air Feb 27 2012 on @VH1!

June Ambrose Twitpic a Sneak Peak of The Show Air Feb 27, 2012

Send a Postcard from Shaunie O Neal

Evelyn's Breast Cancer Shirt " My Boobies are a Factor"

Get Yours Now ----> T Shirts 4 Sale

Evelyn Lozada Sues Media Take Out

Evelyn sues Media Take Out for releasing a false accusation of her and Terrell Owens having an affair!.

Kimsha Never Bashed Shaunie + It was a Fake Facebook Account

Kimsha reveals that she never basked Shaunie O'Neal. It was a fake Facebook account.

Kimsha Reveals Why she Left the show

"Some of the women that are on the show, they are not wives and the majority of them are but they’re not conducting themselves as such," Kimsha explained. "I don’t want to be affiliated with shenanigans and drama. The back and forth is uncalled for, childish and that’s just not me."

Kimsha Artest Quits

Tanya From Basketball Wives L.A Was the First to leave

Tanya Williams left the show after just two episodes because she didn't want to deal with the negativity

T.I's VH1 show is Not Reality is a Docu-Series

“I don’t like to call it a reality show because I feel like that undermines the integrity of the project. What we’re shooting is a documentary that offers viewers an inside look at all of the different facets of my life, most importantly me as a man and a father.”

Watch it on VH1 December 5, 2011

Behind the Scenes of Olivias New Song "Happened to Me"

Catch her on Season 2 of Love and Hip Hop November 14, 2011 on VH1

Jackie & Doug Christie Through the Years


Here are Pictures of Jackie Christie Through The Years.
Can we get an AWW?

Sean Young from Celebrity Rehab Dressed up as Catwoman on David Letterman

Actress Sean Young who was on the 5th season of "Celebrity Rehab" was on the David Letterman show dressed as catwoman.

Tough Love Miami's Leilani Spotted Walking Her Dog

Leilani Dowding Walks Her Dog in Miami

Leilani A.K.A Miss SuperFicial was spotted walking her dog.
 Should we Sing Lady Gaga Paparazzi?

Watch Tough Love Every Sunday Night on VH1

Jackie Christie "Basketball Wives LA" Gives Tips on How to Keep Marriage Blooming

Jackie Reveals  Tips to keep the marriage blooming:


Watch Basketball Wives LA Every monday at 8pm/7c on VH1

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