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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

'Dating Naked' Creator Howard Schultz Dies At 61

'Dating Naked' Creator Dies

Howard Schultz who is the creator of ABC's Extreme Makeover and recently VH1's  'Dating Naked' and 'Bye Felicia has died at the age of 61. Deadline reports he died while on vacation in Hawaii with his family. 

VH1 releases a statement

"VH1 is heartbroken to hear of Howard’s passing. Howard was a wonderful man, a true partner and a visionary producer. We will miss him,”

He also created the upcoming VH1 gane show 'Twinning' which will set to air summer of 2015

'Atlanta Exes' Star Torrei Hart Reveals Why She Joined and The Show and Speaks On Sandra Rose Beef.. LISTEN HERE

'Atlanta Exes' star Torrei Hart was on this week's Have A Seat radio and reveals what made her join 'Atlanta Exes' cast. She says the producers did not air her professionalism side and talks about her stand-up career as well as being an actress.

She also reveals she is now cordial with Tameka Raymond and speaks on her beef with blogger Sandra Rose when she bough up her kids.

Listen Here:

Rasheeda and Kirk Reportedly Fired From 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' ; Nikko's Wife Joining?

Rasheeda and Kirk Fired

It has now been confirmed that Rasheeda and Kirk have been let go from'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta season 4 making them the 3rd couple to be gone. Joining Benzino/Althea and Waka/Tammy. Have A Seat Radio initially spilled the tea two weeks ago, but it looks like it has now been confirmed.

There has also been new reports that Nikko's wife Margo is set to join the cast!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

UPDATE: Natalie Guerico Reveals The Man Who Stabbed London and He Gets Arrested

'Mob Wives' Stabber Arrested

The identity of the man who Natalie Guerico's boyfriend London Rene at a club in Brooklyn early this week has been revealed to be Rudy Lopez

Natalie tweeted that he is wanted for attempted murder. TMZ just reported that Rudy Lopez turned himself to the NYPD as both London and Natalie identified him

EXCLUSIVE: 'Bad Girls Club' Star Judi Jai Talks Season 13 and Confirms New Show

What's In Store For Judi In 2015

I did an exclusive interview with 'Bad Girls Club' star Judi Jai. She talks about her experience on 'Bad Girls Club: Redemption" saying she wasn't happy being on the show and wanted to leave. She also speaks some of her beefs she had on the show. She reveals that producers gave Rocky and Jada 'some slack" for the fuckery they did on the show. She confirms a new show coming to Oxygen.

'Bad Girls Club: Redemption' is coming to an end but I noticed it was only 10 episodes. Was this season intended to be short? -----

No. The season was suppose to be its normal length. Filming for about 3 months with 13/14 episodes and a 3 part reunion. I know it sounds very cocky... But when I went home the entertainment slowed down, and when Jada got sent home the show was a wrap. After Rima was so boring and not really bringing anything to the show, Production decided to wrap it up early and not waste anymore time or money flying out replacements to prolong filming. They literally stretched out Natalie and My stay as long as they possibly could with the footage that they had.

You were kicked out the house because you making "threats" to other girls. How do you feel about that?----

 It wasn't just the threats, I wasn't really happy there or having a good time. It's one thing to  be 21 and drinking and partying like I did on season 7 in New Orleans, but it's a completely different story when you are on a drinking restriction and all the girls around you are drunk and you aren't allowed to have hardly any liquor. Not saying you can't have fun without alcohol... But we all know I love to turn up. It was like putting a steak infront of a dog and not letting the dog eat it. At the same time, I'm a 25 year old grown woman. Getting my stuff destroyed and messed with was sooooo 2011 when I was new to this. It's childish and petty now. Some of us have brands now and have done more stuff outside of BGC. Why aren't we promoting that? At this point I have nice things. It just was NOT the same and I think THAT was my redemption and shows how much I have matured since my season. Producers kind of looked out for me. They knew I wanted to go home but also knew I  wasn't going to be weak about it and just leave. Being pushed to my limit was a blessing. They wanted me to get my sh*t together and come back to the reunion and stunt in a better mind frame. And that's exactly what I did :)

I know that a lot of stuff get edit out. Jada said in an interview that she piss on her body wash. Did that ever happen? and what else happened that we did not see on TV?----- 

Jada did infact pee in my bodywash. At this point the world knows she is a liar so I don't think I have to explain myself. But Danni, Camilla, and Sarah confirmed it. Including Rocky when she didn't defend it when I brought it up at the reunion. I don't know if that part will air. Jada was already escorted off stage by the time I got out There. It's a lot of stuff people won't ever get to see that happens. Let's just say Rocky, and Jada could've looked a lot worse than what was shown. Producers gave them some slack. But they letting it all air out on the reunion. You just won't see any clips. But listen closely to the arguments.

You, Dani, and Julie had a fallen out this season. Are you guys still not talking to eac other? You also had beef with Rima who came to house after you left. What was that about?----- 

Me DANNI and julie were never BEST friends. Me and DANNI were cool and me and julie were closer. Julie was like my BGC bff. We didn't see each other on a normal basis... Only when we were both in LA getting casted or hosting a special. We were friends though. Texts, phone convos, etc. I do not speak with julie anymore and danni every now and then. Rima Jada and Rocky made a video on Instagram talking crap about me natalie and Sarah before the reunion. In reply I said why is Rima talking she is irrelevant. I DID NOT KNOW RIMA enough to have beef with her. I met her once at a booking I did with her and christina while their season was airing. Rima just wanted to be known for something and now she will be known for sneak attacking someone who can't fight. Great redemption, Tina.

I recently saw you, Natalie, Sarah, and Flo at "The Boys Club" auditions. How was that experience? and are we going to see a "Bad Boys Club"?----

It is called BAD BOYS USA NOT bad boys club. Natalie has more info on that. She's the one that's hands on with that.

I also heard that you were asked to do another Bad Girls Club spin-off show soon. Any truth to that?----

Yes it's true. I was casted and sent in stuff for my reel. Can't speak much more about it. But it's not bad girls club related. But it is Oxygen and BUNIM Murray produced.

Is there anything else you are planning to do in 2015?----

More movies, more scripted roles, TV, expanding my brand. More traveling and perfecting my crafts. My radio show resumes on January 3rd, 2015. You can listen every Saturday on More charities...hopefully more endorsements.  I will also be finishing college. I only have about one year left. You can keep up with everything *me* at

Monday, December 29, 2014

Porsha Williams Gets Arrested For Speeding

Porsha Arrested For Speeding

Porsha Williams is behind bars yet again. It has been reported that she has been arrested for speeding. TMZ has obtained her newest mugshot of hers. Cops claimed she was driving with a suspended license. She was booked and bailed out of 1,726. This is her second time being in jail this year, the first time was reunion show this when Kenya called the cops on her when Porsha came for her at the reunion. 

'Sorority Sisters' Adrene Ashford FBI Story Is FALSE

Photo: VH1

FBI Story False

There was a story that came out last week from which is not affiliated with this blog that 'Sorority Sisters' star Adrene Ashford was an FBI informant. The story turned out to be misleading and she was NOT an FBI Informant. She does NOT know who the man is. It's our understanding that the story is not accurate and we apologize for any confusion.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Amina Buddafly Reveals She's Now Cordial With Tara and Plans To Release New EP Soon.. LISTEN HERE

Amina Buddafly Dropping New EP

Amina Buddafly was also on have A Seat Radio this week and she discussed the new season of 'Love and Hip Hop: NY , her relationship status with Peter and nee music.

A few things she revealed:

-Her sister on the show was her twin
-The cast is still filming season 5
-Her and Peter are in a 'weird space right now'
-She is now cordial with Tara after a new picture surfaced of them two together. 
-She is dropping a new EP in March

Listen here:

Tionna Smalls Says 'Bye Felicia' Copied Her MTV Show.. LISTEN HERE

Tionna Smalls Slams Vh1's 'Bye Felicia'

You might remember Tionna Smalls as the matchmaker on 'What Chilli Wants which ran for only two seasons on VH1. She was on Have A Seat Radio this week to talk about her new business book coming out. She was asked about her thoughts on the VH1 makeover show 'Bye Felicia' and she believes the producers got the idea off of her MTV show "Girl Get Your Mind Right"

If you have not seen "Bye Felicia". It's a show about two black women giving white women makeovers and present themselves. Tionna
Smalls also went in on Chilli still trying to look for a man as Chilli recently appeared on Bravo's 'Millionaire Matchmaker'. She reveals she was asked to do a 3rd season of "What Chilli Wants" but did not want do it because she was tired of her helping Chilli look for a man for two seasons. 

Listen Here:

Natalie Guerico's Boyfriend London Gets Stabbed In The Face At Nightclub

London Rene Stabbed At Nightclub

London Rene, who is the boyfriend of Mob Wives star Natalie Guerico, was hospitalized after being stabbed in the by man at a nightclub in Brooklyn last night. TMZ reports a man 'walked up to him with a box cutter' and stabbed him in the face. Natalie was there to witness it all. NYPD is now investigating the motive behind the stabbing but it's been said that London knows the guy who stabbed him The irony of it all is he tries to be the peacemaker on the show.

Natalie wrote on her Instagram page that he has to get 250 stitches. Now I'm not sure if the cast is still filming the show because if they are this will probably be shown.

Weekly Recap: Bad Girls Club: Redemption (Season 13) The Reunion PART 2

Season 13
Bad Girls Club: Redemption
The Reunion PART 2

Ashley Miller recaps on second part of the reunion show. Sarah was high on something.

Weekly Recap: Love and Hip Hop: NY (Season 5)- Episode 02

Season 5
Love and Hip Hop: NY
Episode 02 RECAP

Ashley Miller recaps on this week's episode of 'Love and Hip Hop: NY' Diamond did not tell Cisco that she has a daughter.. SMH

Weekly Recap: Real Housewives Of Atlanta (Season 7)- Episode 07

Season 7
Real Housewives Of Atlanta
Episode 07 RECAP

Ashley Miller recaps on this week's episode of Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Saturday, December 27, 2014

New Reality Show 'Preachers Exes' Is Being Shopped To Networks.. SMH.. TRIALER HERE

Preachers Exes

What do you get if you have reality show that is like a cross between 'Hollywood Exes' and Preachers Of LA'?.. 'Preachers' Exes' yep, you read it. There is a new ratchet bootleg reality show titled 'Preachers' Exes' that is being shop around to networks which is about the preachers' jumpoff. You can't get anymore ratchet than this.

Check out the trailer here

Friday, December 26, 2014

'Black Ink Crew' Season 3 Premieres In February 2015

Black Ink Crew Is Back!

Mark your calendars! The gang of 'Black Ink Crew' are back for a 3rd season.  Sassy confirmed on her Instagram page that the 3rd season will premieres February 16th on VH1.

In this new season will see that  big fight between Dutchess, Ceazer, Puma and his wife that happened back in Septmeber

Tahiry Jose's Attacker WILL NOT Get Charged For Attack

Tahiry's Attacker Gets Off

The man who attached former 'Love and Hip hop: NY star Tahiry Jose WILL NOT go to jail and be charged for attacking her back in September during a NY fashion show which left her wearing a neck brace. TMZ reports that the guy, whose name is Charles Suggs but striked a plea deal and won't be going jail, instead he will be going to anger management program and has been ordered to stay away from her at least five years.

Tahiry kinda responded on her Instagram page saying "This 2 shall pass"

Thursday, December 25, 2014

'Jersey Shore' Star J Woww Scores First Acting Movie Role In 'The Mint'

'Jersey Shore' star J Woww has landed a her first ever movie role. MTV reports she will in a movie called "The Mint" and  she will be playing a character name Vicki who is i a rocky relationship with her x who inherits  record company after his parents dies

The movie will be released in 2015. She has done acting before appearing in the soap 'One Life To Live. Her reality show with Snooki "Snooki & J Woww' is in its final season. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Erica Mena Confirms This Season Will Her Last On 'Love and Hip Hop: NY'

"This Season Will Be My Last"

Erica Mena has confirmed in a new local interview that this current season of 'Love and Hip Hop: NY' will her last. She says she working on new better things in 2015. she confirms that she marry Bow wow in the spring and she will also going back studio working with artist Lumidee. She was also asked if there will be an Erica Mena spin-off show and she says 'it's a possibility'.

There also tea from that she will be switching over to 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' since Bow wow lives there.

Watch here:

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

'LHHATL' Star Kaleena Harper Gives Birth To Her Baby Boy

Kaleena Welcomes New Son

Last season on 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta'  Kaleena announced that she was pregnant with her second child with tiny Vick and the doctor told her  she was due around Christmas time.  She announced on Instagram recently that she gave birth to a baby boy

"It's been real! Had fun growing baby #2 blessings! ! Feels like the prefect age the prefect love etc.. Can't wait to kiss my little baby! ! And record while he's on my chestSnap back gonna be serious ALL baby! ! Baby is 7lbs"

What's Trending: Diamond Strawberry Gets Dragged On Social Media For Saying Her Daughter Was Her Dog

What's Trending:
Diamond Calls Her Daughter A Dog

Diamond Strawberry got drugged all over social media last night after it was reveals on last night's episode of 'Love and Hip Hop: NY" that she did not tell cisco that she had daughter and she has been seeing him for two years, yet she has never gone to his place. But the shocker is she lied and told him that her daughter was her dog when she almost got caught.

Here are some of tweets from viewers

Stevie J Heads To Rehab After Failing Ten Drug Tests

Stevie J Ordered To Rehab

Stevie J has been ordered to rehab after he failed ten drug tests for marijuana and cocaine, Pagesix.xom reports he tested positive for both coke and marijuana 10 times between June and December and now has been placed in a 30 day drug rehab program which I'm sure it will be played out in the fourth season of 'Love ad Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Stevie J is also dealing with the child support which he failed to pay 1.1 million in back child support. 

Monday, December 22, 2014

What's Trending: Black Twitter Goes In At Nene Leake's Blonde Wig

What's Trending
Nene Leakes' Blonde Wig

On last night's episode of Real Housewives Of Atlanta, black twitter has ALOT to say about Nene Leakes' blonde wig she had in one of her confessionals. Some people compared her wig to that of singer Sia. Some hilarious meme also popped up, one including Hulk Hogan.

Here are some of the comments

R&B Divas' Star Meelah Williams Talks Colorism and Today's Music Industry.. LISTEN HERE

Meelah Williams Talks Colorism and Today's Music

In an exclusive interview with Have A Seat Radio last week, R&B Divas: Atlanta star and the lead singer of 702, Meelah Williams revealed that she faced colorism issues while she was in 702 back in the 90's. She says that her photos would get lighten by photographer. She says that she loves being a dark skin woman and also talks about today's music industry and how sexualize it is now.

She is now working on a solo album and she says she is NOT sure if R&B Divas: Atlanta will come back for another season.

Listen Here:

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Model Tyson Beckford Says He Turned Down 'Love and Hip Hop' Offer But Wants To Be The Reunion Host

Tyson Beckford Shares Thoughts On 'Love and Hip Hop'

Male model did a recent interview with VH1 and he revealed his TV guilty pleasure is watching 'Love and Hip Hop' with his chick. He says he knows some of the people on the show and was offered to be on on the show but he turned it down ( good move). But he did say he would love to the reunion host and ask the cast some questions. I say Mona, hire him!

Watch here:

Weekly Recap: Mob Wives (Season 5)- Episode 03

Season 5

Mob Wives
Episode 03 RECAP

Ashley Miller recaps on this week's episode of 'Mob Wives'. Karen finds out Storm has been cheating on her. Big Ang gets advice from Victoria Gotti. Next episode returns January 7th.

Weekly Recap: Bad Girls Club: Redemption (Season 13)- The Reunion PART 1

Season 13

Bad Girls Club: Redemption
The Reunion PART 1

Ashley Miller recaps on part 1 of the Bad Girls Club: Redemption reunion show. Natalie announces that she is pregnant, Sarah and Rocky get into it.

Weekly Recap: Love and Hip Hop: NY (Season 5)- Episode 01

Season 5

Love and Hip Hop: NY
Episode 01

Ashley Miller recaps on this season 5 premiere of 'Love and Hip Hop: NY'

Weekly Recap: Real Housewives Of Atlanta (Season 7)- Episode 06

Season 7

'Real Housewives Of Atlanta
Episode 06 RECAP

Ashley Miller recaps on this week's episode of Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Saturday, December 20, 2014

HOT TEA: Joseline Gets 'Allegedly' Suspended From Appearing On 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta"?!

Joseline Suspended?

Some hot tea about Joseline was spilled today from Tami exclusively reports in her blog that she had lunch with people who knew Mona Scott Young and one person told her that Joseline had been suspended from the show and has not yet filmed any scenes for season 4 which is already been filming. She says Joseline has been allegedly suspended because of the reunion fight last season which got Benzino and Althea fired.

She also went on to say that the mansion Stevie J and Joseline was living in was actually owned by her friend!

Here's what she says:

"We were discussing reality tv and the new controversial show Sorority Sisters when the subject came up about Mona Scott Young being the producer of the show or not. We were all debating about that topic and that’s when we got on another topic and it was unveiled that “allegedly” reality star Joseline Hernandez was suspended from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta after fighting on the reunion show! My source went on to say that she has NOT filmed any scenes with any of the other cast members and has been put on lock down! Although they fired Althea and Benzino for what reason I don’t know but they played down the fact and kept it hush that Joseline has been indeed suspended till further notice! They have started production already and I know this for a fact. I remember seeing Mimi’s clothes laid out in her home with outfits that she had to film in for the week. Plus she told me they had started taping again. You guys know that Joseline and Stevie J has since moved out of that big mansion too that they were filming in and renting right? That mansion actually is owned by a friend of mine. They never owned it and only lived there for a few months. Thats what I tell you guys about smoke and mirrors! Plus dont Stevie J owe lots of back child support for all those kids? I dont think they will be buying any mansions no time soon."

Friday, December 19, 2014

Yung Berg Responds To Abuse and Gay Allegations On Breakfast Club.. WATCH HERE

Yung Berg Talks Abuse and Gay Rumors

'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood" star Yung Berg is finally speaking out about the abuse and gay allegations on The Breakfast Club today. Angela Yee asked him the abuse allegations with Masika and he says that there was 'no abuse' he credit card rumor is not true and he says 'someone from the hotel called the police not Masika'

He also speaks out about Ray-J's manager calling him out for being gay on Instagram he says Ray-J put his manager up to saying he was gay because Ray-J felt some kind of way that Yung Berg was woeking with Teairra Marie producing her song "Deserve"

Watch Here:

CELEB: Azealea Banks Breaks Down Talking About Iggy Azalea and Black Culture. WATCH HERE

Azealea Banks' Hot 97 Interview

Female Azalea Banks did a controversial interview with Hot 97 where she talked about her issue with Iggy Azalea and white artists stealing black culture. We all know she has been beefing with Iggy and T.I n twitter for quite some time. In the interview she says that she is 'misunderstood' 

I definitely have some really strong opinions and some really strong things to say about things, but I’m never trying to force my opinion.”

She also accuses Iggy of jacking Nicki Minaj's style and calls out the Grammys for putting Iggy in the rap category. She also breaks down in the interview.

“When they give these Grammys out, all it says to white kids is, ‘You’re great. You’re amazing. You can do whatever you put your mind to.’ And it says to black kids, ‘You don’t have shit. You don’t own shit, not even the shit you created yourself.’ And it makes me upset.”

Watch here

VH1 Responds To 'Sorority Sisters' Backlash

"We're Not Cancelling The Show"

VH1 has now responded to the backlash 'Sorority Sisters' has been getting all week. There was even a petition that started which had 60,000 signatures to cancel the show because it showed African-American sororities in a bad light.

The the statement via e-mail the network they have no plans to cancel the show which scored 1.3 million viewers this past Monday.

There are currently no plans to change the series and it seems to be connecting with its audience,”“Due to the confidential nature of our agreements with ouradvertising  partners, we never speak to specifics about clients and their media plans,” she added. “But we do enjoy successful, long-term  partnerships with our advertisers and are happy to honor any requests  to move spots to other parts of our schedule.”

Thursday, December 18, 2014

PICS: Old Photo Of Yandy Smith and Mona Scott Young Before The Fame Surfaces

Yandy and Mona Before The Fame

What a difference having money makes. A old photo of  'Love and Hip hop's Yandy Smith and creator Mona Scott Young surfaced on the net recently. If you don't know Mona and Yandy go WAY back which is why Yandy is the main chick on the show now but damn! Mona looks unrecognizable.

Shay Johnson (Buckeey) Is Returning To 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta'

Shay Johnson Returning For Season 4

Watch out Bambi and Erica Pinkett!, the original side hoe is back. shay Johnson a.k.a Buckeey will be back on 'Love and Hip hop: Atlanta season 4 which is currently filming as we speak. Have A Seat Blog exclusively reports that she has already filmed scenes for the new season.

Last season, her scenes were cut by Mona Scott Young. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera Leaving 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta'; Kaleena Gets Upgraded

Tammy and Waka Leaving Show

Another 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta couple won't be season 4 and that is Tammy and Waka Flocka and its because of their new upcoming spin-off "Meet The Flockas" which will air in 2015, Have A seat Blog exclusively reports.

Kaleena, who was a recurring cast member last season,  will also be upgraded to regular cast member status for season 4 according to Have A Seat radio this week. It has also been rumored that Rasheeda and Kirk have been dropped. 

K. Michelle Slams 'Sorority Sisters' Calling It 'Inappropriate '

K. Michelle Slams 'Sorority Sisters'

VH1's new show , 'Sorority Sisters', continues to get baclkash. K. Michelle is the latest to slam the show in a recent radio interview she did. K. Michelle, who was a member Delta Sigma Theta calls the show 'Inappopriate' and does not agree with Mona Scott Young's idea of the show.

Watch here:

Advertisers such as Honda, Crayola, Carmex ahve pull out from airing commercials of the show. 

New 'Bad Girls Club' Spin -Off Is In The Works

Another 'Bad Girls Club' Spin-Off

It looks like Oxygen is working on yet another 'Bad Girls Club' spin-off and this time it might be about the girls and their families. Camilla tweetd a few days ago that the network asked her to do another spin-off show with mother but she turned it down.

Apparently, Judi will be joining this spin-off show which starts filming in February, according Jaron Alexander who met her recently

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