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Friday, December 31, 2010

VH1 Shows Of 2010: Year In Review

Year In Review

Lets take a look back at this years VH1 shows. I created a video of 14 shows that aired this year.  This year was VH1's weakest year and i am sure you agree. VH1 had the lowest ratings compared to their previous years. 

So here are my thought on this years VH1 shows.

Frank The Entertainer... A Basement Affair:  We start off  with The Entertainer's dating show which was the  first 2010 show to air this year. I had such high hopes for this show. It was funny but it wasn't VH1's most popular dating show. This show had really low ratings and they also should have casted  some Jersey Shore girls.  Then In November Gary Meresca passed away. R.I.P  Rating: 6.5/10

Brand & Ray-J: A Family Business: One of VH1's popular shows this year was Brandy & Ray-J. This show was a spin off of For The Love Ray-J, The show focused on the Norwood family. This show was average for me. Now this show is in its 2nd season. Rating: 7/10

Fantasia For Real:  Fantasia's show debuted in January of this year. This show was okay for me. Season 2 was slightly better than season 1. Rating: 5/10

Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch: Another dating show that aired this year was Chad Ochocinco; The Ultimate Catch. This show was pretty good. It was different than the other VH1 dating shows that have aired but once Rubi won, nothing happened because Chad was already with Evelyn from Basketball Wives. Rating: 8/10

I Love Money 4: I was shocked when VH1 decided to finally air i Love Money 4 in September.  Even though VH1 did hardcore editing, the show was still pretty good. The show also did pretty good in the ratings for a no promo show. It became VH1 2nd  top rated show. Rating: 10/10

Tool Academy 3:  Another great  VH1 show this year was Tool Academy 3. It was also the co-ed season. This season had the most drama and fights. Now the U.K is doing their own version of the show. Rating; 10/10

Football Wives:  So this year VH1 started a trend with these Wives shows due to the success of Basketball Wives. Just because Basketball Wives was a success does not mean the other Wives will be too. Football Wives did not due so well. The ratings were horrible and i lost interest in this show quickly. We will see how Mob Wives will turn out.  Rating: 4.f/10

You're Cut Off:  You're Cut Off was the best new VH1 show this year by far. This show is like a mesh between Charm school and Bad Girls Club. it was really good. can't wait for season 2. Rating: 10/10

Basketball Wives: Another popular show this year was Basketball Wives. I thought this show was going to do bad but it turned to be one of the highest rated shows of the year. Now season 2 is airing. Rating: 9/10

Scream Queens 2:  The 2nd season of Scream Queens aired this year. It was really good. I enjoyed it but Gabby's role on Saw 3D  sucked. Rating: 7/10

Bret Michaels: Life Ad i Know It:  This show turned out to be boring. I couldn't keep up with it. Rating: 3/10

The Price Of Beauty: This was an interesting  show. It had an interesting concept. Jessica Simpson and her two friends traveling around to find out people's views on beauty. I won't mind if this has another season. Rating: 6/10

What Chilli Wants:  This show was just average. We will see if Season 2 is better. Rating: 5/10

Money Hungry:  This show turned out to be really funny. It was produced by 51 minds. At first I was not interested since it was yet another weight loss show. Rating: 8/10

I Hope 2011 Will Be A Better Year 

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hoopz & Shaq Still Together

Here is a video of Shaq recating  to getting fined  $35,000. is alo reporting that his he is still with Hoops since VH1 broke the story that they broke up.

Mr Boston iPad Give-Away Question Contest

Mr. Boston is doing an iPad give away contest . All you have to do is send him a funny question and if he picks your question you will the iPad for free.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Brittanya Beat Up A Woman With a "Pimp Cup"

So early this week, VH1info posted Brittanya's tweet that she was going to jail for 6 months. People have been asking me what for?

Well the reason why she is going to jail for 6 months is because she got into an altercation with female model back in November of 2008 and she beat her up with a.... pimp cup.  I think that is the reason on why she went to court during Charm School 3 l and why it took so long for VH1 to air I Love Money. 4.

She pleased guilty with a felony assault and misdemeanor charge.

Why are these VH1 and MTV realty stars so out of control?


BasketBall Wives Tami Romans Daughter Raps

A video was posted on worldstarhiphop of one of Tami Roman's daughters rapping.

Basketball Wives Sneak Peek: Gloria Confrontation With Shaunie & Evelyn

VH1 TV Shows | Music Videos | Celebrity Photos | News & Gossip

Basketball Wives 2 returns this Sunday. Watch the sneak peek of the new episode.

The Memoir Of a Flava Flav - Coming March 2011


 Flavor Flav will release a memoir called "Icon" in March. Published by Farrah Gray Publishing, the book, which has been listed on, will be a 264-page account of everything Flav, from his early days in Public Enemy to his recent years as a VH1 reality-TV star.


BasketBall Wives' Glorias Sister ( Laura Govan) Abandoned With Kids & No Money

Gilbert Arenas, playing for the Wizards before his trade to Orlando in December.Basketball Wives Gloria And Laura Govan

A representative for Govan - yes, there are reps involved this time - told The Washington Post that Arenas has cut off communication and funds from her and their three children.Govan, who is four months pregnant with their fourth child, "has not heard from Arenas the whole month of December," said publicist Laura Wright in an e-mailed statement. "Govan and the children feel like they have been abandoned."
Wright - who has worked for Govan's sister Gloria and her fiance, Los Angeles Lakers forward Matt Barnes - said that Govan was left at their Great Falls home "with no money to purchase food or Christmas gifts."

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hot Wings Goes Natural with New Hair

I Love Money Star Hot Wings Cuts Her Hair ShortI Love Money Star Hot Wings Cuts Her Hair Short

What Do you think of her hair?

VH1's " Love & Hip Hop Cast" New Member Revealed

Heres Somaya Love and Hip Hop cast Member With another cast member. Her Name is Mashonda No Details on her role as of yet. but keep updated with her on Twitter @mashondavibe

Monday, December 27, 2010

VH1axxess Awards: Best Comical VH1 Star Of 2010: The Nominees....

Banner Maker

We have four more categories to go. This week is Best Comical VH1 Star of 2010. These 6 VH1 stars made us laugh.

The Nominees:

Erica - (You're Cut Off)
You're Cut Off would have not been that funny without Erica Rose.  She had this weirdness thing about her but it came off funny. She also called Gia "Birthday Penis"

Tara- (Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch)

Tara won Best New VH1 Star of 2010. Will she win this one. Like I said before Tara reminds me of Ashley from Rock Of Love Bus with her funny sarcastic comments on the show.

Phillip- (Money Hungry)

Hands down Phillip was the funniest person on the show. 

Jessica- (You're Cut Off)

Another funny girl on You're Cut Off was Jessica Cimato. Her commentaries were hilarious.

Marcia- (I Love Money 4)

Marcia already won two awards, will she win this one. Just like with her other VH1 shows, she bought humor to I Love Money 4.

Tommy - (Tool Academy 3)

He might be underrated, but he is the most funniest tool of all of the three seasons.


Winner Will Be Announce On January 2nd, 2011

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Rock Bash With Sinister and 6 Gauge

Daisy Of love stars 6 Gauge and Sinister are both doing an event called Rock Bash this Tuesday December 28th, 2010. . Drink specials will also be served at Chill

Celebrity Rehab 4 - Episode 6 Recap

Celebrity Rehab 4 - Episode 6 Recap

Summary Of episode 6
As the patients reach the half way point in treatment and the fog of addiction begins to dissipate, they become aware of the damage drugs and alcohol have done to their loved ones. Jason Davis and Jason Wahler scheme to escape the unit, but their plans backfire and the police become involved.

Best VH1 Fight Of 2010: The Winner Is....

Mamacita VS Marcia - 37.0%
Hot Wings VS sassy - 33.3%
Jennavecia VS Dayna - 14.8%
Flossy VS everyone- 11.1%
Suzie VS Sandra - 3.7%
Dana VS Renee- 0.0%

Congrats to Mamacita and Marcia VH1's Best Fight of 2010 on I Love Money.

Next Category:
Best Comical VH1 Star of 2010

2010 Winner List:

Best VH1 Male Reality Star Of 2010: Chi Chi (I Love Money 4)
Best VH1 Female Reality Star Of 2010: Heartbreaker (For The Love Of Ray-J 2)
Best VH1 Breakout Star Of 2010: Tara (Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch)
Best VH1 Celebrity Of 2010: Bret Michaels (Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It)
Best VH1 Duo Of 2010  Feisty/Marcia (I Love Money 4)
Best VH1 HBIC Of 2010 - Heartbreaker (For The Love Of Ray-J 2)
Best VH1 Winer Of 2010 - Mindy ( I Love Money 4)
Best VH1 Fight Of 2010 - Mamacita VS Marcia ( I Love Money 4)

Brittanya Sentenced 6 months in jail

Brittanya has been sentenced to 6 months in jail. 

Good luck Brittanya and its Christmas...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

VH1 " The X Life" Trailer

VH1 TV Shows | Music Videos | Celebrity Photos | News & Gossip

Here is the trailer to VH1's new show The X Life

Tami Roman and VH1′s “Basketball Wives” Prove to be a Winning Combination

The premiere of “Basketball Wives” and the feisty Tami Roman proved to be a winning combination for VH1.  This season’s return of the hit show, marks the return of Tami Roman to the genre of Reality TV that made her famous.  Tami  is the most famous of the cast, having had the longest running career of any reality star. She is one of the few reality stars who found success in the mainstream entertainment industry, so it’s clear why VH1 chose her for this season of “Basketball Wives”. What is not yet clear is exactly how much drama adding her to the cast is gonna bring.                


Football Wives's Dawn Neufeld Reports From The Krave Magazine Featuring Shawn Marion

Football Wives star Dawn interviews Shawn Marion .

Celebrity Rehab 4's Janice Dickinson Radio Interview

Celebrity Rehab 4 cast member Janice Dickinson does a radio interview and she talks about the show.

VH1's New York Shoots For Tightrope Magazine

Tiffany Pollard a.k.a New York does a photo shoot for Tightrope magazine.

Brandy's Daughter wants an iPHONE4 & Blackberry

Brandy's daughter who is now 8 years old does not want toys for Christmas, she wants an iPhone 4 AND a Blackberry.

"I got her list, and it is ridiculous. When she believed in Santa, she had a smaller list, but now that she knows I'm Santa Claus, she went crazy. Now, she wants a Blackbery and an iPhone 4. It's like, 'Little girl, you are 8, and you're asking for a Blackberry?'" she tells 


Basketball Wives Star Royce Reflects on her actions in Season 1

Royce Reed reflects on how she acted on the 1st season of Basketball Wives.

“I look at the show as kind of being like a mirror,” she said during a phone interview in December. “I definitely saw what I looked like last season and I realized that, even though I am a free spirit and I am still that person, I have to be more cognisant of my actions and what I do and say.”


Fantasia's boyfriend Antwaun Cook was legally separated earlier than wife claimed, judge reportedly rules

Fantasia Barrino

Antwaun was separated from wife Paula Cook as of Sept. 14, 2009, a North Carolina judge has determined. In filing for divorce, Paula had claimed she and Antwaun were together until June 2010, and had therefore targeted the "American Idol" winner as a homewrecker. Adultery is still a crime in North Carolina


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It and Mario Lopez: Saved By The Baby - Episode Recaps

Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It - Finale Recap

1st season of Life As I Know It comes to an end.

Summary Of The Finale
It's Kristi and Bret's anniversary and Bret has big plans but is Bret ready to take the next step in his relationship with Kristi and finally propose? After sixteen years Kristi has been through a lot with Bret and just might be ready to throw in the towel. In the end decisions will be made that will change the Michaels family forever.

Mario Lopez: Saved By The Baby - Episode 8 Recap

Summary Of Episode 8
Mario heads to Vegas with some of his boys to present at a big boxing event. Courtney is left behind.... again..... but this time it's a week from her due date and she can pop at any moment! Mazza and her mom give Mario a big guilt trip but that doesn't stop him from enjoying one more boys night out. Mazza's worse fears come true when she does in fact go into to labor while Mario is hundreds of miles away!!

Brandy & Ray-J and Football Wives - Episode Recaps

Brandy and Ray-J: A Family Business 2 - Episode 3 Recap

Summary Of Episode 3
Brandy is ready to get back into the dating world and with the help of her best friend Shay, prepares for a blind date. But when the date gets stranger and stranger, she's left wondering if this is the guy for her. Meanwhile, an unexpected woman shows up at Ray's door and offers him something he's never had before...

Football Wives - Finale Recap

1st season of Football Wives has come to an end.

Summary Of The Finale
The women start out for a week of fun in NYC. Old tensions with Pilar get the best of Chanita. Melani tries to mediate but sparks fly as Dawn, Chanita, and Amanda try one last time to hash out grievances. Some wounds run too deep causing Dawn to break down and Chanita to unleash on the women. They are left uncertain if being football wives is enough to keep them together.

Basketball Wives 2 - Episode 2 Recap

Basketball Wives 2 - Episode 2 Recap

Summary Of Episode 2
Fallout over Suzie and Evelyn's argument has Suzie on the run to an unexpected source....GLORIA! Also, Tami reintroduces her daughters to father Kenny Anderson after many years apart.. We also see  Royce's new boyfriend Dwayne who is a photographer and Suzie wants to pursue a career in hosting.

Shaunies's Side of Basket Ball Wives Episode 2

Our quick-hit commentary with Shaunie O’Neal on various issues and scenes that come up inBasketball Wives continues. Below, Shaunie talks about sharing the world (and the screen) with her boyfriend, Marlon Yates. She also talks about her sense of the state of Jennifer Williams‘ relationship…

Regarding her comment on Sunday’s episode about not wanting to get into anything “too serious” with Marlon…
“I would now put it in the serious category. I think that we just took it slow, which is something that was real important to me. I think that now I can say that we’re completely exclusive.”

On relating to Jenn’s marriage problems…
“I think everybody’s situation is a bit different but I felt for Jenn just because you could feel and see the wear and tear that her relationship and her all around unhappiness was taking on her. It was really difficult to just watch. There’s nothing you can do to help and nothing you can do but just be there and be supportive and that’s what we all tried to do. You just want to shake her and go, “Jenn, I don’t know what you wanna do or what your decision is about this but could you just make a decision? If it’s to stay, stay if that’s what you want. If it’s to go, go. But whatever it is, just make a decision for you so we get to see you smile and see you happy at some point.”

Regarding why Jenn won’t let go…
You just feel like you got into this thing because: A) You love this man, B) You got in it for the long haul, you wanted to make it work and be a success at being a wife in a marriage. I totally understood that and it can be embarrassing. You just don’t want anybody to judge you, which of course everybody does. I totally understood where she was coming from, but at some point you gotta think about yourself and kind of forget everybody’s opinion or what they might think or assume or whatever. You gotta get you together.

VIBE Magazine Teams Up With TV Personality La La Vazquez For A Twitter Contest

The lunch will start at 1:00pm at Fiver Children Foundations offices, 519 Eight Avenue (at W. 36th street), 24th Floor NYC 10018. Press is invited for photo opps with La La Vazquez from 1230pm – 130pm.

The “Power Lunch with La La” Twitter contest invites participants to answer the question “What Makes You Powerful?” Contestants ages 18 -30 can tweet a two minute video answering the question to @LaLa & @VibeMagazine. VIBE Magazine and La La will review each video and select ten tri-state area winners to join her in NYC for a Power Lunch.


Dr. Drew Apologizes to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

So Dr. Drew Apologize for the Comment He made about Angelina & Brad Pitts Marriage  check out what he said
I do not know Brad or Angelina (and) I certainly don't want to be saying things that could be perceived as hurtful for them, or harmful for them in any way," Dr. Drew explains.


VH1 Mob Wives Starts Filming after the Holidays + Cast Member Revealed

Karen Gravano (one of the cast members)

The daugther of legendary Gambino turncoat Salvatore (Sammy Bull) Gravano stars in a new mob reality show - and that's not sitting well with relatives of her dad's victims.
Karen Gravano has started shooting for "Mob Wives," set to possibly air next year on VH1.
In one scene, she receives a well-timed prison phone call from her father, who is serving 20-years for Ecstasy trafficking, a preview copy obtained by the Daily News shows.
Gravano, 38, is one of five women tracked on the show - the other four in the preview video are actual wives; she's the only daughter.
Relatives of her 65-year-old murderous father's 19 victims say she should keep her mouth shut - and her face off TV.
"She grew up a little spoiled brat on blood money," said Jackie Colucci, whose slain brother Joseph was Salvatore Gravano's first victim in 1970.
"She should be ashamed that her father is a murderer and a drug dealer. I would be ashamed and crawling in a hole and staying out of the limelight.
"We're the victims. My brother's kids grew up without a father."
Karen Gravano's connection to the show is all part of an effort to reinvent herself. The self-proclaimed "aesthetician and makeup artist" hopes to open a beauty business.
Gravano said her dad's notorious past is his past - not hers.
"As far as the situation with my father, for the last 20 years I've always had that attention so it's nothing new," she said. "I'm trying to get out of that shadow."
"I'm sure it's going to be a good show," she said of the VH1 project, which is largely set inBrooklyn and on Staten Island
In one scene, she gets a call from Sammy Bull and gushes over a drawing he made of her daughter.
"Mommy showed me the picture you drew of (Sammy's granddaughter), it's beautiful!" the mob princess chirps.
Gravano also describes what it was like when she learned her dad broke his mob oath and agreed to testify against mob boss John Gotti.
"When he told me he was going to cooperate, it was devastating. . . . Finding all this out didn't matter because he's my father," she said on the video excerpt.
It should matter, the family of her dad's victims say. Capitalizing on the Gravano name trivializes the destruction he wrought as a gangster, they say.
"Doesn't she realize the aftermath of her father's actions? She has put him on a pedestal and they want to keep making money off Sammy," the relative said. "She's feeding off him."
"Mob Wives" is being produced by Jennifer Graziano, the daughter of Bonanno capo Anthony (T.G.) Graziano.
Her sister, Renee Graziano, praises Karen Gravano in one scene.
"Karen has got a huge set of b----, yes, she does," Graziano says.
A spokesman for "Mob Wives" declined to comment, insisting the show's cast is not set and "real production doesn't start until after the holidays."


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