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Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Basketball Wives Spoof

Here is the latest Basketball Wives parody.

Big Ang dances With DaVido

Here is video of Mob Wives star Big Ang dancing with recording artist DavVido in Statan Island.

Daisy Of Love's Big Rig's Fighting Video From Bellator 70

Former Daisy Of Love star Big (Jeremiah Riggs)  went toe to toe with Kelvin Tiller and was leading on the scorecards heading into round 3. Late in the third round the ref stopped the fight saying that Riggs submitted to a kimura even though it wasn’t heard on the broadcast. Riggs did make a noise each time he rolled out of danger but apparently the commissioner told the ref he verbally submitted and the fight was stopped. Riggs insisted he didn’t tap or verbally submit after the fight but it was too late and the judges decision was final

Kenya Bell's Husband Charlie Bell Wants Her 'Basketball Wives' Checks

According to TMZ Charlie bell , who is the estranged husband of Kenya Bell, wants a piece of her Basketball Wives paychecks. He filed for divorce early this year and claims he has been low on cash since the NBA dropped him last year. Now he claims Kenya has hit a big with Basketball Wives and he wants her help, financially. Kenya fired back saying it's all BS. She denies making 300,000.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jennifer Williams Blogs That She Is Done With 'Basketball Wives'

It looks like we won't be seeing Jennifer Williams on the next season of Basketball Wives.  She has decided to say farewell to the show.

Tahiti was the last straw for me, we were half way around the world and I didn’t go there to argue or fight. I just wanted peace, but soon realized that wasn’t going to happen unless I was secluded from those that were determined to argue and fight. Arguing with former friends, slinging dirt back and forth was something I could have done in Miami not there.

I wish all my cast mates continued success and best wishes with their future endeavors.

Drita Davanzo At Reality TV Divas Live

Drita D'Avanzo at Parx in Bensalem, PA for Reality TV Divas Live to Kick-off
Photo Credit: Realityaired

Mob Wives star Drita Davanzo attended the Reality TV Divas Live along with other reality chicks such as Romana Singer (RHONY) and Tracey DiMarco (Jerseylicious)

View pictures Here

You're Cut Off Life Coach Laura Baron Talks About 'Monster-In-Laws'

You're Cut Off life coach Laura Baron, who is now a contributor for A&E's show Monster-In- Laws, talks the show's 2nd season and how she mediates situations to help families resolve conflicts.

Tami Roman Talks About The Controversy On Wendy Williams

Tami Roman recently appeared on Wendy Williams Show to talk about the controversy surrounding Basketball Wives. She also talks get emotional and talks about what her daughters think of her behavior.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Poll Results: Which VH1 Couple Show Will You Watch? 70% Voted Jim & Chrissy

Jim and Chrissy- 70%
Chad and Evelyn- 30%

I made a poll asking which VH1 couple spin off show will you be tuning in. Chad and Evelyn will having their own called Ev and Ocho this fall and Jim and Chrissy from Love and Hip Hop  is rumored to have their own show as well. 70% of you would rather watch Jim and Chrissy's show over Chad and Evelyn.

Poll Results: Do You Think Evelyn Is A Bully? 72% voted YES

Do You Think Evelyn Is A Bully?

YES- 72%
NO- 27%

Part of the boycott controversy, I made a poll asking if Evelyn  really bully and 72% voted yes , while 27% voted no. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Brandy Talks About Touring With Monica ; Possible Timbaland Collaboration

Photo Credit: ThatGrapeJuice

Brandy recently did an interview with BarkBite and she talks about a possible tour with Monica, a collaboration with Timbaland and she reveals she has not seen her episode of Behind Te Music.

Bark + Bite: There was talk of you possibly hitting the road with Monica for a joint tour. Is that still in the works?
Brandy: Um, honestly, we haven’t really talked about it since we stopped promoting “It All Belongs to Me.” I just honestly think Monica and I are in different places in our music. And my vibe is a little bit different this time around so I don’t know. I kind of wanna do my own thing. I definitely feel like the fans would want a tour from us, but I don’t know, I just feel like I’m being pulled in a different direction. I’m definitely still open to it, but right now I’m looking in a different way right now for me.

Bark + Bite: Is there any chance of a reunion with Timbaland for this album?
Brandy: We’re working on that. I was supposed to record with Timbaland a couple of weeks ago, but you know sometimes when you’re that much of a genius, sometimes your schedule kind of goes four or five different ways so we’re trying to lock him down to stay in one place so I can actually go and work with him. But I definitely don’t want to let this album go out without us at least trying to let the magic happen.

Bark + Bite: Your VH1 Behind the Music recently aired. It was a pretty emotional special. What was it like for you to watch it?
Brandy: I actually have never seen it. I lived it and I was definitely open in talking about it, so there’s no need for me to watch it. It felt like a weight was lifted and I appreciate VH1 wanting to do a Behind the Music with me because it was so needed for me just personally and emotionally.

Read the rest of the interview Here

Somaya Reece and Renee Graziano Attends Wendy Williams 500th Show Celebration

 Photo Credit: Twitter

Wendy Williams celebrated her 500th episode of The Wendy Williams Show and she has countless number guests such as VH1 reality stars Somyaya Reece and Renee Graziano. 

Fantasia Had Wardrobe Malfunction At American Idol Finale

(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images) 

Fantasia attended the 2012 American Idol Finale this past week, but she had a wardrobe malfunction while she performed on stage with Joshua Ladet singing "Take Me To The Pilot"

1ON1 Interviews New York

Here is interview with New York. 1ON1 interviews her and they discuss about everything. I personally think that this is one of the best interviews she has done. She talks about reality TV career, her mother Sister Patterson, and she also reveals she still has a great relationship with VH1,

Lala Anthony Attends Maxim Hot 100 Party

Photo Credit: GlobalGrind

Lala Anthony recently attending The Maxim Hot 100 Party.  She was dressed in a black skirt with black heels.

Real Chance Of Love's Blonde Baller Talks About Her New Book "Behind Reality TV Industry 101"

Real Chance Of Love Star Blonde Baller (Kip Force) released a new book called Behind Reality TV Industry 101" It's about the behind the scenes secrets of the reality TV industry and how to get casted for a reality show. She also talks about her reality TV experience.

Check out the video

The book is available at Barnes In Noble.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Basketball Wives: LA (Season 2) Now Filming

Season 2 Now Filming

Gloria Govan has confirmed on Twitter that the 2nd season of Basketball: LA is now being filmed.

Attention BBWLA fans and viewers… We have officially started filming our 2nd season. Get ready!!!”

So far, Gloria, Laura and Jackie are confirmed to return for season 2.

New York Gets Ready For The Summer

Photo Credit: Bourgy

Here is a new picture of New York getting ready for the summertime. 

Flavor Flav To Face Jail Time For Child Support

Photo Credit: nydailynews

Flavor Flav Heading To Jail

Flavor Flav will be facing an 180 day jail sentence for failing to pay child support to a woman who have birth to three of his seven children. The Albany county recommended the jail sentence and also the revocation of his driver’s license and passport after the aging hip-hop star failed to show up for a hearing this week

Evelyn Apologizes To Star Jones

Photo Credit: Joccity

Evelyn Lozada has made a public apology to Star Jones and both squashed the beef they had thanks to journalist name Jawn Murray. They both took to twitter to let everyone know.

Jawn Murray: Glad to know that @StarJonesEsq & @EvelynLozada have begun a dialogue about #BBW & the @VibeMagazine quotes are old. Progress is good!
Evelyn: @StarJonesEsq know we’ve discussed my comments 2 @VibeMagazine privately, but want 2 publicly apologize 4 my words. Ur an amazing example! @JawnMurray @StarJonesEsq @VibeMagazine I adore her Jawn and a change has come. Thank you for helping put us together. 
Star: You know you’re lucky you apologized @EvelynLozada for @vibemagazine b/c you were about to get a “EVELYN” type cuss out! NOT…just kidding. Just goes to show you. Your initial response is not always the RIGHT RESPONSE. #GROWTHisPROGRESS @EvelynLozada @jawnmurray @vibemagazine

Yandy Smith To Film Love And Hip Hop 3 After Birth

A pregnant Yandy Smith did an exclusive interview with  Dallasback explaining that we MIGHT see her newborn baby on the 3rd season of the show which starts filming this summer. She is due in June.

Loop 21: You’re gearing up to start taping “Love & Hip-Hop” again, but by then you’ll officially be a mommy. Will we get to see that on the show?

Smith: I’m really, really private, but that’s going to be a big part of my life and I don’t want to be away from my child, so you might. But I also want to keep my private life off-camera, so I don’t know. It’s something I have to think about.

Read the of the interview Here

Renee Grazinao Says She Wants A Spin-Off Show

Renee talks to Celebuzz about the reunion show and if she will return for the 3rd season of Mob Wives. She confirms that she will return for another and also adds that she will like to have her spin off show like Big Ang. 

VH1 Squashes Rumors About Basketball Wives Being Canceled

Basketball Wives Not Canceled

VH1 has squashes rumors about Basketball Wives being canceled. The rumor started early this week by Power 105.1 in which they posted an article saying that the show has been canceled. VH1 confirms the article as false. 

The reunion show will air June 8th and recently the has been renewed for a 5th season. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

For The Love Of Ray-J's Heartbreaker Is Featured In Lil Scrappy's New Video

For The Love Of Ray-J Heartbreaker is featured in Lil Scrappy's new music video called "Helicopter" It also featured Twista and 2 Chainz.

Lil Scrappy will also be on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta which premieres June 18th. 

Deion Sanders To Pay Pilar Sanders Child Support

Deion Sanders Losing The War

Deion  Sandars may have won the battle with his wife Pilar Sanders, but he is losing the war. According to CelebrityLaundry, Texas judge Greg Janda has ordered Deion to pay 10,550 a month for child support for his two sons and 3,500 a month for the mortgage for her new place. 

Drita and Carla Hangs With Enrique Igleasis

Photo Credit: Realityaired

Here are Mob Wives stars Drita and Carla taking a photo with Latin singer Enrique Igleasis.

Basketball Wives' Kenya Bell Chats With Autumn Joi (Seezins Flavor Of Love 3)

Kenya Bell from Basketball Wives talks to the Star Power Radio crew about her hubby, Charlie Bell, the cast of Bball Wives and has a few words for Evelyn. She also discusses her latest single.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tami Roman Says The Reunion Show Will Have 'Surprises'

It seems that Tami might appearing on the Basketball Wives 4 reunion show after all. She tweeted that the reunion show will have "surprises."

"Ok great! The finale is next week - good...Can't wait 4u guys to see the reunion show!" 
"So many surprises."

Jennifer Graziano Might Produce A Scripted Series Of The Girls Before They Became Mob Wives ; Talks About Big Ang's Show

Jennifer Graziano, who is Renee's sister and the producer of Mob Wives talks to about Big Ang's new show. She also might produce a scripted series before they became Mob Wives.

"Right now I’m in development on a series that is… I don’t want to say a spin-off, but it’s a “What happened before they were mob wives.” It’s set when they where 19-20 years old and what was going on in those days. I have a couple of other scripted projects in development as well"

"There’s going to be a couple of characters added to her show that are really going to make a splash. So I think that this show is going to be much different than Mob Wives in the sense that it’s going to be a lot more lighthearted and a lot more colorful and fun. Given the circumstances of what’s been going on with Mob Wives and the intensity, I’m looking forward to some of that colorfulness"

Evelyn Says She Likes The Boycott Controversy ; Thinks Star Jones Is Irrelevant

Reality stars  reality stars Kandi Burruss, Tamar Braxton, Evelyn Lozada and Chrissy Lampkin covers the latest issue of VIBE magazine. Inside Evleyn talks about the lasted controversy surrounding Basketball Wives and she also think that Star Jones is irrelevant. Star Jones has been slamming the show.

 “I think she’s going to have to get a whole lot of names. Actually, I like the petition and I like the controversy because I’ve learned controversy is good. But I think she’s irrelevant. And she’s using our coattails to get relevant again. Nobody gives a fuck about her.”

Chrissy from Love and Hip-Hop also talks about how producers look to produce violent scenes.

“I was easily angered because I signed up for something that was supposed to be about girl power and women embracing each other in this crazy world of hip-hop. I thought it was gonna be more of a support thing instead of Gladiators. They would always bring somebody to challenge me. I would knock ’em down and they would bring somebody else.”

Chad and Evelyn Spotted Filming 'Ev and Ocho'

Photo credit: RealityAired

Chad and Evelyn have been spotted filming their spin off show Ev and Ocho in Miami. The show began filming early this month and will premiere in the fall. 

Ray-J Hospitalized for Exhaustion ; Released From Hospital

Ray-J Hospitalized

The day after the 2012 Billboard Awards Ray-J was hospitalized for exhaustion. TMZ reports that he was hospitalized after his confrontation with Pat Houston. (Whitney's sister-in-law)  Apparently, Pat Houston wanted ray-J removed from the award. However, Pat Houston denies that ever happened. Ray-J's rep says he was just exhausted after flying from China for a concert.

Update:  Ray-J was released from the hospital today. 

Real Chance Of Love's Risky Featured In Blackmen Ink Candy Magazine

Credit: Bourgy

Risky from Real Chance Of Love and winner of Charm School 3 is back and she looks better than ever. She is featured on the latest issue of Blackmen Ink candy magazine. 

Rasheeda Spills Details On 'Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta'

Photo credit:

Rapper Rasheeda talks to Futuristicblogger about Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta. She says the show is going to be 'interesting.'

Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta premieres June 18th

Drita Davanzo Raps With Lil Kim

Lil' Kim brings out VH1 'Mob Wives' cast member Drita Davanzo, to perform "All About The Benjamins" during her "Return Of The Queen Tour" NYC concert.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rock Of Love Bus' Constadina Was On The Desperate Housewives Finale

It seems like Constandina is ready for Hollywood. Last week, I blogged about her appearing TV Land's Soul Man later this year. Well, she also made a little cameo on the series finale of Desperate Housewives last week as a reporter. 

I Love New York's Heat (Jason Rosell) to Star In New Movie Called "Fundamentals of Thought"

I Love New York contestant Jason Rosell will be starring a new movie called "Funamentals of Thought". He plays NY boxer name Joey.Check out the behind the scenes.

Sneak Peek: Mob Wives Reunion ; Drita With Somaya Reece and Lil Kim

Part one of the Mob Wives reunion airs tonight! Check out the sneak peek.

Recently, Drita appeared at the red carpet with Love and Hip Hop star Somaya Reece and Lil Kim

Just saw @LilKim @Somaya_Reece @DritaDavanzo on the red carpet

Mob Wives' Renee Graziano Plans To Head Back Under The Knife


Renee reveals to that she is planning to head back under the knife, despite having a near death experience in the operating table.

“I’m not nervous at all, I trust the doctor completely,” the Mob Wives star told in an exclusive interview. “I am hoping he can repair the severe damage from the other surgery and fill the hole in my back the size of a lemon.”

Lisa Raye Talks About The Drama With Stacy Dash In Jet Magazine

Lisa Raye graces the cover on Jet magazine and she discusses about what happened behind the scenes with with Stacy Dash.  She also talks about Duane Martin. 

On moving on without Stacey Dash who played her best friend on the show:
Believe me I wish things had worked out because I thought Stacey and I were great together.  She was my age and we were working it.  It was sex-symbol to sex-symbol.  But she didn't want to be there.  I was disappointed about that.  She had some issues.  I'm not sure exactly what those issues were.  In the end, she and VH1 made a decision.
On the catfights that really went down on set
Yes, there was a disagreement over a scene.  And it really wasn't with me.  It was with the director.  I think it was about 2 or 3AM and we'd been shooting all damn day.  Stacey tried to argue with the director about a line.  And I'm like: "Girl, if you don't say what the director wants you to say."  It wasn't that serious at first, but it went there.
It's a bunch of women on the set.  We might all be on our damn period at any given point.  I just wanted us to move forward.  Then the argument took on a life of its own.  The show decided to use it for publicity.  They just ran with it.
On which Hollywood friend she had to dump
Duane Martin.  I introduced him to my ex-husband [former Turks & Caicos Premier Michael Misick], he got buddy-buddy with him and then turned against me.   Just recently, this fool Duane up and sold a building he and I bought awhile ago in Los Angeles, without asking...I don't care if we're not friends, just don't try to f**k me in the interim.
When I heard about him in the middle of Will & Jada's divorce rumors, I tweeted: sounds familiar.  He really aint got enough business.

Somaya Reece's Single To be Featured on Bad Girls Club 9 ; To Appear On Wendy Williams

Somaya Reece has posted on her intagram page that she appear on the Wendy Williams show but the date she will make an appearance has changed.

Also, her new single "Party With The World" will be featured on the upcoming season of Bad Girls Club.

Basketball Wives L.A's Tanya Young Interviews Pilar Sanders About The Incident

Tanya Young of Basketball Wives LA interviews Pilar Sanders about the arrest, abuse, and divorce on her website. This is the first time Pilar has given an exclusive interview since the arrest. It's a really good interview.

Q: What information is in the media that you would like to address or correct?
A: That he (Deion) attacked me on the 23rd. I never attacked him. He choked me. It wasn’t the first time. He is a violent person. Anything that you see him say, my goodness, count it as a lie. I’m flabbergasted every time I see him do another media piece. Its sickening.”

Q: You’ve stated that Deion has abused you in the past. In what ways?

A: Many ways. Financially it started before Christmas and continues until today. He just stopped providing for the family. He cut credit cards. He cut financial support … No resources at all, whatsoever. Even when we’re still in the house, my daughter would beg for clothes, he wouldn’t buy her any clothes. It would come to a point where she would say, dad will you get me a sandwich from Subway and he would be like, no – that’s a five dollar sandwich. He would tell her go ask your mommy. What he would try to do was use every piece of leverage he could ever get a hold of and try to use against me and try to turn the children against me. So what he was telling the kids was that basically, if you stay with me I can provide for you, your mother doesn’t have money, you’re not going to be able to get clothes, you wont be able to get food, who knows what type of place you will be at, but here, you will have everything you need and want.

Q: The court gave you temporary custody of your daughter and gave him your sons. What’s the “father-daughter” relationship like?

A: There is no interaction with my daughter … She wanted to start dancing again. So I said “okay we will start dancing.” She asked her dad if he would pay for dance lessons or ballet shoes or tap shoes or anything at all and he refused. He would say no ask your mother. Knowing very well that he set up our family so that he would be the sole provider and that’s what he wanted. He got much pleasure out of seeing disappointment in my children’s eyes when they would ask how is mommy supposed to get this and that and you are not giving her any money.

Q: Has there been physical abuse from him in the past?

A: Yes, there has on more than one occasion. And he’s done it in front of people. He did it in front of two of our producers on our show, Primetime Love … It’s so idiotic and its funny and its not funny. During the shooting of it, I have a very light personality, with that, there were a lot of parts that were just naturally funny and it just kinda happened. So he called shooting down and he called a meeting with myself and two producers from Los Angeles and we went to our back room where the sitting area is – he said “there has to be a good cop and a bad cop and there is only one comedian here and the comedian is me.” I just started laughing and said, “Oh my God you are ridiculous” and I say, “I can’t help it if I’m funnier than you”. Then he leaped across the table and grabbed my neck and squeezed it to the point that I thought that he poked a hole in my trachea. The two producers didn’t know what to do. They couldn’t get him off of me. They couldn’t do anything so I started kicking him in his groin. That’s the only thing that got him off of me … There were other times when he grabbed me and ripped jewelry … When he was verbally abusive, I didn’t recognize it as abuse. I took his nasty behavior as his personality, I just thought he was a really mean jerk. He was just rude to people because he’s rude to a lot more people than me.

You're Cut Off's Erica Rose Talks About TV's Hottest Shows

Your'e Cut Off  and The Bachelor star Erica Rose chats with Samantha Levey about TV's hottest shows live on They talk about the upcoming 3rd season of The Bachelor Pad.

David Otunga (Punk) At The Time Warner Cable Upronts

Former I Love New York contestant and the husband of Jennifer Hudson, David Otunga (Punk) gracing the red carpet at the Time Warner Cable upfronts. 

Rock OF Love Bus' Brittanya Does Her First Tattoo

Check out Brittanya from Rock of Love Bus giving a guy a tattoo on on his face. This is her first time giving a tattoo to someone. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tami Roman Offered New TV Project?

Nothing Confirmed Yet

It seems like Tami Roman is serious about putting her Basketball Wives days behind her. She hints that a new opportunity come her way and hopes to make an announcement once she returns to Twitter

"I plan to reactivate my twitter when a formal announcement has been made about this new opportunity with the hopes of putting Basketball Wives behind me," said Roman.

Word also has it that she might not appear at season 4 reunion show.

Big Ang to Make Acting Debut In A Vh1 Promo For Men In Black 3 During Reunion Show

Big Ang's Acting Debut

During the Mob Wives 2 reunion , which will be airing tomorrow night. Big Ang will making her acting debut in a VH1 promo for Men In Black 3 which hits theaters on May 25th.

The 60-second spot opens with a "breaking news" segment where VH1 Big Morning Buzz Livecorrespondent, Janell Snowden, reports Big Ang is undergoing interrogation. Will Smith must decide whether she is a "prime suspect" or a charming "mob wife." To learn her fate, viewers will be directed to

Her spin off show Big Ang will premiere July 8th

Daisy Of Love's Big Rig To Compete Bellator 70

Daisy of Love contestant and former WWE Jeremiah Riggs (Big Rig) will be back in the cage at Bellator 70 on May 25th in New Orleans when he meets 3-1 Kevin Tiller. The charismatic fighter/reality star is looking to rebound from a tough loss to Trey Houston in March at Bellator 61 after a 14 month absence from MMA. Riggs has won five out of his 6 previous fights and has spent his training camp in Oregon training with UFC welterweight Mike Pierce.
The fight will broadcast live on

Terrell Owens Faces Forclosure

Terrell To Face Closure

TMZ reports that Terrell Owens will lose his Miami condo to forclosure. He purchased the property in 2006 for 1.55 million and he has been facing financial trouble since. He is not been paying payments to the home since November of 2011. 

Royce Reed Plans To Stay With Dezmon

Not Breaking Up

Royce Reed is planning to stay with Dezmon, despite of his sexting fiasco. She tells TT Torrez of iPower 92.1 that what he did was wrong, but he never cheated on her.

Meeka Claxton Calls Out The Supporters Of The 'Basketball Wives' Boycott

Meeka Speaks On The Boycott

Former Basketball Wives star Meeka Claxton, who was on the show last season, blog about the boycott surrounding the show on her site Itsaboutalifestyle101. The blog title is called "Am I Less Of A Human Being?" She is disappointed that there was no public outcry for her when she was being attacked by the other castmates.

Am I mad? No, more like I’m disappointed. When I was attacked everyone thought it was funny.  No one thought her actions were disgraceful. As a matter of fact the very same ladies (for lack of a better word) that are “hurt” by the backlash,  joked about me being attacked. They laughed and even called me names for taking a stand against her.
I thought pressing charges was wack?  Oooooh, I get it…it’s wack when it’s not you!
They all (except Royce) stood behind her, co-signing her actions.  But now you want everyone to believe you want balance?  As much as their hypocrisy bothers me, I expect it because now their actions threaten their money.  So, I knew the crocodile tears weren’t far behind.
What really hurts me are all of the talk show hosts and journalists that are suddenly disturbed by what they are seeing.  Taking stands, boycotting, signing petitions etc…Isn’t this what I contacted all of you about last year? I asked for your support, none of which I received. But now it’s a problem? So, it was ok for me to be physically assaulted?  Where was all of this “Call 

VH1access Update Interview- Justin Derke (Ton Of Cash)

Update Interview

I'm planning to some update interviews this summer. I got to chance to do an interview with fan favorite Justin Derke, who was on Ton Of Cash. He talks about experience on the show and what is he doing now.  Follow him @JustinVH1

1) How are you Justin?
I'm good, just living and loving life! :)

2)Let's talk about 'Ton of Cash'. What made you decide to audition for this show?
I decided to audition for it because of the flyer and it basically asked if I wanted to win money and I was like HELL YEAH!!! 

3)How was your experience on the show? What was your favorite challenge?
My experience was amazing! It was difficult and challenging, but well worth it. My favorite challenge had to be the finale, because I had never been to Vegas before and it was such a rush to be running through the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino looking for the bundles of money.

4)Do you still keep in touch with the other contestants on the show?
I do! I actually moved in with Amie who won the show, and our friendship has completely grown and been an amazing time. After the show aired and everything I had a couple falling outs with a couple others, but the others I keep in contact with via facebook and twitter.

5)Have you audition for other reality shows before 'Ton of Cash'?
I tried to audition for the real world, but I got sooooooo lost looking for the place where they were holding the auditions I gave up haha

6)How you feel about VH1 poorly advertising the show?
It was sad. I didn't understand why they didn't do much for the show. I didn't know what was going on, so it left me confused sad and agry.

7) Did you regret being on the show after seeing the ratings?
ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Granted the ratings were awful and the show didn't do well, I met Amie who is the love of my life (figuratively), got to experience areas of the world I never would have gone otherwise and even tho we weren't as big as the basketballwives, I still got recognition and had a good time riding on the small time of fame I had lol.

8)I've seen pictures of you in drag. Do you still do drag?
I do! I don't do drag as hardcore as the girls on Rupauls Drag Race, I just like to go out and fun in drag because I feel powerful and I'm beautiful so of course I have to.

9)Let's talk about what you are doing now.  What are you doing now? Do you have any plans in the future? Would do another reality show?
Right now I live in Salt Lake City Utah with Amie trying to get everything in my life together (because I was on the show for being in debt). My plans for hte future are to just live life to the fullest and be happy and just be successful basically. And of course I would DEFINITELY do another reality show! I had so much fun, and all the attention, the cameras, the lights the everything about it was my calling, just wish it would happen again soon!!! I'm waiting on Bad Gays Bad Girls Club, just more fabulous ;)

10)Thank you for this interview. Do you want to give a shout out to anyone?
I want to give a shoutout to Amie! If I hadn't done the show, I wouldn't have met her and Amie has been the bane of my existence, and shoutout to my friend Megan who helped me get through it all!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tami Roman Deactivated Her Twitter Account ; Leaving The Show?

Is Tami Roman Leaving 'Basketball Wives?'

Tami Roman recently made a public apology on Twitter for her behavior on the show this past week, but with the recent abuse she has been receiving from fans she deactivated her twitter account and hinted that she might not return for the next season 

via Facebook Page

"I deactivated my twitter for the time being because I have been blessed with a wonderful opportunity to work with phenomenal actors on a new television show. I didn't want to wake up to the continual negativity from a mistake made over four months ago, which I have openly acknowledged and apologized for to overshadow the blessing of this moment. I plan to reactivate my twitter when a formal announcement has been made about this new opportunity with the hopes of putting BasketBall Wives behind me,"

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