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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Brandy Dancing With The Stars Promo Picture

Confirmed Brandy is on Dancing with the Stars 11 .

NEW POLL: Who Will Win Ochocinco the Ultimate Catch?

This Sunday is the finale of Ochocinco: the Ultimate Catch. Who do YOU think Chad is going to pick Rubi? Brittany? or maybe none of them? hmmmmm

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Poll Results: Do you like the I Love Money 4 Trailer?

It Was Awesome!

The votes were by a landslide. over 50% of you have voted "It Was Awesome" and now that VH1 plans to air it on it on September 16th. We can't wait to see the show.

Real and Chance: Legend Hunters - Press Release

One of VH1's well known male duo's Real and Chance are back! Here are the official promo pics of their new show Real and Chance: Legend Hunters which premieres Sunday September 19th at 9:PM.  The show is about them searching for legendary creatures around the world like Big Foot. The Mega Shark and Hogzilla. They will also have experts to learn facts about these creatures. 

Personally, I think this show fits them because because back in Real Chance Of Love 2 they were obsessed with the Yeti lol

I love Money 4 on a Tv Guide

Looks Like Its True! I Love Money 4 in the list!

Monday, August 30, 2010

VH1access Interview: Beth - Rocker Mom (Money Hungry)

This is my first exclusive interview with a cast member from Money Hungry. I did an interview with Beth who was on the Rocker Moms from Money Hungry. She is the blonde wit the glasses.

We discussed about her time on the show. She says it was an "opportunity of  a lifetime" She also says being on a reality show was "surreal"  you have cameras around you even when your sleeping. She is rooting for The Orphanage alliance in which Rocker Moms was part of. She also says that Josh from No Excuses was a douche on the show. Follow her on twitter

VH1access: Hello Beth thanks for doing this interview.
Beth: What a pleasure, thank you! Carrie can also be found on twitter @RockerMomCarrie if you want to get in touch with her! Also I can get you pictures this week if you want them.

VH1access: How was your experience being on this show? 
Beth: I loved being a part of Money Hungry! It was hard to be away from my family for 3 weeks but it was an opportunity of a lifetime to say the least! I loved the people, truly. The cast and crew were amazing to work with. It was amazing to be a part of something so unique. I will treasure this experience forever.

VH1access: How was the audition process?
Beth: I was just excited to get to go up to Chicago to meet with casting directors. It was a lot of fun! The hardest part was finding out I needed to raise the 10k!

VH1access: How did it felt like being in a reality show?
Beth: It was so surreal. I tried to prepare myself for cameras all around but I had no clue what it was REALLY like. I remember the first night almost running away from them! I will never forget climbing into bed and hearing the camera move to follow me--then 10 minutes later peeking out of my covers only to see a man with a camera a foot away from my face! Very strange! Also, you are truly on production time. It is like being a little kid being told what to do and when to do it. I am so used to "bossing" others around (my children) --to being the one being bossed. I do not think you forget the cameras are there but you start not to care!

VH1access: Did you get along with any of the other teams?
Beth: I did. Some more than others of course. I think it is natural for alliances to form. That is how "real" life is. We cling to people that we hit it off with. I felt lucky being a part of the Orphanage group (Slimpossible, Nuts, Grading Curves, Chicago Deep Dish)--they were a strong group of people. Hilarious people that I would want to hang out with outside of the house. Everyone had a big personality for sure--and I did like everyone--just not living with some! 

VH1access: Many people out there think that "Pair Of Nuts and Jamie from Roll Models was on this show to get TV time. What are your thoughts about that?
Beth: I think we were ALL there to be on t.v. I mean, why go on a reality show if it is not to be seen? I do think it was a little intimidating at first seeing people that were enjoying the camera so much when I felt terrified. I felt they were comfortable putting themselves out there for everyone to see and I was nervous, almost shy at that prospect of the world seeing my weight. In hindsight I would enjoy the process more and laugh more at myself and the silliness of the show. I was on a fat show for heavens sake! But to begrudge them for trying to further their careers? Hell no. I would love for this to GIVE me a career! And you know what? Jamie and The Nuts made for great television!

VH1access: Let's talk about Josh (No Excuses), he seems like a backstabber from watching the show.
Beth: Uh, yes. Josh wasn't afraid to even throw his own partner under the bus. I felt a bond with Josh and Melissa right from the get go. We talked and stratigized almost immediately. I believed his word was good, and I could not have been more wrong. When he voted to keep Jamie he betrayed Carrie and I. You do not see it on the show but I had it out with Josh a few times. He put us in an awkward position to choose sides in the house. What it comes down to is Josh divided the house before he ever had to--it was terrible game play. I feel like in the end--yes it came down to the scale--but the Rocker Moms would have never been on the chopping block if it were not for him. He made a lot of enemies in the house. For some reason Josh got way too big for his britches. I have no doubt he is a nice guy in "real life"--but as for the game he was a total douche.

VH1access: Was there a lot of drama that went on that we did not get to see?
Of course! It appears that Rocker Moms are sweet all the time, just go with the flow kinda girls. Our motto now is "I am not a nice girl, I just play on on t.v." You do not see everything that is for sure. They show what they want to show. Lets be honest you can only show so much in one hour. Slimpossible trying to get people to switch their votes is a lot more entertaining than me trying to persuade people I suppose. I get that. However, I wish I didn't look so spineless. I am not a girl (nor is Carrie) that goes down without a fight.

VH1access: What are your thoughts on Dan Cortese?
Beth: Aweeee, I love Dan! Seriously, he must be one of the nicest, most sincere guys in Hollywood. He would literally sneak to talk to us and get to know us. He was so genuine. He was funny, charming--can you tell I adored him?

VH1access: Were you disappointed that you were eliminated on the show?
Beth: Of course I was. I felt like I let a lot of people down. We had sponsors that gave their money, friends that pitched in, we sold anything and everything we could for Carrie and I to go. So yes, disappointed is not a strong enough word. It almost haunts me to this day thinking what I could and should have done. Maybe I could be 100k richer.Normally I think everything happens for a reason. This has been extremely challenging to accept and figure out the reason though! But it was bittersweet. I missed my family tremendously while I was gone. My 7 year old daughter said to me when I got home, "I don't care if you are fat or skinny! I am so glad you are HOME!"

VH1access: Doing this show, did it kept more motivated to lose more weight after your eliminated?
Beth: Oh yes. Talk about the ultimate accountability! I may not be losing as fast as I would like--or as fast as I could have at the show, but I am doing it. I am making myself a priority and taking care of my body. I know this is my time. It is now or never.

VH1access: Thank you so much for doing this interview. Do you want to give a shout out to anyone?
Beth: Oh thank you! Truly it is a pleasure! I would like to thank my fellow Rocker Mom Carrie (the ONLY person I could have ever done this with), my sweet supportive husband, my children, and the friends and family that supported me. Also all of our sponsors: Reality Wanted, Boudoir Noir, Levy & Sons, Scrap Brats, Innovative Pain and Wellness and Poop Happens. 

Tiphani and Rubi go at it on the radio, possible finale spoiler?

Rubi and Tiphani from Ultimate Catch went at ot on each other on DJLadyt radio show. Rubi calls in and talks about how she shocked that Tiphani talked bad about her on the show because of her singing. Then Tiphani calls in and she believes that  Rubi was on the show for her singing career. She says that all of her tweets are all about her singing

Possible Finale Spoiler:
Tiphani then says that someone makes an guest appearance on the finale? could it be Evelyn from Basketball Wives? stay tune for part 2

VH1access Interview: Courtney Fisher (Ochocinco: the Ultimate Catch)

Here is my interview with Courtney Fisher from Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch. She was eliminated a few weeks back. She says the crazy cat lady she was portrayed on the show was spot on because that how she acts at home.  She also says that would not fight for Chad off screen. She says that Chad had to play a role on TV and she was fine with that. Follow her on twitter

VH1access: How was your time on the show? 
Courtney: my time on the show was a bit stressful i guess..not because of chad but because we were on lockdown for so long!

VH1acces: What made you decided to audition for the show?
Coutney: I actually got a message from a casting director asking if i wanted to do the show. i just agreed.

VH1access: Did you like the way you were portrayed on the show?
Courtney: i absolutely like the way i was portrayed! im a crazy cat lady at home and on the show! im also a very chill, non confrontational person and im glad they showed that on the show.

VH1access: It seemed you were cool everyone on the house.
Courtney: i was absolutely cool with everyone. there is no point in starting drama over nothing. im a very laid back person and the last thing i need is drama with a bunch over a man.

VH1access: I heard that she show had a lot of drama that VH1 edit out.
Courtney: ummm i didnt notice any drama actually. i only knew about it once it was brought to my attention after the fact. im sure ill keep hearing more and more stories that i blocked out haha

VH1access: On the show you said that you missed your cats. How many cats you have? and what kind?
Courtney: i actually have bengals! i have two kitties and they are awesome. im gonna get another :D i really did miss my cats. dog people would understand! dont u miss ur dogs when you go out of town?? well its the same with cats.

VH1access: What are your thoughts on Tiphani telling Chad that you wanted to go home because you missed your cats?
Courtney: haha i think that it was hilarious. the girls knew that i was so chill. they really had nothing bad to say about me so they had to say something. im glad it wasd about my cats. i want them to be famous lol

VH1access: On twitter, I read a tweet from you saying that they will probably be no reunion because the show was terrible. Do you regret doing the show?
Courtney: nooo i dont regret doing the shot at all! it was a cool experience. not sure if i would ever do it again but im glad i did this time around. as for a reunion show...doubt thats gonna happen but it would be awesome. id love to see everyone again!

VH1access: What are your thoughts on Chad?
Courtney: chad had a play a role on tv. thats fine with me! im sure hes a cool down to earth guy. but i would def. not fight for him ;)

VH1acces: What have you been doing now since the show? 
Courtney: since the show iv been booking alot of modeling shoots. working my ass off to pay some bills, and partying...and lots of it!

VH1access: Do you have any other upcoming projects that we should know about?
Courtney: hmm upcoming a project in itsself :D you'll be seeing me. 

VH1access: Thank you Courtney for doing this interview, do you want to give a shout out to anyone?
Courtney: give a shout out to my girl katie(red) from the show!!! she is my girl and i miss her terrible and i truely believe that the show ill get more ratings if they show more of how crazyb and silly her and i were ;) love u girl
oh yea, and mom and dad...u guys are legit ;)

VH1 Interview - Allison Kyler (Scream Queens 2)

Allison from Scream Queens 2 did an interview with  which is odd because VH1 did not interview any girl from Scream Queens last season. Allison has been doing a lot of projects. She shot a commercial with Shakira for a car company, she also filmed an episode of ABC Family show Greek. She also talks about her time on the show. She regrets making fun of Sierra.

So what have you been up to since the show?
I’ve been working. Same old, same old. I went to Madrid and I shot a commercial with Shakira for the European car company Fiat. A horror movie I was in called Maneater, starring Dean Cain, just got distribution through Lionsgate. And then I got a co-star on the ABC Family showGreek.

Congratulations on all the new work. You talked about your dance experience on the show, and, you’ve done so much in dance, you’re a singer, you’re a choreographer…I’m surprised you wanted to be in horror films.
I’ve always wanted to be an actress and that was always my main priority. But I just worked so much as a dancer that it kind of took over my life, you know? And it pays well, so it was paying all the bills. My main goal in life is not to be a backup dancer. What I really want to do in life is I want to be a singer and I want to be an actress. That’s been my main goal. So it’s just been hard making the transition out of dance into acting, especially when you have such a huge resume in dance. People automatically just think of you as of a dancer.

But you showed that side of you a lot on Scream Queens.
That’s why I kind of excelled in that point when Tim would give me a direction, I just changed it and I never was overwhelmed with all the technical aspects of being on set, because I’d done that a lot.

Speaking of being experienced, you seemed angry that some of the other actresses lacked experience, yet they were winning challenges.
There were moments on the show, when I was watching it, that I felt bad because a lot of it came off to some people as being bitchy. But it really wasn’t. I feel like a lot of the times I’m just saying what most people are thinking, you know? And I just happen to say it. I hope that everybody has a great career. So it’s not like I’m like, “I hate her.” I want everybody to work. I think I just say what everybody is thinking.

I did notice that when Gabby and Tai had their fight, you stayed neutral.
I hated high school. I hate girl-on-girl drama. I hate that crap. It’s so dumb to me. So when they’re fighting, I was just like, “Oh my God, who f***ing cares?” I don’t pick fights. So that’s what everybody said: “Oh, Allison’s a bitch,” or, “She starts stuff.” But everybody knows that I never got in an argument with any of the girls. I never had any issues with any of the girls.

You had some issues with some of the girls when you did the interviews! You seemed especially annoyed with Gabby and Sierra.
I feel so bad about everything I said about Sierra. She’s so nice. Sierra, Roseanna, Jessica and I went and did Comic-Con, which was amazing because we got to go and do the press and we got to go to The Expendables party and do the red carpet for VH1. We got to do a lot of great stuff and Sierra’s so sweet. And right after the show ended and everything, I hung out with Gabby a lot. So Gabby and I, we got to be friends.

You said what was on your mind, but you didn’t like it when Jaime criticized you.
[Laughs] That was like an “if looks could kill” look. That was really bad. When I saw that I was like, “Oh, damn, Allison, calm down.” No, I love criticism. I really do. I mean, that’s the only way you’re going to get better in anything. But I think it’s just that moment. The stress level of the show, and it had been the third week and I felt like I wasn’t getting noticed because I hadn’t been called down for Leading Lady yet and I was getting frustrated. I thought that I had that one in the bag, that I definitely was going to win…and then I didn’t. In that moment I was f***ing pissed, you know? Obviously I shouldn’t have made that face. I was horrible. I take that one back a hundred and ten percent. I know I was wrong for that one.

How about working with Tim and John Homa? Homa was so perceptive about what would make you cry.
Well, and I think that’s another thing that kind of bothered me, when people are like, “Oh, Allison’s had a tough-ass and this or that or whatever.” My thing is, I just don’t dwell on the past. I didn’t have it easy growing up, I did not have it easy by any means. I probably had it a lot harder than most of the girls in the house, and all of them are crying over it. You just get over it and move on. He went somewhere else with me, because I’m not going to cry over what cards you’ve been dealt in life. I’m not going to cry over it. I think that John saw that in me. John was really good.

How did he know that picturing your first child would make you cry out of terror?
[Laughs] So like, the baby? It was actually from the week before. You know, that challenge during the acting the class when we had to sit in front of each other saying what we were going to do to the other person? I was sitting in front of Sarah. He said to tell her something that was going to hurt her, so I said I was going to kill her kid. Because Sarah has a kid. I think that’s where it came from. Everyone was like, “Damn Allison.”

So you are no baby hater.
Yeah, I’m fine with babies, I don’t hate babies, I just don’t want a baby. I think there is a big difference. I like my dog. That’s my baby.

Let’s talk about why you were eliminated. What happened in that last director’s cut?
I’m legally blind, so I had to take out my contacts, which makes me practically blind. So I’m doing the scene with cheap-ass snake contacts in my eyes, I can’t see s***. I think I was trying to overcompensate because literally, if I don’t have my contacts in or my glasses in, I can’t see my hand in front of me. I’m not using it as an excuse at all, I’m not. I just don’t think they made that known. Someone actually had to guide me out to the set and bring me up on the stage because I couldn’t see anything.

You were doomed.
It was a f***ing disaster. I don’t know if they show me trying to put in the snake contacts because I was crying my eyes out. I don’t know if they showed that. I couldn’t even watch it because I was so upset. I couldn’t watch myself be a train wreck. I can watch other train wrecks, but myself I was like, “Oh s***, this is horrible.” Balling my eyes out trying to put those stupid snake contacts in, it was a mess.

I loved that your last words were, “A lot of the girls suck worse than I do.”
Well, yeah, because that’s literally what I was thinking. Maybe I wasn’t the best, but I wasn’t the worst. And I still believe it, I still don’t think I should have gone home fourth. And I’ve been here reading the blogs, and people that hated my guts are like, “I hate Allison, but she shouldn’t have gone home. Even though she’s a bitch, she’s a better actress that some of the people in the house.” So, even people who hated me can’t deny that I don’t think I should have gone home fourth!

Your feelings have changed since you got to know the other actresses.
Yeah, I’m rooting for all of them. When I left the house, I had a different story to say, but right now, I hope they all do good, and I hope everybody works afterwards. And I think this is such a good like platform for everybody. So many people watch it, and you actually get into the show, and you actually have real talent.

Ochocinco: The Ultlimate Catch: Episode 9 Recap

Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch- Episode 9 Recap

Here is the episode 9 recap of the show. Next week is the finale. Chad took the four remaining girl to Miami. He had a special surprise for them. He invited his brothers to meet the girls.

His bothers arrived arrived at the hotel to meet the girls. Brittany for whatever reason wanted to wear a wifebeater too, because they were wearing one. Then they asked the girl who was the most hated girl. There was silence for a sec, then they said Tara (of course). Tara fired back by saying "I'm the least liked by you f****ing idiots!" Brittany also comment about her tuxedo dress, Tara responded back by saying "Don't be a D***. Tara also explained that "she may be mean but she is funny 
and funny always wins".Then Chad wanted to speak to Tara in private ( which was her final time with him) Chad is concerned on she is behaving. She tells him "I thought you were getting rid of Brittany, she looks like Sean Penn"  Chad revealed to her that he was going to let her go So Tara had a personal exit from the show. she says "Chad is not what i'm looking for but I am not what Chad is looking either.

Mean while Brittany was not feeling well and there was a knock at the door and it turns out to be Chad's mom ( who I liked). She took Tiphani and Rubi out to dinner and to get to know about them because one of them was going to be eliminated. I felt like Tiphani was nervous around her. she stumbled upon a few words to say. His mom did not like the way Rubi was dressed, she thinks it was "too revealing" After dinner she met up with Chad back at the hotel and told him that Rubi was the better choice although she did not like her dress. She thinks that Tiphani is too young to handle his kids.

Chad revealed to the girls that he let go Tara, of course they were happy. Which means that Brittany made it to the final 2. It was elimination time and I was very disappointed. He let go Tiphani and kept Rubi. He felt like Tiphani was too young, like what his mother said. 

I am sad that Tara and Tiphani are gone. Hopefully they will return soon on I love money or something.

I Love Money 4 Will Air 9.16.10!

LOS ANGELES ( -- VH1 is quietly revisiting its much-ballyhooed "I Love Money" franchise Bookings by the network over the weekend confirm the cable channel will roll out the show's fourth season on Thursdays at 11:00/10:00c beginning September 16 The third season of "Money" never aired due to the involvement of murder suspect and suicide victim Ryan Jenkins Said development comes in spite of VH1 executive vice president Jeff Olde indicating earlier this year neither edition would air"Money" features alums of the various 51 Minds Entertainment-produced series as they compete for a $250,000 grand prize

Frenchy and Gary J Busey Dating ( Picture)

Looks Like There Busted French From Rock of Love &  I Love Money is Dating Celebrity Gary j. busey

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Bachelor Pad: Episode 3 Recap

The Bachelor Pad - Episode 3 Recap (ABC)

Gia explains to Kiptyn that they decided to vote him off when he said he'd never send Tenley home and that they would have succeeded if Nikki hadn't gone against them. Gia doesn't want the competition to be a "couples" one but realizes that she is a target to go home and the only way to ensure safety is winning the challenge. 

Chris comes to introduce the next challenge, which shocked me that it wasn't the first competition--it's kissing challenge time! Not that we haven't seen enough snogging to last us a god year, but this show really doesn't seem complete without a way for some people to show off their, um, talents. 

Dave wins for the men, while Peyton wins for the ladies. The first date card arrives and it says Dave and his dates are heading to Las Vegas! He chooses Nikki, Krisily and Natalie, who jokingly grabs him for a kiss when he says her name. Their destination is a topless pool, and once there Krisily admits she felt "chemistry" with Dave during their kiss and now she's finding it awkward to be around him. However, her conversation with him is interrupted by Natalie who is running around and distracting Dave. Natalie later says she will do anything she can to get the rose and sheds her top in the pool. She gets the rose and ends the night heading to the Fantasy Suite with Dave. 

Nikki seems to be kind of into Dave, trying to get his attention after their amazing kiss. But nothing is getting his attention better than Natalie's bikini top, which gets even better when she takes off the top in the hot tub. It was hook, line and sinker for Dave, who gave her the rose, booted Nikki and Krisily from the date and dragged Natalie to the Fantasy Suite. Peyton's date (With Kiptyn, Jesse and Kovacs) was a little classier, with drag racing instead of a topless pool and tacos instead of straight up alcohol. Tenley is concerned about Kiptyn's wandering eyes, so she tries to make sure he's going to be a good guy, but he's not having any of it, because he doesn't want people to think they're a couple.

Kovacs later says that Elizabeth is ruining the competition for him although she is trying to help. He admits that he finds her hard to trust and sometimes can't work out if they are working together or against each other. Meanwhile, Wes tells Gia that he likes waking up and seeing her even if she does have a boyfriend, and also serenades her with his guitar. "I've never met a person in my life like that boy," says Gia. The next day Wes begins his campaign to save Gia, suggesting to the girls they need to break up the couples, while Gia tells Kiptyn he should keep her and insists she was just the "messenger" last week. 

After much tension and dramatic pausing, Jonathan gets the boot for the guys, increasing the average height of the cast by approximately two inches. For the girls, however, it's a tie between Gia and Elizabeth, leaving Dave to make the deciding vote--and he sends poor Gia home.

Jessica Simpson Puts Weight Problems behind her

Jessica Simpson is no stranger to unsavoury headlines. In March this year, her ex-boyfriend John Mayer gave an interview to Playboy magazine, describing his sex life with the star in graphic detail. US Magazine took a peek“Sexually it was crazy. That’s all I’ll say,” he said. “It was like napalm, sexual napalm. Did you ever say, ‘I want to quit my ife and just f*****’ snort you? If you charged me $10,000 to f*** you, I would start selling all my s*** just to keep f****** you.” A speechless Jessica refused to comment on Mayer’s observations, but later admitted she couldn’t read the article because it upset her too much. “It made me so sad. It was so discouraging, because that’s not the John I knew,” she said on the Oprah Winfrey Show In early 2009, Simpson’s persona ife came under the scrutiny of the press once more. The 29-year-old whipped up a media frenzy by stepping out in a pair of high- waisted jeans, showing off her not- so-skinny frame. Shock and embarrassment aside, Simpson said she felt guilt when stories about her“mom jeans” broke“The sad part about it is that when everything came out, I didn’t want to sit down and talk to anyone about it because I felt guilty,” she told Oprah. “I felt ike if people look at me and they’re a size bigger, they think they’re fat because of what the media was saying. I didn’t want to feed into it.” what the media was saying. I didn’t want to feed into it.” n fact, the attention became so overwhelming the singer claims it began to seriously affecting her state of mind:“The judgment of people. … Those voices are sometimes in my head when I fal asleep,” she admitted. But Simpson was not prepared to slip into depression and has been working hard at getting her self-esteem back Now she says: “I’m comfortable with me. I love my curves. I’m not ever going to be a size 0 and weigh 90 pounds.” Earlier this year, the star appeared in a new reality TV series on VH1 called “The Price of Beauty”, where she travelled around the world finding out how far people are prepared to go in order to look good. Having paid the price of beauty herself, Simpson revealed her sensitive side on the show“I’m very vulnerable (and) very open. I don’t have anything to hide,” she remarked according to the Associated Press. “I want people to know I am just a normal girl that faces normal issues just like everyone else."

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Poprah hosting Michael Jackson Tribute Event

Poprah from I Want To work For Diddy (season 2 ) is hosting an Michael Jackson Tribute event. Which is today. 

Buddha confirms Hoopz and Shaq's engagement?

We have been scratching our heads when we first heard that Hoopz (winner of Flavor of love) and Shaq might be engaged. Not knowing if this was actually true.

Well today on twitter I caught a tweet from Buddha from I Love New York 2

Could this mean that the engagement rumors are true? Hoopz also changed her status on Facebook to "In a relationship" So now I am started to think this is true.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Erica Rose goes back to law school

Erica Rose who was best known appearing on You're Cut Off this past summer is set to return law school. This will be her 3rd year. She mentioned on the show that she was in law school.

Erica goes to University of Houston's Law Center. She says its "an adjustment" she also talks about her new classes. Her favorite classes is White Collar Defense and Medical Malpractice. She also says being a reality star in law school is something you don't see everyday. She says a girl took a picture of her during Criminal Procedure Class and posted on her facebook page. Another chick asked Erica 'This weird girl took a photo of you while you were putting your stuff together at the end of class.' "

 She also says that people at campus do recognize her and that they big You're Cut Off fans 

Pics of her campus:

Girl wearing the blue shirt is Erica.

Erica's campus

More new I Love Money 3/4 pics leaked

It seems like more pics of I Love Money 3 and 4 have leaked. I might have to make a video featuring these new pics. These pics only show the crew members. Armando Velez is the guy of blue with the camera... he wrote on cj's facebook page " season 5 here we come"

Credit: Sergio

Ocho Cinco Cereal !

NFL football star Chad Ochocinco is coming out with a new cereal. We coming out with a new cereal. We bet you'll never guess the name of the cereal...well maybe you will. the cereal...well maybe you will The name of the cereal will be called "Ochocinco's" as stated on PLB Sports website. The cereal is being developed by the Pittsburgh Company PLB The cereal will come in limited edition collector's box. The box says "Ochocinco's - Honey Nut Toasted Oats" and we want to note that it looks like Cheerios The proceeds from cereal sales will go to the charity called 'Feed the Children' the company said. Ochocinco has his own dating show on VH1 called "The Ultimate Catch" and was a celebrity contestant on Dancing with the Stars. (c) tPC

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New I Love Money 3 and 4 Challenge Pics leaked

So far this is the first real I Love Money 4 pic that we have seen, since we have seen SO MUCH of I Love Money 3 pics. Since the trailer was leaked and the show will air in the other countries. Maybe now I Love Money 4 pics will start leaking. The was a challenge that were preparing to do.

Here is another I Love Money 3. This is most likely the "Don't Break The Piggy Bank" challenge. You can see the I Love Money on the coins. I don't know who are those people. They don'r look like any of the cast. Probably crew members.

Poll Results: Which Dating show contestant should a VH1 a Show?

Ashley/Farrah Wins!

You guys would love to see a A Blounderage Show. 55% of you voted for Ashley/Farrah to have a VH1 show. Like I said before many people are demanding VH1 to give them a show and I agree, they should. Heather Chadwell came in second place.

New pic of Sinister on I Love Money 3

Here is a new pic that leaked of Sinister on I Love Money 3. I already posted all the other I Love Money 3 pics. So to see the other ones just click the I Love Money tab. But this one I have not seen before.

T.I Gets Personal on VH1 Story Tellers ( December 2010)

Onstage to tape his episode of " VH1 Storytellers: TI," the Atlanta MC delivered what was arguably his most intimate performance ever. (The show his most intimate performance ever. (The show airs Friday, December 10)

Rumor Mill: Shaq and Fiancee Vh1s Hoopz to get a Wedding Reality TV Show?

Here is even a rumor circulating that Shaq and Nicole will even have a million dollar reality wedding on TV! Sounds like these two definitely want to go all out when they tie the knot. Shaq has five children from his previous marriage, so we can’t help but wonder whether Nicole will be a good step-mom to them. Let’s hope that she does have interests other than money and appearing on television, and that she will embrace Shaquille’s kids as her own.

Money Hungry- Episode 4 Recap

Money Hungry- Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4 is so far is the best episode. This show reminds me of I Love Money 2 with the alliance wars. A lot of backstabbing too.

So The Family alliance which is No Excuses, Regulors,Slenderella, Flaboulous and Double Chocolate discuss how they are going crush The Orphanage alliance. Their challenge for this week involved a swimming pool. Marilu (Chicago Deep Dish) was freaking out, she reveals she does  not know swim and that this one her fears. In the water there was bunch 

In the water there were bunch of balloon floating int he water that matched the teams colors. This was basically a target game. They had to eliminated the other by taking their balloon and attach it to a frame at the other side of the pool. The last team swimming will be the Big Heavies. The Orphanage alliance were aiming towards The Flabulous.While The Famil Alliance was aiming towards Pair Of Nuts. Marilu overcame her fear and it turns out she is a good swimmer. Turns out Regulators wont he challenge and Pair Of Nuts was up for elimination. The were eliminated first. Phillip was so happy about that and he let them know about it.

Misson Slimpossible has to find a way to change the vote since the other alliance will have the majority of the vote.So they target The Rugulators. Joe (Mission Slimposible) speaks with Dave (The Regulators) asking him if all the teams will vote off Misson Slimpossible. Dave tellsthem that a lot of the teams are pissed off at their bullying attitude. Joe tells him he thought he had an agreement on that past episode where they would not vote eachother off but Dave THINKS Mission Slimpossible betrayed them by goign to Double Chocolate telling them to vote off The Regulators. They turn out to have an argument.

Their fitness trainer tells them that instead of using the gym to work out, they have dance off as a work out. A special guest will arrive and Phillip thinks it is Lady Gaga lol. Um yeah Lady Gaga who is a BIG star is going to appear on a VH1 weight loss show. It was funny though. It was someone name Kenya. Phillip said "That is not Lady Gaga!" lol  Phillip was doing his thing ans he had a dance off with Joe from Mission Slimpossible Phillip says " I pop, lock and drop like a Pussycat Doll" 

Soon after that, there was more drama between Mission Slimpossible and The Regulators. Joe calls Po (Regulators) a "fat f***" across the pool and they got into it. Misson Slimpossbile wanted to leave the house, so they pack up all their stuff and left. 15 Minutes later, they came back and decided they were not going to quit. Grading Curves has a problem of them yelling at the girls at the house. Phillip tells them "I will tell a girl to shut the f*** up, if that's how I feel" Dave asked Double Chocolate if Misson Slimpossible really asked them to vote off The Regulators. The told him to vote off No Excuses not The Regulators. So Dave felt like an idiot about it so, he went up to Joe and called it truce, but hat did not last long. It was time for elimination. Regulators chose Double Chocolate for immunity. It turns out Regulators bit Mission Slimpossible's apple which means they voted them out after they Mission Slimpossible told them if you don't vote for us, we won't vote for you.

Pair of nuts were up int he chopping block they decided to show their... pair of nut.. Mission Slimpossible was the team that was picked for elimination but the plan totally backfired on them they lost 19 pounds and 4.00% of their body. Regulators face expression was priceless! . so that means they were safe and Pair of nuts was eliminated. But Misson Slimpossible's new plan was to get rid of EVERYONE now.

Fantasia Pregnant?

Reports say that a source close to Fantasia has confirmed the rumor that she is allegedly pregnant with Antwaun Cook's child. According to, an insider who works on Fantasia's Vh1 reality show, Fantasia For Real has revealed that the singer has discussed her alleged pregnancy on camera The insider said, "Everyone is trying to keep this UNDER WRAPS so that it's a surprise when the show airs. I'd bet Fantasia doesn't even mention it in all the press she's doing." According to, Fantasia's album Back To Me is set to sel 150,000-175,000 copies in it's first week

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