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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Poll Results: Best VH1 Mom


Sister Patterson Wins Best VH1 Mom!

You guys have voted in the Best VH1 mom poll  and Sister Patterson wins with 42% of your votes. I knew she was going to win . Susan Maresca came in second place with 31% of your votes.

Bret Michaels in running to become next Idol Judge?


We were all surprised when we all saw Bret Michaels performing at the American Idol finale well now is reporting he is in running to replace Simon Cowell on American Idol. But no deal has been done yet.

Bone Thugs N Harmony Rapper Bizzy Bone joins Celebrity Rehab


Another celebrity has been confirmed to join the upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab. Bone Thugs N Harmony rapper Bizzy Bone joins the cast. is reporting that Bizzy bone wants to seek treatment for his addiction for marijauna and alcohol.

Confirmed Celebrities so Far:
 Tila Tequila

Jason Wahler

Your'e Cut Off: Supertrailer

Share has posted the supertrailer of the upcoming show You're Cut Off about nine spolied rich girls getting cut off but their families. The show looks really good. Check it out.

Behind The Scenes of the Smash The Homies on DVD


Here is a behind the scenes video of ray-J in the Smash The Homies DVD video. It's a video about exposing scandalous lovers. The phrase Smash The Homies gain popularity in the For The Of Ray-J when Ray-J found out that Danger was with onw of his friends. In season 2 Luscious did the same thing.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Daisy Of Love's Flipper on the Dr. Phil Show


Today must be his day, yesterday VH1 aired a marathon of Daisy of love and now he recently appeared on an episode of the Dr. Phil show about the extreme dangers that teenagers do. Flipper is no different in daisy Of Love he his himself with a glass bottle and blood was dripping all over him and his did that back flip.

Watch the video here

VH1access Interview: Toastee (Flavor Of Love 2)


We catch up with VH1 star Toastee from Flavor of love 2 and I Love money. We talked about her experiences on her VH1 shows, why she auditioned for Flavor of love 2 and what she has been doing now.

Vh1access: How was your experience being on Flavor Of Love 2, Charm School and I Love Money?
Toastee: Being on each show was a great experience and a one (or 3!) in a lifetime opportunity, so I am very glad I did each show. My favorite by far was I Love Money, for several reasons. Number one, we were competing for money instead of a person. On Flavor of Love 2, I was competing for Flavor Flav, whom I did not even want! I Love Money was filmed in a beautiful house on a private beach in Mexico whereas the other two shows were filmed in homes in the Beverly Hills, CA area. I Love Money also was a mix of different people from different shows, and it was a nice change to be living with guys instead of just girls! Also, I really liked how I Love Money required a lot of strategy and physical/mental challenges which I liked because I was able to showcase my brain and my skills. Finally, I made it farther on I Love Money than I had on either of the other shows, appearing on every episode.

VH1access: Why do you audition for Flavor Of Love 2?
Toastee: At the time, I owned and ran my own modeling agency while in college at Northeastern University in Boston. I received many casting calls and got the one for Flavor of Love 2. I made an audition tape but never thought they would pick me! But... they did, and the rest is history! Although I was not interested in Flavor Flav, I thought it would be fun and a great experience, which it definitely was.

Vh1access: Are you and Brooke a.k.a Pumkin still good friends?
Toastee: Yes, I am still friends with Brooke (Pumkin) although she lives on the other side of the country in California. I see her when I am in the area and I see her and other VH1 reality stars at events and appearances.

Vh1access: Do you keep in touch with Flavor Flav?
Toastee: No.

VH1access: What have you been doing now? Are you planning to return to TV anytime soon?
Toastee: Right now I am still living in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia. However I am planning to move to the west coast, either to the Las Vegas or LA area, by the end of the year if possible. I am working, volunteering, and still in the public eye doing appearances and events, interviews, and photo shoots. I am working towards my master's degree in psychology. I have no current plans to return to reality TV.

Vh1access: Would you do another VH1 show?
Toastee: I would possibly do another VH1 show if it followed a similar format as I Love Money, or if they offered me my own show, as long as it had a fresh and interesting concept. Dating shows have gotten very overdone and stale in my opinion, as evidenced by the low ratings of the more recent VH1 dating shows.

Vh1access: What is you opinion on the whole new VH1 image?
Toastee: I think it would be very hard to recreate the popularity and novelty of Flavor of Love and the first season of I Love Money. I think they need a new concept, and, if they come up with something really interesting, I'd love to be a part of it.

Vh1access: I heard you got a new tattoo on your back.
Toastee: Yes, I recently got my first tattoo. It honors my boyfriend and my best friend Joe Verzella who passed away suddenly at the young age of 30 on February 27, 2009. I loved him with all of my heart, so I got his initials (JV III, as he was the third) under my neck in the middle of my upper back, in between angel wings with a halo on top. I like how I now carry him with me not only in my heart and mind, but literally on my body every day, and how it signifies that he will always "have my back".

Vh1access: So Jennifer, do you have that special someone in your life?
Toastee: I really value my relationships with my friends and family, and I am glad to have good people around me every day. As far as one special someone, well, let's just wait and see! I know that Joe wants me to move on and be happy, so I cannot settle for anything less than someone who will treat me right, respect me, and love me, as I have a lot of love to give in return.

Vh1access: Do you have any upcoming appearances that we should know about?
Toastee: My fans can join my official fan page on Facebook,!/pages/Official-Jennifer-Toof-AKA-Toastee-from-VH1/149154474096, where I will be posting news about upcoming appearances and other things going on in my life. I have my own website under construction, and people can contact to book me at their party or event. I have a very busy and exciting summer planned, and fans will know everything I am doing!

Vh1access: Well Jennifer thank you for wanting to do an interview with me. Do you want to give a shout out to anyone?
Toastee: My family and my friends, you know who you are! Thank you for being a part of my life and making me smile. My manager Mike and my wonderful assistant Robbie, who work very hard to give me the best and get me out there! And especially to all my fans, because I am still humbled by every single one of them, as I am just a normal, down-to-earth girl who would be nothing if not for my fans!

Toastee on facebook

The O.C.D Project: Premeire Recap


The premiere of the OCD Project aired last night here a recap of what went down. This show show is about 6 patients that suffer from OCD. The first person we were introduced to was Kristin. She has an obsession with  washing her hands and feet. She is afraid that dirtyness will contaminate her. She walks around with hand sanitizer and everytime she touches someone she has to wash her hands.

The second person we were introduced to was Arine she has a fear of hitting a person with her car. She reveals that her grandfather and her father both had gruesome car accidents and that is the reason behind it. She also as a fear of HIV and diseases.  Cody who the youngest patient has a disorder of touching things, more particularly his nose and chest. His disorder caused him to do homeschool. He also does rituals by tossing and turning in bed in sets of 18 times.

Jerry has a fear of harming someone else. He has been diagnosed with his OCD since he was 11 years old. Realtionships with other people are impossible he fears that his OCD won't be accepted.  Kevin has had his OCD since the age of six. He missed out a lot in his childhood. He fears that bad things will happen and that puts curses on other people. 

Traci was the last person we were introduced too. She fears that her son will die and does multiple rituals around the house such as flipping that light switch on and off which her son does not like. She feels the constant of dread 24/7.

At the end of the episode Dr. David Tolin showed up and explained to them this 3 weeks won't be easy. I have to the premiere was pretty intense.

Read the VH1 interview with Dr. David Tolin  here

also vote in our new weekly poll did you enjoy the premiere of the OCD project?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Laugna Beach star Jason Wahler might do Celebrity Rehab


Early this week we reported that reality star Tila Tequila was going to join the upcoming season od Celebrity Rehab. It looks like another reality star might join her and that is Laugna Beach star Jason Wahler. No deal has been made yet but they are very close to signing him for the upcoming season. He has been arresting for alcohol related incidents.

Bret Michaels gives Lee DeWyze survival tips


At the American finale, not only Bret Michaels performed but he also gave Idol winner Lee DeWyze tips on how to survive in the music business.

Bret Michaels performs on the American Idol Finale


If you all watched the American Idol finale last night, Bret Micheals was one of the performers last night. He performed with American Idol finalist Casey James.

Other performers were Christina Aguilera, Alanis Morrisette, Alice Cooper and Janet Jackson. Lee DeWyze won the title of American Idol.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Basketball Wives reunion to air June 20th


It has been announced on twitter that the VH1 hot show Basketball Wives reunion show will air on June 20th.

Realitywanted interview with Frenchy


Realitywanted recently interviewed Rock Of Love and I Love Money Frenchy. She talks about her currect project and gives tips on how to apply for a reality show.

Brandy and Ray-J, Basketball Wives and What Chilli Wants gets renewed for season 2

Share has announced that Basketball Wives, What Chilli Wants and Brandy and Ray-J: A Family Business has been renewed for a second seasons. The three made decent amount of ratings for VH1 and will continue. Basketball Wives will will begin filming its second season this summer. The finale of the show will air May 30th. Brandy and Ray-J season finale will air June 27th.

VH1access Interview: Weasel (Daisy Of Love)


I recently did an interview with Daisy Of Love star Weasel. In this interview we've discussed the drama tat went on the canceled I Love Money and Ryan Jenkins. Why he tried out for Daisy Of Love. He also gives his honest opinion about Daisy as well and how he got the nickname Wild Weasel  for his project. He also hopes to return to TV.

How are you doing today?
Doing Wicked Awesome!!! Thanks for asking!

How was your experience being on Daisy Of Love? What made you decide to audition?

It was the most fun you can have with your clothes on- Ha Ha- My friend Jennifer is a hugh reality tv viewer(mostly VH1) and she always said that I should be on one- After the Rock of Love was over she saw a commerical that Daisy was going to get her own show and that they were having interviews in NYC Times Square- She went on line and filled out the application and sent in a picture of me-She didn't even tell me she was doing it- The next thing I know I was getting a phone call from the producers at 51 Minds and they wanted to set up and camera interview-I showed up at Times Square(Hugh change from Bayville New Jersey) and was just myself and made everyone laugh and had drinks and left and came back home- Couple months later I got a call from 51 Minds and they said that they loved me and I was in if I wanted to do the show- I recall my words we "Fuck Me Running- I'm so In!!!!" The next thing I know I was on a plane heading for Cali-

Do you still keep in touch with Daisy?
No!, Not at all,  -She is a complete window licker-I mean come on- I had to drink two bottles of Jack Daniels the first night just to try to make her face better and it still didn't work-I'll give her credit where credit is due- she has a killer body and awesome tattoos, but her face-  She looks like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down- I wasn't even into Daisy- I just wanted to get on tv and what better way but on VH1

So we all know that you were on I Love Money 3 which ended up being canceled because of Ryan Jenkins. How was your experience doing I Love Money?

It was mind blowing- Made a shit load of friends both in front and behind the cameras! I would do another show in a minute-  I got into shape cut back on the drinking and went in with a plan that I know would work for sure and it worked like a charm all the way to the final episode!!!

I heard that you had some drama with Ryan Jenkins on the show is that true?

Yep- Twice- The first night after Big Rigg and I won the first challange and became Team Captains- Ryan and myself got into a pretty heated yelling match when I told him to watch every word that was coming out of his silver spooned mouth cause I was still his Team Capt, so he was my bitch and I called the shots, not him!!! The second time was on the final show when he did some pretty shaddy shit behind my back- When I found this out I chased him and he ran like a little bitch and hid behind CJ so I couldn't get another shot in- Then some of the filming crew(4 of them- two sound guys and two camera men) held me back as I still was going after him- The look on Ryans face was priceless!! He is nothing but a little spoiled rich bitch that got his ass kick by the Wild Weasel!!!!!(May he rotten in hell- Cause when I die, I'm going straight to hell to kick his ass once again)

Based on the pics you have posted it seemed like it was a really good cast.

Amazing cast- Would have been the best ILM ever- Had a good mix of all types which made for some good drama and hella good challenges

Is there a possibility that the show might get leaked on the internet in the future?

I don't think so- After Ryan did what he did- The show will most likely never air(They should put ILM3 and 4 on DVD and sell it, They would make millions)- But if for some reason the show did air- It would be the highest rated show Vh1/51Minds ever saw- Just the hype from what Ryan did- Even if you didn't like reality tv you would want to watch it to see what kind of person Ryan really was like.

Are we going to see you back on TV?
Soon- Very Soon I hope- I have a couple of things in the works but not with VH1 or 51 Minds

Now let's talk about Wild Weasel. Can you tell me about that?
Shit- Where do I start- Weasel started off as just a long haired, tattooed, party bad boy from the Real Jersey Shore named Pauly Michaelis and ended up on Daisy of Love.My time was short lived because I wasn't into Daisy and all I did was just want to party and have a good time.Both the Production Crew and Rikki(Daisy's right hand man) started to really like me and told me that this was not going to be the last time I was seen on TV-Their words were-"You to friggin funny not to be on something else!"-A couple of months later I got the call to be on ILM3- Wild Weasel was born -One night early into filming CJ (Craig Johnson-the host of all ILM's) gave me the nickname after he saw the things I was doing both on and off camera- Word started leaking out that I was not just some drunken,hot mess beach bum from the coast of New Jersey, but I was funny as hell and everyone loved to hang out with the Wild Weezy- Once ILM3 got cancelled I started getting calls from other production companies(not VH1/51 Minds) and they told me that some of the footage leaked out to them about me and how I was both on and off the set- After a few phone calls and interviews- Weekend at Wild Weasel was born(working title-hopefully filming this summer at my house on the water-if everything works out-But you never know)

What other projects are you doing besides Wild Weasel?

Big Rigg's Wild Ride- Check it out both on my FaceBook @ Pauly Weasel Michaelis or on my MySpace Page

Thank you so much for taking your time to do this interview Weasel. Do you want to give a shout out to anyone?

I like to give a shout out to My dog Big Rigg- my brotha from another mother Cable Guy and of course my Baby Girl LiL Hood

Weasel on facebook

We Want I Love Money 5 + 6:

VH1 DO NOT Cancel I Love Money
  Click Here

I am planning to test out another petition/campaign soon for VH1 to release I Love Money season 1-4 on DVD IF VH! plans to end the show period.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Basketball Wife Gloria has a criminal record

Share is reporting that Basketball Wife star Gloria. The onw tah acts like she is perfect has a criminal record. She was arrested in 2007 and charged with part of a ring that hacked into the University Of California’s computer system - and was got money from students to have their grades changed.

Celebrity Rehab's Mindy McCready did NOT Overdosed

Share is reporting that Celebrity rehab star did not overdose of painkillers. Mindy says that her mom overacted about the whole thing. Her mom gave her Darvecot because Mindy was not feeling well and her mom overracted and called the police. Mindy and her mom fighting over the custody over Mindy's son. Dr. Drew has spoken with Mindy and he states that there no evidence of a relaspe.

Tough Love Couples: Finale Recap


Tough Love Couples: Finale Recap

The finale aired last on VH1. Here is what happened. The couples were getting to either break up or get engaged. They were getting prepared for the event. At the end of the episode they all did same challenge at the beginning of the show. Dennis and Simone both wore their weeding clothes and they both got engage. 

Larry and Heather got engage as well. Pawl got a little scared because because Danielle paused on her response but eventually she said yes. The one couple that did not got engaged was Dustin and Courtney. Courtney wanted to move on. As for Mario and Christina, Mario showed up in his suit but Christina showed with her regular. She thought that Mario did not want to get to engage. Mario finally open up his feelings and said that he wanted to marry her. She then broke down crying and said yes. She went back to put on her wedding dress.

Then there was a twist, it has been revealed by Steve he will be marrying them!  Next week will be a special episode where the couples get married.

VH1 Star Pics: Cathy, Kerry, Futucinni. Angelo and Jordan


Cathy and Kerry with For The Love Of ray-J's Futucinni and the girls from Jeserylicious

Cathy and Kerry with Angelo and Jordan from Tool Academy 3

VH1 Star Pics: Jessica Kinni with her boyfriend


Here is a new pic posted by Jessica Kinna from Rock Of Love. This is pic of her with her boyfriend. I believe they are at Disney.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Bret Michaels Wins Celebrity Apprentice


With his lastest health problems he has been going through the VH1 Star won Celebrity Apprentice last night on NBC. He made it to the finale and competed with Holly Madison. Their last task was top create Snapple tea flavor. Although he won Holly won the most money in Celebrity Apprentice history, Congrats to both of them.

Tila Tequila joins Celebrity Rehab 4


Yep you heard it, over the weekend reported that reality star Tila Tequila has signed on to be on the upcoming season of Celebrity rehab which will the shows 4th season on VH1. Sources say her addiction is pills. So far she is the only celebrity to be cast on the next season. If there is a season since nobody else has been casted yet.

Basketball Wives and What Chilli Wants- Episode 6 Recaps


Basketball Wives (Episode 6 recap)

Episode 6 aired last night on VH1 here is what happened. We finally see Shaunie again. The girls tell Shaunie about the whole incident that happened with Gloria and Royce, The girls wanted to go to L.A to leave their baggage behind, Evelyn reveals that she "knows" who is been sending her those nasty text messages ans e-mails. 

They arrived at L.A and they meet up with a Celebrity chef for a cooking lesson. These chicks do not know how to cook?.... anyway the climax of this episode is when Suzie and Evelyn meet up with another basketball wife name Vanessa who is Suzie;s and the girl that Evelyn believes is sending her those nasty e-mails. Evelyn blew up at her, throwing drinks at her, swearing at her. Vanessa claims she did not do it, So who knows.

What Chilli Wants (Episode 6 Recap)

Episode 6 of What Chilli wants aired last night on VH1. Here is what happened. Chilli's son said that wanted to have a girlfriend which kinda freaked out Chilli because her son is still a kid. She told what wait until you are older which I agree. Chilli was getting ready to go on another date with Billi and Darren. She first went on a date with Bill. 

They went to a comedy club where Aries Spears from Mad TV was doing stand up. He cracked some jokes about Chilli being with a white dude lol Bill had no problem with it he laugh it off. The date went pretty well. 

She then went on a date with Darren the farmer. Chilli was shocked when she saw him because he was not in his farmer clothing. They has dinner and then Darren revealed that he considers himself a Atheist. Chilli was surprised but with her new attitude she did not let him go. 

The climax of the episode came at the end when Tionna and Chilli had lunch and Chilli questioned why didn't Tionna introduced Bill to her earlier since she was the love expert and that rubbed Tionna the wrong way. She threw her food and storm out the restaurant. I guess Tionna was offended by what Chilli said. But she calmed down after.

Next week is the season finale. Who will Chilli pick Bill or Darren?

Brandy and Ray-J: A family Business (Episode 6 Recap)


Brandy and Ray-J: A Family Business (Episode 6 Recap)

Episode 6 aired last night on VH1. Here is what happened. This episode was about Brandy's 31st birthday. Brandy and her friends went shopping and they discussed where should they celebrate her birthday. Since last year her birthday was a disaster. Her friend considered Miami, Florida and Brandy agreed. Brandy asked ray-J if he could help her have the best birthday ever and that what he was going to do for her.

Ray-J wanted his parents to come to Miami as well but Willie and Sonja said no. They both want to have some time to themselves. Shay asked Brandy who does she want to come to her party. Brandy revealed that she wanted Flo Rida to be in her party.

They arrived in Miami, Florida and Ray-J had to pick the muscle guys for Brandy's birthday, for some reason he felt uncomfortable so he asked Shay to pick them. Brandy was getting her nails done when the guys came and was freaking out lol Then the most awesome thing ray-J did here was a message in the sky that party at the mansion (forgot the name) but that was cool what he did. Brandy began to cry and said this was the best birthday she ever had.

Meanwhile back at home. Willie wanted Sonja to take a break from work and decided to take her dancing.  She enjoyed it too. At the of episode Brandy, Ray-J and everyone else party at the mansion.

Next week will be about Brandy's car accident

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Do Jessica Simpson and Maris Miller look alike?


Here is another look alike post. Last post I did was with Milf and Sarah Jessica Parker. This time its with VH1 star Jessica Simpson and Marisa Miller who is a victora secrets model. Do you think they looks alike?

What do you think?

Friday, May 21, 2010

VH1 Star Birthdays: Corn Fed (Real Chance of love)


Happy Birthday To Corn Fed!

She is best known for being the winner of Real Chance of love season and might have been on I Love Money 4.

Want to attend the basketball Wives reunion show?


Couple of days ago announce that there will be a Basketball Wives reunion show. Well if you are a fan of the show and want to attend the taping of the reunion show.

* Your first and last name
* Your age and sex
* Your city of residence
* Your contact numbers (home and cell) and email address
* The names of the people that you will be bringing to the reunion as well as their age and sex

(NOTE: We cannot reserve more than four seats for any one person.)

Early respondents do have an edge, so get your response to us ASAP.
You will be contacted by a producer if you are selected for the audience.

IMPORTANT NOTES: You must be over 18 to attend the taping and have your own transportation to the taping in Los Angeles. The production cannot provide lodging or transportation. THIS IS NOT A CONTEST. All audience members will be REQUIRED to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to being admitted to the audience.

Royce Reed on The Wendy Williams show


Basketball Wives star Royce Reed recently appeared on The Wendy Williams show.

Bret Michaels leaves hospital again after stroke


Gosh, I feel so bad for this dude. Yesterday it was announced that Bret Michaels returned to the hospital this with a warning stroke digitalspy
is reporting that he was released and is planning to appear on the Celebrity Apprentice finale.

His interview with Oprah

Chilli On The George Lopez Show


Chilli recently appeared on The George Lopez show and she talked about VH1 show What Chilli Wants and her check list. Check it out.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bridal Bootcamp- Meet The Brides


Bridal Bootcamp is a new VH1 show that premieres on Wednesday June 9th. This is show is about 10 brides who want to be in their best shape for their big day. They face series of challenges, the winning party will receive immunity as for the losing party they will face the weigh in. Watch the supertrailer on

Meet The Brides:











read more about these girls on

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

VH1 Star Pics: New York and her I Love New York Producer


Here is a pic of New York and her I love New York producer. is reporting that I Love New York 3 casting will begin in September as of right now she is filming a movie.

VH1 Interview: Royce Reed (Basketball Wives)


Royce Reed from Basketball Wives did an interview with
she talks about her reputation on the show, being a flip flopper, she also talks about being a mother ect

What do you think of the show?
It’s definitely different than what I expected it to be, but Shaunie warned us all of that. She said, “Look, this could be a really positive show, or it could be full of drama. It depends on what you’re dealing with, it depends on what you say.” It’s a reality show, it’s real. It’s kind of like your life being put on blast. You can’t get mad at something you do or something you say, because you said it and you did it. It is what it is.

How does the show differ from your expectations?
I went in thinking we were going to be a group of women who got to know each other and were there for each other. I think there’s certain things that come out looking positive, but then of course you also have your drama. It’s just like real life. In real life you’re thrown into things that you never thought you’d be thrown into. When people say things like, “It’s scripted,” or, “They set this up,” it’s really not that. Yeah, they say, “You’re all going to dinner,” but what we talk about, what we do, what we say, that’s us.

When your name was coming out of everyone’s mouth as soon as the show started, I thought, “OK, we have our star.” Did you get that sense?
I didn’t want stardom as a result of a pool party. I don’t want it to be because of the way I was dancing. If I broke out, I wanted it to be about something different. But, again, if I didn’t want that to be seen, then I shouldn’t have done it. Hindsight is 20/20, and when I look back on it, at least I have a memory that I can show my little one when he gets older and be like, “You know what? Mommy did some crazy things and I’m not going to hide this from you, but learn from my mistakes.” I still had fun, so I’m not going to say that I regretted it or I’m ashamed of it, because it’s not that. Did I take it too far? Yes. Do I regret it? No. You learn from it and you move on.

Evelyn, Jennifer and Suzie called you out on that incident almost immediately. Did you feel like they were ganging up on you?
I was shocked. I was a little bit hurt because the day after the pool party everyone was still OK with it. Then two days after, when it hit the Internet and it started getting all this backlash, I kind of did feel like I was thrown under the bus. I just had to realize even though I’ve known these girls for eight months or whatever, we were never friends. It wasn’t a situation where I should have expected these girls to hold me and give me a hug and say, “It’s OK, we know you didn’t mean it that way.”

Did you buy their story about guilt by association — that your behavior might reflect badly on them?
I think they felt like that in the beginning, but now they realize after getting a lot of backlash for certain things they say or they do on the show, that it’s kind of like they were the pot calling the kettle black. I’m like, “Remember? Y’all were telling me what not to do and what not to say, but now y’all getting a taste of it.” Now they’re calling me saying, “I don’t know how you’ve dealt with this because I’m having a hard time not cursing people out!”

Are you specifically referring to the pictures of Evelyn?

No, I’m just saying in general. The whole thing with the pictures of Evelyn, I think is an effed up situation. I have no idea how I would react if something like happened to me, because I think it’s totally on a different level than me dancing at a pool party. She’s definitely standing strong, because I would probably be a hermit in Hermitville somewhere. I can’t imagine something like that happening to me. I commend her on the way she reacted to it, and I’m just wowed.

When Evelyn, Jennifer and Suzie informed you that Gloria might not be as cool with you as you were with her, did you feel that they genuinely thought you should know what was up, or did you feel like they were just trying to stir up drama?
I know a lot of people are saying, “They were just trying to stir up drama, they were trying to start something when they’ve been talking about Royce since the first episode, blah blah blah.” If you look online, there’s actually a video of Evelynn and I where we had lunch together, and I told her my issues with her, she told me her issues with me. Evelyn never pretended to be my friend and she said it all to my face. Same thing with Jen, although she did reach out and we did the whole makeover thing. And I never have a problem with Suzie. With Gloria and I, things were different. Gloria and I went cake-tasting for her wedding, we had dinner, we talked on the phone all the time. We were actually being cool. We were talking about taking the kids on play dates to theme parks, so for her to have that conversation on the phone with Jen that I never knew about, and for her to basically deny us having any type of relationship and being cool with each other, I felt like she was doing it because she was trying to become friends with them. She threw me under the bus. I totally understand where she’s coming from when she talks about Matt and his camaraderie and his teammate thing. However, when it came to just us, she was so down for hanging out. When I see her interviews, I’m like, “Are you kidding me?” That’s the part I thought was really fake. If you don’t like me, just say you don’t like me.

Are you that straightforward? Would you admit to disliking Gloria?
I cannot tell you anybody that I just absolutely hate. I can name like two people that I really dislike, but I can’t even really say that I just dislike Gloria. I never knew her well enough to say that she was a friend, or anything more than an associate. She was an associate, but I thought she was straight. I thought she was cool. For me to say that I don’t like her would make it seem like she was my friend or something like that, but it was never that. It’s just I don’t do Gloria. If I see her I’ll be cordial. Maybe. But outside of that, she was an associate. So no sleep lost, no love lost, it was an associate and that’s it.

Do you get angry when you hear the stuff Gloria has said about you?
Seeing it just makes me feel stupid. I’m not even going to lie, it makes me feel dumb. I really felt like Gloria was going to be that real chick, and she was going to be the one that I was going to be closest to.

It seemed like the dividing line was when you were talking about associating with the players as a dancer. She kind of took exception to that and thought you were being flip.

Gloria and I had talked about that outside that dinner, and she said she was good. We were talking how it’s cool in high school for the football player to be with the cheerleader and the basketball player to be with the dancer, but when you get in a professional setting, it’s the complete opposite. Now we’re become groupies or gold diggers or whatever. My thing is, look, this is our job. If you fall in love, you fall in love. Nobody’s going to tell me that I can’t be with the person who has my heart. I know that at some jobs you can’t date a co-worker, but people do it all the time. Someone may end up losing their job, but they live happily ever after. No, I didn’t get the happily ever after, but I got a relationship that was completely happy with for a couple of years, and that I would not take that away from myself for anything. We got the best blessing out of it, which is our little boy, and I have no hatred towards him. I get angry about the situation that’s out there right now, but I can’t change that. You deal with what you have to deal with. But for her to sit there and act like that’s the turning point for her, it was not. If it was, then why was she calling me the next day and why were we talking even after that conversation about, “Let’s hang out, let’s have play dates, let’s go shopping, let’s do this, let’s work together on some events,” you know?

I kind of felt like there was an implication that you fooled around with guys that were attached?

Absolutely not. I’ve dated one basketball player, period. I’ve only been with one basketball player, period. And that’s my son’s father. All these rumors that go around…I heard that I had a relationship with Dwyane Wade. I’ve met that dude one time in ’07, I was three months pregnant, and I took a picture for him. After I took the picture he held out his hand to say, “What’s up? Thank you.” And that was it. That’s the only time I’ve ever come that close in contact with him. So for that to go around is ridiculous. I don’t how people come up with stuff, but I don’t lose sleep over it because I know what’s true and the people involved know what’s true. It is what it is.

Is it flattering at all to have your name in so many people’s mouths all the time?

I don’t know if it’d say it’s flattering. It definitely makes me relevant. Definitely it’s what put me on the show. So I’ll be thankful for that. I know there are a lot of people that are mad I’m on the show, and I’m like, “Well you should have kept my name out of your mouth!”

What about the other women? Do you like them?
I actually do like Jen, Evelynn and Suzie, Erika and obviously Shaunie. There’s different types of associates that you have in your life. You have different kinds of friends. Evelyn is that girl that if she doesn’t like you, she is going to tell you straight up, she does not care about your feelings at all. Suzie is that girl that you can party with until the sun comes up. If I need someone to talk to and cry on someone’s shoulder and not feel like I’m a wimp or something, that’s Jen. Granted if we never taped this show, I probably would have never become friends with these girls or even associates, but I’m happy that I did. Now that we’ve gotten to know each other, we’re actually all really, really cool.

What’d you think about Evelyn and Suzie questioning your motives for wanting to volunteer at the homeless shelter on this week’s episode?
I didn’t know that’s how they felt about that at the time, but if they felt like I had an ulterior motive, then that’s sad. I work with a lot of charitable organizations, but I don’t do that so people see that Royce is a part of it. I don’t do things to tag my name to it. The whole soup kitchen thing, I do that back at home. I go just to go. I don’t tell people that I’m going so I can have cameras in my face. Every month even, I ride down certain streets in Orlando and I’ll just give somebody $50. If you walk with me in Orlando sometimes, they know me because I just go talk to people. It’s something that keeps me grounded. I’m not into big charities where you have to go and spend a thousand dollars a plate and go to Africa or something. I don’t do that. I’m the one that when the commercial comes on TV like, “Adopt this child, send $10 a month and you’re helping a child,” I’m that person. I was really shocked that they would think that I had ulterior motives. I thought they had fun. I thought they would get something out of it.

When you danced at Evelyn’s birthday, that was through with your own company, right?
Yes, Fantashique. It’s primarily a burlesque dance company, but that’s not all we do. I have to concentrate on something so burlesque is what we concentrate on, but we also do weddings and we do churches also, and we do birthday parties. We’re trained in ballet, jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, modern, all that. We do a lot of clubs, but I don’t want people to think that’s all we do.

With all of the drama that you went through on the show, did you come out of it happy?
Yeah! I came out of the show very happy. I was proud of myself, and I stayed true to Royce. I made my mistakes, I learned from them, I moved past them. I didn’t say stuff that I thought sounded good, because I believe that people can see through B.S., and I believe that people can tell when you’re just trying to be politically correct. If that’s not how I feel, then that’s not how I’m going to say I feel. I kept it real and I was Royce 100 percent of the time, so what you see is what you get.

Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It

Share has posted a 1st look pic of Bret Michaels new VH1 show called Life As I Know It. The show will focus on his life and family. Special sneak peek of the show will air on May 31st. Vh1 plans to post clips tomorrow.

More Exclusive Pics Of I Love Money 3


Here are more pics that I was sent of I Love Money 3.

Lil Hood, Deelishis and Marcia

Pretty, Lil Hood and Deelishis

Gia and Professor

Cocktail and Lil Hood

Cocktail, Lil Hood and Gia

Apparently Gia WAS on I Love Money 3. Someone told me she wasn't.


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Tough Love Couples: Episode 6 and 7 Recaps


Tough Love Couples: Episode 6 and 7 Recaps

Two new episodes of Tough Love Couples aired back to back on Monday night, here is what happened. On episode 6 it was all about their exes. Their exes showed up to tell them they have moved on . The  two people that really piss me off was Dustin and Heather. With Dustin he claimed that he was not attracted to his ex, yet he gave her a piggy back ride, he kissed her ect He was trying to make Courtney jealous and did not work! I thought that was shady of him to do. You are not in high school dude. Another person that me piss me off was Heather. Her ex came and he made it clear that her and Larry would not be a good match but she acted like it wasn't a problem. I personally think that Courtney and Larry deserve better than what they have. Dennis's mom shows up as well and she says that she does not want his sons marriage to sink.Heather and Larry were at the hot seat and Larry finally stood up to himself and put his foot down when her ex showed up. She tells her ex that she can't speak to him for a year to prove to him that she wants to be with Larry. Dennis and Simon were also on the hot seat. Dennis talked to his mom about some issues their have been facing. His mom supports him and just want him to be happy,

Episode 7 the couples went to an ring store. To gets serious about their possible engagements. Mario reveals that he is afraid of getting a divorce to Christina since she was to get engaged now. He also revealed that he had money problems. Pawl and Danielle did the worse and was int he hot seat. We found out that Danielle had a rough childhood which was the reason why she had a hard time saying I love you to Pawl.

Next week is the finale.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

VH1 Star Birthdays: Natasha (Rock of love Bus)


Happy Birthday To Natasha!

She was best known for being on the 3rd season on Rock of love Bus. She stayed on the show the longest for an African American female. She was also rumored to be a man (rollseyes) She also appeared on Charm School 3.

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