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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tool Academy 2: Episode 8 Recap

This episode starts out with Stew and Charm get into it! He puts stew in a head lock, Stew is angry, mainly because Charm called him ugly. Security had to break up the altercation.

In therapy, there is a bed, so obviously, this week's lesson is romance. They have to get in the bed (on couple at a time) and use a face on a stick if to talk if something is too difficult to say to the other.

Stew and Amanda: Amanda wants sex all the time. Stew says night is for sex, but Amanda wants it all the time. Mom and dad are in the house, so Stew is trying to be respectful. Also, he thinks that Amanda takes too long to get off! ….and surprise, they don’t use condoms…who would of thought.

T-Shaw and Nicole: She likes role play. Getting a physical at the doctor, was one of the examples. Candle light dinners are romantic to T-Shaw. She thinks there is no romance in their relationship.
Tyler and Shay: She said that sex with him is basically hitting it and quitting it. Tyler just leaves after sex. There is rarely foreplay. No talking/cuddling afterwards

Charm and Andrea: she says that romance is being intimate and giving all attention
He was not romantic in the beginning, and Andrea feels like its a rush. Charm is running 3 different jobs and doesn’t have time. Trina said that he had enough time to hook up with other girls.

Afterward, they ALL decided to get Tool Academy tattoos!

The next day, they all have to pack their bags for a romantic get away… the wilderness!
Their challenge is that they have to create a romantic night under the stars.
First the they had to set up a tent, then gather some supplies and then start a fire. The first couple to do all the tasks get a 4 stars, luxurious camping stay. The last couple gets a 1 star, crappy experience.

Tent: 1st to last
Stew and Amanda first done
Tyler and Shay
T-Shaw and Nicole

Charm and Andre didn't finish the first part

After getting the supplies, they had to start a fire, and the winners are the following
1st Tyler and Shay
2nd Stew and Amanda
3rd T-Shaw and Nicole
Charm and Andrea couldn’t get pass the 1st step, so have the 1 star date.
Tyler and Shay have steak and campaign

Stew and Amanda's was similar to Tyler and Shay's.
T-Shaw and Nicole get beer and hot dogs!
Charm and Andrea get freeze-dried space food!

Tyler gets the first badge
Down to Charm and Stew!
Charm ends up getting the boot, and throws his throws his jacket on the floor and walks out....
then he comes back in, calls Stew a bitch, then leaves.
Charm the goes out to his girlfriend, and she agrees to go home with him.
All the Tools get on the balcony and talk crap to Charm while he's talking to his girl.
They both then leave together.

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