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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Yung Berg's Baby Mama Beanna McFerren Speaks Out

Yung Berg's Baby Mama Speaks Out

As some of you might know that Yung Berg has an 11-year old son in which he has been accused of being a deadbeat father of his baby mama name Beanna.

She finally spoke out in exclusive interview and she reveals that her relationship was 'just a a hook up'

"I met Yung Berg when we were like 18-years-old back in Chicago was just a hook up type-thing; it wasn’t nothing serious. He was pretty boy  and I felt like I was a pretty girl. He came at me and ofcourse I responded, because you know, he was cute at the time. "

She she found out she was pregnant, Yung Berg told her that he wasn't ready to be a father and left her. She tried to contact him over the years about her son. She says the last time she spoke with him was five years ago.

I contacted him and I said listen, “I’m such & such from Chicago; sent him a picture of my son and all of this. He said
 “giveme second, let me see.” He then contacted me back and
 said“that baby doesn’t look anything like me.” And I said “you’re crazy.”

She also reveals that her son is autistic and she says she does not speak ill of yung berg in front of him. She also reveals that she got a phone call to be invited at the 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood reunion with DNA test results proving that he is father.

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