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Monday, November 9, 2009

Vh1access Interview with Marcia Brazil

Last time I did an interview with Frenchy from Rock of love 2, this time I got a chance to interview another Rock of love chick, and that's Marcia Brazil from Rock of love bus. In this interview she says she enjoyed doing Rock of loev Bus but HATED doing Charm School 3, her and Shaun are no longer dating, she also says she doesn't remember meeting Bret Michaels lol and that she will be back on TV soon!

VH1access: So how was your experience doing Rock Of Love Bus, Charm School 3 and the canceled I Love Money 3? What was your most favorite show doing?

Marcia Brazil I would not ask for a better experience than i had on Rock of Love Bus. Yeah i did drink a little to much but I had a great time and I made great friends. On the other hand Charm School sucked!!!! Besides not drinking most of the girls picked on me and that was LAME!!!!

VH1access: Do you get along with any of the other Rock of love girls or any VH1 Stars?

Marcia Brazil Some of the Vh1 girls think that their shit doesn't stink but most of them are pretty cool.

VH1access: Are we going to see you again on TV anytime soon?

Marcia Brazil Yes you will see me on TV pretty soon and there will be lots of drama.

VH1access: What have you been doing now since the shows have ended?

Marcia Brazil After my last show I've been traveling around doing appearances and trying to keep myself out of trouble.

VH1access: I heard rumors that you were dating Shaun from Megan Wants a Millionaire. Is that true?

Marcia Brazil Yes it is true but we are no longer dating anymore. I guess i tend to pick the bad apples.

VH1access: Do you still keep in touch with Bret Michaels?

Marcia Brazil If I'm still i touch with Bret??? LoL i don't even remember meeting him...

VH1access:What's your take on the whole Ryan Jenkins situation?

Marcia BrazilNo comment on Ryan Jenkins Situation.

VH1access:Would you like to give a shout out to anyone?

Marcia BrazilI wanna a shout out to 51 minds, Vh1 and my fans for the support, love and opportunity they gave me.

To keep up to date with Marcia: Brazil

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