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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tough Love Couples: Finale Recap


Tough Love Couples: Finale Recap

The finale aired last on VH1. Here is what happened. The couples were getting to either break up or get engaged. They were getting prepared for the event. At the end of the episode they all did same challenge at the beginning of the show. Dennis and Simone both wore their weeding clothes and they both got engage. 

Larry and Heather got engage as well. Pawl got a little scared because because Danielle paused on her response but eventually she said yes. The one couple that did not got engaged was Dustin and Courtney. Courtney wanted to move on. As for Mario and Christina, Mario showed up in his suit but Christina showed with her regular. She thought that Mario did not want to get to engage. Mario finally open up his feelings and said that he wanted to marry her. She then broke down crying and said yes. She went back to put on her wedding dress.

Then there was a twist, it has been revealed by Steve he will be marrying them!  Next week will be a special episode where the couples get married.

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