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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

VH1access Interview: Weasel (Daisy Of Love)


I recently did an interview with Daisy Of Love star Weasel. In this interview we've discussed the drama tat went on the canceled I Love Money and Ryan Jenkins. Why he tried out for Daisy Of Love. He also gives his honest opinion about Daisy as well and how he got the nickname Wild Weasel  for his project. He also hopes to return to TV.

How are you doing today?
Doing Wicked Awesome!!! Thanks for asking!

How was your experience being on Daisy Of Love? What made you decide to audition?

It was the most fun you can have with your clothes on- Ha Ha- My friend Jennifer is a hugh reality tv viewer(mostly VH1) and she always said that I should be on one- After the Rock of Love was over she saw a commerical that Daisy was going to get her own show and that they were having interviews in NYC Times Square- She went on line and filled out the application and sent in a picture of me-She didn't even tell me she was doing it- The next thing I know I was getting a phone call from the producers at 51 Minds and they wanted to set up and camera interview-I showed up at Times Square(Hugh change from Bayville New Jersey) and was just myself and made everyone laugh and had drinks and left and came back home- Couple months later I got a call from 51 Minds and they said that they loved me and I was in if I wanted to do the show- I recall my words we "Fuck Me Running- I'm so In!!!!" The next thing I know I was on a plane heading for Cali-

Do you still keep in touch with Daisy?
No!, Not at all,  -She is a complete window licker-I mean come on- I had to drink two bottles of Jack Daniels the first night just to try to make her face better and it still didn't work-I'll give her credit where credit is due- she has a killer body and awesome tattoos, but her face-  She looks like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down- I wasn't even into Daisy- I just wanted to get on tv and what better way but on VH1

So we all know that you were on I Love Money 3 which ended up being canceled because of Ryan Jenkins. How was your experience doing I Love Money?

It was mind blowing- Made a shit load of friends both in front and behind the cameras! I would do another show in a minute-  I got into shape cut back on the drinking and went in with a plan that I know would work for sure and it worked like a charm all the way to the final episode!!!

I heard that you had some drama with Ryan Jenkins on the show is that true?

Yep- Twice- The first night after Big Rigg and I won the first challange and became Team Captains- Ryan and myself got into a pretty heated yelling match when I told him to watch every word that was coming out of his silver spooned mouth cause I was still his Team Capt, so he was my bitch and I called the shots, not him!!! The second time was on the final show when he did some pretty shaddy shit behind my back- When I found this out I chased him and he ran like a little bitch and hid behind CJ so I couldn't get another shot in- Then some of the filming crew(4 of them- two sound guys and two camera men) held me back as I still was going after him- The look on Ryans face was priceless!! He is nothing but a little spoiled rich bitch that got his ass kick by the Wild Weasel!!!!!(May he rotten in hell- Cause when I die, I'm going straight to hell to kick his ass once again)

Based on the pics you have posted it seemed like it was a really good cast.

Amazing cast- Would have been the best ILM ever- Had a good mix of all types which made for some good drama and hella good challenges

Is there a possibility that the show might get leaked on the internet in the future?

I don't think so- After Ryan did what he did- The show will most likely never air(They should put ILM3 and 4 on DVD and sell it, They would make millions)- But if for some reason the show did air- It would be the highest rated show Vh1/51Minds ever saw- Just the hype from what Ryan did- Even if you didn't like reality tv you would want to watch it to see what kind of person Ryan really was like.

Are we going to see you back on TV?
Soon- Very Soon I hope- I have a couple of things in the works but not with VH1 or 51 Minds

Now let's talk about Wild Weasel. Can you tell me about that?
Shit- Where do I start- Weasel started off as just a long haired, tattooed, party bad boy from the Real Jersey Shore named Pauly Michaelis and ended up on Daisy of Love.My time was short lived because I wasn't into Daisy and all I did was just want to party and have a good time.Both the Production Crew and Rikki(Daisy's right hand man) started to really like me and told me that this was not going to be the last time I was seen on TV-Their words were-"You to friggin funny not to be on something else!"-A couple of months later I got the call to be on ILM3- Wild Weasel was born -One night early into filming CJ (Craig Johnson-the host of all ILM's) gave me the nickname after he saw the things I was doing both on and off camera- Word started leaking out that I was not just some drunken,hot mess beach bum from the coast of New Jersey, but I was funny as hell and everyone loved to hang out with the Wild Weezy- Once ILM3 got cancelled I started getting calls from other production companies(not VH1/51 Minds) and they told me that some of the footage leaked out to them about me and how I was both on and off the set- After a few phone calls and interviews- Weekend at Wild Weasel was born(working title-hopefully filming this summer at my house on the water-if everything works out-But you never know)

What other projects are you doing besides Wild Weasel?

Big Rigg's Wild Ride- Check it out both on my FaceBook @ Pauly Weasel Michaelis or on my MySpace Page

Thank you so much for taking your time to do this interview Weasel. Do you want to give a shout out to anyone?

I like to give a shout out to My dog Big Rigg- my brotha from another mother Cable Guy and of course my Baby Girl LiL Hood

Weasel on facebook

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I am planning to test out another petition/campaign soon for VH1 to release I Love Money season 1-4 on DVD IF VH! plans to end the show period.

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