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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Basketball Wives' Kesha's Says Doing The Show Is A Scary Experience

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New girl Kesha Nichols recently did an interview with S2Smagazine and she doing 'Basketball Wives' is a scary experience.

“It’s even worse in person. Watching Tami [Roman] cuss someone out on TV is one thing. For her to look at me with hate in her eyes and have it directed toward me is scary,” said Kesha.

“I’ve never really experienced that type of craziness in my life,”

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Anonymous said...

i've been bullied when i was younger and what i've noticed is that the people that gets bullied are quickly to forgive our bullies and still be around them and what i've noticed from my personal experience is that you should just get as far away from them as possible!!!!!!!!!!! coz in the bullies eyes they aren't doing anything wrong and by you constantly forgiving them over and over again they are gonna continue doing it and are gonna find another reason to bully you again. its a cycle and it won't stop till you stand up for yourself and completely eleminate the bully from your life!!!!!!! the only reason the bullies bully you is because they don't have any kind of respect for you!!!!!!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM PEOPLE THAT DON'T GIVE YOU AS MUCH RESPECT THAT YOU GIVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE WHO WILL UPLIFT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) KESHA STAY AWAY FROM TAMI AND EVELYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who cares if she had an heart attack? that doesn't mean you have to forgive her for what she did!!!!!!! and i don't know if she phisically treatend you, but if she did i would definetly take legal action if i was you and an restraining order if possible!!!!!!!!!!!!

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