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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Photos: Evelyn Lozada Goes To The Prom With A Fan

Photo/ Instagram evleynlozada

It's  prom season! and what better way to go the prom with reality star? That is what one teen from Michigan  named Anthony Nelson did. Last fall, he reached out to Evelyn Lozada on twitter asking her to go the prom with him and she accepted. Now here are the photos of the special occasion. 

However, she is kinda receiving backlash for the red dress that she wore. Some people on her instagram page think the dress was too inappropriate for a high school prom

Here is one comment

"These kids have a dress code!!! Yes Eve should have covered her breast up! I admired her for fitness and baddest body in the game. There's always a time and place. This was a bit inappropriate for his prom. Hands down"

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