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Thursday, July 21, 2011

VH1access Update Interview- Winner Of Rock Of Love (Season 1) Jes

Update Interview With Jes

So I recently did an update interview with Jes who won the 1st season of "Rock Of Love" to see what she has been up to. She said that she is not type of girl to do reality TV, She did not even want to do the show. She explains that drama Twitter she had with Brand C, Ashley and Farrah a few days ago.  Follow her Twitter page. She also says that Heather who she is good friends now will have a new show soon. 

Hey Jes, how are you?
Pretty good, thanks for asking.

It's been four years since the first season of "Rock Of Love" aired. How was experience on the show?
Four great years. Lol, everyone knows by now by the interviews i've done in the past that I never really wanted to do the show in the first place. I was approached and then friends & family talked me into it... But in the back of my head, always wondered if you could REALLY fall in love on a show. Personally, i don't think it's possible.. I mean, don't get me wrong, you can fall on lust, which can be mistaken for love.. And i think that's what happens on these kind of shows. All that ROL brought into my life, is drama. And more drama, never in my life have i experienced that much drama.. 

What was your fondest memory on the show?
Bahahaha... Fondest memory... When people ask me about the moments i remember the most.. There's a few. The pool "incident" with lacey, the cigarettes that she picked up and left with a beautiful note. Heather's awesome first tattoo which to this day, i still pick on her for it. Brandi's drunken fun.. ( my brandi not barbie) ... Everything on that show is a memory but the best one os heather's tattoo... Ahaha

Did you really loved Bret Michaels?
No, never. Like i said, lust, maybe, the show was too me overwhelming and a competition, and i get feirce with competition, i like to win. Looking back, i should of walked away and let heather pursue bret, they had way more of a connection than anyone else there. 

I notice now you are good friends with Heather Chadwell, who was the runner-up on the show.
Yes, she's my girl. Her and i, yeah we had "beef" on the show, but after it was all said and done we realized how immature it was, i mean c'mon team A and B hahaha... But she is a very strong and independant woman and i admire her a lot. She took her life under control and made changes, i respect that. And i wish her the best of luck with her upcoming show.

Now you have only been on "Rock Of Love" A lot of fans want to know,  has VH1 ever asked you to be on "I Love Money"? If not, would have done it?
I was approached to be on a few shows, and i refused. I, put all that in the past. I got to know what it was like and that's enough for me. I'm not made for tv. And besides, we've got enough of those girls trying to be on other shows and getting their own. So i'll let them do it.. Haha the only show id ever really try to be on would be survivor so stay tuned haha

I noticed the other day other Rock Of Love Girls such as Ashley, Farrah, and Brandi C were gaining up on you on Twitter. Why were they bashing you?
Jealousy. Ha, i don't really know why those girls are like that, it started by picking on Heather, which i really didn't like, and heather, has a lotnof exciting things happening, and i know for a fact that's why she didn't strike back and defend herself, so i did it for her. She doesn't deserve to be bashed on , especially on a site, i mean c'mon how pathetic is that? Anyone that goes on with their life with how many followers they have on twitter, really need to step outside the internet world and get a job ... There's more to life than twitter. So if bashing on me makes them happy, and prevents them from bashing on others, so be it. I have thick shoulders and can take whatever they throw at me. I just hope one day they realize there's more to life than their 15 mins of fame they got from the shows. I've grown pass that, and thats why you dont see me promoting myself like they are. 

What have you've been doing since Rock Of Love?
I've been working in nightclubs and marketing. If you ever come to Chicago, come and say hi, i'm at themid. 

Would you even do another reality show?
No, but i would do survivor. I did tell heather i would film for her upcoming show 'cause that would be badass , rub it in other people's faces ;) hahaha

Well thank you so much for this interview. Do you want to give a shout out to anyone?
Yeah, a very good friend of mine owns a clothing company which is rad, helping the dude out, i spread the word. If you guys are looking for a different kind of clothing line with original designs, check out :)
And follow him on twitter! Hahaha


Karma said...

STILL A CLASS ACT. I was on line when the " twitter war" Ashley and Farrah started. Those are two very sad and ignorant who res. You would almost feel sorry for em but then realize Jes is right they NEVER MOVED ON. They are gross and dirty and ya gotta feel bad for that kid. I hope Jes goes on survivor she is FUN to watch on TV. NOT trashy like most the trash she was on ROL with. And GOOD for Heather for a new show. The other two are wicked jealous of Heather and is SHOWS. Karma is a real bit ch huh trashbags???

Anonymous said...

Jes is just an awesome person. Shes not about the fame.

Anonymous said...

Where is Jes now??

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