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Monday, March 7, 2016

'Flavor Of Love' Star Bootz Says She Squashed Beef With New York In New Video

 Bootz Tells All In Video

It's been a long while since we have heard from Bootz from 'Flavor Of Love'. She recently uploaded a new Q and A video for her fans. She was asked about New York, why she has been MIA since Charm School. She was also asked about her thoughts on today's reality shows.

On New York
She says that she squashed her beef with New York when a while ago.

Why she has not done any more reality tv
She revealed that she got into a bad car accident which involves her going to court. This situation prevents her from doing more reality shows

On today's reality shows
She says today's reality shows are nothing like the shows she has been on . She thinks the reality shows NOW are scripted and fake but says when was on Charm School that show was all real
On Buckeey
She reveals that she is not friends with her. She only keeps in contect with Sapphryi. 

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